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  • 2. Document Name: EXPLORER® – SMC Bluetooth Dongle Revision: E Introduction: This document describes the SMC Bluetooth dongle solution for connecting a computer wirelessly to an EXPLORER® terminal. Typical Users: Mobile Workforce Product Description: The EZ Connect™ Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter (SMCBT-EDR) allows your PC or notebook to work with all Bluetooth devices. Simply plug in your SMCBT-EDR Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter into the USB port on your laptop or desktop. The SMC Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter supports Class 2 Bluetooth and has an operating range of up to 90m/295ft. It also supports 3 connection tasks at the same time. Most computers have a built-in Bluetooth but they also typically have a very limited range of up to a maximum of 10m/32ft. With the SMC connected to an available USB plug this can be extended up to 90m/295ft. Supported Platforms: ► Windows 2000 ► Windows 2003 Server ► Windows XP ► XP Tablet PC Edition ► Handheld PC 2000 ► PocketPC 2002/2003 SE ► Mac OS 10.3 More product info Included on the installation CD-ROM is BlueSoleil™ a Windows-based Bluetooth Wireless software suite from IVT. It is fully compliant to the latest Bluetooth SIG specifications and incorporates Bluetooth and computer technologies to enable users to wirelessly access computing devices, form networks, and exchange information. IVT BlueSoleil™ supports Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP. SMC Networks Sales contact details: Support Phone +1 800 762 4968 Web site Thrane & Thrane E-mail contact details: Phone +45 3955 8800 Web site Accredited Solution EXPLORER® – SMC Bluetooth Dongle Page 2/6
  • 3. Tested on products: EXPLORER 300 Software version: 2.00 EXPLORER 500 Software version: 2.00 EXPLORER 700 Software version: 2.00 SMC SMCBT-EDR: IVT BlueSoleil™ Software version: 2.3 Installing: Follow these simple steps to connect via Bluetooth to an EXPLORER terminal. Insert the installation CD in your CD-ROM drive and install the Driver/Utility. If the installation window do not start automatically then locate the on your CD-ROM drive. Or you can download the IVT BlueSoleil software from the IVT website and the following installation procedure will be the same. It will ask you to remove previously installed IVT BlueSoleil™ software if already installed on your computer. Choose OK. Reboot your PC (please refer to next page) Accredited Solution EXPLORER® – SMC Bluetooth Dongle Page 3/6
  • 4. Plug the SMC Bluetooth dongle into an available USB port on your computer. Your computer will automatically detect the new hardware and install the correct drivers. Now that the Bluetooth dongle is successfully installed you can switch-ON your EXPLORER terminal. Make sure the Bluetooth interface is enabled on your EXPLORER terminal. Type in any password you like and finish the remaining part of the installation. Connecting: Start the BlueSoleil program on your PC. Plug in the SMC Bluetooth dongle. In the program interface, left-click on the red ball in the middle to search for Bluetooth device in the range. The available devices will appear in the dash line around the red ball. Right click on the device you wish to use and select “Pair device”. In the pop-up window insert the passkey. By default the passkey is the serial number of the Accredited Solution EXPLORER® – SMC Bluetooth Dongle Page 4/6
  • 5. EXPLORER terminal which can be found on the back of the unit. A red mark “√” appears if the device is successfully paired. Double-click on the paired device, on the top of the BlueSoleil window the available service will be framed and highlighted in yellow color. Left click on the service you wish to connect to the device. Dial-up, serial port services are support by EXPLORER 300, 500 and 700. LAN service is supported by EXPLORER 500 and 700. ► Dial-up service: In the Dial-Up Dialog, enter the dial-up number, User name, and Password. Then click on the Dial button. Dial *98# if you want a Standard data connection to the Internet and/or the web interface, or *99# if you are going to connect only to the web interface of the EXPLORER terminal. ► LAN service: In the Connect Bluetooth LAP Connection dialog, enter the user name and password if necessary. Click Connect. When the PC and the paired device are connected, both the service and the device icons will turn in green. Accredited Solution EXPLORER® – SMC Bluetooth Dongle Page 5/6
  • 6. Note: User Manual can be downloaded from Quick Installation Guide Tested: Tests performed: #1 Standard and Streaming Data #2 VPN #3 Web server access #4 Line-of-sight range: EXPLORER 300 approx. 20m/66ft EXPLORER 500 approx. 40m/131ft EXPLORER 700 approx. 50m/164ft #5 Software upload Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Thrane & Thrane A/S. © 2007 Thrane & Thrane A/S. All rights reserved. Printed in Denmark. Accredited Solution EXPLORER® – SMC Bluetooth Dongle Page 6/6