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CAXM USB External Hard Drive.doc CAXM USB External Hard Drive.doc Document Transcript

  • USB External Hard Drive CAXM Series User Manual
  •  Product Profile Power Light Power USB Port e-SATA Port DC JACK Switch
  • What is Included USB Cable Power Cord Power Adapter Installation CD SATA Bracket SATA Cable
  • Connecting the Cavalry External Hard Drive to your computer Follow the steps below to connect the Cavalry External Hard Drive to your computer. Step 1. Start your computer; wait for the operating system to load completely. Step 2. Connect the power adapter to the power cord, and then connect the power adapter to the drive. NOTE: Plug the power cord into a power strip or outlet last. Step 3. Connect the USB adapter cable to the Hard Drive; and the other end of the USB adapter cable to the USB port on your computer. The computer will then detect the USB External Hard Drive as a new USB device. NOTE: Connect the Cavalry External Hard Drive to a USB port on your computer. Look for "USB" or the USB symbol which usually identifies the USB
  • connection. Always connect the adapter cable to the computer after connecting to the drive. To disconnect, always remove the adapter cable from the computer first. CAUTION! Use only the USB adapter cable provided or data loss may result. Step 4. To install drivers for the Cavalry External Hard Drive Windows 2000 /XP Plug and Play. No driver is needed for Windows 2000/XP. Windows 98/ ME: If your operating system is Windows 98/ME, please follow ME the installation direction: 1. Be sure you have fully updated Win 98 or ME OS. 2. Download the driver from our website at and save it at your desired location. 3. Navigate to device manager. 4. Right click on the yellow question mark indicating an unknown external storage.
  • 5. When the device driver wizard starts, click on the “Browse” button to select the search directory to find drivers. 6. Find the USB2.0-98 driver on the CD. 7. Click next to continue. Step 5. When the USB cable is connected properly (and your computer is on) a light briefly appears in the center of the USB External Hard Drive. This indicates that the Hard Drive is receiving power and is ready to use. After the system detects the drive, the light in the center of the drive becomes a drive activity indicator. This means the light will flicker on and off when your computer is accessing the drive. The light is normally off when the USB External Hard Drive is not accessing data. SATA to USB2.0/ eSATA Installation Instructions Included are two different SATA cable types. The first is the regular SATA cable which connects to either your motherboard SATA connectors if supported or a SATA host adapter card. The connector type has a small 90° notch at one end. The second is the external SATA cable (“eSATA”) which connects the included external PCI slot bracket eSATA connector to the external hard drive unit. The connector has a ½” slot with no notches. 1. First install the external PCI slot bracket into an empty external PCI slot on the back of your desktop. You may need to open your desktop computer
  • to do this. Then connect the SATA cable connected to the bracket to your motherboard or controller card SATA connectors. If you already have a eSATA host adapter card, ignore this step. 2. Then connect the power adapter and power cable from a 120V AC wall or surge protector socket to your external hard drive unit. The power connector to your external hard drive is a four-pin connector. 3. Now connect the eSATA cable to your mounted bracket’s eSATA connector. If you have an eSATA host adapter bus card then connect it to the card’s eSATA connector instead. 4. Now turn on your external hard drive. The light should blink for a short period of time then settle into a steady light. Now turn on your computer. Allow Windows to connect your drive to the system. Your drive should now appear in “My Computer” with a drive letter. 5. In case the drive does not show up in My Computer, it’s possible the drive may need to be initialized and formatted. Right-Click on the My Computer icon, then click on Manage. The Computer Management console should appear. Click on the Disk Management selection which is under the Storage “plus” selection. The drives should appear on the right. You may need to initialize the drive , then partition and format the drive. Start the appropriate wizard by right clicking on the drive display graph section.
  • NOTE: If your Hard Drive does not show up on your desktop, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section online at If you still have any questions, Please call our tech support line at (800) 238-4453 ext 152. Operation hour: Mon-Fri 9:00AM ~ 5:30PM (P.S.T.). Thank you for purchasing Cavalry External Hard Drive. To activate the product warranty, please register your product at Please Note: • We are not responsible for any data loss. • The Product Warranty will be void if the product is not register with serial number. • No refund will be issued if you claim a rebate from us. • You can look for the Model Number and Serial Number on the product box.
  • Serial Number Model Number UPC Code