Joey Atlas: Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover [No BS] Review

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STOP Reading B.S. Reviews! DOWNLOAD and READ this "Leaked Information" of Joey Atlas' Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover eBook (PDF) before You decide to Buy the Product, so that You won't …

STOP Reading B.S. Reviews! DOWNLOAD and READ this "Leaked Information" of Joey Atlas' Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover eBook (PDF) before You decide to Buy the Product, so that You won't Regret It Later!

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  • 1. The ultimate LEG, BUTT, HIP & THIGH Makeover By Joey Atlas
  • 2. To my wife, Jeri-Jo, and my children, JoJo, Alexa and Darah for their constant support and for dealing with me ``always being on that computer.” I love you guys…
  • 3. DISCLAIMER Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. To reduce possible risk of injury, consult with your doctor before beginning this exercise program. The creators, producers, participants and distributors of this program do not assume liability or loss in connection with the exercises and instruction in this e-book.
  • 4. How to Get Started With This Program and the Progression Plans A common question you most likely also have is, “What should I do right before I do this workout?” You have a few choices – all of them will work… 1 – You can get right into it and start with the floor stretches at the beginning of level one. 2 – You can do a light cardio warm up before getting right into it – such as a 5 minute walk on a treadmill or 5 minutes of jumping rope. 3 – You can do a full cardio workout before you do the Leg, Butt Hip and Thigh Makeover workout. See what works best for you and your schedule. Please follow the appropriate set of Progression Plans for your specific needs. You received 3 sets of these plans as part of the Bonus Package. They are all combined into one 9 page PDF document. They are: 1 - Fat and Flab Reduction, Slimming and Firming 2 - Cellulite Reduction, Toning and Shaping 3 - Building, Sculpting, Lifting and Toning Start with the plan that suit your needs and you can move onto the other ones as your body, fitness levels and goals change over time.
  • 5. Table of Contents Introduction 8 Level 1 9 Pre Workout Stretching 9 Exercises 16 Bottom Leg Lift 16 Top Leg in Front / Lift 23 Knee to Elbow 24 Straight Leg Lift 25 Mat Work - On Elbows & Knees 28 Straight Leg Lift 28 Heel to Sky 29 Straight Leg Lift 30 Heel to Sky 31 Mat Work - Double Leg Knee Up 34 Double Leg Knee Up 34 Mat Work - Laying Face Up 35 Hip Extension 35 One Leg Hip Extension 36 Hip Extension with Chair 38 Standing Exercises 39 Balancing Touch Down 39 Catcher Squat 41 Side Step Up 45 Old School Lunge 50 Mini Lunge 52 Double Calf Raise 55 Single Calf Raise 55 Level 2 58 Pre Workout Stretching 58 Standing Exercises 65 Back and Forth Lunge 65 Catcher Squats on Toes 66 Angled Lunging Touch Down 67 Alternating Two Hand Touch Down 68 Side to Side Hop 69 Walking Lunge 70 Single Leg Squat 71 Double Calf Raise (Bent Knee) 74 Single Calf Raise (Bent Knee) 75 Mat Work 77 Exercise Ball Curl 77
  • 6. Ball Hip Extension with Towel 78 Ball One Leg Hip Extension 80 Mat Work - Laying on Side 81 Bottom Leg Lift 81 Top Leg in Front/ Lift 83 Straight Leg Lift 85 Bottom Leg Lift 86 Top Leg in Front/ Lift 87 Knee to Elbow 88 Straight Leg Lift 88 Inner Thigh with Chair 90 Mat Work - Elbows & Knees 92 Straight Leg Lift 92 Heel to Sky 93 Straight Leg Lift 94 Heel to Sky 95 Single Leg Knee Up 96 Post Workout Stretching 97
  • 7. Introduction This ebook is dedicated to you and all the other women who have been searching for something that ‘really works’. . . 8
  • 8. Level 1 Ready to start? Before we start out the full exercises, we begin with pre workout stretching. Pre Workout Stretching Lying flat on your back on a mat, pull in your knees into your chest, wrapping your arms around your knees. We are going to hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds. If you cannot grip over the top here, you can always grip from behind the legs, pulling in. Breathe gently here. The idea is to get the muscles loose to get ready for the exercises that are coming. That is about 20 seconds. Then you are going to take your knees and drop them over, relaxing your upper body. 9
  • 9. Take your top leg and pull it all the way over to the side, breathing gently. Again 15 to 20 seconds is all we need here. You can enjoy all of these workouts to music or without any music, depending upon your preference. Then we are going to move the leg over on to the other side. The top leg is all the way over again. Your foot is on the floor. Just breathe gently again for 15 to 20 seconds. 10
  • 10. We are going to come back to the middle now. Cross your right ankle on your left knee. We are going to bring that up towards you, gripping over the top of your knee with your hands. Again if you want you can grip behind the leg and underneath your knee instead as a variation and hold. Hold it for 20 seconds. 11
  • 11. This stretch you want to feel it in the right glute or the right hamstring or both, and maybe even a little bit in the lower back. For some people, it may be more comfortable to put a pillow back below the head and rest. If you feel like your neck is straining, you can put a little pillow back there. Then we are going to switch it over now, with the left ankle on the right knee. Grip over the top of the knee or close to the knee with both hands. Bring it in and hold. You will want to feel this stretch in the hamstring and the glute area. Remember to keep breathing gently as you are holding these stretches. For some people who are just starting out, this may actually feel like part of the workout. You might feel your heart rate going up and even break a sweat doing this. That is perfectly all right. After 20 seconds, we are going to bring the left leg down, and bring the right leg straight up towards you, grabbing the leg as close to the foot as possible with both your hands. If you can only grab at the knee, that’s ok. With time you will get more flexible and be able to grip higher. Pull that leg closer to you. You want to feel that stretch in your hamstring. Hold for 10 seconds. 12
  • 12. You can get more of a stretch here by pulling down on the toes, while getting a good stretch in the calve area into the Achilles heel. If you cannot reach that far, you can always throw a towel over the foot and pull down on it. You will get the same effect. From here, we are just going to move the leg over, on to the opposite side. Let your torso twist. Keep your arm on the floor on the other side and just breathe gently. If this is too intense for you, you can always bend your leg a bit and bring it down a little lower. You will still get a good stretch. As you get more flexible, you will be able to bring it up a little higher. 13
  • 13. Then, we are going to bring it back to straight and lift the left leg up into the air, gripping your leg as close to the foot as you can. If you can only grab by the calves or by the knee, that is fine. Bring the leg in closer and hold for 10 seconds. Again, for an extra stretch, pull down on the toes, keeping the knees slightly bent. 14
  • 14. Then we are going to move the left leg over to the right, holding the foot or as high up on the calf with the right hand, while your left hand lies straight out on the floor. Let the body twist and bring your foot to the ground if you can. If that is too intense, you can bend the leg. Just keep breathing gently. Now, we have stretched and warmed up, ready to move right into the exercises. 15
  • 15. Exercises Our first exercise is the Bottom Leg Lift. Bottom Leg Lift For our first exercise, we start with placing our left leg straight out, and bending our right leg at the knee and placing it over the other leg. You can rest your head on your hand, and place your right hand flat on the mat. Holding your bent leg, you are going to lift your left leg off the ground slowly. 16
  • 16. You are going to move slowly here, without bouncing to get a full range of motion. Focus on gentle breathing here. We are going to do 15 here. If you find that keeping that leg straight is really hard for you, you can always bend it a little bit. See if that makes it easier. You can always move your bent leg over also. Top Leg Lift Now, we are going to bring both the legs together with a slight bent at the knee. Bring the top leg out front, with the knee slightly bent and lift. Lift not too high up and down, touching lightly to the ground and then back up. The top hand is for support, palm facing downwards flat on the mat. Lift slowly to get the full effect. 17
  • 17. Do this for 15 times and as you do this, don’t hold your breath but keep breathing gently. Move your leg up towards the ceiling and back down. Knee to Elbow Next, you are going to straighten your legs and with your right leg straight out, bring your left leg up towards the elbow and touch, releasing back and straight out. Again, lift the leg up towards your bent elbow and touch, and then bring it back down. If you are lacking the flexibility, or for other reasons you cannot get that knee up to the elbow, you can come up half way and then back out. You are still going to get a good effect from this and over time, you will be able to get that knee up to the elbow. 18
  • 18. If you are fairly advanced, you can always take the elbow up higher and move your leg up higher and back out. You can increase the range of motion on these if you want to. We are going to do this 15 times. Now, you should be really feeling this and so we are going to do a little stretch here. With the left leg bent, pull it up towards you, grabbing at the ankle with your left hand and your right arm on top of the knee. You should feel a good stretch on the side that you are working. This is really helpful before we go to the next one. 19
  • 19. Straight Leg Lift Bringing your legs back down with the knees slightly bent and the hips tilting slightly forward, we are going to lift the top leg straight up towards the ceiling and then back down. Up towards the ceiling and then back down for 15 times. Even though we are going to 15 on these, if you find that you can only do 5, 10, or 8 on these exercises, that is ok. Just stop where you need to and as you build up strength, you will be able to do all the repetitions. Wherever you are starting from is perfect. If you need to shorten up the motion to halfway, that is fine too. Just keep doing them because you have to start somewhere. 20
  • 20. You will really feel these so we are going to add a little stretch here, crossing your right ankle over your left knee, lifting up a bit and holding. You will really feel it on the side and your heart rate will probably have gone up. That is perfectly normal and means you just have been having a good workout so far. After these stretches, we are ready for our next series of exercises. 21
  • 21. 22 Get The FULL VERSION End of Free Chapters...
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