Glass Pool Construction


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If you live in Brisbane and are looking to build a new glass pool fence, this is the article for you. No more hassle with low quality product. Learn the real deal before you start your next glass pool fencing project.

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Glass Pool Construction

  1. 1. Glass Pool Fencing BrisbaneWith over two decades of experience, Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane we are known as industryleaders in the swimming pool fencing industry. We have been in business within Australia’sfencing market since our inception and since our very first year we have remainedcommitted to ensuring customer satisfaction and top quality products and service. Ourthousands of happy customers are glad to recommend us to their friends and family as atrusted and respected company.Whether our clients are involved in DIY-projects who require guides or plans, professionalworkers who know exactly what they need or anything in-between, we know how to providethe precise level of consultation necessary for that particular customer. We have worked withmany Australian families to assist them in purchasing and building beautiful glass poolfences. If you are not sure whether a glass pool fence is right for your specific needs, we havethe information for you to decide.If you are looking for pool fencing, you can be sure that Brisbane residents will recommendus at the top of the list due to our timeless and modern glass fence designs that are bothstylish and functional. Every member of our team assists in the end product and we are sureyou will be delighted both by the price and the quality of the work we complete for you.Going the extra mile, we work hard to always fulfil requirements set by the Swimming pool &Spa association for enhanced security and comfort.Our professionals are well trained in the design, custom fitting, installation and replacementof custom glass fence solutions. Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane knows how to take your visionand turn it into a reality, with designs that reflect your personal sense of style and that domuch to enhance the quality of your living environment. Our designs flow seamlessly intotheir surroundings and are able to match the theme of your home.
  2. 2. We recognize that each project and each home is unique and thus we are experienced inevery type of solution that is available in the market. We can provide you with everythingyou need to build your own fence or we can send you a professional to help you out or tosimply complete the project while you observe. Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane is committed toworking with each of our customers until 100% satisfaction has been reached. We are able toachieve that because all of the materials and fixtures meet or even exceed the AustralianStandards; and the people on our team are of the highest quality.Whether you already have your project mapped out or you aren’t quite sure what you’redoing yet, it is helpful to know that there are two varieties of glass pool fences that you canfind in the market. Those are a Semi Frameless Glass Fence and a Frameless GlassFence. Prices will range by how much fencing you need and materials. We can help you towork out a budget for what you need and what you can afford. To learn more about thesetwo varieties of glass pool fences, simply move on to the next article.Frameless vs Semi FramelessFrameless Glass Pool FencingThis type of fencing is for those individuals who love a stylish, modern and elegant look fortheir pool that reflects sophistication. We at Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane are expert ininstalling such fences that add elegance to your pool. We install the best and most lavishfences around your pool, while at the same time, do not compromise with safety. Suchframeless fence highlights the overall view of your pool area and also ensures the safety ofyour family. A stylish glass fence surrounding your pool not only creates unobstructed andunblemished sight for your yard, but also increases the value of your property.
  3. 3. Frameless glass pool fencing has been a costlier exercise from many years, as compared tothe other alternative, i.e. semi-frameless glass pool fencing. But, with improved efficiency inmanufacturing, and increased product volume, it has become quite cost effective. And cost isnot the only reason, after spending good amount of money on your pool; an old fencingwould pour water on all your efforts. So, enhance the look of your pool and enjoy your kidssplashing in water, by using the glass pool fencing patented by us.You don’t even have to compromise with security for installing our fence. The glass panelsoffered by us come with 12mm safety glass and are one of the strongest, available in thisindustry. A fence panel from Glass pool fencing Brisbane means that your fence will easilybear all the problems and still do not compromise with your safety or view. Our framelessglass panels are well tested and have been developed in compliance with highest Australianstandards.‘Spigots’ are the mini posts holding the glass panels. These can be fixed to timber, steelbeams and can also be core drilled in concrete. They are available in different colours andshapes, to suit your needs. For further assistance you can contact us, we will be happy tohelp.
  4. 4. Semi Frameless Glass Pool FencingIf you want to build a safe glass fence, within an affordable price range then semi framelessglass fencing is the perfect solution for you. Heavy duty posts, made from stainless steel oraluminium are used amongst the glass panels, which keeps them tough and safe. You canselect the colour to coat your glass fence and also choose between round and square semi-frameless posts depending upon the design, feel and colour of your house.Installation of semi frameless fencing system is easy, either it get installed directly within thestructural steel on concrete, or fixed to the decks of timber that surround your pool. It alsodoes not interfere with the existing finishes.To make these semi-frameless glass panels safe, different sizes of 8mm to 10mm of AAAsafety glasses, cleared and toughened are used. We offer panels of highest security standards,which not only fulfil Australian Standard safety requirements, but goes over and beyond. Ifyou want to have a read about Australian standards that we fulfil you can head over here.And although there is standard size for these glass panels, we offer a variety of sizesto fulfil the needs of our customers. For more information on this please contact us.Buy from a specialistWe have been in this business for over 20 years and have handled all kinds of queries andconcerns. We are the glass pool fencing specialist and we treat every one of our potentialclient as unique, as we know that every person is different and has a different set ofrequirements. We work towards satisfying you within the constraints of your budget.A mistake that is made by most of the people is that they go for different outlets to buydifferent parts, in order to save money. The choice in this regard is definitely yours, but we
  5. 5. have been receiving calls from different customers to enquire about separate parts. It is onlylater that they find out that the parts they have bought are not fitting the panels, and so asimple fencing project is now going to cost them lots of money.There is another mistake that is most commonly committed by the customers and that is tobuy glass panels that are cheap in price and hence, poor in quality. Such panels cannot passthe strict pool safety inspections of Australian law. The website of Queensland housing andpublic works have everything you need to know about pool safety. These cheap panels arealso not secure and substituting safety for price can never be a smart decision. To get theexact estimate of money it will cost for your fencing project, simply send us an email and wewill get back to you asap with a quote.If you visit a large retailer, you will find lots of good and specialty products, but in mostcases, such retailer lacks the expertise and knowledge of a specialist. When buying a glasspool fence, there are some things that you need to keep into consideration. These include: Product quality The service, both amount and quality that is being offered Certification of the product as well as fixture Knowledge of the product that you are buying Ability of the retailer to provide a complete layout plan for your fence Ability of the retailer to furnish customized products as per your specifications Full price Warranty for the workmanship Product maintenance After sales serviceWe at Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane include all of these features in our price, which is notgiven by big retailers. So, the decision is yours, select what suits your needs better.To get more information on pool fencing in Queensland visit our Website.