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Maxxing Intelligent Promotions Suite
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Maxxing Intelligent Promotions Suite


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Software firm offering analytical CRM, predictive modeling, strategic pricing, offer management and promotions lifecycle solutions that have created, executed, analyzed and refined over 100,000 …

Software firm offering analytical CRM, predictive modeling, strategic pricing, offer management and promotions lifecycle solutions that have created, executed, analyzed and refined over 100,000 real-time targeted marketing campaigns from 4,000 retail outlets generating 800mm offers that have reached 25mm consumers through multi-channel distribution methods including in-store devices, mobile applications, location based services, social networks, digital advertising and coupon aggregators.

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  • 1. IntelligentPromotionsSuiteTM Improve sales revenues, Increased Promotions Efforts in Response to Economic Conditions category pricing, product Over the past 3 years, economic conditions have taken their toll on retailers and margins and overall profits consumer goods companies alike, with the average brand reeling from a 12% to by strengthening customer 15% reduction in customer loyalty. In response, marketers have turned to loyalty and brand affinity. promotions and, in particular, coupons as their primary method of enticing new and React real-time to reactivating old customers, growing revenues and increasing profitability. The consumer buying behaviors results have been promising, with studies revealing that, over the last 2 years, 57% and trends in an effort to of initial purchases and 91% of repeat purchases from retailers were fueled by win new customers, coupons. However, while most of today’s consumer spending can be largely increase shopping attributed to conventional mass promotions and historically-high manufacturer frequency, expand market- coupon redemption rates, even greater insights and sustainable gains can be basket and reduce churn. experienced when marketers utilize targeted promotions campaigns. Refocus marketing budget Targeted Promotions Drive Revenues, Profitability and Cost Reduction and personnel on higher- Surveys show that 78% of consumers indicate that price and promotion are the performing targeted most important factors in their buying decisions. Remarkably, targeted promotions promotions while reducing have been proven to increase purchasing at a rate that is 4 to 5 times greater than the need and expense of that of conventional marketing efforts, with notable research confirming that traditional print advertising consumers will buy an average of 52% more per basket of goods with targeted or mass communications. promotions than with typical mass promotions. And at a time when inflationary Extend market reach and pressures, rising commodities prices and higher raw material costs are eroding improve promotions profits, targeted promotions can help retailers preserve margins, as well as utilization with a variety of dramatically reduce customer acquisition and retention expenses. multi-channel deployment Improve Target Promotions Efficiency and Effectiveness with Maxxing mechanisms that utilize proven and emerging To their detriment, many retailers continue to rely on expensive and frequently technologies and lead to ineffective marketing agencies, outsourcing firms or coupon services to administer high rates of redemption. targeted promotions programs despite the fact that these options lack the ability to act with precision, react real-time to events, truly measure effectiveness or share Facilitate customer insight, consumer insight with trading partners. On the other hand, those who do attempt data sharing and to directly engage in this marketing science typically struggle to effectively create, collaboration between manage and evaluate campaigns, and experience sub-optimal results. Enter the trading partners to Maxxing Intelligent Promotions SuiteTM, featuring 7 software modules that can effectively plan targeted either provide a complete end-to-end promotions lifecycle platform or integrated promotion strategies, with existing enterprise applications to increase the retention and growth of campaigns and budgets. current customers, as well as to drive higher acquisition rates of new ones.
  • 2. A Modular Solution Loyalty Management supports user-defined customer loyalty programs through cross-channel member enrollment and program administration; flexible tierfor the Entire definition and profile management; points accrual and redemption rules;Promotions Lifecycle transaction processing and return credits; as well as multi-channel communications.  Flexible and Adaptive Campaign Management includes robust budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, Architecture that easily workflow and alert features to manage and automate the entire marketing lifecycle. integrates with existing Users can evaluate historical campaign conclusions, consumer behaviors and buying enterprise software. patterns, and then simulate the execution of campaigns to measure potential  Rapid Implementation in outcomes and impacts. Predictive modeling tools analyze multi-selling, up-selling, as little as 90-days with cross-selling and product cannibalization, then use the results to optimize pre-configured templates promotional offers. An analytics dashboard with over 40 standard reports, graphical and best practices, as well as administrative controls capabilities and drill-downs reveal customer activity, promotions effectiveness, and business process uplift, brand performance, gross margin and return on investment. frameworks that map to Targeting and Segmentation is a powerful analytical module used to define and your current business. build target databases based on customer profile, behavior, transaction history,  Low Cost of Ownership psychographics, geography, demographics, marketing attributes and marketing with high usability, proven cadence, then identify customer segments using standard methods such as Lifetime scalability, superior Customer Value (LCV), Small Medium and Large Non Buyers (SMLNB), Respondent reliability and minimal technology requirements. Customer Rate (RCR), Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value, Average Purchase or Profit (RFM, RFA and RFP) or user-specific methodologies.  Return on Investment in as in as Little as 1-Year from Promotions Definition is a workflow-based application to plan, define and an increase in revenues, configure targeted marketing and promotions campaigns as well as mass decrease in costs and gains communication activities. Users can define offers based on over 90 conditions and in operational efficiency limits at several levels including: customer source, profile or history; product group, and effectiveness. category or attribute; event, time, location or store; shopping cart content or value;About Maxxing and saved shipping cart or wish-list, to trigger over 60 types of instant or deferred special offers, rewards, coupons, rebates, discounts and sweepstakes.Maxxing is a division of MappingGroup which has served the Promotions Creation features an intuitive design tool that includes built-incontent management and macros, wizards and templates along with the ability to import graphics fromworkflow needs of 2,500worldwide customers for over popular desktop publishing software. It also provides users with the ability to22 years. Maxxing’s solutions develop, organize and maintain a repository of marketing guidelines, templates,have planned, designed and promotional offers, brand assets, product information and deployment media.executed over 100,000 targetedmarketing campaigns from Promotions Execution is an advanced messaging engine that can be operated at4,000 retail outlets generating the corporate-level, store-level or both, as well as in real-time or batch mode. It can800-million promotions that coordinate and deploy promotions through a variety of channels including POS, i-have reached over 25-million POS, kiosk, smart-cart, mobile phone, tablet computer, handheld device, email,consumers a variety of multi- location based service, social network, digital advertisement, 2D barcode, RFID, NFC,channel distribution methodsincluding in-store devices, and print, mail or fax. It also includes functionality that triggers automaticmobile applications, location authentication, redemption and reconciliation of promotions with trading partners.based services, social networks,digital advertising and coupon Trading Partner Collaboration facilitates the sharing of customer insight andaggregators. campaign results among trading partners in an effort to improve the promotionsMaxxing, Inc. lifecycle through a better understanding of daily customer demand, buying patterns,1501 Broadway, 12th Floor emerging trends and competitive pressures. Trading partners can collaborate onNew York, NY 10036 advanced customer segmentation and joint-targeting activities to increase the+1-646-571-2077 overall effectiveness of offers. Suppliers have the ability to configure their promotions campaigns and integrate them directly into a retailer’s environment.