See How Human Media and Web Real-Time Communication Will Change SEO


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Human Media and WebRTC will be components of SEO and Web 3.0 because they allow real-time face-to-face communication over the Internet. All you need is a Web browser to see how to use them.

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See How Human Media and Web Real-Time Communication Will Change SEO

  1. 1. Human Media & Web Real-Time Communication See how the two will change SEO
  2. 2. Steve Jobs Some people say, “Give the customers what they want.” But that‟s not my approach. Our job is to figure out what they‟re going to want before they do. I think Henry Ford once said, “If I‟d asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, „A faster horse!‟” People don‟t know what they want until you show it to them. That‟s why I never rely on market research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.* *Disclaimer: Yes, I know I’m another SEO quoting Steve Jobs. I beg you to read on after you finish rolling your eyes and groaning.
  3. 3. Human Media & Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) • They’re live & alive – “Potentially, WebRTC and HTML5 could enable the same transformation for real time that the original browser did for information.” - Phil Edholm • How long should it take to make a first impression? – The faster we come to a lead, the faster they can walk into a home. • Both hasten communication between customers & us and results for both – Helps SEO and the whole company.
  4. 4. #Human Media • New social media layer – Will change the landscape of human interaction. – Both offline & online. • Allows users to interact face-to-face in real time • Opens the eyes of social media
  5. 5. Veterans Virtual Tours Veterans Virtual Tours to See Memorials via Google+ Hangouts
  6. 6. VA Loan Live - Live every Thursday at Noon VA Loan Live - VA Loan Q&A with Casey Martin
  7. 7. Google Plus & SEO Hangout Google Plus and SEO Hangout with Sarah Hill, Matt Polsky & Kaye Putnam
  8. 8. #Web Real-Time Communication • Not too sci-fi • Like Skype, FaceTime&Hangouts – Except no one owns it. – Only need browser & webcam. • Please watch WebRTC Demo from FireFox&Chrome
  9. 9. See-commerce • Can you see me now? • People want to see & hear whom they’re talking with • Be face-to-face with leads before brick-and-mortar lenders • A blink of an eye is faster than a click of a button
  10. 10. Current Situation • VA loan process – Internet, phones, fax machines, snail mail. – A singing telegram for the seventh caller. • Efficient but can lead to delays in process
  11. 11. Telegram includes a full baritone
  12. 12. Future Solution • Loan process through Human media & WebRTC – Relevance through speed For The Win. • Invites us to homes faster than other marketing arms. • People remember your face better than your avatar. • Face-to-face communication quells truculence. – Unburdens wounded veterans who can’t type. – Saves time with e-signatures, e-documents & e-wallets.
  13. 13. SE(E)O • Human media & WebRTC are organic – Hear & see what they’re wanting, not what they want. • Improves & enhances relevancy, thus content & context. • Relevancy – What’s more relevant than what’s happening right now? – We can be relevant whenever customers need us. • Can bring higher conversions. – Google &YouTube are the most used search engines. • Only two using human media & WebRTC.
  14. 14. SE(E)O • Listening is a two-way street – We’re increasing interaction & engagement between both of us. • More relevant questions & answers. • More thanks yous & you’re welcomes. • Answer’s right in front of their faces – No need to scroll. – No need to wait.
  15. 15. SE(E)O • Sustainable content creation – Talking with us can grow evergreen content through multiple channels. – Richer details in categories. – Can recap big topics or forecast upcoming ones. • Faster link building – Faster information can lead to better content for most relevant outlet. – Builds higher authority for us.
  16. 16. Content Creation • Human media & WebRTC – Most organic outlets because content can grow without stopping. • Call centers open 24/7; Internet marketing team isn’t. – Only outlets offering to add words on site in real time. – Not new because we picked keywords before through text. – Now a way to put spoken keywords on pages.
  17. 17. Content Creation • Human media & WebRTC – Only outlets nuanced to each & every lead. • Give content when needed, bringing higher conversions. – Builds and strengthens more outlets than before. – Helps tend & prune content & relationships, 24/7.
  18. 18. Link Building • Great content > more content – Great content brings better relationships. – Stays current with text, link & social signals with Google Hummingbird. • Face-to-face link building – Hard to measure in conversion funnel. • Still a vital KPI. • Staying power – Can be with customers as we lead them to new home.
  19. 19. Home Bringing Process
  20. 20. Home Bringing Process • Bring the home loan process to them – Netflix brings movies to homes. – How can we bring homes to homes? • Stay with them from start to finish – From top to bottom in the conversion funnel. • We’re bridging the gap between their service & the home they’re protecting without the guarantee of returning to it
  21. 21. Military Communication • Technological evolution and speed – Military helped launch the Internet. – GI Bill, Interstate & VA loan got veterans into homes faster. – Human media & WebRTC. • Use the technology they gave us. – We have since veterans returned from World War II.
  22. 22. Military Communication • Speed & efficiency – Can lead to higher trust & excitement. – Can lead more veterans into homes. • Be with them from 5,000 miles away to housewarming • Veterans should be last group to wait to move into home
  23. 23. Conversions = Holy Grail • Human media & WebRTC can help bring higher conversions – Relevancy & efficiency can decrease expenses per loan. • We can offer lower rates. – Lower rates bring better options for borrowers. • Can increase conversions. • Higher conversions mean we can help more borrowers into loans
  24. 24. Conversions = Holy Grail • Bringing higher conversions improves our advantages • Increases competition for leads – Allows us to pay more for initial exposure in nearly every marketing channel. • Essential for SEO, marketing team & Veteran United’s success
  25. 25. Concerns • Technical – May lack resources & capabilities for everyone. • Our computer monitors aren’t equipped with webcams. • Human media & WebRTC for 1,400 employees is a large amount. • Could be worth it for a few employees to try first. • Each individual process may not need them
  26. 26. Concerns • Potential for more spam leads – If lead is further down conversion funnel, human media & WebRTC could lower spam leads. – Competition may use human media & WebRTC more than us so their spam leads come to us. • Spammers know they could stay anonymous with us. • Please let me know of other concerns
  27. 27. Seeing Veteran United’s Future • Fast eat the Slow, not the Big eat the Small – Faster than the Rich getting richer. – Out of business if we used tactics from 2005. • Could be if we use today’s tactics in 2021. – Competition, leads & closings are in real time. • Keep seeing success in real time • Human media & WebRTC helps our task of showing our benefit that’s not yet on the page to our customers.
  28. 28. Resources 1. Sarah Hill, The Birth Of Human Media 2. Sarah Hill, Matt Polsky & Kaye Putnam, Google Plus and SEO Hangout 3. Sam Dutton, Getting Started With WebRTC 4. The WebRTC Opportunity 5. How Can WebRTC Simplify Communications for the Enterprise?
  29. 29. Thank you!