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General presentation JTI Foods

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Jti Foods V.2.2

  1. 1. M y May we introduce you y Who? Where? When? What? Why? y How?
  2. 2. Who & where? Design, supply and distribution of fine fresh, g , pp y , IQF frozen and preserved food products: • JTI Inc. – USA/Canada • Agrosol International – Europe • JTI Foods Pty Ltd. – Australia • Danper N A - specific products N.A. Co-pack of gourmet products in glass jars or cans, and supply of fresh asparagus: • Danper - Peru
  3. 3. HQ office building g 5045 South Service Road, Suite 201 JTI Foods Burlington, Ontario, CANADA
  4. 4. When? History of o Established in 1991 by John Teklenburg o Initially exclusively co-packing in Peru with a variety of small packers – W introduced th k We i t d d them t international market to i t ti l k t opportunities and focussed, with assistance of Del Monte and the Canadian government, on improving their QC and Food Safety Standards. S f S d d o Our activities contributed to the success of the Peruvian government’s Chavimochic project in the North (irrigation of over 65,000 hectares of desert land, financed through BID and others.
  5. 5. History of • Started operations in 1994 by Arne Berg (Danish  importer), supported with Danish government  p ), pp g capital, as a small packer ‐ with prime objective to  supply white asparagus in glass jars for the markets  of Mr. Berg. • In 2001, JTI teamed up with Danper introducing  Danper to major markets (such as Del Monte).  • Today, a world‐leading packer of gourmet vegetables  and fruits.  df i
  6. 6. What? Food Science We are inter-woven, vertically integrated from growers of fine crops to marketers and supply chain managers on 5 continents Sales Production Efficiency y Supply Chain Management
  7. 7. Consumers may not know our name but they enjoy our products….. We are co-packers for brands such as Del-Monte, Green Giant and Reese: Asparagus in cans and Artichokes in glass Packers for of private labels of major retail chains on 5  p j continents Fine stores around the world carry our fresh produce
  8. 8. The Farms – A unique venture It commenced in 2004: Danper started with converting 445 ha of desert lands in Northern Peru with an ideal eternal spring climate. It rapidly went from this……
  9. 9. To this: A leading agro‐industrial complex To this: A leading agro industrial complex In the North: 1,000 ha highly productive asparagus fields and 1,000 1 000 ha ready to be irrigated. Plus spread over 17 valleys irrigated Plus, spread across Peru, 1,200 ha of “black to cultivate artichokes.
  10. 10. We are ready to serve from the first moment you call...
  11. 11. Why? MISSION We strive to be international leaders in the design, production and distribution of healthy gourmet food products, to the delight of consumers, consumers and while maintaining the highest social responsibility standards.
  12. 12. How? Our team of leaders designs creative solutions for your brand or for your supply of fresh produce, attracting consumers with products and values they seek.
  13. 13. One-strop, full turnkey solutions to Of course we are multilingual. enhance your brand or label We understand and meet the needs of the most demanding food brands and private labels around th world. N t only d d the ld Not l do we design and timely delver their products, but also in- house we design and modify house, labels and packaging. Count on a solid approach in all we do
  14. 14. With the latest technology we bridge distances and assure a seamless integration from production areas all the way to consumers: Yes our production codes are traceable all the way to th fi ld t the fields were crops are grown.
  15. 15. A solid path can only become a reality through experienced visionary business leadership p y p addressing critical details John Teklenburg, founder & CEO of JTI Foods, is the 5th generation in food business going from business, oldest son to oldest son since 1863 in The Netherlands. Together with his wife Nora (CFO), he started JTI Foods in Canada in 1991 - building a reputation as a leading supplier in its field. John has met with To the Teklenburgs, corporate social responsibility and most Peruvian sustainable poverty alleviation are high priorities presidents since 1980
  16. 16. People relationships and trust are  critical at all levels critical at all levels Field and factory workers, families, professionals, technicians, buyers, professionals technicians buyers investors, bankers, clients, partners, fellow executives, consumers…We can only grow by putting people first… It is a smart business practice!
  17. 17. Let’s sit down to increase the success for your label From fresh produce to IQF products, the best in glass jars, gourmet snacks, and granola: Expect what we promise!
  18. 18. JTI Inc JTI Foods Pty Ltd. Agrosol International Inc. Danper N.A. Sales e-mail: Sales@Teklenburg.com To call us HQ near Toronto +1 (905) 681-2555 Toll Free USA-Canada: +1 866 JTI Food Peru +51 (1) 708-5301 Sydney, Australia +61 (2) 8014-9366 Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 (20) 708-4117