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1999 Cabletron Systems Wireless Networking

1999 Cabletron Systems Wireless Networking






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  • Cabletron is restructuring its business into four independent operating entities—each focussed on a particular market. Each operating entity will be run independently, with a separate headquarters, its own P&L, separate management teams, sales force and market focus. Over the next six to nine months each of these companies will be spun out as an independent entity. Enterasys is focussed on the enterprise market. Riverstone Networks is focussed on service providers. Global Network Technology Services is focussed on professional services. Aprisma is focussed on software solutions.
  • Changes in technology and public policy have combined to alter customer needs and create opportunity for organizations like Cabletron. Breaking Cabletron into four independent companies is a response to this market dynamic and has a single purpose  to create companies that provide best-of-breed solutions for our customers  something we believe can only be accomplished if each company has a singular market focus. While we believe our actions are in the best interest of our shareholders and employees, our decision was motivated by the desire to better serve our customers. As four independent companies, we have the agility to turn technology inflections into best-of-breed solutions for our customers. Products and services can be more easily optimized for customers, enabling information technology and infrastructure to become a source of competitive advantage. In addition, each organization can become a specialist serving the needs of their customers, rather than a generalist serving the needs of many different types of customers. Finally, we can more clearly communicate our messages to our desired audience.

1999 Cabletron Systems Wireless Networking 1999 Cabletron Systems Wireless Networking Presentation Transcript

  • Enterasys Networks Access Computing Welcome
  • Corporate Transformation
  • Cabletron Transformation
    • Effective March 1, 2000, Cabletron launched four independent operating companies: Enterasys, Aprisma, Riverstone Networks and GlobalNetwork Technology Services.
    • The companies will begin as independent subsidiaries of Cabletron, which will serve as an umbrella holding company.
    • Each company will be completely independent with its own products, management, sales, marketing, engineering and back-office functions.
    • Each company will provide best-of-breed solutions for our customers.
    • Each company will be free to pursue its own destiny.
  • The Four Companies
    • The four companies and their target markets are:
      • Enterasys will target Enterprise network customers
      • Aprisma will offer infrastructure management software (Spectrum) for service provider and enterprise network markets
      • Riverstone Networks will concentrate on the service provider market, including content hosting, ASPs, CLECs, ISPs
      • GlobalNetwork Technology Services will deliver professional services, including the design and management of enterprise and service provider networks
  • Goal of the Transformation
    • To create companies that will provide best-of-breed solutions for our customers
    • As independent entities these companies
      • Have the agility to turn technology directions into best-of-breed solutions
      • Optimize products and services for customers, enabling information technology and infrastructure to become a source of competitive advantage
      • Specialize in servicing the needs of their customers
  • Introduction to Wireless Networking
    • Overview of the Wireless functionality
    • Applications for Wireless
    • Introduction to the RoamAbout product’s
    • Advantages of RoamAbout
    • ACCESS Computing
    • Product Demonstration
  • Why Wireless?
    • A network that’s reliable and sets up in less than 15 minutes!
    • Establish instant networks wirelessly in any location
    • Cost effective, both indoor and outdoor
    • Roam anywhere and stay connected throughout offices, campuses, etc.
  • Wireless is a Horizontal market product
    • Healthcare
    • Industrial
    • Government
    • Enterprise / SOHO / Business Travel / Home
  • Why Wireless on Campus?
    • Proliferation of Laptops / PDA’s
    • Cooperative Learning in a creative, social environment
      • Libraries
      • Dormitories
      • Study Rooms
      • Cafeterias
      • Outside
    • Enhance classroom / lecture learning
      • Cost effective in classroom, department offices
  • Why Wireless for Manufacturing?
    • Mobility of Plant Personnel
    • Redundancy to Fiber Optic Infrastructure
    • Warehousing Applications
  • RoamAbout Wireless LAN Product Family
    • Complete IEEE 802.11 wireless solutions including:
      • RoamAbout AccessPoint: Bridges Wireless LAN to standard Ethernet LAN
      • Wireless adapter cards (PCMCIA): Used in AccessPoints and in PC's
      • Extended range indoor antenna: Used for workgroup wireless LANs
      • Directional Antenna: For building to building applications
  • 802.11 Integrated Radio Transmitter/Receiver
    • PC Card - 2.4GHz Direct Sequence, Spread Spectrum Technology
      • PCMCIA Type II extended
      • External antenna option
      • LED indication
      • 5Volt operation
    External Antenna connection Diagnostic LED’s
  • New ISA 802.11 Interface Card
    • Desktop solution
      • ISA and PCI
      • Modular
      • Antenna cable
    Note : ISA or PCI adapter need to be installed in PC prior to the installation of the PCI card Optional external antenna
  • RoamAbout AccessPoint “Bridge”
    • The AccessPoint full-featured bridge that bridges a wired LAN to a wireless LAN
    • Redundancy through overlapping footprints
      • allows network integrity and fault tolerance
      • support for spanning tree
    • Point-to-point diagnostics / SNMP management
  • RoamAbout AccessPoint
    • Standard UTP RJ-45 connections
    • Network management:
      • Local via console management port
      • Remote via any SNMP management platform
    • Software upgrade capabilities for future enhancements
  • RoamAbout AccessPoint 2000: So What’s New?
    • Standard international mounting hardware
    • Compact form factor
    • Smoke-detector-like cover
    • Remote Power / “Power Injector”
  • AccessPoint-to-Client Ratio
    • One AccessPoint provides ethernet quality support to multiple users
    • Roaming:
      • Allows a station to move one AccessPoint to another within the same wireless network
      • Eliminates conflicts and data loops
    • Multi-Channel Roaming :
      • Makes it possible to support 3 non-overlapping channels within the wireless network
      • Stations dynamically change channels when roaming from one AccessPoint to another in the same wireless network
      • Cabletron supports Inter-AccessPoint Protocol (IAPP)
  • RoamAbout Building-to-Building Solution
    • LAN to LAN mode is when the user wants to span a distance with a wireless bridge
  • IEEE 802.11(B) Standard Provides
    • 11Mbps throughput
    • Vendor interoperability
    • Better power device management
    • Pricing improvements
    • Proven migration path
    • Integrated transmitter/receiver
    • Backward compatible with previous 802.11 DS 2Mbps products
  • Cabletron Advantages
    • Best Wireless AccessPoint in the industry!!
      • Provides the mobile user true mobility!
        • Through filtering, prevents unnecessary network traffic passing through the wired LAN
        • RMON capability
    • Full remote management
      • Enterprise level, SPECTRUM - manage both the wireless network and wired network
      • Access Point Manager
      • SNMP network management for the AccessPoint
      • Management utility for the client
  • Cabletron Advantages
    • Better security tools than most other vendors
      • Cabletron is one of few manufacturers that offer Encryption worldwide
      • Used for highly secure environments
      • Supports four simultaneous encryption keys
    • Encryption based on RC4 in building for enhanced security
      • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
      • High performance
      • Very high security levels
      • Confidence in deploying wireless technology when data security is vital
  • Cabletron Advantages
    • Investment Protection
      • Easily upgradable to future radio technologies
      • Flash firmware from Cabletron’s website
    • www.cabletron.com/wireless
  • The Best Wireless Network Solution
    • GUI tool allows for the configuration of multiple AccessPoints with just a single command
    • a big time saver!
    • Remote Power from Cabletron’s Power Injection Technology!
    • -AC Power Installation Savings of $250 - $350 per Access Point!
    • Mounting Hardware and Attractive Cover
        • Appropriate for mounting in any professional environment
    • 802.11B 11Mbps
        • Ethernet Quality Performance!
  • Access Computing
    • Authorized Synergy Partner of Enterasys
    • Specializing is LAN/WAN integration
    • Custom PC Sales and Repair
    • Onsite Repair and Service
  • Access Computing
    • Special Thanks to!
    • Time Warner Cable
    • Noah’s Ark on Market St.
  • Enterasys Networks Access Computing Thank You www.accesscomputing.com www.enterasys.com