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Advanced SEO Workshop, OMS 2012 Santa Clara
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Advanced SEO Workshop, OMS 2012 Santa Clara


Advanced search engine optimization stratgies to improve your search engine rankings and drive well qualified traffic to your website. Presented by John Thyfault, VP of Search Engine and Social Media …

Advanced search engine optimization stratgies to improve your search engine rankings and drive well qualified traffic to your website. Presented by John Thyfault, VP of Search Engine and Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct Marketing

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  • 1. Advanced SEO Workshop Keeping Up With The Engines #OMS-AdvSEO John ThyfaultVice President, Search & Social Media Marketing Beasley Direct Marketing, Inc. Twitter: @JohnThyfaultSilicon Valley Convention Center | Room F 1
  • 2. Workshop Agenda• State Of Modern SEO • Panda and Penguin - Cuddly animals gone bad!• Domain Management• Advanced Information Architecture and Technology Optimization• Advanced Onsite Content Optimization• Advanced Offsite Factors Including Link Building & Maintenance• SEO & Social Media 2
  • 3. About Beasley Direct MarketingBeasley Direct Marketing, Inc. provides copywriting,design, programming, and consulting services for thefollowing direct marketing channels:• Search  (PPC  and  SEO) • Catalog/eCommerce• Email  Crea3ve,  Design,  Deliverability   • Brochure,  White  Paper,  and  Guide  copy   Audits,  and  Broadcast and  design• Direct  mail  (with  and  without  PURLs) • List  Building  and  CRM  Database  • Landing  Page  Design  (with  and  without   Management PURLs) • Telemarke3ng• Mobile • Transla3on  for  all  of  the  above• Video • Execu3ve  Dashboard  Tracking,  Repor3ng,  • Social   and  Lead  Assignment  • Website  Design   3
  • 4. It’s Not Your Father’s SEO! What  are  the  Panda  and  Penguin  updates   and  how  did  they  change  search  engine   op4miza4on? 4
  • 5. What Was Panda To You?A  major  change  to  the  Google  Algorithm  in  February,  2011  that  wrecked  havoc  on  the  SEO  world: Designed  to  lower  the  value  of  “thin/poor”  content  pages   and  sites  -­‐  site  wide  penalIes Leading  to  lower  traffic,  devalued  links,  less  site  revenue,  rains   of  fire,  cats  and  dogs  living  together.     Real  Old  Testament  Stuff! 5
  • 6. What Was Penguin To You?An  algorithm  update  on  April  24,  2012  that  aimed  to  clean  out  “over  opImized”  sites.    It  targeted  link  text  metrics  and  relevancy.Not  nearly  as  vicious  as  Panda,  but  sIll  reaped  havoc  across  the  SEO  world.   6
  • 7. Panda Changes• Designed to eliminate the value of content farms, duplicated content and paid links in the SERPs• Look at pages that have excessive ads, no links, lots of poor in-bound links and poorly written content• Looks at pages on site as a group and not individual pages. i.e. if page A has links from Page B and page B is low quality, page A gets dinged!• Looked at bounce rates/pogo sticking for sites• Released into the wild at roughly the same time Demand Media had their IPO 7
  • 8. Penguin Changes• Looked hard at relevancy of sites for in-bound links• In bound links are measured on both relevancy of the individual page content and the niche of the site• Penalized over optimized anchor text, exact match in anchor text across different sites killed results• Google is trying to stop the gaming of anchor text 8
  • 9. Panda Results• Large E-commerce retailer that had been successfully doing white hat SEO since 2001 • 15,000 product pages optimized 9
  • 10. Panda Fallout 10
  • 11. Panda Fallout 11
  • 12. Panda Fallout 12
  • 13. Penguin FalloutGoogle is moving from anchor text matching to niche/content relevancy for linking site as signal of primary linkrelevancy/quality 13
  • 14. Penguin Data - 60% of in bound linksMicrosite  Masters,  Penguin  Analysis:  SEO  Isn’t  Dead,  But  You  Need  To  Act  Smarter,  hRp://www.micrositemasters.com/blog/penguin-­‐analysis-­‐seo-­‐isnt-­‐dead-­‐but-­‐you-­‐need-­‐to-­‐act-­‐smarter-­‐and-­‐5-­‐easy-­‐ways-­‐to-­‐do-­‐so/ 14
  • 15. Penguin DataMicrosite  Masters,  Penguin  Analysis:  SEO  Isn’t  Dead,  But  You  Need  To  Act  Smarter,  hRp://www.micrositemasters.com/blog/penguin-­‐analysis-­‐seo-­‐isnt-­‐dead-­‐but-­‐you-­‐need-­‐to-­‐act-­‐smarter-­‐and-­‐5-­‐easy-­‐ways-­‐to-­‐do-­‐so/ 15
  • 16. Penguin DataMicrosite  Masters,  Penguin  Analysis:  SEO  Isn’t  Dead,  But  You  Need  To  Act  Smarter,  hRp://www.micrositemasters.com/blog/penguin-­‐analysis-­‐seo-­‐isnt-­‐dead-­‐but-­‐you-­‐need-­‐to-­‐act-­‐smarter-­‐and-­‐5-­‐easy-­‐ways-­‐to-­‐do-­‐so/ 16
  • 17. Penguin DataMicrosite  Masters,  Penguin  Analysis:  SEO  Isn’t  Dead,  But  You  Need  To  Act  Smarter,  hRp://www.micrositemasters.com/blog/penguin-­‐analysis-­‐seo-­‐isnt-­‐dead-­‐but-­‐you-­‐need-­‐to-­‐act-­‐smarter-­‐and-­‐5-­‐easy-­‐ways-­‐to-­‐do-­‐so/ 17
  • 18. Penguin DataMicrosite  Masters,  Penguin  Analysis:  SEO  Isn’t  Dead,  But  You  Need  To  Act  Smarter,  hRp://www.micrositemasters.com/blog/penguin-­‐analysis-­‐seo-­‐isnt-­‐dead-­‐but-­‐you-­‐need-­‐to-­‐act-­‐smarter-­‐and-­‐5-­‐easy-­‐ways-­‐to-­‐do-­‐so/ 18
  • 19. How To Deal With Changes In TheAlgorithm• Look at your basics with a critical eye –Domain, Information Architecture, Site Technology, internal site link structure, external link profiles and development, –Look at time on page (clicks of the back button) –Existing site content and offsite content distribution programs –Social signals/validation 19
  • 20. Review Your Domain• Age of the domain still matters• Do you have a keyword in your domain name?• .com is still the major TDL unless you can get a .edu or .gov• Once you burn your domain’s rep, it takes a long time to get back in the good graces of the engines• For new sites, can you buy a domain that fits above 20
  • 21. What’s Your Hood?• Can you host your own servers?• If not, are you on a shared server or on a virtual private server?• Are there bad players that are with your hosting company?• Are you taking advantage of load balancing and remote caching? – Google likes fast loading pages! 21
  • 22. Information Architecture• Have a well organized site with pages and topics that relate to each being grouped together on the site• Have this order support the menus and in text links• Use logical keyword rich names for directories and files• KEEP IT CONSISTENT!! 22
  • 23. Internal Linking• Be consistent with how you create internal links –Both at user visible and source code level• Focus internal link traffic to top pages on site –Make sure these top pages have great user value• Keep the generic words out of internal links, “Support,” “More”, “Click Here”, etc. 23
  • 24. Content Is King• If your content is currently more focused on keywords and less focused on good writing• Have topics that support one another within your site, link the most similar topics directly and the dis-similar topics through others• Make the content on your pages actionable, ask the user to complete your site goals• If your site is poorly written, it does not matter where the keywords are 24
  • 25. Content Is King• Be specific and then be more specific• Make your headlines for the web and not for print – Drunk gets nine years in violin case – Drunken man gets a nine years sentence in stolen violin case• Create pages that are easy to read and skim – Bulleted and numbered lists are a wonderful thing – A ordered list draws crawler attention to the content with HTML• If your pages are low quality, kill them or move them to another domain 25
  • 26. Query Freshness Google looks at the query volume around phrases and will change your ranking based on how fresh the query is 26
  • 27. Page Level Metrics• Time on page, less than 15 seconds is bad (if they go back to Google)• Number of pages visited on your site, deep user exploration as measured by Google toolbar and Google sign-in• How many of your visitors are first time users?• Exit rate and bounce rate – Do people find the answer and exit or do they go back to Google for another site 27
  • 28. Links To Your Site• Make it easy for partners, customers and colleagues to link to your site. Provide varied anchor text and targets• Add links with varied, quality anchor text to any outbound communication – Apply good SEO techniques to the following outbound communications • Blogs • Tweets • Facebook/LinkedIn • Press Releases 28
  • 29. New Links• Create compelling content that has value over and above SEO• Social links can be broken into two sets, both important – Primary – original – Secondary – re-tweets, shares, likes• Google & Bing are giving increasing prominence to social signals• Pay attention to the niche that the target site is in• Authority of social signals • Domain authority • Author authority 29
  • 30. New Links• Look for new links that do not come from the same IP C- block• Look at Domain level authority when hunting for new links• Look at hosts for incoming links and try to weed out bad actors 30
  • 31. Social Media How Does It Tie Into Search• Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other search engines have worked social media signals into their ranking algorithms• The signals are broken out into two categories –Volume and timeliness –Social reputation and influence• There is overlap between these categories• All search engines are paying attention to this communications channel –Sunday, January 8, 2012 - Tim Tebow sets new Twitter record after winning touchdown pass during wildcard game. 9,420 tweets per second 31
  • 32. Social Media How Does It Tie Into Search• Tuesday, January 10, 2012 – Google launches “Personal Results” - An initiative to tie user’s personal social networks into real-time search results – It is no surprise that Google+ dominates a most of the results initially. – Twitter complains that their results are not being featured prominently in the new Personal Results • Twitter had ended an deep crawl agreement with Google last summer – Twitter, Facebook and other social sites TOS prohibit deep crawling and indexing of their content – Facebook is keeping quiet right now on the whole thing 32
  • 33. Social Media How Does It Tie Into Search• Signals to watch – Share of voice – Sentiment – Awareness – Engagement – Influence – Volume 33
  • 34. Social Media How Does It Tie Into Search• Facebook postings, shares and likes• Tweets and re-tweets• Yelp reviews• Google+’s• YouTube votes• Structured curation sites such as Pinterest & Snip.it 34
  • 35. Social Media How Does It Tie Into Search• Social signals in search are measured at two levels – Author authority – Authority attributed to individual Tweeter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn profile – How much influence and reach does the individual have?• Domain authority – Very similar to individual but applies to whole domain and is more relevant to blogs and target pages in social media stream 35
  • 36. Forrester/Groundswell Social Ladder 30 36
  • 37. Social Media Who Do We Target?• Creators - roughly 1-2 % of universe• Critics - roughly 3-5 % of universe – Creators & Critics are your primary targets• Collectors - roughly 20% of universe – Collectors are a close secondary target• Joiners and Spectators - roughly 40% of universe – Don’t ignore them, they can make or break your campaign. They are the ones who ultimately use your product.• In-actives - roughly 20% of universe 37
  • 38. Taking Advantage Of Social’s InfluenceOn Search• Three things that you need to know to be successful – Who’s talking about your product, marketplace and the problems your product offers a solution to • Identify the Creators and Critics and where they are having their conversations – How are they talking about it? What is the language that they are using. • Not just keywords but the tone of voice in the conversation 38
  • 39. Taking Advantage Of Social’s InfluenceOn Search• Three things that you need to know to be successful (continued) – What is important to the Creators and Critics • Straight facts • Center of attention / ego boosting • Solving problems for others 39
  • 40. Taking Advantage Of Social’s Influence OnSearch• Understanding their language – Starts very similarly to a SEO/PPC research project • Good strong tools such as WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, AdWords Keyword Tool, SEOmoz, SpyFu.com, etc., can give you the guidance on keyword list development and potential • Start inputting your identified keywords into your 34 social tools from the last slide. You will start to discover new sites, blogs, postings and people to target 40
  • 41. Taking Advantage Of Social’s Influence OnSearch• Start a listening campaign – Look-back listening – Current listening – Always listen first before you start to participate 41
  • 42. Taking Advantage Of Social’s Influence OnSearch• Start sharing resources, content and ideas from a number of different sources • Target each conversation separately, different messages for different people• Start your own conversations once you’ve established some credibility • Blogs, Tweets, Facebook pages, etc. 42
  • 43. Taking Advantage Of Social’s InfluenceOn Search• Start creating unique content to share • Increase your individual and domain authority• Assign someone within your organization to be the social champion• Lay out acceptable rules and guidelines for what can and can not be shared 43
  • 44. Taking Advantage Of Social’s Influence OnSearch• Make your contributions INTERESTING! – Short, snappy headlines that promise info but don’t tell the whole story • “Top 5 ways to drive social traffic” • “The 8 most embarrassing moments in baseball” – You’ve done the keyword research, now use them in any and all postings • Headlines • Body Text – Always include a link to your site/blog/product/profile in any and all postings – Find the critics and try to be the first to share/re-tweet/post their content. They will notice you and do the same for you 44
  • 45. Things To Remember With Search & Social• Search engines are using social media signals in every ranking algorithm• Social signals are surpassing other media as a primary and secondary source• Social media is a good traffic in and of itself• If your content isn’t interesting, compelling or unique the social world will ignore it 45
  • 46. Things To Remember With Search &Social• Use the language that the other participants in the social conversation use. You can very rarely impose your own language on top• It takes time and effort to create a good social campaign 46
  • 47. Conclusion• A lot of the advanced work you will do to roll with the algorithms comes down to doing detailed work on the basics. – GO THE EXTRA MILE – It won’t be fast but hunting the details down and dealing with issues that you let go earlier will pay off in the end 47
  • 48. Optimize Your Landing Pages With ThisGuide• Optimize your landing pages with this 10-page, hands-on guide offering tips on: – Design – Personalization – Offers – Usability h"p://www.BeasleyDirect.com/LandingPagesGuide.html 48
  • 49. Learn How to Optimize Your Emails Learn how to optimize your emails for delivery through spam filters and for consistency across email browsers in this handy guide. Learn how to: – Get your email around spam filters – Make your email look consistent across browsers – Optimize your design for blocked images and preview pane h"p://www.BeasleyDirect.com/Email_marke?ng/EmailAuditGuide.html 49
  • 50. New Guide onMultichannel MarketingHot off the press, this new guideoffers tips on how to save moneyand optimize effectiveness h"p://www.beasleydirect.com/mul?channel_marke?ng/mul?channelmarke?ngguide.html 50
  • 51. Thank You!!John Thyfaulthttp://www.beasleydirect.com/search_marketing.htmljthyfault@beasleydirect.com650-323-1881@JohnThyfault 51