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  1. 1. June’s Exodus (Part 2) Log By Junesong (Johnathan Bennington) Not registered with WGAw, or copyrighted in any way. Written with Celtx pre-production software.
  2. 2. INT. THE SUNDOWNER HOLDING CELLS - MID-MORNING Junesong is sitting in his cell. He’s just awoken from something that he still can’t determine if it was a dream or reality. The only light comes from dull orange glowing strips along the walls, and the crackling sound of laser-bars can be heard. JUNESONG (worried) Treven..? There’s no answer, but the sound of a body stirring causes his head to snap to the source. Can’t see much in the dim light of the reflector strips and laser bars. Calls out again. PRISONER 1 (irritated, groggy) He ain’t here kid. Hadn’t been here since a little after you conked out. JUNESONG (stammering) Wh... Where’d he go..? PRISONER 1 I dunno. We was all asleep, like you’s, but when we woke up, he wa’n’t there. Me and some of the fellas was talkin’, and we was thinkin’ he got took, like all dem others. Junesong’s face goes blank. CUT-IN:IMAGES OF HEAVILY ARMED GUARDS BEATING TREVEN AND DRAGGING HIM FROM HIS CELL, COMPLETE WITH AUDIO Unbased thoughts of what happened to his friend flash in his mind. Anger swells inside him, noticeably JUNESONG (to himself) Treven... I swear I’ll avenge you JUNESONG Hey. Stand back, and be ready to fight if I need you to. This ends now. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. PRISONER 1 What?! Is you crazy, kid? That guard’ll rips us a new one! JUNESONG W... Wait... Guard? Only one? PRISONER 1 Wel yeah, kid. Most of us ain’t here in the best of health, or by our own will. There’s only three people’s aboard this ship. The navigator, the pilot, and the guard. Most of the defenses here’s is automated machines, y’know’s. Junesong is having trouble getting over this revelation. Prods the Prisoner for more information, Prisoner is unawares beyond what he’s said. Determined look of planning comes across Junesong’s face. JUNESONG Wake all the other prisoners. Tell them to gather what food they can find, and pass it along to me. PRISONER 1 Ha! Is you’s crazy, kid? Like they’d ever give you their only foods. Reaches through the laser bars, grabs the prisoner by his collar and elevates him, looking into his eyes. JUNESONG You have to trust me. Just do it, and we’ll be rid of this place forever. Don’t do it, and we all die. Starting with you. PRISONER 1 (terrified) Alright, alright! I’ll do’s the best I can, kid! But I ain’t’s makin’ no promises! Ain’t none of us seen no one’s try to do not’in’ here, and some of us been here for months. It takes some convincing, and the sound of hushed whispering fills the holding cells. Soon the prisoner in the neighboring cell has amassed a small feast of dried, stale bread, rodents charred in the lasers, and (a rarity) canned beans, fruit, and vegetables. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. JUNESONG Alright. Stand back. Junesong cups his hands, pointing them at the metallic strip on the ceiling that the lasers protruded from. JUNESONG (internal) If this leaves me as drained as when I linked to Treven, this food will only scratch the surface of my hunger. But I have to try. JUNESONG (broken, yelling) Kuma.... Shin... REIIIIIIII! With the last syllable, a small ball of deep violet light forms in his hands, launching continuously into the strip. We hear electronic crackling. Grows in intensity along with the blast. The light fills the cells, and for the first time June gets a good look around. The horrible stench that had been lingering since he arrived is finally explained. Some of the prisoners aren’t even alive. Emaciated corpses, twisted into horrible shapes, lay in various states of decay all around him. He closes his eyes. After several moments, there’s a mechanical powering down, and the bars fizzle out. Junesong falls to his knees, exhausted, and begins eating is food. PRISONER 1 (shocked) What are you, kid?! Some kinda wizards or some’in’? JUNESONG (calmly) Run. Hide. You haven’t seen anything yet. The prisoners take his advice, most of them being unaware of his plan, thinking he was an enemy rather than a savior. INT. THE SUNDOWNER CONNECTING CORRIDOR A - NOON An hour or so has passed since Junesong’s assault on the confinement bars. An alarm is sounding in the background. He has several scratches, a few deep cuts. This section of the ship is well lit, and we see robotic guards laying in heaps around him, some malfunctioning, some outright destroyed. He is breathing heavily. A tall, muscular man approaches him, matching automatic handguns drawn. (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. GUARD (cackling) You think you’re the first one to try this? Those holding cells used to be kind of a nice place before rebellious punks like you destroyed them over the years. Junesong’s mostly calm expression flashes quickly to anger. JUNESONG Years?! He leaps toward the guard, kneeing him in the chest, and landing on top of him in the same position. JUNESONG Just how many years, exactly? GUARD (strenuous) A... About... Ten. We take on clients... Who need us to transport... Illegal... Goods. Stop it, you’re crushing me! JUNESONG You’re crushing their spirits! Grinds his knees into the man’s chest. Hears a crack, and leaps off, landing several yards from his victim. The man struggles to his feet. Aims his pistols. A barrage of fire. When the smoke clears Junesong has several bullet wounds along his arms. No major damage. Grins arrogantly. JUNESONG My turn. GUARD (horrified) I... Impossible! Junesong begins charging the Kumashinrei. The man lets out a terrified grunt. Drops his guns. Turns to run. Just as he makes it to the connecting corridor leading to the three escape pods, he’s engulfed in the same violet energy that destroyed the laser grid. We hear a blood-curdling scream. When the light fades, a charred, blackened skeleton is all that remains. Junesong picks up the matched guns, continues onward, anger and determination burning inside of him.
  6. 6. 5. INT. THE SUNDOWNER COCKPIT - EARLY AFTERNOON Junesong is now visibly damaged. Blood and gashes cover his face and arms, and his new outfit is already stained and ripped. He’d have to make it a point to find a new set upon his return. He’s standing in a small room, with two cowering androids, an icer, and a hydian. An intense combat ensues, Junesong barely holding his own against the twin android Elite guards. They attack in unison, like two halves of a whole. He manages to offset the balance of one, interrupting their momentum, making the rest an easy battle. His hand pierces through the just of the first, ripping out a handful of mechanical bits in a crack of electricity. Delivers a solid roundhouse to the face of the second. It’s head is sent rolling across the room. He draws his confiscated weapons, aiming at the navigator and the pilot. NAVIGATOR (crying) P-p-pl-please don’t kill us! We’re just trying to make a living! JUNESONG Make a living by selling lives? No. But, I’m not going to kill you. PILOT What do you want? We’ll do ANYTHING! JUNESONG Set a course for Vitae City, Earth. The Navigator reads off several sets of coordinates while punching them in, making several mistakes with his shaky hands. After some time, and many corrections, an electronic voice reads off the destination. PILOT (shaky, no long crying) Cl-clear for redirection, Navigator? NAVIGATOR Cleared. No predictable obstructions. The pilot presses a large green button, and the ship begins to reorient itself. JUNESONG Are there healing tanks aboard this shithole? (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. PILOT Y-yes sir. The pilot pulls up a 3D map of the ship, with the specified area glowing in blue. JUNESONG Set tank A to a hybernative state, timed to drain after the ship lands. PILOT Yes, sir. JUNESONG And one more thing. Does the ships autopilot land itself? PILOT (confused) Uh, y... Yes sir. JUNESONG Good. The camera focuses in on Junesong’s face. There are two loud shots heard. He comes over the ships intercom. JUNESONG Attention passengers, this is your new captain speaking. Our course has been redirected to Earth, and our estimated time of arrival is approximately three days. All in-house defense systems have been disabled, and the mess hall and galley are now open. And thank you, for flying Junesong Intergalactic. A faint cheer is heard resounding throughout the hull of The Sundowner, as Junesong heads off to the healing bay...