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  1. 1. Teendom: The Documentary<br />Script Final Draft<br />
  2. 2. Introduction:<br />Mike: Welcome To the Mike Attenborough Presentation, TEENDOM THE DOCUMENTARY. This special takes a look at collective identity amongst youth culture, by going in depth and analysing individual social groups. Join us, as we take the plunge deep into the world of the modern youth.<br />
  3. 3. Chapter 1, the emos: <br />Our First step along this journey is a look at a group who lead lives of sorrow and remorse, their reason for portraying this image is unknown, this group is referred to as, the emo kids. (cut to shot of emo group of friends standing together in sorrow followed by over dubbed voice playing over this same shot.) Emo culture derives from a style of music that found its roots in the hardcore punk scene in Washington D.C. during a time when Will Smith was a Rapper, and IPods were just a twinkle in Steve Jobs eye, the 1980’s (montage over statements in black and white.) Back then, emo kids referred to themselves as punks and were more about getting in a fight then learning to play all the minor chords on an acoustic guitar. Today’s emo music revolves around themes of anger, attrition and ending ones life, thus possibly why the emo children are so sad.<br />
  4. 4. Chapter 2, Lunch Buddies <br />One of the more under lying sectors within this community of social groups are the ‘lunch buddies’, this term being used to not offend those who give college canteens the largest income. Without their inordinate purchases of elaborate food orders (with Cheese) or on the other side of the spectrum the demands for calorie free food, 90% of the polish staff working in these positions would probably have your or my job.<br />
  5. 5. Chapter 3, Jocks<br />Jocks are a curious creature; with an IQ similar to that of a small and dirty pebble they find themselves often able to fit into roles which only involve physical tasks. Sports being the most common for this age group, whereas later in life they are more likely to find themselves painting decorating or removing our weekly rubbish.<br />
  6. 6. Chapter 4, Chavs<br />From here we go now to a social group that is not far from the emo kids gathering, as this group now has all of their wallets. The term chavs has been associated with juvenile delinquency, the ASBO Generation and yob culture. Without the invention and use of CCTV throughout the U.K. this social group is rarely captured on film due to an aggressive and elusive nature (cut to scene of chav slamming a drink out of someone’s hand, then pushing them to the ground.) These individuals find their strength in numbers, conventionally found hunting in packs, similar to that of the hyena. Should you find a chav wandering the streets on his lonesome, he is most likely going to either visit his grandma or buying some milk. Chavs natural enemy is the Law and Metal Kids.<br />
  7. 7. Chapter 5, Metal Heads<br />Pressing on, metal heads are angry individuals but are very quiet about these feelings. Like chavs, they also prey upon Emo kids. This group is associated with black attire, chains, long hair, and boots and of course metal music any other form of “noise” is unacceptable. The less you can understand the lyrics of this music, the better. The most popular food amongst metal heads is tacos, no seriously, they go ape! <br />
  8. 8. Chapter 6, Smokers<br />This social group has combined patrons from all social groups through their combined interest in inhaling or burning plant matter. A hybrid group such as this shows the possibility of cooperation through all the various social groups in the way that they lend and offer the use of lighters, papers & filters. However an annoyance to this groups, whom still are able to somewhat fit under this title, are known as moochers as they mooch the very plant matter off those who can afford to possess these items. <br />
  9. 9. Chapter 7, Loners<br />The most common form of loners can be categorized by two predominant factors, those who choose to be loners and those who do not have the choice. For those who make this choice, the reasons behind such action can be varied motives; they may perceive others as being inferiors and below them and not deserving of their time. They may also segregate themselves from others as an attempt to seem special and unique. For those who do not inflict ‘lonerism’ on themselves factors can include feeling inferior due to differences such as intellect or ethnicity that then unconsciously effect their social interactions or lack there of. <br />
  10. 10. Chapter 8, Nerds <br />In the Teendom social food chain, Nerds are one above loners, however under the radar in comparison to the general hate toward emos. Similar to vampires, Nerds are rarely found in natural lighting as they don’t take too kindly to melanoma. They prefer the warm and reassuring synthetic lights created in the World of Warcraft dimension in which they spend most of their time and money devoted to achieving goals that would be near impossible for them to in the real world. Nerds are also associated with religious following of franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek and most other fictional fantasy worlds that are produced by the genre of science fiction. <br />
  11. 11. Conclusion<br />This marks the end of our journey. Life around the living still hustling and bustling as time goes on. Our journey has shown us that teenagers are a complex creature, with many many similarities and differences, like the sea to the land crashing and clashing with each other all the time. This search has now taught us that teens cannot generally easily fit into condensed boxes, however as a teen, the main way of surviving is to fit into a condensed box, will they survive? I thank you for your time.<br />