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Every Day! Happy Hours Monday - Sunday At Brann's Sizzling Steakhouse And Sports Grille. Bar Only - 3 PM - 6 PM. $2.50 Drinks and $3.50 You "Call" it!

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Brann's Drink Menu

  1. 1. Day! E very d ay da y - Sun Mon m - 6p m nly — 3p You “Call” It Bar O s & $3.50 rink lose 2.50 D pm - C $ nt — 9 taura En tire Res $250 $250 Domestic 20oz Drafts Wine by the Glass$250Domestic Bottles $250$350 Choose from : You “Call” It • Captain M ! organ ® Well Shot and Pop $450 ABSOLUT ® ® • acardi ® iels • B Select • Jack Dan ® • Crown Ro yal Appetizers
  2. 2. Famous for OurMargaritas18oz OriginalMargaritas$339 Original MargaritaAll Day! Every Day!Made with Torada® Gold and $339DeKuyper® Triple SecFrozen or On the Rocks!Don’t forget the lime and salt!Add a signatureflavor for $1.50• DeKuyper® Melon • Raspberry• Peach • Strawberry• Mango • Blueberry PomegranateFresh Fruit FlavoringsReal fruit puree, antioxidant rich,green tea and 100% vitamin C.Fat Free • Preservative FreeGluten Free • Dairy FreeMake it Mombo!32oz Original Mombo Margarita Strawberry Margarita on the Rocks$699 $48932oz Fruit Mombo Margarita$799
  3. 3. Top ShelfAll Margaritas are available on therocks, frozen or straight up. Also availablein our 32oz Mombo size and in freshfruit flavors. Legendary Chambord Cuervo TM Margarita Margarita $649 1800 Reposado®, Cointreau®, $599 Chambord® Raspberry Liqueur Jose Cuervo Especial®, It’s raspberry delicious! Cointreau®, topped with Grand Marnier®Patrón Margarita ®$699Shaken with Patrón Silver®,Cointreau® and Grand Marnier®
  4. 4. MartiniHeaven$559Lemon Drop-tini$559ABSOLUT® Citrón Vodka, freshlemon juice rimmed with sugar.SpicedWashingtonApple-tini$559Fireball® Cinnamon Whiskey, DeKuyper®Sour Apple and cranberryCucumber-tini$559Effen® Cucumber Vodka and VermouthBlack CherryCosmo Grape-Cosmo-tini$559 $559Effen Black Cherry, DeKuyper , ® ® Pinnacle® Grape Vodka, DeKuyper® TripleTriple Sec, lime and cranberry Sec, lime and cranberry juicesEFFEN Black Cherry and Raspberry Flavored Vodkas, 100% neutralspirits distilled from wheat grain, 35% alc./vol. (70 proof)©2011 EFFEN Import Company, Deerfield, IL
  5. 5. Sweet-tinisPeanut ButterCup-tini$599Michigan Made NutLiquor®,Pinnacle® Chocolate WhippedVodka in a chocolate rimmedglass Key Lime Pie-tini $599 KeKe Beach® Key Lime Cream Liqueur, ABSOLUT® Vanilia Vodka, fresh lime juice and a splash of cream in a graham cracker rimmed glass Creamsicle-tini $599 Pinnacle® Orange Whipped Vodka, DeKuyper® White Crème de Cacao & Orange Juice Oreo®-tini $599 ABSOLUT® Vanilia Vodka, DeKuyper® Crème de Cacao White and Dark Chocolate Liqueurs, rimmed with Oreo® cookie crumbs
  6. 6. Ice Cold Drafts $339 20oz Select Domestics All Day! Every Day! 20oz $189Select Domestics. 10oz SelectAll day! Every day! Domestic $339 Select Domestic, Imports and Crafts vary by location.$69948oz Select DomesticPitcher$46932oz Select DomesticMini Pitcher
  7. 7. Craft Beer We’ve got it all! Prices vary. Selections & prices vary per location.$329Select Domestic BottlesIce ColdBottlesAll Day Every Day! A Few of Our Favorites Additional selection available.
  8. 8. WinesFox Brook Wines• Chardonnay• White Zinfandel• Cabernet• Merlot$449By the Glass 10$ 00By the BottleSpecialty WinesWhites Fox Brook• Pinot Grigio, Cavit Merlot• oscato, St. Julian M Forbidden Fruit $449• iesling, Chateau R Grand TraverseReds• Pinot Noir, Mark West• Malbec, Barricas$599By the Glass Ed HardyTMSangria$499 16oz Glass$1299By the Bottle
  9. 9. Brann’sTrash Can Our signature Long Island mixed with Blue Curacao, Sweet and Sour Mix, Sierra Mist® and topped with a Red Bull® Can. All in a 32 oz. pitcher. $899 Top Shelf Long Island $729 ABSOLUT®, Beefeater®, Sauza®, Bacardi®, Cointreau®, Sweet and Sour, topped with Pepsi®ABSOLUT® Long BeachBloody Mary Topped with cranberryAll Day! Every Day! Raspberry Long Island$429Our secret famous Bloody Mary $729 Topped with DeKuyper® Razmatazzrecipe made with ABSOLUT® Vodka andrimmed with Brann’s Famous Seasoning,Salt, Olives and a Pickle
  10. 10. Non-Alcoholics $299 Strawberry Spotted Bull Spotted Bull Lemonades $299 Pick any fruit flavor. Endless refills! Switch your flavor on refills!Blueberry PomegranateNo-Bull SlushyNo-BullSlushies$299Choose your favorite fruit flavor crushedjust right with Sierra Mist® and lemonadeFruity ®Favorites ShakeChoose your fresh $299fruit flavor of:• Spotted Bull Lemonade• No-Bull Slushie• Fresh Fruit Smoothies Choose Your Fresh, Real Fruit FlavorFresh Fruit Smoothies Real fruit puree, antioxidant rich, green tea and 100%Choose your flavor! vitamin C in all fresh fruit flavors. Fat Free • Gluten Free • Dairy FreeMiami ViceFrozen layers of strawberry • Strawberry • Raspberry daiquiri and pina colada • Mango • Peach • Blueberry Pomegranate • Caribbean Colada
  11. 11. Miami Vice $799 Frozen Layers of Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada topped with Mt. Gay Eclipse Rum®Let’s Mombo!Rum Runner$799 32ozCruzan® Coconut Rum, DeKuyper®Crème de Banana and BlackberryBrandy and fruit juices Mombos $799 Fresh Fruit Daiquiris (Choose you favorite fresh fruit flavor) Caribbean Cruise Barton® Vodka, DeKuyper® Peachtree, DeKuyper Melon Liqueur, DeKuyper Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and Sierra Mist® Blue Angel ABSOLUT® Raspberri, Pinnacle® Blueberry Vodka, DeKuyper® Blue Curacao, DeKuyper® Triple Sec, Sweet and Sour and Sierra Mist® Mudslide Electric Lemonade $799 Barton® Vodka, DeKuyper® Blue Curacao, Sweet and Sour and Treat your sweeter side! Sierra Mist® ABSOLUT® Vodka, Kahlua®, Baileys® Irish Cream Paradise blended with ice cream Captain Morgan® Spiced Rum, DeKuyper® Melon Liqueur and DeKuyper® Blue Curacao, pineapple and orange juice
  12. 12. Bistro Cake $289 3 Bistro Cakes $7.59 2 Bistro Cakes $5.49 Bistro Peanut Butter Cream CakeBistro LemonCreme Cake Bistro Red Velvet Cake New York Style Cheesecake $399 Topped with Strawberries, Chocolate, or Caramel sauce Ice Cream Shakes and Malts Choose from Chocolate,Mini Sundae Bites Strawberry, Vanilla, Oreo® or one of our fresh fruit flavors$349 Ice Cream ShakesChoose four deep fried, Brownie Bites orBananas Foster Bites or a combinationof both on a scoop of vanilla ice cream $299topped with whipped cream and caramel Ice Cream Maltsor fudge. You’ll love these sweet treats! Served with extra on the side in a tin Combination Brownie Bites and Bananas Foster Bites $329 Brownie Bananas Bites Foster Bites
  13. 13. Skinny Drinks! Only 100 calories or less!$599Available in:• SkinnyGirl Margarita• FireFly Skinny Sweet TeaSkinny-Tini’s$599 Skinny Sweet TeaAvailable in:• SkinnyGirl Margarita-Tini $599• Skinny Sweet Tea-Tini• kinny-Cosmo-tini: S ABSOLUT® Citron, DeKuyper® Triple Sec, Splash of CranberrySkinny Long Island SkinnyGirl Margarita$699 $599 Original Mojito $499 Signature Mojitos $499 Hand muddled with Light Rum, fresh mint, sugar, lime and soda Spice It Up with a fresh fruit flavorRaspberry Mojito for $1.00 more!$599 • Strawberry • Peach • Raspberry • Mango • DeKuyper® Melon • Blueberry Pomegranate