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Resurch into NME magazine

  1. 1. Research into NME Magazine
  2. 2. Cover PageThe cover of NME magazine uses different types oftypography on the cover. The title/ logo of the magazine usesthe typography of large red, bold, sans serif font as it showsup on the sky blue background. The names of bands/ artistsare in bold, yellow, sans serif font this is used as it shows upon the sky blue background and it separates the title with thenames of the bands/ artists in the articles. The text under thenames of the bands/ artists above the logo are in black, sansserif font, this is used as it gives the reader a small bit ofinformation about why they are featured in the magazine.However in one piece of text under an artists name the text isin bold, white, sans serif font as the article is about the readerthemselves as the "your" part of the description is underlinedas it emphasises the word to attract the reader. The name ofthe cover story of the magazine is in very large, bold, red, sansserif font as it carries on the colour scheme of the title of themagazine. Inside the "T" of the title of the article has the word"the" inside it in small, white, sans serif font this is in the "T"as the band are called "The Slone Roses". The introduction tothe cover story has the typography of black, serif font as itshows on the white of the snow and attracts the reader to thecover story as the font is different to the rest of the coverpage. Under the title of the cover story there is informationabout the article in yellow, sans serif font as it continues thetheme from the rest of the page and shows up on the whitesnow background.
  3. 3. Cover PageThe layout of the cover of the NME magazine by the useof the root of the eye and the terminal areas on thecover. At the top of the cover shows the names of thebands/ artists that feature in the magazine. This havebeen placed hear as its the first thing to be seen by thereader by the use of the root of the eye, this wouldattract fans of the artists in to buying the magazine as ithas one of readers of the favourite artists in themagazine. In the top right corner the is a selection ofposters shown that are inside the magazine. This hasbeen placed hear as is not the most important section ofthe cover though it is in the top corner as its one of thefirst things to be seen by the reader as its towards thebeginning of the root of the eye it would attempt to getthe reader to buy the magazines as it states that theposters are "free". The photo of the band that features inthe cover story covers the hole page as it attracts thereader to the cover story as in the main optical areashows two of the band members which would make thereader to look at the rest of the page to see its contents.The text to the cover story is in the bottom part of thepage as is one of the last things to be seen by the readerso it is the last part of the cover to attract the reader toby the magazine.
  4. 4. Cover PageThe language of the cover is formal as itsaddress its audience in tone of whicheveryone can easily understand andsuited for the target audience ofteenagers and onwards.The photo in the cover page is a long,wide shot of the four members of theband on a mountain rag. The long shot isused to show all the members of theband holding hands, this shows aconnection between the members whichseems unbreakable and that they justhave each other in the mountains. Themen are wearing jeans and warm coatsand jumpers as the close they arewearing are suitable to the climate of thecold mountains.
  5. 5. Contents Page The typography of the contents page of NME consists of black, bold, sans serif font which is used for the page numbers on the side of the photos that show the contents within the magazine and quotations of the articles on the top of the page as they are closer to the beginning of the root of the eye. There is also the use of smaller, black, sans serif font which shows the information about each article inside the magazine. In the other parts of the contents page there is the use of black, serif font which show quotations from the article made by the people in the article. In the subscription part of the contents page has the typography of white and yellow, snas serif font. The information about the subscription is in smaller text as its has the main information about the subscription of the magazine.
  6. 6. Contents Page The layout of the title "inside this week" is at the top of the page as is at the beginning of the root of the eye and is one of the first things to be seen by the reader on the page. The main article of the magazine is shown in the main optical area as is the part of the page that is most seen by the reader and is in the middle of the root of the eye. The other articles are shown in the terminal areas of the page as they show the reader the other articles inside the magazine, theses are in the terminal areas as they are the last things to be seen by the reader as they are added parts of the contents page that are used to attract the reader in to reading the rest of the magazine. The subscription part of the page is in the bottom right corner as is the last thing to be seen by the reader by the use of the root of the eye, this has been position hear as it is separate to the contents page as it is about a different topic to the magazines contents. The "Plus" part of the contents is at the bottom of the page as it page as it shows the reader the rest of the contents of the magazine that is not shown in the rest of the page by the use of the photos, this is place hear as is one of the last things to be seen by the reader by the use of the root of the eye.
  7. 7. Contents Page The language of the page is informal as the text is wrote in first person as the quotations are of people talking about themselves. The information part of the text is quite formal as its uses simple descriptions about the articles. The photos used in the top two articles of the contents page are mid, wide shots of bands with four members, the shots have been uses as it shows all of the members of the band in the hole size of the photo. The photo in the mid-right terminal area is a long shot of a guitarist on stage in fount of a crowd at a gig, the long shot is used to show the reader what some one on stage could see at a gig. The photo in the main optical area in a two, mid-close up of two people who are shown in an article inside the magazine. The photo in the bottom left corner is a long shot of four people around a table, the table is use as it shows the people have an important roll within the magazine. The photo in the left terminal area is a long, wide shot of four members of a band, the long shot is used as the band members are at different highs. In all of these photos the people shown in the photos are wearing normal, casual, everyday closes as it shows that the people are there same as the rest of society and the readers of the magazine. The photo on the bottom of the page is a close up of the female artist, the woman is wearing a colourful costume, the red of the womans hair makes the costume seem more casual as the colours fit more together.
  8. 8. Double PageThe typography of the into of the article is aquotation about the article on the double page.The quotation is in white, red and yellow, bold,sans serif font, the font is in white as it shows upon the black background. The word "dangerous"is in yellow as the colour connotes warning anddanger as warning sings are in yellow. The word"berserk" is in red as berserk means to be violateand violence connotes the colour red as violenceis linked with blood and blood is red. The textunder the quotation is a small description aboutthe article is the same colour as the quotation asthe colours in the description as the words thatare in the colours of red and yellow as the wordshave the same definition of use as the words inthe into. The typography of the kicker is red, bold,sans serif font the "C" is in bigger size than thetext as it attracts the reader to the article. Thetypography of the text of the article inside thewhite box is black, sans serif font as it is a defaultfont from a computer.
  9. 9. Double PageThe layout of the double page is set outby the use of the root of the eye. Thephoto fills the hole of the left page as thephoto is of the person that the article isabout. The photo is on the left page as itsthe first thing to be seen by the root ofthe eye and is the thing that is seen themost by the reader by the use of the rootof the eye. The article of the double pageis in the bottom of the right page as itsthe last thing to be seen by the reader.This has been placed hear as the readersees the rest of the page before thearticle as the intro and photo is used toattract the reader into reading the articlein the bottom of the page.
  10. 10. Double PageThe language of the article isinformal as it address the readerin a tone that is easily readablefor everyone to read andwelcoming to thereader.The photo on the left page is amid shot of the woman, the midshot is used as its shows the propthat is being held by the womanand the dress the woman iswearing. The dress the woman iswearing is a mixture of darkcolours, this is worn as thebackground of the photo is blackand the dress carries of the darktheme.