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FOWA Miami 2009 Highlights for WPB Web Meetup Monday

FOWA Miami 2009 Highlights for WPB Web Meetup Monday






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    FOWA Miami 2009 Highlights for WPB Web Meetup Monday FOWA Miami 2009 Highlights for WPB Web Meetup Monday Presentation Transcript

      • Canvas (not in IE yet)
      • Fast JS (not in IE yet)
      • Web Workers
      • Desktop Integration
      • 2D API
      • Integrated Rich Media
      • No Bridge Necessary
      • Talk directly to canvas through JS
      • No IE support yet
      • SVG is dead
    • IE 8
      • Google Gears
      • Adobe AIR
      • Mozilla Prism
      • Appcelerator Titanium
      • Fluid
    • Must see: http://labs.mozilla.com/projects/ubiquity/
    • Huge increase in click throughs just by changing the words on a button from “Sign Up Free” to “See Plans & Prices” Ryan – UX expert told me they increased sales by 300 Million by changing the word “Register” on a button to the word “Continue”
      • Respect and protect the zone
      • That’s where the good programming happens
      • Hire Jedis
      • Meet together in person
      • Create a great environment where they will flourish
      • 1 30 in and 1 24 in monitor per developer (more monitor space doesn’t help)
      • Everybody eats lunch together everyday
      • On Joelonsoftware.com, Joel created a link on every post to another post on the site. Eventually if you clicked through every post link, you’d see every page on the site. (done programmatically)
      • If you ever search for something on Google and cannot find a real answer (and you’re willing to spend money to find a solution), that is your product opportunity.
      • Dirtiest Mouths
      • Gary Vaynerchuk
      • Ryan Carson
      • Kristina Halvorson
      • Alex Hunter
      • Joel Spolsky
      Ask yourself, “Why in the hell am I at this company that sucks straight shit?” - Gary Vaynerchuk
    • Take risks with your brand Listen to your consumers Pay attention to the web – listen and answer the feedback
    • Tastyblogsnack.com Ijustine.tv
      • “ This is the time to do what you love”
      • “ You are fucked.”
      • “ If you don’t know where you want to end up, they you’re broken.”
      • “ I didn’t invent baseball, but I will be Babe Ruth.”
      • “ I’m hustling harder”
      • “ When’s the tipping point? The day you start, asshole.”
      • “ Content providers will get more of the revenue. People in the middle will dry up.”
    • Decide right now that you’ll attend next year.