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Ebizframe is an e-commerce enabling tool which allows an organization to conduct its entire business from its own Internet portal. All entities that need to transact business with an organization ...

Ebizframe is an e-commerce enabling tool which allows an organization to conduct its entire business from its own Internet portal. All entities that need to transact business with an organization through its portal, the gateway to the company, and visit the areas relevant for them.



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Ebizframe whitepaper Ebizframe whitepaper Document Transcript

  • Eastern Software Systems Limited D-16/2, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase – II, New Delhi – 110 020 Tel: 6822147, 6831662, 6821482/3 Fax: 91-11-6837805 email: marketing@essmail.com URL: www.ebizframe.com
  • ebizframe OVERVIEW • • • • • • Featured among Channels Asia “ 50 most dynamic companies of Asia Pacific” Rated among Dataquest India “10 companies to watch” December 1999 Rated among Dataquest India “20 companies to watch” February 2000 Rated among PC Quest “ Top 10 products from India” December 1999 Profiled on Intel/capital site, among 12 companies, only one from India Among Computerworld India “Most powerful ERP companies, Most powerful ERP packages” ESS is India’s premier e-business software provider. ESS has received venture funding from Intel, Citibank and FMO. ESS has been a premier ERP solution provider for Indian businesses and was the first Indian Company to offer ASP services through its ERP-on-the-Net offering. ESS has constantly won national and international recognition. ESS employs over 200 people and has ISO 9001 certification. ESS is focussed on Small and Medium Businesses. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 1
  • ebizframe e-business framework for the global enterprise Eastern Software Systems, India’s premier business applications provider introduces a new creation - ebizframe. W h at iis ebiizf ram e? W h at s eb zf ram e? ebizframe is an e-commerce enabling tool which allows an organization to conduct its entire business from its own Internet portal. All entities that need to transact business with an organization through its portal, the gateway to the company, and visit the areas relevant for them. For example, using ebizframe………. …….a customer can visit the company to check all his transactions, check delivery status for his orders, check his accounts, place additional orders, or even modify existing orders. ………a supplier can check whether his shipments have been received, or check status of payments due to him or even make new product offers and special pricing. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 2
  • ebizframe ……..an employee, who could be sitting in any part of the world can file claims, check his accounts, or even get an online appraisal done by his boss, without the necessity of a physical meeting. If an employee is in sales, he can immediately check inventories etc of the company products, which will enable him to make, informed commitments to his clients. In addition, ebizframe users can give out or receive e-purchase orders, esales orders and so on. With this functionality, a business can start effective interaction and business with people all over the world, without having to worry about physical boundaries of business. ebizframe, is therefore a true e-business enabler. For larger businesses who have a large number of suppliers and buyers, ebizframe can create an online community which shall be able to do transactions quickly, efficiently and economically. The components of ebizframe include web site building templates, knowledge management tools, chat, email, diary builder, as well as an entire ERP engine covering manufacturing and non-manufacturing operations. Delivery options ESS offers ebizframe with four different options – On Rent, With VPN & (or) lease line connections and co-hosted server option. These various connectivity options give the users a wide choice if terms of speed, security considerations and upfront investments, and yet preserve the benefits of ecommerce enablement so essential for growth of business in the internet powered future. In brief… 1. 2. 3. ebizframe enables SCM and CRM, as well as e-transactions such as ePOs and eSOs (electronic Purchase Orders and electronic Sales Orders). ebizframe builds upon existing ERP strengths to include Knowledge Management. ebizframe also enables an organization to make itself completely Internet driven by enabling creation of web front-end as well offer integrated functionality for facilities such as web mail, web chat and other productivity tools. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 3
  • ebizframe Ebizframe can be utilized by • • Organisations seeking to run their business processes on the net. B2B portals as their transactions processing engine. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 4
  • ebizframe • Legacy Applications Organizations that have existing legacy applications including ERP applications face a serious challenge in trying to enable e-commerce. Large investments of money and efforts in legacy applications need not be discarded and all benefits of e-commerce can be achieved by using ebizframe. Ebizframe transactions engine can be interfaced with the existing applications to ensure that the net-based business integrates seamlessly with existing internal processes. ebizframe suite can be broadly categorized into two primary components : • Web front end: ebizframe frontend applications are focussed on enabling Internet based content creation and management including web site creation. Tools for creating “e-commerce” components such as e – transactions with buyers and suppliers and remote employees, web-based chat, email, knowledge management and other productivity tools such as diary, calendar, sticky notes/reminders which translate into immediate cost savings and productivity enhancement form an integral part of the offering. • Commercial transactions back end: “ebizframe” backend functions can eenable all aspects of business (including Sales, Sales Force Automation, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, Costing, Human Resources, Payroll, Fixed Assets, Production Planning, Production, Equipment Maintenance, Customer Care i.e. all components of a conventional ERP). The components integrate seemlessly to ensure that the data captured at the frontend can be immediately utilized by the backend. For example, a sales order created by a customer, can immediately kick off despatch of finished goods, or even a production cycle, which in turn catalyses purchase of materials, and impacts accounts and inventory. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 5
  • ebizframe W eb Front End W eb Front End The web front end is similar to the “entrance” of an organisation where an entrant gets directed to the relevant part of the organisation depending on the nature of his relationship with the organisation. This frontend is completely flexible and can be built up to suit the organisation's specific needs. Ebizframe Technology Ebizframe uses Java and related technologies for the front end and Oracle toolkit and database for the backend. In addition to existing features, ebizframe roadmap includes WAP based access, video conferencing, ability to absorb data feeds from relevant sites among others. Ebizframe allows you to convert your business into an Internet powerhouse. Ebizframe offers a single platform for all parts of your organization as well as customers and suppliers, irrespective of geographic locations and time. Ebizframe allows members of your ecology to access your company’s data, online, through the Internet. For example Customers can place and amend orders, check shipments or production status, check accounts and get quotations and chat with companies sales staff Visitors may check products, specifications, delivery periods, get quotations and place orders and get answers to their queries online or through email Suppliers can send online quotations, check billing and payment status, change pricing and delivery schedules as well as make special offers Remote employees check company policies, record expense claims and leave requests, have online appraisals and manage better by using tools such as online diary, calendar as well as maintain better co-ordination using the company’s own email and chat facilities Potential suppliers can enlist themselves and offer their products and services to the company through the net © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 6
  • ebizframe As an example, the frontend could have the following: 1. Visitors Link: This link connects the visitors of the portal web-site to the Corporate home page. The ebizframe product gives the user the facility to create home pages, which can be designed and tailor made to their requirements. A lot of website templates are available to the user to choose from. 2. Customers Link: This link gives customers the facility to transact business with the organisation such as place enquiries and orders on the company. There is no limit on the type and number of transactional ability the organisation wants to give to its customers. These transactions feed directly to the commercial transactions engine seemlessly. 3. Suppliers Link: This could enable the supplier to transact business such as view the purchase orders placed on him by the company, or view the companies inventory or even submit new quotations. Again, there are no technological limitations except the companies view on which parts of the organisational data the user company wants to open up for view/data transaction with the suppliers. 4. Employees Link: This link takes the employees of the company to avail themselves of following services : a). Email: This service enables employees to communicate and exchange information with co-workers and company'’ business associates. The Interface provided is intuitive enough and provides all the facilities typically provided by any email service on the Net. b). Chat: This component enables the user to communicate and chat with co-workers and business partners at different regional locations. The chat software gives the option of selecting private chatroom for maintaining confidentiality of messages. c). PIM: Diary, Appointment book, Reminders and Calendar enable the employees to maintain their schedules, appointments etc and to plan their work for coming days. d). Notice Board/Suggestions/Company Info: This service gives users a common platform to share their views, suggestions etc with fellow workers and colleagues. It is important to understand that any of these tools could also be provided to other users such as prospects or customers. Therefore, potential customers could hit the chat button, and have an online chat with the sales department of the company to satisfy their questions before they actually transact business. Th e Back End Th e Back End ebizframe integrates the back-end ERP business engine to the front end component by enabling not only e-commerce but also a host of other functionality, all of which is related to increasing the velocity of doing business. The business engine provides the user the facility to transact, generate critical reports in browser based formats with online and offline options. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 7
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e tech nollogy: eb zf ram e tech no ogy: ebizframe is based on the three-tier architecture structure that comprises of thin client, Application Server and Database server. The three-tier architecture structure offers high security features along with the flexibility of providing access to various users. Tier Front end Middle Backend © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Hardware any number of client desktop machines using web browser one or more application servers one or more database servers Page 8
  • ebizframe Client Desktop Machines Application Servers Database Server Three Tier Architecture © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 9
  • ebizframe Client tier Middle Tier Back End Web Server HTML Page WRB Cartridge Application Forms Client Forms Server Listner Runtime Engine Technology used in ERP components The technology used in developing the ebizframe product is as follows: Client Tier • • Operating System Web browser (Internet Explorer 5.0/higher or Netscape Navigator 4.6/higher) Middle Tier • • • • NOS platform (like Windows NT 4.0) Oracle Application Server 4.0.7 (can be replaced with any other Webserver) Developer 2000 Server 2.1 (Forms Builder, Forms Server, Report Builder, Report Server) (for ERP component) Java Servlet Engine JSDK2.0, JDK1.1.6 with JDBC connectivity to database. (for other components) Database Tier • • NOS platform (like Windows NT 4.0) Oracle 8i Server 8.1.5 © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 10
  • ebizframe Tech niicall Strength s Tech n ca Strength s ebizframe product being based on three-tier architecture enables resource intensive components to run on Middle tier thereby moving bulk of the processing load away from the client. Oracle Application server has built-in components which deliver high degree of scalability and include balancing, logging, automatic failure recovery, security, directory, and transaction components. The ERP based on Oracle is highly scalable and robust to handle large no. of client requests concurrently. The Java Servlet Engine runs in a multithreaded environment and can process multiple client requests at a time. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 11
  • ebizframe © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 12
  • ebizframe Web Applications © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 13
  • ebizframe ebiizframe E-Maiill software eb zframe E-Ma software Ov erviiew of ebiiz emaiill Fe atur es Ov erv ew of eb z ema Fe atur es ebiz email supplies a rich feature set. In addition to the primary functions of a mail server, there are many other functions a server can perform. These features are discussed in MORE COMPLETE detail in the following chapters. Mailing Lists Prominent among ebiz email features is the function of a listserver. The mailing list functions provided by a listserver allow a user to send a single piece of email to multiple recipients. This is a widely used feature not only for mass mailings, but also for moderated discussion groups. ebiz email's listserver is extremely powerful and allows many configuration options, which make the listserver valuable in a number of contexts. It also provides extremely high performance (speed measured by how many mail messages may be sent out in a specified period of time). While some competitors charge extra for their listservers, ebiz email's listserver is built-in. Auto-responders You can set ebiz email to automatically reply to mail received at certain addresses. For example, you can set ebiz email to automatically deliver a file containing information on your company's products when a customer sends a request to products@yourcompany.com. You can configure autoresponders to deliver immediate information to customers in a timely manner. For example, products@yourcompany.com, questions@yourcompany.com. Forwarding Users can set options to have their mail forwarded to other accounts, locally or on other systems. Aliases Mail can be redirected from a generic department name to a real person. For example, you can redirect sales@yourcompany.com to your sales manager's mailbox, or marketing@yourcompany.com to your marketing manager. Dial-up Connections Unlike many email servers, ebiz email does not require a dedicated connection to the Internet. It has a great facility that uses Windows Dial-Up Networking to make the Internet connection automatically for sending and receiving email. This means ebiz email can save you money, and it can be used on sites where no other email server will succeed. Multiple Domains ebiz email can handle mail for more than one domain. If you need to present more than one presence to the world (more than one company name or organization name), you do not need to have more than one email server. ebiz email will let you be Floras_Restaurant.com and Floras_Catering.com, both on the same email server. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 14
  • ebizframe Mail Filtering ebiz email now provides protection against the reception of unsolicited email through the use of IP address and Domain/Name filtering. With ebiz email's Mail Filtering option, you can easily protect your users from receiving junk email. SMTP Relay Filtering ebiz email allows you to secure your mail server from unauthorized use by unknown outside sources through the use of SMTP Relay Filtering. You can ENTER IN both allowed and restricted IP addresses or IP address ranges for those who may or may not use your mail server to send mail. Remote Administration With ebiz email's new remote administration capabilities, you can now administer your local ebiz email server from any browser connected to the Internet. This is included in the Web Administration of ebiz email Wizard. Many Other Features ebiz email's feature list continues to grow. ebiz email offers the widest variety of features that are important to administrators who need to keep users happy. The list currently includes: • • • • • • • • • • Easy-to-use control panel for mail administration Ability to work with gateways behind firewalls Easy-to-read status screen and log file Ability to control user access to system Finger and Reverse Finger to allow for mail notification responses Full MX record resolution, including resolution to subnets Standalone utility to generate outgoing mail Access to incoming mail in mailboxes through the UNIX mailbox-type format and POP3 server support Configurable connection methods and the ability to specify groups of connections based on the node or class of nodes Ability to restrict the sending of auto-responses to avoid many bounce situations ahead of time © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 15
  • ebizframe EBIZFRAME CH AT SOFTWARE EBIZFRAME CH AT SOFTWARE Sectiion 1 Sect on 1 Introductiion Introduct on ebizframe chat is an Internet-based software product that allows you to easily create and manage your own chat site. ebizframe chat provides a userfriendly Java Client which allows members to access your chat environment from any Java-enabled Web Browser. ebizframe chat is easy! Once installed, it publishes information about itself to the ebizframe chat Community Directory and automatically opens up a web interface to your chat site. Your members can then sign on to your site by going to the ebizframe chat Community Director, locating your server, and clicking on it or by accessing your room via a link on your site. The ebizframe chat Java Client is designed with ease of use -- it allows you to easily control your ebizframe chat Server without having to memorize cryptic commands. At the same time, ebizframe chat is compliant with IRC Protocol. If you are familiar with the clients, tools and robots associated with IRC Protocol, you will find that they are still available to you while using ebizframe chat. Note: Participants may also access the chat room through a hyperlink on your website. New Features New Features OD BC D atab as e iintegr atiion: OD BC D atab as e ntegr at on: Member, Room, Transcript and Audit information is now stored in a database, which provides easier access to query and reporting functions. • • • Integration can be accomplished with existing database-resident membership systems. New member registration can be done by creating web forms, or by modifying the web forms provided. Greater general customization can be accomplished. Basiic "M embe rsh iip" sy st em (Se rv er Ediitiion onlly): Bas c "M embe rsh p" sy st em (Se rv er Ed t on on y): • • • • Web-based sign-up forms for new members. Member access can be configured to require administrator approval. New Passwords can be generated by the server and emailed to registering members. Alternate sign up path, which allows you to customize the membership system to ask the user a question, then present a different set of sign-up forms based on the answer. For example, the user could be asked if he/she is over 18 years of age or under 13, and then presented different forms (or denied access) if he/she has replied in the affirmative. Connecttiiviitty enhancementts:: Connec v y enhancemen s • • • HTTP "Tunneling," allowing Java clients to connect over the web port instead of a separate port for chat. This allows easy connection for members behind firewalls and proxies. Automatic reconnection when ebizframe chat Java client is disconnected due to a network error. Connect attempts to multiple chat ports. This provides an automatic mechanism for members behind firewalls to connect to a port that is acceptable to their firewall. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 16
  • ebizframe Impro ved Ja va clliient: Impro ved Ja va c ent: • • • • • • • • • File transfer capability, allowing members to send files directly to one another. Allows members to be in more than one room at a time Frequently used features and controls now accessible via easy-to-use interface buttons. Member interface more graphically driven. Emotion graphics for chat room expressions. Copy and Paste from/to room capability. Color coding of members' "chat" and name in the members list to match their status in the chat system, e.g. Moderators "speak" in blue messages, and guests have different colors in members list, and "speak" in that color as well Offline messaging. Ability to leave messages ("memos") for members who are offline, and be notified of new memos upon sign on. Memo read, delete and reply is via a GUI. Replay of past messages in a room upon entry, configurable by number of past minutes or past lines. Speed enh anc em ents: Speed enh anc em ents: • • Enhanced server-caching capabilities. Digitally Signed Internet Explorer CAB file and Netscape JAR file, which allows local installation of Java class files (greatly reduced download time). Securiity enh ancem ent s: Secur ty enh ancem ent s: • • • • • • Option to disconnect members who "mass-invite". Improved pattern matching for forbidden words. Time-limited bans. Administrators and moderators have no need to manually maintain and clean up old bans, and members can be temporarily removed from a site or room. The ramifications of banning large domains/ISP’s are also therefore limited by time. New audit records. Audit records moved to database for easier access and easier integration with reporting tools. Rooms can be set to allow members (of that room) only. New room definitions for room members and members with voice. "Quiet member" ability. Allows individual members to be "quieted" in a room. Sound Enh ancemen ts: Sound Enh ancemen ts: • • • • Room Welcome sound. A sound can be played when members enter a room. Room-specific sound directories. /Sounds contains common sounds, added to the sound files in /Sounds/<roomname>. Only members in that room have access to those sounds. Member-specific sound directories. /Sounds contains common sounds added to the sound files in /Sounds/<membernickname>. Only that member has access to those sounds. Sound processing enhanced. Done asynchronously with chat, preventing slow down. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 17
  • ebizframe ebiizframe -PIM eb zframe -PIM In ebiz-PIM-- All the features you need for reaching your potential: PIM Features: • LAN/Group scheduling, E-mail and Meeting Maker with RSVP. Arrange conflict-free meetings for up to 1000 people in multiple time zones. • Optional conflict checking • One click Carry-over of undone items • Automatic, background file-saving • Week at a glance in variety of screen layouts • Month at a glance with item descriptions • Alarms with snooze option. You can have alarms for a shared schedule ring on all workstations. • Password protection(3 levels), private items • Mobile computing, synchronize data with portable PCs • Agents automated launching of applications and batch files. • Choice of all TrueType fonts on screen, and in reports • Moon phases • Small datafile size (e.g. a heavy workload of 300 items consumes less than 50K disk space) • A clean interface, without screen clutter for clear, unconstrained views • World time-zone clocks • Import and export • Choice of page sizes for printed schedules (Daytimer, Filofax, etc) • Perpetual calendar through the year 2068 • Automatic follow-ups. • Logging of all completed items for later recall. • Plenty of room for item descriptions • Notes attached to items, huge capacity, copy/paste to/from other applications • Dozens of printed report options: Day, Week, Month, Priority List, portrait/landscape, more • Any number of color coded user defined Projects to which items can be assigned. • A full-range of recurring item scheduling choices and carry-over options • Exceptions to recurring Items; modify/cancel one or all occurrences • Prioritization w/ deadlines and postponements • Dynamic Scheduling with state-of-the-art interface for clear and easy onscreen planning • Floating tasks • Date and time entry shortcuts, e.g. "today", "Sa", "10" days from now. • Pop-up color utilization calendar, showing relative workload across entire month • Time Accounting. See exactly how your time is being used. Bill clients for your time. • Project reports showing total time spent on each project. • Floating tasks • Workload Balancing • Project task sequencing, including setting of prerequisites • Special carry-over options on instances of recurring items (e.g. delete, shift) • Special item colors for 8 user defined item Statuses. PIM -Sticky Notes This handy little program lets you "stick" notes to your screen. Use them for reminders, for messages, for telephone notes, Web addresses or anything else that you need a handy way to remember. You can change the colour and size of your notes at will, and temporarily move them off the screen by minimising them. They stay around even when you turn your computer off. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 18
  • ebizframe ERP Transactions Engine Sales Purchase Inventory Finance HR & Payroll Costing Shares Fixed Assets Customer Care Systems Administration Executive Information System Production Production Planning Equipment Maintenance © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 19
  • ebizframe ebiizframe Salles eb zframe Sa es List Of Options DEFINITIONS AND LISTINGS Customers/Dealers master Customer/Dealer location Products Customer/Dealer Price master Other parameters Domestic LC LC Master LC Master Amendment Export Country Customer’s bank Bank parameter Excise Bond Packing Quota Application to EPC Certificate Letter of credit Agents Insurance Inspection Custom house Marketing Liner Trade control TRANSACTIONS Enquiry Quotation Amendment Lost Jobs Targets Order Order Amendment Order scheduling Production advice Order processing Despatch advice Adhoc despatch advice Invoice Domestic Rejection Export Proforma invoice Commercial invoice Pending forms Stock transfer Transfer order Despatch Order Challan cum invoice Pending forms Survey Forecast REPORTS Open quotation status Quotation Amendment History © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Every Organization is either involved in producing goods or services. Thus, for the existence of an organization, they require to sell these products and services. Therefore, Sales becomes a very important and integral part of every organization. Ebizframe Sales handles all activities of Sales department in any organization. Ebizframe Sales is integrated with: • Ebizframe Inventory for the item details and as the sales sends the despatch advice to inventory for despatching the products to customers. • Ebizframe Production planning as the production is scheduled here and the sales department sends a periodic advice to production planning. • Ebizframe Finance, as the sales invoice against the delivery challan is generated in sales and different accounts like tax details, customer account, sales account, excise duty etc. are maintained in finance. Sales Force Automation Ebizframe Sales handles pre-sales & sales activities of a company. The sales force automation covers the details of prospects of a company. The prospect is handled through various stages from enquiry to order. The competitor details are also maintained. Scheduling of activities of the sales executives, assigning targets to them and managing their expenses is also handled. Ebizframe sales helps a company manage its direct and channel sales funnel. Sales department receives purchase enquiries from several potential customers of the company’s products. On receiving the Enquiry, a Quotation is generated which specifies the prices and terms and conditions of sale. In some cases, samples of products are also sent to the selected customers. On receiving Purchase Order from a customer, Ebizframe Sales generates a Sales Order for the ordered items. Ebizframe Sales also maintains a record of lost jobs; i.e., the quotations that did not result in sales orders. An Order may be Direct, Scheduled, Open sample order or Against D3 (order against Sales Return). Order Scheduling takes place for scheduled and open orders. After Order Scheduling, Production Planning department is notified of the quantity of products to be produced. Such notification is done through a Production Advice. Production Advice Page 20
  • ebizframe Production advice Despatch advice Customer wise State wise Order acknowledgment Order status Open order Back order Consolidated Detailed Overall status Invoiced Consolidated Detailed Order Amendment History Order Checklist Customer order schedule Customer wise Product wise Non moving items Sample Invoice printing Survey Forecast Stock transfer MIS Sales analysis Variance analysis Product profitability analysis Target/actual analysis Sales consolidation Sales trends Lost jobs analysis Quotation history Enquiry analysis Consolidated reports Sales analysis Variance analysis © Eastern Software Systems Ltd consolidates product-wise quantities from various Sales Orders for the selected month. In response to Production Advice, Ebizframe Production Planning estimates the feasible quantity for each product. Scheduled and open orders are processed accordingly. Order Processing allocate product quantity to different orders based on the product’s quantity on hand and quantity sanctioned for the product by Ebizframe Production Planning. A Despatch Advice is prepared and sent to Ebizframe Inventory for despatch of products. In case of direct orders, sample orders and orders against D3, Adhoc Despatch Advice is prepared. An invoice is generated against the delivery challan and invoice details are sent to Ebizframe Finance. Ebizframe Sales streamlines the process of Stock Transfer for transfer of goods between warehouses. Stock Transfer follows the normal procedure of placing orders and preparing despatch orders, challans and invoices. Sales Forecasting allows you to record projected sales volume of different products for future time-periods. Export module handles overseas sales. Information related to export such as Quota details and Agent details is recorded. Proforma Invoice is generated in case of export, based on which a Letter of Credit is prepared. Commercial Invoice captures details of Packing, Shipment, Duty and Tax and Letter to Bank. Ebizframe Sales handles generation of important Export Documents, viz., Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Intimation for Inspection, Intimation for Insurance, Shipment Detail, Shipment Advice, Certificate of Origin and Letter to Bank. Page 21
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Purch as e eb zf ram e Purch as e List Of Options DEFINITIONS & LISTINGS Supplier/Subcontractors Supplier Item Subcontractor Item Custom Item master Other Parameters Contract Master Item Declaration TRANSACTIONS Purchase Requisition Process Requisition Request for Quotation(Purchase) Request for Quotation(Process) Suppliers Quotation Sub-contractor Quotation Purchase Order Purchase Order Amendment Purchase Order Purchase Order Amendment Ad hoc Purchase Order Ad hoc Purchase Order Amendment Close Purchase/Process Order Close multiple Purchase/Process Order Adhoc Process Order Adhoc Process Order Amendment Store Despatch Request Order Scheduling Purchase Order Schedule Purchase Order Schedule Amendment Process Order (ISSUE) Schedule Process Order(RECEIPT)Schedule Process Order (RECEIPT)Schedule Amendment Bill of Entry Purchase Bill Domestic Import Pending Forms Service Bill REPORTS Items by specified Suppliers Suppliers of specified item Outstanding RFQ’S(Purchase) Expected Deliveries(Purchase) Period wise Item wise Supplier wise Items by specified Subcontractors Subcontractors of special item Outstanding RFQ’S(Process) Expected Deliveries(Process) Item wise Period wise Supplier wise © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Purchase department aims at making available the required materials of the right quality, in the right quantity and at the right price, for the smooth functioning of the organization. Purchase department interacts with different departments of the organization, suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers. Ebizframe Purchase is linked with : • Ebizframe Finance for making payments to the suppliers/subcontractors against the bills received by the purchase department for the material supplied. • Ebizframe Inventory for processing purchase requisitions that are generated automatically when stocks fall below a certain level and for receiving goods against purchase orders • Ebizframe Production for processing the purchase requisition of raw material sent by the production floor. The Purchase routine starts with the generation of Purchase Requisition for various items followed by sending Request For Quotation to various suppliers. On receiving Quotations from suppliers, evaluation is done on the basis of various criteria. Purchase Order is generated for selected suppliers and Amendments can be made if required. In case of an immediate requirement, an Adhoc Purchase Order is generated. In this case, Purchase Order is directly placed with suppliers, without inviting quotations. Purchase Orders can be made in any currency. Amendments can be implemented here also. Purchase can also be made from suppliers who are based overseas. In this case the procedure remains the same, except that some additional features; such as, Custom Details and Bill Of Entry/Lading are defined in Ebizframe Purchase whenever material is imported. The Process cycle is followed whenever any item has to be sent out to sub-contractors for processing. In this case, Process Requisition is generated and Request For Quotation is sent to various sub-contractors. Receiving Quotations from the sub-contractors follows this. A Process Order is generated for those sub-contractors who meet specified criteria. Amendments to Process Order can be made if required. Purchase department generates a Store Despatch Request for the despatch of raw material to the subcontractor. Adhoc Process Orders and Amendments can be generated in this case also. In both Purchase and Process cycles, Order can be Direct, Scheduled or Open. In case of Open and Scheduled Order, Order Scheduling is done whereby the quantities to be purchased or processed are distributed over a time period. Incase of the Direct Order, scheduling is not required. Also amendment of schedules is allowed. Details of the services provided by the service providers can also be recorded. The authorized Service Bill details are posted to ebizframe Finance. Cancellation of an authorized Service Bill is also possible. Page 22
  • ebizframe Suppliers/Contractors/Service provider Listing Other Parameter Listing Item Declaration Listing Contract Master Listing Import Bill of Entry Bill of Entries to be received Custom item details Items Received by Import Custom Paid on Import On receipt of invoice from Supplier/ Sub-contractor/ Overseas Supplier, Purchase department generates a Purchase Bill (Domestic or Import). Cancellation of Purchase Bill is also possible. MIS Supplier /Subcontractor Analysis for Price Quality Credit Days Delivery Schedule Quotation Analysis Open Orders to be closed Purchase order Status Pending Purchase order Pending process order Pending Service Contract Scheduled Purchase order Scheduled process order Amendments Details(Purchase) Amendments Details(Process) Requisition Status Requisition not converted into orders Order tracking Pending Forms Amendment Details (Schedule) Cancelled Documents MRS Status © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 23
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Inv entor y eb zf ram e Inv entor y List Of Options DEFINITIONS AND LISTINGS Item master Other Parameters Chapter Master Requirement Area Group Details Subgroup Details Item Label Details Alternate Item Master Unit Conversion TRANSACTIONS Material Requisition Slip(MRS) Material Return Note Material Receipt at stores Material Receipt at stores(Import) Material Receipt at Quality Control Material Receipt at Main Stores Supplier/Subcontractor Requirement Area Shop floor Sales Return Against Gate Pass Rejected Material Despatch Advice Main Stores Line Rejections Despatches Rejected Material Despatches Customers Sub Contractors Extension of 57F4 Issues Issue Of Items Transfer Notes Commissioning of Capital Goods Finished Goods Stock Updation Stock Verification Reallocation Reallocation of items Reallocation of repairs Gate Pass Gate Pass (Process) Gate Pass Receipts Loading Advice Periodical Material Received Periodical Material Consumption REPORTS Ebizframe Inventory helps an organization to manage the material in stores and track all the transactions related to it. It also helps in optimizing the reorder, maximum and minimum levels of raw materials in the inventory, which will result in direct savings of inventory costs for an organization. Ebizframe Inventory is linked with: • Ebizframe Purchase as the purchase requisition is generated by purchase and the receipt of items against purchase and process orders is made in inventory. A store despatch request is given by the purchase department to sub contractors for the despatch of work in progress. • Ebizframe Sales as all the despatches made against the sales order are done in inventory. The products are despatched to customers with the issue of gate pass. • Ebizframe Equipment maintenance, through this module the machines are sent for maintenance with the issue of gate pass in inventory. The gate pass is returnable as the maintenance process may be complete or pending. • Ebizframe Customer Care as all the spares used to maintenance are used from here. • Ebizframe Finance as the stock value is updated from here. • Ebizframe Production delivers the finished goods to Inventory. Also line rejections are returned to Inventory. The material required for production is issued to the shop floor from ebizframe inventory. Ebizframe Inventory stores the information of all the items, their respective classification and sub-groups including serialization. The ABC analysis of all the items is for selective management control whereas VED analysis is based on criticality. On the basis of the Purchase Order, material from suppliers can be received in stores through Material Receipt at Stores. Received material is then sent for quality check to detect any material that is to be rejected or reworked. Accepted material is transferred to the main stores whereas a Rejected Material Despatch Advice (RMDA) is generated for rejected material. RMDA can be issued from the Inventory in the following cases: • Against the material received from the suppliers/ subcontractors. • Against material received from the Requirement Areas through Material Return Note and from the Shop Floor through Line Rejection Note. Stock Ledger For Process Order, raw material is despatched to sub-contractors using the gatepass and semi-finished or finished goods are received from them in stores. Various departments that request for material from Inventory are termed as Requirement Areas. These requirement areas fill the Material Requisition Slip (MRS) and send it to Inventory according to their requirement. Based on the requisition received from Requirement Areas, Inventory issues material to them. Material Pending At Quality Control Item wise for suppliers Item wise for subcontractor Item wise for Company Unit A Material Return Note (MRN) is sent by the requirement areas in two cases: 1. If the goods are being rejected. 2. If the goods have been received in excess. Stock Status Periodwise, Itemwise Lotwise Status Stock Value © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 24
  • ebizframe Material Pending at Main Stores Item wise for suppliers Item wise for subcontractor Item wise for company unit MRIR Status Report Outstanding MRSs Outstanding Returnable Gate Pass Receipts Receipts Register Item wise for suppliers Item wise for subcontractor Item wise for Company unit Supplier wise Sub-contractor wise Company unit wise Issue Register Itemwise MRS wise Requisition area wise Outstanding store despatch Request Despatch Register Customer wise Subcontractor wise Production group wise Production sub group wise Despatch Against Gate Pass Transporter Register Despatch Receipts Cancelled Challans Consolidated Detailed Repair register Processing register Form D3 Rejection Reports Orderwise for Suppliers Itemwise for Suppliers Orderwise for Subcontractors Itemwise for Subcontractors Itemwise for Company Unit Orderwise for Company Unit MIS Movement Analysis Consumption Analysis Item Stock Levels Below Recorder Level Below Safety Level Requirement Analysis Purchase Requisition Analysis Purchase Requisition vs. Material Requisition Finished Goods Aging Analysis ABC Analysis Form RG 23 A Part I Part II Form RG 23 C Part I Part II Personal ledger Account Stock Evaluation LIFO FIFO © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Consumption and requirement analysis, Stock Ledger and excise registers can be generated from ebizframe inventory. Page 25
  • ebizframe Weighted Average Summary Reports Stock Ledger Item Wise Item Classification Wise Item Group Wise Consumption Analysis Requirement Areawise Department Wise Item Group Wise Item Classification Wise Receipt Register Item Wise Receipt Wise Party Wise GatePass Receipt No.Wise Issue Register Item Wise Requirement Area wise Issue No. Wise Despatch Register Item Wise Despatch Wise Party Wise Gate Pass No. Wise Stock Transfer Wise Export Shipment Wise Production Summary (Item Wise) Daily Stock Account Form R.T. 12 Consolidated Reports Consumption Analysis Finished Goods Aging Analysis ABC Analysis © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 26
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Fiinance eb zf ram e F nance List of Options DEFINITIONS AND LISTINGS Change Date Accounts Account Tax Groups Company Budget Allocation Narration Voucher Number Control Other Parameters Period End Procedures Period Closing Financial Year Closing Book Closing Financial Year Currency Base Details Conversion Excise Freight Tax and Deductions Fiscal Year Schedule 6 Report Layout Report Total GENERAL LEDGER Transactions Journal Voucher Receipt Voucher Payment Voucher Contra Voucher Credit Note,Customer Support Debit Note,Customer Support Sales Voucher Purchase Voucher Voucher Posting Recurrent/ Reverse Batch Posting TR6 Day Books Journal Book Bank Book Cash Book Debit Note Book Credit Note Book Sales Books Sales Reports Register Purchase Book Register Budget Reports Monthly Budget report © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Finance is a vital function of any organization. Ebizframe Finance enables streamlining of financial operations of a company. Ebizframe Finance is suitable for companies functioning in national and international markets as the number formats, currency and date formats are all user defined. The language in which the amount in words is to be printed in the reports can also be selected. Ebizframe Finance integrates with the following modules: • Ebizframe Sales: Ebizframe Sales gives information about the customers to Ebizframe Finance and receives data on excise, freight and the various taxes & deductions. Ebizframe Sales sends the invoice details to Ebizframe Finance for updating of finance heads. • Ebizframe Purchase: Ebizframe Purchase is a source of information about the suppliers/ sub-contractors and receives data on excise, freight and the various taxes & deductions from Ebizframe Finance. The Purchase Bill generated in Ebizframe Purchase is used to update the finance heads. • Ebizframe Fixed Assets: The fixed assets are defined in Ebizframe Finance and depreciation and overheads are calculated for them. • Ebizframe Costing: The direct costs are allocated to departments/ cost centers and this information is accessed in Ebizframe Costing. • Ebizframe HR & Payroll for updating the salary heads. • Ebizframe Customer Care: The invoice raised update the finance needs. • Ebizframe Equipment Maintenance: The maintenance bills raised update the finance heads. In Ebizframe Finance, various accounts are created which are specified under different groups. Transactions are carried out on these accounts. Ebizframe Finance provides the flexibility of user-defined financial year. Budget is allocated for a financial year and it is further split into monthly budgets for each account in each department. Voucher Entry Control is an important feature which can be used to control the numbering of all types of vouchers by defining the Restart Basis (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or carry forward), starting number of voucher and the maximum amount allowed for the type of transaction. Ebizframe Finance provides a feature of on-line posting of vouchers, which can only be done by an authorized user. Multi-currency transactions are possible by defining one of the currencies as a base currency and specifying the conversion rates with respect to other currencies. There is also a provision for defining multiple companies. Transactions of multiple companies, which are defined in ebizframe System Administration, can be recorded. Page 27
  • ebizframe Annual Budget Report Year to date Report Bank Cheque Status Reports Reconciliation Statement Expenses Comparison TDS Form 16A Status Statements Returns Excise Registers Cheque Printing Voucher Search A/Cs RECEIVABLE Customer List Debtors Ledger Customers Outstanding Customers Ageing Analysis Tax Reports Sales Register Sales Register for registered dealers Statutory Sales Tax Reports A/Cs PAYABLE Supplier List Creditors Ledger Supplier Outstanding Supplier Ageing Analysis REPORTS General Ledger Account Wise Reference Wise Cheque Register Sub-ledger Trial Balance Trial Balance General Period Wise MTD / YTD Trading Account Profit-Loss Statement Detailed Summary Balance Sheet Chart of Accounts Chart of Groups Cash Flow Statement Projection Actuals Unposted Vouchers Vouchers Advance Recurred/ Reversed Unposted Posted Posted (User Wise) Schedule 6 MIS Trial Balance Profit Loss © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Ebizframe Finance provides the flexibility of user-definable rates for taxes and deductions excise and freight. Ebizframe Finance calculates tax to be deducted at source (TDS) depending upon the percentage defined for the tax type and the exemption permitted to the client Ebizframe Finance also allows generation of statutory sales tax reports. Ebizframe Finance provides facility of defining parallel year. Parallel year is a period for which requisite data exists for generating reports like General Ledger, Trial Balance, P&L Account and Balance Sheet. While making voucher entries in General Ledger, data entry can be reduced by using three features which have been provided: • Recurrent: To repeat the entry with a given frequency at specified dates. • Replicate: To copy the entries of an existing voucher to another voucher. • Reverse: To reverse the voucher entry, i.e., to make the debit entry on the credit side and vice-versa at the specified later date. Commonly used narration can be defined and are available at each transaction level through a mouse click. A particular month or year can be frozen for making entries at any time without closing the financial year or the financial period. Also a new financial year can be opened and transactions carried out for both the financial years. For all previous year transaction, balances automatically get transferred to the new year. Receipt voucher for cash or bank can be made for any account defined in Ebizframe Finance. In case of a customer defined in Ebizframe Sales, user can specify whether a receipt is against an Invoice, or on account, or an advance is being adjusted. Similarly, payment voucher for cash or bank can be made for any account. For a supplier/sub-contractor defined in Ebizframe Purchase, it can be specified whether payment is made against the Purchase Bills, or on account, or as an advance. Credit Notes/Debit Notes can be issued against customers or suppliers. This facilitates in compensating for any penalties or losses incurred during business dealing. The various notes generate their own reports, which can be produced as a document for verification. Important reports like General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit Loss are provided exhaustively for all v categories viz account wise, reference wise, cases and financial year wise, groupwise and most importantly for v time frame specified by the user. The above reports are also shown on the basis of fiscal year and as a consolidation of the parent and all its child companies. MIS – provides a better-detailed view of general ledger, trial balance and profit and loss statement. Accounts Receivable manages all the receivables due from customers efficiently. It allows instant access of the customers’ record of payments and all invoices raised. Accounts Payable allows tracking of all payments and advances made to a given Page 28
  • ebizframe Group General Ledger Ratio Reports Balance Sheet Cash Flow Current assets Current Assets/ Current Liabilities Top Supplier/ Customer Progress of Capital Expenditure Trading Account Profit & Loss Account Consolidated Reports General Ledger Trial Balance General Period Wise Profit and Loss Statement supplier, at any point of time. Balance Sheet Fiscal Year Consolidation Trial Balance Profit & Loss Account Balance Sheet © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 29
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e HR & Pay rollll eb zf ram e HR & Pay ro List of Options DEFINITIONS AND LISTINGS HR and Payroll Parameters Salary Components Statutory Parameters Shift Master Leave Attendance Master Financial Year Payroll Calendar Public Holiday Income Tax Master Investment Master Loan Budget Master Professional Tax Compensatory Off Parameters Department Sub Department Master Bus Master Zone Location Route Master HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Manpower Planning Recruitment Advertisement details Consultant details Data Bank Creation of data bank Evaluation of data bank Designation Combination Interview action Plan Pre Interview action plan Post Interview action plan Extension of Appointment advice Cancellation of Appointment advice Appointment Letter Direct Recruitment Training Institute Details Program Details Training Program Master Training Plan Training Execution Reports Manpower Requirement Advertisement response Analysis Interview Scheduled Employees Joining Training Analysis PERSONNEL Personnel Administration Employee Details Leave Entitlement Loan Advance Pre loan/Advance activity Post loan/Advance activity Employee PFI ESI Details Induction Induction Program © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Ebizframe HR and Payroll has been divided into various areas: • HRD (Human Resource Development) • Personnel • Organization • ARS (Attendance Recording System) • Payroll • Income tax Human Resource Development The most valuable assets of any organization are its employees. Ebizframe HR and Payroll helps an organization to select suitable employees. Manpower requirement is defined for a particular year, period, zone, department, skill, designation, grade and qualification. Recruitment takes place through advertisements or consultants. The data of candidates is stored in data bank for future reference. Interviews are scheduled and the short-listed candidates are sent interview call letters. Once the interviews are conducted, selected candidates get an Appointment Letter on the basis of an Appointment Advice. It is also possible to extend or cancel the appointment advice. Direct recruitment of candidates, without conducting interviews can also be done. In such cases an Offer Letter is generated. The induction program enables a candidate to undergo essential training that is arranged by the organization. Training Program is conducted for employees of the organization. Details of various institutes where employees of the company are sent for training are maintained. The program details are also recorded. Personnel Personnel option takes care of activities related to existing employees of the organization, starting from Personnel Administration, Probationer’s Evaluation, transfer, and appraisal to employee’s separation. A record of temporary staff and contractors is also maintained. Personnel administration keeps a track of personal details, leave entitlements, Loan/advance details, PF and ESI details of all the employees. Leave entitlements for each leave type with respect to every employee can be tracked. Based on these entitlements leaves are given to the employees. Loan activity involves two phases : * Pre-loan activity * Post-loan activity These activities keep a track of loan sanctioned, interest amount and deductions; in order to compute the salary. Probationer’s Evaluation records the performance and recommendation of probationers. Appraisal of employees is based on their performance and rating. Personnel option also maintains the Promotion details, Increment Details, Separation details, Settlement details and Exit Interview details of all the employees. Organization This incorporates preparation of the structure of the Organization, reporting structure of employees of the Organization. The employee hierarchy can be viewed based on designation. Page 30
  • ebizframe Induction Checklisting Probationer’s Evaluation Separation Acceptance letter Settlement Details Exit Interview Details Employees Gratuity Employees Super-Annuation Transfer Appraisal Promotion Salary Increment Temporary Staff Contractor Reports Leave Status as on date Employee Address List Employees Personal information Employees Personal detailed Information Employees service Record Employees Leaving Manpower registry Employees Gratuity Organization Prepare Organization View Reporting Structure View Organization Organization Chart ATTENDANCE RECORDING SYSTEM Shift Employee Master Shift Roster Shift Roster Modification Employee Calendar Manual Attendance Full Attendance Upload Attendance Department Wise ACO Employee Wise ACO Leave Details Reports Absentees list Department wise absenteeism Absenteeism data for grade promotion. Daily Attendance Shift Roster Statutory Attendance Register each half wise Leave form – 16 Dept. wise Attendance Recording System This system captures attendance related details of the entire organization. The user can assign shifts to employees, and can generate shift roster and employee calendar. Additionally Shift Roster can be modified at the middle of the month. There is also provision for recording manual attendance and maintaining department-wise and employee-wise advanced compensatory offs. Leave details are also recorded. It is also possible to upload attendance from standard punch card machines. Payroll Ebizframe HR and Payroll allows execution of payroll efficiently and accurately with minimum data entry and calculation time. Payroll also takes care of the pay scales definition, salary processing, attendance-related arrears, bonus and Medical Reimbursement. Details of Income tax can be recorded. Pay slips, Pay Registers and standard PF and ESI returns can also be generated. Once the earnings, deductions and allowances for the entire organization have been defined in Definitions option, grade, designation and location-wise pay scales can be defined. Salary Processing of each month can be started once PrePayroll activity is completed. Pre-Payroll activity involves calculation of final attendance for a month. Salary is computed on the basis of final attendance for a month. Salary Processing also covers arrears detail and loan information and other deductions. Salary processing is done for a particular month, year and category of employees. In case of an error in salary computation ebizframe HR and Payroll also gives the option of executing the Payroll process again. However the Payroll process cannot be re-executed once the salary has been posted. The posted salary is reflected in ebizframe finance. Income Tax Income Tax is a mandatory statutory requirement. At the same time, manual calculation of income tax is time consuming, ebizframe HR and Payroll helps you to calculate income tax of an employee by defining the following: • Salary components • Basic Salary components • Various perks offered grade-wise and employee-wise • CLA LTA details grade-wise and employee-wise • Employee investments • HRA details . PAYROLL Grade Wise Salary Structure Salary Component wise Gross Salary wise Designation Wise Salary Structure Location Wise Salary Structure Employee Wise Salary Structure Salary component wise Gross salary wise Grade Wise Loan Structure © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 31
  • ebizframe Overtime Allocation Gradewise Designationwise Departmentwise Employeewise OT Processing Arrears Arrears Day Calculation Pre Payroll Activity Final Attendance Register Summary Attendance Pre Salary Procedure Periodical Allowance Salary Processing Process Salary Post Salary Bonus details Full and Final Salary Processing Pre Salary Procedure Salary Procedure Leave Encashment Leave Encashment Parameters Employee’s Leave Encashment Medical Reimbursement Grade wise Medical Employee’s Medical Loan Employees Medical Claim Grade wise Bonus Processing REPORTS Salary Slip Salary Register Full & Final Full & Final Register Full & Final Statement ESI Challan Monthly Gratuity Statement PF Challan EPS Reports EPS 5 EPS 6 EPS 7 EPS 8 Extra Work Extra Work Daywise Extra Work Statement Extra Time hours other than Sunday Working Loan Statement Monthly Loan Statement List of guarantees List of guarantors Loan Statement Employee Loan Checklist Loan Category wise Employee Loan Checklist Category Wise Employee Loan Checklist Category loan wise Label Printing Gratuity Superannuation PF Reports © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 32
  • ebizframe Monthly PF Form 6A Form 5 Form 3A Form 9 Form 10 Form 12 A Form 2 ESI Reports Monthly ESI Form 6 Form 7 Grand Salary Summary Category Wise Gradewise Payment Statements IncomeTax Reports Income Tax Register Tax Computation Reports Form 16 Form 24 Bonus Reports Bonus Register Bonus List MIS At a Glance profile Temporary Staff Listing Settlement cases Employees Birthday list Wedding Anniversaries Employees due to retire Company Anniversary Experience, Qualification, Skill Analysis Manpower Category wise Employee Type Wise Grade Wise Man Power Summary Man Power List Total Working Hours Employee List ( for medical purposes) Transport Details Planner INCOME TAX Definition Basic Salary Perk Company Lease Accommodation LTA Year Block Carry Forward HRA Perk Gradewise Employeewise LTA Gradewise Employeewise Investment Employeewise TDS © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 33
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Cos tiing eb zf ram e Cos t ng List of Options DEFINITIONS AND LISTINGS Cost Center Project Group & Line Rates Description Man-hour/ Overhead Rates Formulae Category and Sub-Category TRANSACTIONS Allocation of Expenses Budget/ Forecast Analysis Project Forecast REPORTS Project Forecast Detailed Summary Multi-Domestic Report Monthly Reports (YTD) Order Sale Orders Received Orders Received Contribution Margin Department Wise Consolidation of Projects Ebizframe Costing aims at systematic analysis and estimation of expenses to ascertain the unallocated costs associated with a project in an organization. Information regarding cost would enable the management to know where to economize on costs, how to fix prices and how to maximize profits. Ebizframe Costing is integrated with Ebizframe Finance. In Ebizframe Costing, various cost centers are defined, for which project-wise direct allocation of expenses is done in Ebizframe Finance. Allocation of expenses can be done as follows: • Direct allocation of expenses: In Ebizframe Finance, expenses are allocated to various projects under different departments/cost centers at the time of voucher entry. • Indirect allocation of expenses: In Ebizframe Costing, expenses are allocated to various projects through a cost center as an amount or as percentage of the actual cost or on the basis of a formula. Ebizframe Costing provides the flexibility of user-defined reports. In Ebizframe Costing, a cost sheet is defined which is composed of Groups and Lines. The groups and accounts defined in Ebizframe Finance are assigned to the groups and lines defined in Ebizframe Costing. These Groups and Lines are used to specify the criteria for generation of reports in Ebizframe Costing. Ebizframe Costing allows an organization to define its own man-hour rates. Various formulae can be defined for costing based on these man-hour rates. Ebizframe Costing compares the budgeted cost for a particular project with the forecasted cost and also with the actual cost (allocated directly during voucher entry in Ebizframe Finance). Forecasting can be done either monthly or annually. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 34
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Sh ar es eb zf ram e Sh ar es List of Options DEFINITIONS Company State Stock Exchange Public Issue Member Member Status Member Master Update Member Master Update Cease Data Share Lock Signature Scan Declarations Bonus Share Dividend Rights Issue TDS Entry Book Closing Date Meetings Share Transfer AGM Other Parameters TRANSACTIONS Correspondence Receive Update Letter Reports Periodic Correspondence Reports Pending Correspondence Reports Postal Expenditure Letter Printing Ebizframe Shares handles all transactions of a company related to shares. Ebizframe Shares maintains personal, bank and certificate details of all shareholders (members). New members are also added either when the shares are transferred or the company brings out a new public issue. Ebizframe Shares maintains all correspondence received from members. On receiving any correspondence, it updates the correspondence and generates a response letter. Market price of shares on any day in various stock exchanges is tracked. Ebizframe Shares also handles transfer, split and consolidation of shares. Shares can be transferred to an existing member or a new member. Issuing of duplicate shares, transmission and forfeit cases are also handled. If the company decides to declare dividends against the share, then Ebizframe Shares calculates the dividend amount based on pre-defined interest rates and time periods. Ebizframe Shares captures the details of bonus shares, dividends and rights issue that the company may declare. Details of attendance of Annual General Meetings and meetings for share transfer are also recorded. Signature Scan is an important feature through which the scanned signature of each member can be stored along with the other details. In all transactions with the member, the signature is checked against the previously stored signature. Ebizframe Shares also prints share certificates, endorsement slips, dividend warrants, mailing labels and signature cards. Share Market Price Transfer Transfer Request Entry Transfer Execution Stop Transfer Transfer Date Change Release Transfer Summary Split Transmission Consolidation Duplicate Share Call Money Rights Issue AGM Attendance Forfeit Share Reports Bonus Share Allotment Consolidated Share Report Duplicate Share Report Call Money Ledger Rights Issue Allotment Split Share Report Transmitted Share © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 35
  • ebizframe Forfeited Share Report Stop Transfer Report Release Transfer Report Transfer Register Attendance Register Proxy Register Dividend Tax Exemption Entry Stop Dividend Warrants Dividend Calculation Reports Dividend Distribution Distribution Schedule Dividend Statements (Folio wise) For Fully Paid For Partly Paid Dividend Statements (City wise) For Fully Paid For Partly Paid Income Tax Exemption Secretarial Print Share Certificate Endorsement slip Back Front Dividend Warrant Mailing Labels Folio Wise City Wise Signature card Blank Signature card REPORTS AND MIS Fully Paid Shareholders Partly Paid Shareholders Present Shareholders Past Shareholders Categorized Shareholders Members’ Register Summary Shares Status Detail Folio wise Name wise Member Ledger Missing Detail List Missing Pincode List Missing State List Missing Bank Detail List Shareholders For A City City wise Shareholding Holders Between Range Daily Quotation List Top Shareholders Number wise Position wise Distribution Scheme Annual Return Note Shares Held At AGM Transfers After AGM Equity Share Capital Breakup © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 36
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Fiixed A sse ts eb zf ram e F xed A sse ts List of Options DEFINITIONS & LISTINGS Asset Types Opening Balances Setup Assets Company TRANSACTIONS Processing Asset depreciation Company Law Income Tax Asset Transaction REPORTS Asset Register Asset Value Depreciation Asset Depreciation Company Law Income Tax Accumulated Depreciation Assets are a large investment for any organization. Ebizframe Fixed Assets aims to assist an organization in keeping a track of its fixed assets. Ebizframe Fixed Assets efficiently determines the current value of all existing assets of an organization. It is possible to access immediate information relating to any asset. Ebizframe Fixed assets is linked with : • Ebizframe Inventory as the asset details of the items is stored in the item master. • Ebizframe Finance, fixed assets are defined as a schedule. The depreciation value is calculated taking into account the various overheads. Various types of assets can be defined as per user requirements, e.g., Plant, Machinery, Land, Building, etc. Depreciation percentage is user-defined as per the Company Law and Income Tax requirements. Depreciation can be calculated as often as necessary. Two flexible methods for calculating depreciation as per the Company Law are as follows: 1. 2. Straight Line Method (SLM) Written Down Value method (WDV) The depreciation percentage for a particular asset is userdefined and can vary according to the extent of utilization. Fixed Assets also keeps track of increase and decrease in the value of various fixed assets as a result of buying new assets and selling or scrapping of assets. Accumulated Depreciation is an important feature of Ebizframe Fixed Assets. It reflects information regarding depreciation of a fixed asset over a time period. It is also possible to view depreciation according to Company Law and Income Tax requirements. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 37
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Custo me r Ca re eb zf ram e Custo me r Ca re List Of Options DEFINITIONS and LISTINGS Engineering Training Master Other Parameters TRANSACTIONS Internal Work Order I & C Request I & C Execution Customer Complaint Request Customer Complaint Response Customer Complaint Assignment Field Service Visit Work Order Scheduling Work Order Execution Invoice Generation Annual Maintenance Contract REPORTS Complaint Request CCR Report Customer Complaint Act. form Complaint Register Period Wise Offsite/onsite requests Number Wise Offsite/onsite requests Complaint Assignment Engineer Wise Product Wise Period Wise Number Wise Complaint Schedule Period Wise Number Wise Work Order Scheduling Period Wise Number Wise Work Order Period Wise Number Wise Average Resolution time Customer Complaint Response Challan Work Order Execution Period Wise Number Wise Visit Details Engineer Wise Customer Wise Period Wise Number Wise Field Service Report I&C I & C Request Form Summary Detail AMC AMC Form © Eastern Software Systems Ltd The responsibility of the organization does not end with the sale of a product. Installation and Maintenance of the product is required in many cases. Ebizframe Customer Care enables streamlining of these activities. Ebizframe Customer Care integrates with the following modules: • Ebizframe Sales from where it gets information about the customers and sales order of the company. • Ebizframe Inventory from where it gets the spares issued for maintenance. • Ebizframe HR and Payroll for getting the information regarding the service engineers in each department. • Ebizframe Finance as the invoices generated in Ebizframe Customer Care are used to update the various account heads. After receipt of a sales order, sales department assigns a unique Internal Work Order Number to each installable item in the order. This internal work order number becomes the basis for initiating the installation and commissioning activity. Sales department prepares an Installation and Commissioning request and sends it to the Customer Care department. The request indicates whether a site survey is required before installing the system. Execution of Installation and Commissioning request records the completion of Installation and Commissioning activity. Warranty Period starts with the completion of this activity. Ebizframe Customer Care also keeps a record of warranty and or annual maintenance contract (AMC) of customers. Whenever a customer complaint request is received it is registered against warranty or annual maintenance contract (AMC); otherwise service is provided on a billable basis. In all those cases where the sticker pasted on the back of the item under warranty or AMC is tampered with or torn, the customer is billed. Customer Complaint Acknowledgement Form becomes due after 48 hours of the complaint being received. Ebizframe Customer Care tracks whether the Acknowledgement Form is generated within this period or not. The service engineers are trained in particular items. Whenever a customer complaint request is received, then a customer support engineer is selected depending on the item for which the complaint has been lodged. Ebizframe Customer Care keeps track of total visits made by an engineer to a customer site and details of these visits can be viewed at any point of time. Whenever the number of visits exceeds the contracted number of visits (permitted as per warranty/AMC), the visits become billable. Also, the user can enter details of spares replaced during visits. If the complaint is not closed at the customer’s place and there is need of repairs at shop floor or workshop then the defective part or item is brought to the workshop for repairs. Work order is raised at this point. Scheduled date, by which the repair work starts, can be specified. After the repair is over the work order is closed internally. Once the repaired part has been delivered to Page 38
  • ebizframe Call Attended Call Pending Renewal Work done in duration Customer wise Customer complaint closure challan Invoice Printing Spare Status Report © Eastern Software Systems Ltd the customer the complaint is closed and work order is said to be externally closed. Ebizframe Customer Care provides invoice generation also. An invoice can be generated for: • Billable visits against a particular complaint number. • Billable spares replaced during the visits. • Complaints for which tampered status was true. • Complaints that were not under warranty or AMC. Page 39
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Sy ste m A dmiiniistr atiion eb zf ram e Sy ste m A dm n str at on List of Options Definitions Company Master Language Master Security Change Password Users Roles Reports Users Listing Modules Listing Roles Listing Menus Listing Users Listing The Supervisor/Administrator can create as may Users and Roles as desired. The roles can be defined specifically according to requirements by enabling the required modules and their respective menu options and disabling the rest. This restricts a user from using any option for which he doesn’t have the privilege. A single role can be assigned to any number of users. Moreover, a single user can be assigned a different role for each branch to which he is given access. The Head Office Administrator can change the password for users at any time. Once a user logs with the username and password assigned to him the user name is imprinted on all the transactions posted by him in finance as well as in other modules. Since ebizframe supports printing of amount in words in different languages, this can be defined in ebizframe system administration. Ebizframe System Administration keeps and company creates branches and defines users and roles giving access rights to different modules and menu options in these branches. © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 40
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Executiiv e Inf or matiion Sy st em eb zf ram e Execut v e Inf or mat on Sy st em List of Options Sales Purchase Inventory Finance HR & Payroll © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Ebizframe EIS gives critical management level information related to different departments like sales, purchase, inventory finance and HR & Payroll as any date. Important sales related information like region wise orders and order values for the day, week and month. Also the info about top 5 customers and top 5 moving products is available. Similarly for Purchase, the no. of orders and the order value for the day, week and month and the value of purchases for the month and year can be seen. The info about the top 5 suppliers is also available. The EIS for inventory gives the total stock value, consumption and despatch details and info about top 5 fast moving and top 5 slow moving items. Info about the actual and projected cash inflow and outflow for the day, week or month is available in EIS-Finance. Also available here is info about total revenue and expenses and the top 5 cash and bank balance accounts and top 5 outstanding customers and suppliers. EIS-HR & Payroll gives the info related to HR & salary of the employees. The total number of employees, new joinees, retention in the month can be seen here. The actual and budgeted amount for salary can be compared. Also the birthdays and anniversaries of employees with current month can be seen here. Page 41
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Productiion eb zf ram e Product on List of Options DEFINITIONS & LISTINGS Machine master Shift master Machine wise shift master Production Calendar master Reasons master TRANSACTIONS Job Card Quality control Document Line rejection note Material return note(MRN) Ebizframe Production helps in recording the details of various production processes. Ebizframe Production is linked with : • Ebizframe Production planning as the production works on the basis of daily plan / monthly production schedule of production. The job card is issued for the process where goods are produced machine wise. •Ebizframe Inventory as the inventory handles all the transactions regarding raw material i.e. the issue and return of raw material. Production department delivers the semi finished and finished goods to inventory. REPORTS Periodic Reports Periodic Material Requirement Period wise Process wise production Periodic Material return report Periodic Line rejection report Period wise consumption Ebizframe Production keeps a track of the machine specifications that are used in the production process like machine capacity, machine efficiency, etc. Shift master records the working hours of every machine and production calendar reflects the working schedule of machines. The Production department can also record machine down time reason. Daily Reports Daily Production Daily Consumption Daily downtime report Issuing Job Card for the production of an item triggers off Ebizframe Production. The Job Card stores the actual quantity produced against the planned quantity. After the production, a quality check is done and its information is stored by specifying the rejected, reworkable and accepted quantities. Monthly Reports Monthly Cumulative Production Monthly down time report and efficiency Work in Process Job Card Pending Completed Next processes After a Shift Offline Reports Ebizframe Production allows the monitoring of the rejected materials also. A Line Rejection Note (LRN) is issued in case raw material is rejected or requires rework. Excess material is returned to Inventory by generating a Material Return Note. Ebizframe Production also enables the Consumption Production and Downtime analysis. View Report Delete Report User Area © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 42
  • ebizframe ebiizf ram e Productiion Pllanniing eb zf ram e Product on P ann ng List Of Options DEFINITIONS & LISTING Process Master Bill Of Material Overhead definition TRANSACTIONS Material Requirement plan Monthly Production Schedule(MPS) Finalize MPS Revoke MPS Daily Plans REPORTS Daily Process report Monthly Production Schedule Process wise Variance Raw Material Consumption Analysis Machine Utilization Analysis Process-wise machines Offline Reports View Report Delete Report User Area Ebizframe Production Planning helps an organization to plan out production with optimum utilization of all the available resources like raw material, workforce, electricity, machines, etc. Planning also occurs on the basis of lead-time and cost factor. Ebizframe Production Planning is linked with : • Ebizframe Sales: The sales department gives the production advice every month to the production-planning department and scheduling of orders takes place. • Ebizframe Inventory: For getting details about inputs like their availability time for processing. • Ebizframe Purchase: For generation of process requisitions for sub contracting and purchase requisitions. • Ebizframe Production: It picks up machine related information from here for its processes. The details of shifts and production calendar for the machines is also available in ebizframe production. Ebizframe Production Planning process is a conversion function where inputs are transformed to outputs and byproducts. Inputs include raw material and semi-finished goods whereas outputs may be either semi-finished or finished products; their combination leads to a finished product. Process can be of two types: • In-house process where production can take place at the production floor of the organization. • Outside process where the material is sent out of the factory to the sub-contractors. Bill of Material (BOM) is defined for each product. It contains processes involved in Production cycle of the products along with inputs, outputs, by-products and overheads. Production cost of an item can be calculated by direct and indirect costs. Direct cost defines the quantity and value of raw material required for the production of each item. For indirect cost overhead charges like electricity, labor etc., can be defined. On the basis of the Production Advice that is prepared by the sales department and which is based on the sale orders, Material Requirement Plan (MRP) is generated. In MRP, feasible quantity is calculated against the advised quantity for production, taking into account various factors like machine capacity, efficiency, production calendar, shift details, BOM, Raw material availability, lead time, etc. Production priority can also be defined if production advice contains more than one product. On the basis of the MRP a Monthly Production Schedule (MPS) is generated. MPS displays a machine allocation chart for the month indicating the allocated and unallocated days for the working of the machine and also the non-working days. MPS also gives the shift-wise Job Card for any day of the month on any machine. After the finalization of MPS, raw material is automatically reserved in the stores for the process. A purchase requisition is generated for the purchase department in case of inadequate stock. Also © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 43
  • ebizframe process requisitions are generated where subcontracting is required. In case the MPS is not finalized then it is revoked and a fresh Production Advice is prepared and the whole cycle runs again. Daily Plan can be generated for any product on the basis of machine, shift and day. Analysis on account utilisation and raw material consumption can be done. ebiizf ram e Equiipmen t M aiintenanc e eb zf ram e Equ pmen t M a ntenanc e List of Options DEFINITIONS & LISTINGS Service providers Other parameters Service provider service relation Contract details Preventive Maintenance Schedule TRANSACTIONS Maintenance requisition RFQ Service provider quotation Job order Adhoc job order Job order execution Service Provider Preventive Maintenance Maintenance schedule Maintenance bill REPORTS Job orders Pending Completed Canceled Job execution details Maintenance type wise specific Service provider Service provider wise maintenance type Outstanding RFQ’s Expected services Period wise Resource wise Service provider wise Service provider quotation Group wise maintenance type wise service provider Maintenance History Machine Group Stock Issue Register Ebizframe Equipment Maintenance helps an organization to maintain its fixed assets defined in Ebizframe Inventory. Equipment Maintenance keeps a track of the warranty activities, claims, equipment utilization, maintenance schedules, breakdown maintenance and maintenance bills. Ebizframe Equipment maintenance is linked with: • Ebizframe Inventory: The serialization of fixed assets and the requisition of spare parts along with the gate pass specifications is maintained here. •Ebizframe Finance module: An account of service providers is maintained here. Journal voucher entries related to maintenance bills are also maintained here. In Ebizframe Equipment Maintenance, various services and service providers are defined. The service cycle is triggered off with a Maintenance Requisition from any department. Sending Request For Quotations (RFQ) to the service providers follows this. In response, service providers send their quotations, and based on these quotations, a service provider is selected. Job Orders are generated for selected service providers. In case of an immediate requirement, an Adhoc Job Order is generated. In this case the service providers are directly given the Job Order, with the elimination of procedure for inviting quotations (RFQ). After the generation of Job Order, Job Order Execution takes place, keeping the maintenance priorities in mind. Maintenance Schedule keeps a track of asset’s maintenance details, maintenance type, last date of maintenance and scheduled date of maintenance. Maintenance Bills are generated for the job orders. MIS Job order status Summary Detail Requisition status Requisitions not converted into job orders © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 44
  • ebizframe Asset maintenance schedule Service provider analysis Rate analysis Service days Analysis Proj. Preventive Maintenance Schedule Consolidated Reports Asset Maintenance Schedule Stock Issue Register © Eastern Software Systems Ltd Page 45