B2B software briefing aworkbook


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Systems, solutions and services to support the B2B wholesale product journey.A personal view and digest of some research out there,fully referenced and linked if you want a deeper dive.

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B2B software briefing aworkbook

  1. 1. Go-To-Market (GTM) software Wholesale Systems & Software Innovation www.aworkbook.com A snapshot of the systems, solutions & services to support the wholesale product journey. A personal view and digest of some research out there, fully referenced and linked if you want a deeper dive. Delivered in August 2013 at Eurobike, Friedricshafen, Germany By John Shirley, Director, aWorkbook sales.
  2. 2. Common questions and issues www.aworkbook.com 1. What benefits can a company get from technology? 2. What challenges are faced? 3. How to manage data discipline and the one source of truth? 4. Workflow, established practices and new routines? 5. Why change? What to change? How to manage change? 6. System selection, solution providers and service options. 7. PLM, ERP, DAM, CRM, GTM, SOP - what do they mean & do? 8. What about integration?
  3. 3. Read this, if nothing else. www.aworkbook.com http://www.slideshare.net/OgilvyWW/hidden-in-plain-sight-mobile-b2-b
  4. 4. Why read it? www.aworkbook.com “Our research results help answer the crucial questions: • Why is mobile more important now than ever for B2B? • What are B2B brands doing to deliver the greatest value using smart mobile devices? • When it comes to my B2B brand, how do I develop a mobile strategy and prioritize where to start?” Source: Hidden in Plain Sight by Ogilvy One, October 2012
  5. 5. If you don’t? www.aworkbook.com “The pace of change is rapid and some B2B brands are moving faster than others. Brands who fall behind will begin to find themselves at a competitive disadvantage compared to those quicker to implement. Don’t be one of those brands. The future is here and its time to get started finding the value in mobility for your B2B brand.” Source: Hidden in Plain Sight by Ogilvy One, October 2012
  6. 6. An oversimplified view i.e. It’s not just about reducing print www.aworkbook.com
  7. 7. The benefits of mobile digital are greater www.aworkbook.com • Increased field selling time: 28% • Eliminated redundant activities: 27% • Increased win rates: 26% • Reduced cost of sales calls: 25% • Increased forecast accuracy: 25% • Decreased administrative time: 24% • Decreased sales cycle time: 23% Source: Page 21 of Hidden in Plain Sight by Ogilvy One, October 2012 quoting a Yankee Group survey of 2,400 workers in the US
  8. 8. Digitisation / Smart Mobile / Tablet Benefits www.aworkbook.com “B2B brands are seeing transformational mobile opportunities that will drive business results. Mobile makes B2B marketing more effective, sales interactions more productive, distribution partners more successful and customers more engaged. The impact is enormous and grows all the time.…” . Source: Hidden in Plain Sight by Ogilvy One, October 2012
  9. 9. Digitisation / Smart Mobile / Tablet Benefits www.aworkbook.com “They found that sales reps spend less time on administrative tasks and more face time with existing and prospective customers, while companies spend less money on printed sales materials, mailing and delivery costs, and antiquated, paper- based record-keeping processes.” Source: Hidden in Plain Sight by Ogilvy One, October 2012 quoting a Yankee Group survey of 2,400 workers in the US
  10. 10. Trends www.aworkbook.com “ .. technology has made the transition from being considered primarily a means to increased efficiency and is now regarded as a strategic enabler for balancing efficiency, innovation, and the demands of ever-broadening channel and geographic reaches.” “... as enterprise growth and financial health increasingly rely on international expansion and the strategic growth of new channels to market, technologies that deliver scalable, integrated ways to support the decision-making .... are likely to substantially absorb increases to IT budgets in the coming years.” Download: http://apparel.edgl.com/reports
  11. 11. www.aworkbook.com www.aworkbook.com
  12. 12. Trends on initiatives www.aworkbook.com Mobile initiatives from nowhere in 2010 to 5% in 2012 Lead time reduction - the number of respondents indicating that this will be their top business initiative nearly tripled from 5% in 2011 to 14% in 2012 Improvements to new product commercialization and launch processes 16 % in 2012 indicated that will be the most important business initiative. Nowhere 0% in 2011. Source: Apparel, Top Technology Trends
  13. 13. Challenges 2 Its not easy www.aworkbook.com Its not easy
  14. 14. Wholesale systems options www.aworkbook.com ERP & Supply Chain Management Sourcing/Production & Logistics Warehouse Management & Product Identification PDM/PLM ...3D product design Go-To-Market (GTM) digital catalogues & mobile E-commerce B2B Retail
  15. 15. A useful buying guide www.aworkbook.com Dozens of vendors and many varieties of solution type. Get the latest 2013 version here: http://apparel.edgl.com/home and I note that Amazon now have a B2B offering.
  16. 16. Go-To-Market like never before www.aworkbook.com aWorkbook delivers productivity gains and cost savings in the functional areas of: Range Merchandising Assortment Planning Product Presentation Sales Order Capture aWorkbook is proven to deliver: Bigger and better sales Reduce sample costs Reduced print costs Better prepared reps Smarter directed selling More efficient processes Speed up workflow Faster time to market
  17. 17. aWorkbook Go-To-Market software 5 things to know www.aworkbook.com 1. Multi-platform - It’s a native (installed) application connected live to the internet for updates and submissions. It works on iPad and Android tablets, as well as laptops and desktop computers running Windows and MacOS. This makes it unique as most solutions are online only or iPad only. 2. Outstanding ROI - It costs less than £10 per month per person where you have at least nine people using it. That’s £84 per catalogue per month flat fee. Our unique offer of unlimited users means product teams, category/country managers, reps, key account managers and retail buyers can all use it to build assortments and orders – the more people you give access to the catalogue the better the return on investment. 3. Fast and simple - Go live in less than five weeks. Getting set-up and live is NOT an IT project – it’s an Excel spreadsheet completion exercise combined with putting images in a folder. Try it for free with your own branded catalogue. aWorkbook integrates using XML and with any system. Also PDF and Excel outputs give instant usability without integration. 4. Free updates - New features and functions every three months. Coming soon: enhanced product ordering, Excel sheet creation and more PDF output features. 5. Don’t confuse it with ... It’s NOT an online B2B ecommerce platform or a web shop, or a CRM or PLM. When your product range is being finalised for the season is when aWorkbook starts, and it finishes when the order is captured for processing.
  18. 18. Some brands who use aWorkbook www.aworkbook.com Skins Levi Strauss Icebreaker Craft O’Neill Eddie Bauer Timberland Eastpak Helly Hansen Kipling Pacific Brands Outdoor Brands Dickies Asics America HTI
  19. 19. Video evidence 1 www.aworkbook.com O’Neill A case study from O'Neill global HQ in Amsterdam which tells how they achieved a faster time to market with the unique aWorkbook software solution, winning two weeks saved time and getting all round better processes, workflow and results. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2V5itsLdcs
  20. 20. Video evidence 2 www.aworkbook.com Craft Benoit Nelles, French Distributor for Swedish outdoor brand Craft, explains how aWorkbook can successfully be used to sell better without radically changing existing processes. In particular he illustrates how using digital alongside a simple printed range map can save money on samples and reduce print costs. Notably this is among clients who might be thought of as old fashioned - not so as it turns out as they do in fact embrace and welcome change. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3qDJrdNLgU&feature=youtu.be
  21. 21. Quotes from PDF case studies www.aworkbook.com O’Neill “We’re getting bigger, better orders ... Our sales reps were really well prepared ... aWorkbook makes them look tremendous” http://www.aworkbook.com/media/ONeill%20aWorkbook%20Case%20Study.pdf Icebreaker Merino “The account managers love it because it saves them loads of time and makes them look good ... The project was rolled out in just 4-5 weeks, using the equivalent of just one full time project manager http://www.aworkbook.com/media/Icebreaker%20aWorkbook%20Case%20Study.pdf
  22. 22. Alternative options www.aworkbook.com Build your own Find one system to do it all Do nothing 1. Build your own – while there are success stories, the arguments against are that it’s not your core business. If you contract out, then it takes more time and money than you expect and the spend will never end. And that talented techie you employ who can do app development? He has a job already. Renting ours or another solution gives a much better ROI and you can be live in a few weeks. 2. Find one system to do it all – it doesn’t exist so forget it. The big Enterprise providers will offer you a fully integrated mobile/tablet option but look closely and it looks terrible, is a nightmare to configure and will take a team of highly paid consultants to do it. And even then it won’t give your Go-To-Market teams what they want and need. 3. Do nothing and find a reason – reps not ready, systems not ready, got no budget, ignoring it.
  23. 23. If you do something www.aworkbook.com Know what you want Get the right set of features/functions Meet the need for printed materials Choose the right vendor for deployment Pilot it and manage the transition Manage/minimise the risk
  24. 24. Brooks Sports view www.aworkbook.com Michael Quinn Director Footwear Development, Brooks Sports Inc on PLM 1. Seek a reference company to be confident promises are true. 2. The solution that meets 100% of needs does not exist. 3. Prioritise fast time to value and lower cost of ownership. 4. Go-live success includes validation, refinement and training. 5. Business case should be based mainly on fast time to value. 6. Guard against customization requests, have a process to listen. 7. Success takes time and requires commitment. Source: Apparel webinar: http://apparel.edgl.com/web-events/PLM--Are-You-Ready-for-Out-of-the-Box-86688
  25. 25. Good news www.aworkbook.com Your competition are NOT as far ahead as you might think More than 75% are not doing enough See the orange bar on the next slide.
  26. 26. Challenges 2 Its not easy www.aworkbook.com
  27. 27. A view from the Oracle www.aworkbook.com An Oracle Commerce White Paper September 2012 B2B Cross-Channel Commerce Complexity, consumerization, and change Get the full report here: http://www.oracle.com/us/solutions/customer-experience/b2b-cross-channel-commerce-1852543.pdf
  28. 28. Start soon www.aworkbook.com The report from Oracle shows some interesting statistics on how advanced companies are. The process of getting this right has only just begun. They found no evidence of any company that had the perfectly resolved and sophisticated set-up. In fact only 25% of the B2B companies surveyed could say they had an ecommerce site for B2B, some even saying their main web site was not current.
  29. 29. It’s not easy www.aworkbook.com This is not because B2B companies are lax or lazy or lack innovation, it is because it is complex, it is hard. B2B is a lot more difficult than B2C. B2B supports a broader range of business models, operating in multi-channel, multi-currency, multi-brand and multilingual world further complicated by massive product catalogues, custom contracts and pricing, complex supply chains and localization issues. Source: Oracle, B2B Cross-Channel Commerce
  30. 30. Complex yet requires simplicity www.aworkbook.com The 2012 B2B Oracle survey revealed that most B2B sales involve more than two decision makers, but 28% have five or more decision makers involved in the purchase process. What remains a simple fact is that expectations of the B2B customer are that their experience with technology should be the same as when they are acting as a consumer. This is what is meant by the consumerisation of B2B IT Source: Oracle, B2B Cross-Channel Commerce
  31. 31. The case for fast and simple www.aworkbook.com The Oracle offer is what you would expect from them: “.. a unified, end-to-end commerce solution that delivers more lucrative experiences while simplifying management, reducing total cost of ownership, and accelerating time to value.” aWorkbook offers an intuitive app providing necessary functions without a lot of extraneous options. As such it is more effective than a complex solution that has the devastating potential of slowing employees down. £5k per year licence for unlimited use Deployed by you (or us) in 5 weeks
  32. 32. Exciting www.aworkbook.com Digital channels have become the dominant medium for influencing the decision making and building a stronger relationship between the brand the retailer and the end consumer. The most effective B2B digital initiatives will be those that enable organisations to successfully use the right technologies, engage customers, and enhance decision making and business processes across the enterprise. Source: Oracle, B2B Cross-Channel Commerce
  33. 33. If not now, when? www.aworkbook.com “The pace of change is rapid and some B2B brands are moving faster than others. Brands who fall behind will begin to find themselves at a competitive disadvantage compared to those quicker to implement. Don’t be one of those brands. The future is here and its time to get started finding the value in mobility for your B2B brand.” Source: Hidden in Plain Sight by Ogilvy One, October 2012
  34. 34. Call to action www.aworkbook.com Talk to us, tell us what you want to achieve and we will aim to give you best advice. aWorkbook has a lot to offer when understood and positioned correctly alongside the other systems you already have or think you need. You can have a free trial to review that and prove it. If aWorkbook is not what you need right now then you will at least understand better what it is you do need. + 44 (0) 1460 279744