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Are women better marketers
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Are women better marketers



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  • 1. Are WomenBetter Marketers?
  • 2. What doTami Erwinof VerizonWireless...
  • 3. BethComstockof GeneralElectric...
  • 4. AndMartineReardon ofMacy’s...
  • 5. Have in Common?
  • 6. They are amongthe Top ChiefMarketing Officersin the world... Andthey are women
  • 7. So, what makesWomen specialwhen it comes toMarketing?
  • 8. Yousee, Marketingis all aboutEmpathy
  • 9. If you knowwhat is goingthrough yourconsumer’smind, youhave a distinctadvantage
  • 10. Social Scientists saythat when it comesto empathy andlove, women havea slight edge
  • 11. Social Scientists alsosay that we all fall inLove in Three stages
  • 12. Stage 1 is called theAttention StageThis is where you comeacross this beautiful personwho mesmerizes you andleaves you breathless.
  • 13. The Second stage of Love isthe Attraction Phase.Truly a love-struck phase, becauseyou can think of nothing else. Youlose your appetite and you sleepless, spending hours at a timedaydreaming about your lover.
  • 14. Finally, comes theAttachment PhaseThis is the deep phase wherecommitment and bonding come intoplay and determines how strong andlong your relationship is going to be
  • 15. Once I learned about the 3 Stages ofLove, I thought to myself:‘What if I used it in Marketing?’
  • 16. I thought: ‘I don’thave the naturalempathy that afemale marketer has,so let me try the3 Stages of Love onmy marketing and seewhat happens’
  • 17. The results wereextraordinaryWe got 50,000 Social Media Fans and 900 New Sales!
  • 18. You can read allabout it in thisbook, which youcan downloadfor Free here
  • 19. The book is availableon Amazon for$8.97, but we have apromo going on andyou can download itfor free
  • 20. Just be quick aboutit because wemight stop the freepromo any time
  • 21. Yes, you read that right. Youcan download this $8.97 bookfor FREE by Clicking the Linkbelow:www.BusineSutra.com
  • 22. You can also download this$8.97 book for FREE byClicking the Button Below: