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A slide show on imagination where we were trying to show that creativity and imagination lead to value added through innovation but imagination must come first.

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  • Thank you for coming to our talk. Peg Peck Chapman John Persico Jr. You will notice the little boxes we are going to give you, we ask that you do not open them until we have finished with our presentation. But imagine what is in the box!! We will talk about this at the end . You can shake them and see if you can figure out what is inside. Over 25 years of SP we have noticed that organizations are not as imaginative as would be beneficial. In this ecomony we believe imagination will bring hope and resourcefulness, and that will bring successful
  • The subject of our talk ands it importance is well illustrated by some quotes and statistics that we are going to show you. The one above is from Albert Einstein. Why: You can create whole worlds in our minds, for example Avatar. James Cameron built that in is head over years of truck driving. Then he found the experts to make it a reality
  • This one is from the famous writer and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson He gave a speech entitled The American Scholar in 1837, which Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. considered to be America's "Intellectual Declaration of Independence". [ Imagination is an ability we all have, but we don’t access it or exercise it as we could.
  • We want to thank you for coming. If you are interested in exploring these ideas further, we offer some workshops and would be happy to leave you some general information on them. Please leave us your business card if you would like to talk to us further about anything we have said today.
  • The evidence suggests we can never have too many ideas.
  • Our definition of Imagination Harry Potter, C.K. Rawlings Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll Wizard of Oz , L. Frank Baum Avatar. James Cameron, Seven of the highest grossing movies of all time have been “Fantasies”
  • Paradigms shift when the absurd becomes reality. How many of you remember the disbelief when Dr. Deming said “You can have both high quality and low costs.” That belief system changed the world forever. Facebook: A new community of political power
  • Innovation builds new products and services. It is a solution or problem solving process. It utilizes convergent thinking. Imagination thinks of things that do not even exist. Imagination thinks of fantasies, absurdities and curiosities. It is a divergent thinking process. Creativity harnesses the resources to change imagination into innovation.
  • We would like you to take about 5 minutes to briefly answer these questions with a partner
  • Most strategic planning starts with a Vision or Mission statement. But how many are really imaginative. How many have you seen that you would look twice at or even remember. without imagination we don’t see the possibilities. We don’t see the absurdities and say “how do we deal with these”, or ask how to we go beyond these. SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER. THESE ARE THE VOYAGES OF THE STARSHIP ENTERPRISE, HER FIVE-YEAR MISSION TO EXPLORE STRANGE NEW WORLDS, TO SEEK OUT NEW LIFE AND NEW CIVILIZATION, TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE."
  • This slide represents the traditional view of “strategic planning.”
  • We think it is safe to say that this slide represents perhaps the most critical SP tasks for all organizations, even non-profits.
  • This drawing depicts the relationship and what we see as the real starting point for strategic development, new product development, new service development where there is a need to not just come up with “new and improved Tide.” Or post-it notes. Imagination creates whole new worlds=new value.
  • Here is another way of looking at the integration of imagination with the standard planning tasks that are critical to strategic development. Children have at least 2 types of play: One is structured game-type play with rules and processes of how to play, and the second is Fantasy. My children spend hours creating whole worlds with their imaginations. We are suggesting that as Adult business leaders we need to spend more time in fantasy and imagination in order to create the future and be successful .
  • Lets personalize this somewhat. We want to ask you to rate your organization on the following worksheet. Compare to others at your table? How much support do your organizations provide for your “imaginative spirit.”
  • The telling thing here is the “lack of emphasis placed on innovation by the poorer performing organizations. Can you imagine if the study had looked at imagination instead of innovation?
  • We want to thank you for coming. If you are interested in exploring these ideas further, we offer some workshops and would be happy to leave you some general information on them. Please leave us your business card if you would like to talk to us further about anything we have said today.
  • Name Hugh MacLeod Location Alpine, Texas Web http://gapingvoid... Bio Entrepreneur. Cartoonist. I make art to effect Cultural Transformation in businesses and organizations. 1800 followers on his blog site
  • Bead Exercise: You have been Imagining what is the box. Ask for 3 examples. Answer has 3 levels! Superficial Innovative Imaginative It is more than a bead: It is a newspaper, but It is more than a newspaper— It is a living!!
  • Imagination presentation version 9 14 (2)

    1. 1. Creating Strategic Imagination Minnesota Manufacturers Network Sept 14, 2010 Dr. John Persico Jr. Ms. Peg Peck Chapman Minnesota Consulting Alliance
    2. 2. Imagination in Empathy Program Patient Satisfaction Scores Sensitivity 94% Cleanliness 95% Compassion 93% Professionalism 93% Scheduling 92% Baxter Medical Center Radiology Dept: July 2009 – March 2010
    3. 3. “Experts reckon an enterprise has to start with around 3,000 bright ideas if it is to come up with 100 worthwhile projects” (The Economist, June 2003)
    4. 4. Augmented Idea Implementation System Gold Ideas are worth 100,000 dollars per year Silver ideas are worth 10,000 dollars per year Bronze ideas are worth 1,000 dollars per year Tin Ideas are worth being noted for their effort Every employee has at least: 1 Gold idea per year Value = $1000 each 3 Silver ideas per year Value = $100 each 15 Bronze ideas per year Value = $10 each 25 Tin ideas per year Value = $1 each
    5. 5. Imagination is the ability to change the absurd into reality.
    6. 6. When you change the absurd into reality, you change the rules! Honda Motorcycles Sony Walkman You can have both high quality and low costs –Dr. W. E. Deming Value is more important than price!
    7. 7. What is Imagination? What is Creativity? What is Innovation? Imagination is a divergent process. It is not problem solving, solution finding or brainstorming. It is creating possibilities.
    8. 8. What is absurd in your organization? How imaginative are your vision, mission and values? How imaginative are your employees? Can you have an imaginative organization if your senior leadership is not imaginative? Who is responsible for imagination in your organization?
    9. 9. Absurd Tool: Competition Industry All Businesses Absurd for Us/Not for them Absurd for Us/ Also Absurd for them
    10. 10. Vision The act or power of imagination, unusual discernment or foresight, a mode of seeing or conceiving. Vision Vision Vision
    11. 11. Vision MissionValues Strategies Tactics
    12. 12. Identifying the correct value to sell Finding Customers Improving quality and lowering costs Understanding the customers real needs Adjusting to market changes Creating synergy within the organization Adopting Technology Developing Metrics Talent Management Negating competitor advantage Keeping customers loyal Building a quality sales and marketing function Key Strategies for Competitive Advantage
    13. 13. Imagination Creation ValueInnovation Design Products ServicesDevelopment Possibilities Problems Imagination is a multiplier
    14. 14. Fantasy and Imagination are the starting points for strategic development Scan your environment What IF? Scenarios Identify the Absurd Simulations
    15. 15. Ask people to complete the Imagination Assessments and compare in small groups Group Spokesperson?
    16. 16. 10 Strategies that the Minnesota Consulting Alliance advocates for developing Imagination in organizations 1. Learn to manage and identify the absurd 2. Flip your paradigms 3. Create a mission for imagination 4. Measure imagination 5. Develop at least 9 channels for ideas In, Up, Down and Sideways 6. Build a method for creating meaning around new ideas 7. Find the unicorns, genies and dragons in your organization 8. Expect everyone in the organization to be creative 9. Hire radicals 10.Create a culture of fantasy, surprise and fun
    17. 17. Imagination Tools (for employees and managers) This workshop will describe five tools that will enhance imagination and creativity in employee thinking and problem-solving. When managers remove barriers and provide the systemic support for imagination, employees can use these five tools to develop value-unique products, processes and services. Each tool is explained and participants will have the chance to apply each tool to specific problems and issues in your company. Emphasis will be on “what next” and the application of ideas generated to real-time improvements and innovation. • The Absurdity Tool: A tool for rethinking what cannot be done in your organization, for challenging existing constructs, and for helping to redefine possibilities that have been ignored or buried by conventional thinking. • The Fantasy Tool: A tool for out of the box thinking that relies on fantasy and play to construct alternative views of reality. This tool will help you to imagine new ideas and methods of doing things by breaking out of your current patterns of thinking. • The Integration Tool: A tool for synthesizing and seeing the big picture. This tool teaches the importance of networks, holistic thinking and combining components to create synergy. • The Cloud Tool: A tool for creating dreams from your latent imagination by invoking the power of the subconscious. • The SFOIR Tool: This is a tool for creating possibilities that are so far out of the range of possibilities that you would normally consider them ridiculous. It is a tool for creating backup and contingency plans in a system when there does not seem anyplace else to go.
    18. 18. A Price Waterhouse Coopers study showed that the top five percent of companies based on return on capital employed gave a high level of strategic importance to innovation. Ninety-five percent of the bottom performers rated innovation and design as having a low strategic value.
    19. 19. We are in the Imagination Age. Imagination, over Information is the essential activity of the economy and culture.
    20. 20. “I have learned this, at least, by experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundation under them.” --Henry David Thoreau