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English final project
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English final project

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  • 1. ENGLISH PRESENTATION SLIDE Group Members: Liew Qiao Li 0315671 Peh Ker Neng 0314619 Chan Zhuang Sheng 0314527 Lee Yaue Shen 0315381 Liu Wei Cheng 0314712 Goh Jeng Jhieh 0315080
  • 3. Yut Kee Record Award Origin Setting “Best Cheap Eats in the Time Out KL Food Awards 2013” When Malaysia was colonized by British, their menu was influenced by that and westernized their food to fit in the food culture during that time Remaining oldfashioned, traditional Chinese style. Marble tables and wooden chairs. Besides, black and white pictures are hanging on walls Establish in 1928 Location 35, Jalan Dang Wangi , 50100 , Kuala Lumpur
  • 4. Kar Heong Record Award Origin Setting Won in Food Tale sponsored by Knife Cooking Oil In 1980, it was first started up as a small stall due to economy problem. In 2007, they decided to open a new restaurant as the people getting more and more. Chinese style with some modernized appliances such as airconditioners. Wooden chairs and tables are found in the restaurant Establish in 1980 - Stall 2007 - Restaurant Location 60, Jalan SS 14/2, Subang Jaya, 47500, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • 5. Heng Heng Record Award Origin Setting Winner for Best Food Blog for Malaysia and Singapore Immigrated to Malaysia due to war in China. Started their business in small restaurant which does not need much workers Chinese style with blue plastic chairs and wooden tables. Establish in 1948 Location Jalan Parit Mesjid, Taman Anggerik, Pontian
  • 7. Yut Kee -Westernized + Chinese style Signature Dishes Swiss Roll Roasted Pork Roll Mixture of both Hainanese and westernized food
  • 8. Kar Heong -Chinese style Signature Dishes Sar Hor Fun Does not mix with western ingredients Nga Choy Gai (Chicken Rice)
  • 9. Heng Heng -Chinese style Signature Dishes Pontian Mee Cooked with traditional recipe which has been passing until now (mixture of tomato sauce, ketchup, oyster sauce, soya sauce and sesame oil)
  • 10. Similarity Yut Kee Kar Heong - Family business - Chinese food is available - Chinese style as its setting - Selling with reasonable price - All food is hand-made Heng Heng
  • 11. Differences Yut Kee - Food is slightly influenced by British - Selling various type of food (chops, breads, rice, hor fun and others) - Kar Heong - Traditional Chinese cooking - Selling few types of food (rice, wantan, hor fun) Heng Heng - Traditional Chinese cooking - Selling only Pontian Mee
  • 12. Differences Yut Kee - Stuffy, bad air flow Kar Heong - Comfortable atmosphere to eat (air-conditioned) Heng Heng - Clean and pleasant environment
  • 13. Differences Yut Kee - Hire Myanmar workers Kar Heong - Hire Myanmar workers Heng Heng - No worker, family works together
  • 14. Challenges
  • 15. Man Power Yut Kee Kar Heong Heng Heng - Hard to get full time workers - Worker does not the right way to serve customers - Lack of workers - Hired foreign workers with higher salary - Worker does not take care of cleanliness of restaurant - Does not employ any outsider - Workers change time to time, they have to train them all over again
  • 16. Strategy
  • 17. Free advertisement due to its popularity Preserve the original taste until now Various food available Yut Kee Kar Heong Reasonable Price Heng Heng
  • 18. What Makes Them Special ?
  • 19. Yut Kee - Selling food with reasonable price, various of food selection - Western and Chinese food are available Kar Heong - Selling famous Ipoh traditional Chicken Rice a.k.a. Nga Choy Gai (in Cantonese), its traditional taste has attracted most of the chicken lovers Heng Heng - Selling only Pontian Mee with unique recipe which is from owner's father, it's unique taste has attracted a lot of people even tourists and foreigners
  • 20. THANK YOU!!! :D