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As the Exchange model has been unveiled many consumers and business owners are wholly unaware of the differences. This short informational video discerns the biggest differences.

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  2. 2. We know there has been a tremendous amount of confusion surrounding the new national health care laws or “Obama Care” for all Americans. We are committed to being the organization that will help you understand more on this topic and provide you much needed answers.
  3. 3. We set out to offer the easiest ways to understand the new laws and provide the most comprehensive explanations to the new health laws. We have compiled a few answers to the most commonly asked questions in this first short presentation.
  4. 4. What is an exchange or marketplace? A public or private exchange is a marketplace to shop for coverage that is best suited for you. It offers many choices of plans for health insurance coverage from multiple insurance carriers approved to provide policies in your state.
  5. 5. Do I have to get health insurance? Yes, It will be mandatory for Americans to have health insurance coverage beginning in 2014. Fines will begin later in 2014 for those who do not purchase a qualified health Insurance plan (Q.H.I.P.).
  6. 6. How will I order it and learn more? Marketplaces and exchanges will be online or available through a toll free number. When you log-in or call a Public Exchange you may spend an hour or more to open multiple windows to determine if you may qualify for a subsidy and secure your personal information.
  7. 7. Our Private Exchange has highly trained expert insurance agents staffing one of the largest Insurance Marketplaces in the United States. The401Kman’s benefits line experts are available to answer your questions and provide multiple solutions and quotes quickly and securely.
  8. 8. Can I order a dental or vision plan? Yes, voluntary benefits plans are also available on The401Kman benefits line toll free at 888-389-4598 We offer Private Marketplace shopping with all types of insurance plans, Health, Major Medical, Metallic, and Voluntary benefits plans.
  9. 9. How do I find out if I qualify for a subsidy? Calling our benefits experts can help you with answering your questions. We can determine your eligibility through asking you a few simple questions. We also have a health insurance subsidy calculator on our site to help you calculate your eligibility as well.
  10. 10. What are the Metallic Coverage plans? Metallic plans differentiate the levels of co-pay or deductible amounts. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Are all different metallic plans with different deductibles and co-pays.
  11. 11. BRONZE- SILVER- GOLD- PLATINUM- 40% Deductible (out of pocket) 30% Deductible (out of pocket) 20% Deductible (out of pocket) 10% Deductible (out of pocket) Catastrophic plans are available to those under age 30 if they have to go the hospital, but no subsidies are available. A voluntary plan may help to pay the deductible*. *Some restrictions apply consult your insurance agent
  12. 12. How can I save some money on these plans? Believe it or not by having more than one policy nowadays it could be more affordable! Your Metallic plan will cover your major medical policy expenses and a voluntary hospital or indemnity policy could cover the deductible and some other expenses. * These policies vary greatly in coverage consult a licensed agent for information.
  13. 13. How are two policies cheaper than one? A high deductible with a major medical plan (Metallic Plan) lowers your monthly premium or payment cost. The Voluntary plan will cover the deductible or co-pay of the metallic plan or possibly it could pay you cash back*. *Voluntary Plan coverage varies greatly, consult a insurance agent for details.
  14. 14. Just like “Super Sizing” can save money on your favorite take out menu bundling and grouping things may also offer savings or a better value. You may save more by grouping or bundling certain types of insurance. Health + Voluntary. Super Size my insurance like a value Meal?
  15. 15. A Public Exchange or Private which is better? Both are alike for Major Medical Insurance but not for Voluntary Insurance. A Public Exchange has a few key differences from a Private Exchange. The biggest is the lack of Voluntary Insurance plans, Dental, Vision, Cancer, Hospital, Cash Back.
  16. 16. The Federal law prohibits Voluntary Insurance from being sold on the public exchanges simply because they vary so greatly. A Private Exchange or marketplace will offer the widest choices for individuals through many different insurance companies which may have the better selection of choices. Is that all one simply offers more choices?
  17. 17. What if I have an existing condition? It no longer matters if you have a pre- existing condition the new Affordable Care Act states that you cannot be refused or pay more if you already have an existing condition or been refused in the past for that reason or are taking certain types of medication.
  18. 18. Was this Helpful for you? I have tried to cover the most commonly asked questions here, and I know we just scratched the surface. Please go to our websites to use our subsidy calculators and download your free gift, A Discount Pharmacy Prescription Card
  19. 19. You can always call your insurance concierge at our toll free number 888-389-4598 to speak to our expert specialists who are licensed professional agents. Call now to receive your multiple quotes and find out your best choices.
  20. 20. Employers and not for profit organizations can reach our group services division toll free at 877-775-0812 or simply find us online at www. We have many special programs and incentives for your business or organization. All information that has been presented here is subject to change, educational in nature and not to be used for advice without the proper consultation of licensed insurance agents and certified professionals. We are not responsible for alterations, changes or errors in the information or liable for damages from or through the use of this informational presentation.
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