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How to do better than just save for retirement; a simple introduction to trading using ETFs and simple moving average lines

How to do better than just save for retirement; a simple introduction to trading using ETFs and simple moving average lines

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  • 1. Simple strategies. Better returns.By John Verbruggehttp://www.tradertechtalk.comThe risk of trading futures, forex, stocks and options can be substantial. Each investor must consider whether this is a suitableinvestment. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
  • 2. 401kSavingsMutual FundsStocks ?
  • 3. Keep doing whatyou’re doing, and…
  • 4. Use the markets forbetter returns
  • 5. Investing and trading isso much more thansaving for retirement
  • 6. Investing or tradingcan be an incomesource
  • 7. In the markets,risk can bemanaged
  • 8. Educationand practiceare the key
  • 9. Mistake #1Trading before learning
  • 10. Mistake #2Trading with realmoney beforepracticing
  • 11. Mistake #3Trying to “pick the rightstock”
  • 12. Mistake #4“Buy and hold” until youget old
  • 13. Mistake #5Fear and otheremotions
  • 14. Mistake #6Not understanding risk
  • 15. A look at ExchangeTraded Funds (ETFs)
  • 16. How to read a chart
  • 17. How to read a chart
  • 18. The moving average
  • 19. The 200 day movingaverage gives us abenchmark
  • 20. A simple strategy that worksBuy when the price goesabove the 200 day movingaverage
  • 21. A simple strategy that worksSell when the price goesbelow the 200 day movingaverage
  • 22. And practice beforeusing real money
  • 23. How and where topractice ThinkOrSwim.com InteractiveBrokers.com Most brokerages
  • 24. A trading course to getyou startedwww.jennifer.bz
  • 25. Manage risk:A stop gets you out at asmall loss
  • 26. Take the emotion out
  • 27. Use an automatedsystem
  • 28. An automated systemalerts you when yourETF moves above orbelow the 200 daymoving average
  • 29. Our trading systemdevelopment blog:Blog.tradertechtalk.com
  • 30. Education and practice are keyEducation by books, blogs, coursesPractice on a demo accountLearn to read the chartsLearn simple strategiesUse an automated system to removeemotionhttp://www.tradertechtalk.com