How to Make Love on Social Media


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If you have been confused with Social Media or found it too difficult to work for your brand, I have bad news for you. It is indeed difficult to work with social media, especially if you are trying to generate sales from this dynamic medium. The good news is that it can be done and this presentation shows you exactly how to tap into the power of social media using the power of love. Watch and let me know your comments.

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How to Make Love on Social Media

  1. How toMakeLove onSocialMedia
  2. Before I tell youmore about that,Let me ask you one Question?
  3. sdfsdfHave You EverFallen in Love?
  4. sdfsdfIf You Have Loved, You Know thatLove Happens in3 Stages
  5. Social Scientists saythe first stage is theAttention Phase.This is where you come across this beautifulperson who mesmerizes you and leavesyou breathless.
  6. The Second stage of Love is the AttractionPhase.This is a love-struck phase, where youlose your appetite and spend hoursdaydreaming about your lover.
  7. Finally, comestheAttachmentPhaseThis is the deep phase where commitmentand bonding coming into play, determininghow strong and long your relationship isgoing to be.
  8. So what does the 3Stage of Love haveto do with SocialMedia?And how can youMake Love onSocial Media?
  9. Well, some months back, I was working on asocial media campaign for a client of mineAnd it was a total and utter Failure
  10. We were getting hundreds of likes and sharesBut absolutely no Sales
  11. Because the client threatened to quit,I decided to do something that no one hadever attempted on Social Media
  12. I decided tomake love onsocial media
  13. And used the 3 Stages of Love in my SocialMedia Marketing Campaign
  14. What happened nextwas pretty noisy?‘Our phones areringing off the hook.What have youdone?’ the clientshouted.
  15. The 3 Stages ofLove had turned afailing campaign intoa monstrous successovernightWe had 500,000 newfans and 900 PayingCustomers
  16. The client keptscreaming ‘Ourphones are ringing…how have you donethis… how have youdone this…’
  17. I couldn’t tell the client that Iwas making love online, so Iput all of my secret strategiesin a book
  18. And gave it a ridiculous name
  19. There is no fluff in thisbook. Only 3 SimpleStrategies based onthe 3 Stages of Love:AttentionAttraction Attachment
  20. And a simpledemonstration ofhow to use these 3strategies toto get 50,000 newfans and 900paying customers
  21. One of the biggest issues with socialmedia is that you can get plenty offans but it’s difficult to get payingcustomers.This book solves that puzzle.
  22. The book will beavailable fromAmazon for $8.97from next weekonwards, but…
  23. You can download iffor FREE during the24 hour promo
  24. Yes, you read that right. Youcan download this $8.97 bookfor FREE by Clicking the
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