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1HBCT Newsletter January 2012
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1HBCT Newsletter January 2012


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  • 1. Dawn of the Devils4-4 Cavalry Regiment 1-1 Special HHC, 1st HBCT, 1st ID 101st Brigade Troops Battalion Support Battalion 1-5 Field Artillery 2-34 Combat Arms 1-16 Infantry Regiment Battalion Welcome Home Devils!!
  • 2. Dawn of the Devils DreadnoughtsGuardians Volume 2, Issue 1 1/1 HBCT CommanderDefiants Col. Michael Pappal Iron Rangers 1/1 HBCT Command Sergeant Major CSM John Jones Public Affairs OfficerHamilton’s Own Maj. John Mini Pale Riders Public Affairs NCOIC Staff Sgt. Robert Dedeaux Public Affairs NCO Staff Sgt. Melissa CrawfordPale Riders Public Affairs Journalist/Editor Hamilton’s Own Sgt. Kandi Huggins Public Affairs Broadcaster Sgt. Summer WoodeIron Rangers 1/1 HBCT FRSA Noel Waterman Defiants The Dawn of the Devils is published in the interest of the Sol- diers, Families and Friends of the Devil Brigade. Contents of the Dawn of the Devils are not necessarily the official views of, orDreadnoughts endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, De- Guardians partment of the Army or 1st Infantry Division. All editorial con- tent of the Dawn of the Devils is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the Devil Brigade Public Affairs office.
  • 3. 6 No Mission too Difficult. No Sacrifice too Great. Duty First. Devils! particularly memorable and would not have been possible without the Rear-D’s first-class support for reception and integration. There is a special emotional boost that my wife and I got each and every time we watched Soldiers and Families reuniting. Thanks to all of those who helped make these events successful, memorable, and efficient. It is great to finally have all of the bat- As we bring the entire brigade back togeth- talions from the Devil Brigade back at Fort er, I want to emphasize resiliency. ResiliencyColonel Michael Pappal Riley as we publish this first new Fort Riley is the power to bounce back into shape. Some- version of the Devil’s Dawn newsletter! times that takes a little time and we all need to I want to thank all of the Families for be aware of that and be patient and adaptable their support of the Brigade throughout to a changed situation. If you need help or our different deployments. Without your you know someone who needs help then see love and support we could not have accom- your chaplain, doctor, NCO, or friend to get plished some very difficult missions in Iraq the help needed. There is nothing wrong with and Afghanistan. The letters, care packages, getting help to work through an issue before it positive comments on Facebook, and wel- becomes a problem. Different units are at dif- come home greetings really made a differ- ferent stages of the resiliency and reintegration ence and will never be forgotten. training, but one thing remains constant—the We will remember all those members of strength of the Devil Brigade is with its Sol- the Devil Brigade who have paid in blood diers and Families. We all support each other the price that sometimes comes with the and make each other strong. missions and operations that we have been Please take a moment to read the pages given to further out national interests. I containing the Soldier testimonials on what thank all of those who have supported each makes each of them Army strong. For each other through each of those hard times. Our Soldier the answer may be a bit different, but I fallen heroes will never be forgotten and our think you will see that a recurring theme—the support to their Families will continue. importance of leaders building teams and be- Our Rear-Detachment operations were ing engaged with their subordinates. I expect truly outstanding. LTC Timmerman, LTC all leaders in the Devil Brigade to remain Schmidt and their team of outstanding lead- engaged with their subordinates and help keep ers and Soldiers could not have done better. them strong, resilient, and safe as we reinte- The welcome home ceremonies were grate as a unit and with our Families at home.
  • 4. 7 First, I would like to say thank you to every Soldier and family member of 1st Brigade. I’ve been with the brigade off and on since being stationed at Fort Riley 10 years ago and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. During my time with the ‘Devils’, I was given the opportunity to witness this brigade’s growth from various per- spectives – first as the 1st Sgt. for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 34th No Mission too Difficult. No Sacrifice too Great. Duty First. Armor Regiment, to the operations Sgt. Maj. during Operation Iraqi Freedom 1.5 to helping the brigade reset from the transition teams mis- sions back to a heavy brigade combat team as the brigade’s Command Sergeant Major. When I first joined the Army 30 years ago, myCommand Sergeant Major John Jones initial plan was to serve one term and get out so I could finish college. After my first enlistment I came down on orders to go to Hawaii as a cavalry scout and because I enjoyed what I was doing, I decided to reenlist. I realized then that the mili- tary and the military Family was what I wanted and the experiences I’ve had because of that choice have been priceless. I’ve seen the Army go through numerous changes, during my time in service, and it is that uniform on, put it on with pride. Be proud of currently changing as I leave—changing for the who you are with your name on the right and U.S. better. Every change the Army has made has Army on the left. You represent the Army, your made it and its Soldiers stronger, better and more country and the Big Red One with honor. You efficient. And as the brigade undergoes its stages uphold the core values instilled in every one of of resetting and rebuilding, I know it will transi- you from basic training to the day you will re- tion with the new Army in continuing to produce tire. Although the wording of those values have the best Soldiers in the U.S. Army that anyone changed from the time I first enlisted 30 years ago has ever seen. until now, every one of you is a testament to what I’ve served in major divisions before, but it takes to be a Soldier – having loyalty, duty, re- never one so prestigious and honorable as the 1st spect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal Infantry Division because it takes care of its Sol- courage. diers and Family members with pride and honor. It has been a great pleasure serving with each From the first time I stepped in 1st Brigade in and every one of you. I hope the Soldiers and 2002, and even through the times I left, I always leaders always uphold the standards and teach felt I came back to Family because that is the one our Soldiers, present and future generations of the thing I’ve always felt this brigade was—a Family, brigade, the legacy we uphold every day we wear a close-knit organization. And from experience, the Big Red One patch so we never lose the history I’ve learned that when you take care of your and sacrifices the Soldiers and families have en- Family, you take care of the Soldiers, the mission dured in order for us to be as great as we are now. will always get accomplished. If I never leave anything else with the Sol- No mission too difficult. No sacrifice too great. diers, I would like to say that everyday you put Duty First. Devil 7 Out.
  • 5. Dawn of the Devils January 2012In Remembrance... Sgt vorasack xaysana 2-12 cav SGT Amaru Aguilar 4-4 CAv SPC Adam Hamilton 4-4 CAV PFC Gustavo Rios-Ordonez 4-4 CAV SPC Nicholas Hensley 4-4 CAV PFC BRICE SCOTT 4-4 CAV SPC CHAZRAY C. CLARK 4-4 CAV SGT JAKOB J. ROELLI 2-34 CAB SPC ROBERT E. DYAS 2-34 CAB SPC GARRET FANT 4-4 CAV SPC adrian mills 272nd mp co 1LT DUSTIN VINCENT 1-5 FA PFC CODY NORRIS 2-34 CAB SFC Dennis murray 2-34 cab sgt ryan sharp 2-34 cab“We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.” -- Francis A. Walker 5
  • 6. Dawn of the Devils January 20126
  • 7. Dawn of the Devils January 20127
  • 8. Dawn of the Devils January 20128
  • 9. Dawn of the Devils January 20129
  • 10. Dawn of the Devils January 2012 Man on the StreetWhat does it mean to be Army Strong?Sgt. Richard Baggerly, Charlie Co, 1-1 BSTB“Living the Warrior Ethos and doing the rightthing all the time. That includes showing up forwork on time, doing what you’re told and follow- Spc. Christian Vonoot, Bravo Co., 1-1 BSTBing the rules. You have to have honor and integ-rity.” “Being Army Strong is when the commander has a relationship with the unit and builds camaraderie. You know your commander cares about the Sol- diers when he or she can roll up their sleeves and have fun with the troops. It sets an example for future leaders.”Spc. Devine Pfeifer, HHC, 1-1 BSTB“It means doing your best, being all that you can beand giving your all, all the time. Come to work witha good attitude and do everything to the fullest. Don’tever slack on anything.” PV2 Tessla Vetor, Spc. Donald Stafford, Charlie Co., 101st BSB Alpha Co., 101st BSB “Showing cohesion “The sacrifices that all of us make deploying, throughout the Army going overseas, working together as a team and and working together while accomplishing the mission.” as one.” 10
  • 11. Dawn of the Devils January 201211
  • 12. Dawn of the Devils January 201212
  • 13. Dawn of the Devils January 2012“Chaplain’s Brief ”Prior to our departure from Iraq, every soldier within the brigade received the Chaplain’s“Reunion Brief”. I reminded the married soldier’s to prioritize taking care of the needs oftheir spouse and for the single soldiers to do the same in their relationships with their sig-nificant other. The way to have a successful relationship is to think of others rather than tothink of self.This principle is applicable to both the soldier and to the spouse. As each person in a rela-tionship thinks of the other person, taking care of the needs of the other person, then rela-tionships will be strong and healthy. Therefore, as we continue the process of readjusting tobeing back in the States with our loved ones, remember to take care of each other’s needs:or as I taught during my classes, papa takes care of MAMA’S needs, and mama takes care ofPAPA’S needs.Focus on what you can do for your loved ones and have a great year in 2012.CH (MAJ) Peter O. Dissmore1/1 ID Brigade ChaplainFort Riley, KS 13
  • 14. Dawn of the Devils January 2012 Fort Riley ManSpouses Local chapter of MANning The HomefrontGroup of male significant others ofSoldiers.Activities we have done int hepast include paintball, golf, drivingrange, and monthly gatherings atKites in Junction City.Our monthly gahers are Kites areusually the 1st Monday of everymonth from 1830 to 2030. We meetin the back room or on the restau-rant side.Our upcoming events:Jan 9th we will be meeting at Kitesfor our gathering.Jan 10th we will be at the USO from9 to 11. It will be a game day. Alltypes of games available.Jan 26th Poker night at the USOfrom 18 to 20. Prizes to be awardedat the end. Food and drinks to beprovided. RSVP appreciated for thepoker night.Point of ContactsJeffrey Crippen (785) 307-4393Kayden Ten Eyck (503) 888-3518 14
  • 15. Dawn of the Devils January 201215
  • 16. Dawn of the Devils January 201216
  • 17. Dawn of the Devils January 201217
  • 18. Dawn of the Devils January 201218
  • 19. Dawn of the Devils January 2012101st BSB Changes Commandby Sgt. Summer Woode, 1stHBCT PAOSoldiers of the 101st BrigadeSupport Battalion, 1st HeavyBrigade Combat Team, 1st In-fantry Division, bid farewell toLt. Col. Brandon Grubbs as herelinquished command to Lt. Col.James Waddick during a changeof command ceremony on January11 at Fort Riley Airfield Hangar. Colonel Michael Pappal, center, commander of the 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Divi-Col. Michael Pappal, commander sion, passes the ‘Guardian’ colors from Lt. Col. Brandon Grubbs, outgoing commander, 101st Brigade Support Battalion, 1st HBCT, to Lt. Col. James Waddick during a change of command ceremony at theof 1st HBCT, spoke about his Fort Riley Airfield Hangar, January 11, 2012. Grubbs, who has had an impresive career as the Guardianworking relationship and previ- commander, said it was an experience of a lifetime and he counted himself blessed to have worked with such a fine team of Soldiers.ous encounters with the outgoingcommander. “They say that the Army is a port battalion to a modular brigade Grubbs continued.small place. I’ve served with Lt. support battalion, Grubbs’ leader- Grubbs’ successor, Lt. Col. JamesCol. Grubbs twice before. First, ship made a lasting impact on the Waddick, commented on his eager-when we were observers/con- battalion and he will now have the ness to lead a unit of their caliber.trollers at the National Training chance to leave his footprints on “It’s an honor to have the opportu-Center and later when he was part the brigade. nity to serve and lead a unit withof the 3rd Infantry Division’s G-4 Grubbs will now act as the Devil such a proud history and rock solidshop.” Brigade’s deputy commanding of- reputation,” Waddick said.Pappal said when he saw the list ficer. As the DCO, he will focus on “I look forward to our team con-of battalion commanders, prior to resetting the brigade, now that all tinuing to move out and tackle thehim taking command of the ‘Devil battalions have returned from their challenges of resetting and training,Brigade’, and read Grubbs’ name, respective deployments. as we prepare for future missionhe knew he did not have to worry. Upon his new role at the brigade, sets, maintain unit readiness andGrubbs’ leadership proved the Grubbs reflected on his time as the continue to provide uncompro-commander’s initial confidence to commander of the “Guardians.” mised direct support to the Devilbe valid. “I have to say that this has been Brigade,” said Waddick.“Grubbs and the ‘Guardian’ an experience of a lifetime and I As 101st BSB adds a new chapterbattalion not only sustained the count myself truly blessed to have to its history book and strives tobrigade, but conducted tactical worked with such a fine team of maintain the professionalism themissions to support brigade opera- Soldiers, such as the “Guardians,” battalion is known for, Grubbs gavetions in Kirkuk,” Pappal said. said Grubbs. advice for the new commander.With accomplishments, such as “When you look at all of the tasks “Congratulations, I know you willleading and conducting the first that were ahead of us, it would do well in command. Enjoy ev-battalion field training exercise in seem that it would be impossible, ery minute of it, before you knowfive years and transforming the but the “Guardians” made the it, you will be standing up here“Guardians” from a forward sup- seemingly impossible possible,” again,” Grubbs said. 19
  • 20. Dawn of the Devils January 201220
  • 21. Dawn of the Devils January 2012 CYSS EMPLOYEES RECOGNIZED BY DEVIL BRIGADE FOR SUPPORT Two Child, Youth, and School Services employ- certificates.ees received a token of appreciation from the leadersof the 101st Brigade Support Battalion at the CYSS Sonya Douglass, the Director of CYSS, was thecenter January 10. only other one who know about the presentation of the certificates that morning. When Grubbs arrived at Elizabeth “Beth” Peterson and Nicole Fountain CYSS with his leaders, he requested to see Petersenwere recognized for their outstanding support of the and Fountain. “I told them that I had some ‘unfin-unit during its deployment, in support of Operation ished business’ with Beth and Nicole that I needed toNew Dawn, by being surprised and given a framed resolve before I changed command the next day,” saidcertificate of achievement from the unit. Grubbs. Peterson and Fountain are the primary coordina- “These ladies know what it means to provide greattors for the Kids On Site (KOSCC) childcare services customer service,” said Grubbs. “They have alwaysthrough CYSS. Through the course of the deployment gone out of their way to assist our Battalion withthey made all arrangements for childcare provisions utmost professionalism to ensure the childcare needsfor Family Readiness Group meetings, extended free of our Families were being met. I cannot say enoughchild care support to families with deployed service good things about the positive impact that they had onmembers, offered FRG training courses, and provided 101st BSB during the past year.”contract services for the 101st BSB unit ball on Dec.16, 2011. Hope Stanley, the 101st BSB Family Readiness Support Assistant, worked closely with Fountain and Lt. Col. Brandon Grubbs, the outgoing commander Peterson before, during and after deployment and saidof 101st BSB, Command Sgt. Major Jeffrey Adams, that they each sought to meet the needs of everyonesenior noncommissioned officer, along with the lead- requesting service if at all possible.ership from the 101st BSB rear-detachment, surprisedthe ladies at the CYSS building and presented the LTC Brandon Grubbs and CSM Jeffrey Adams, command group of 101st Brigade Support Battalion, 1st HBCT, presents Ms. Elizabeth Peterson and Ms. Nicole Fountain, both employees of Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) with certifi- cates of appreciation at the CYSS central registration office, January 10, 2012. Peterson and Fountain work with 101st BSB as the primary coordinators for the Kids On Site childcare services through the CYSS and also help in making arrangements for childcare provisions for the FRG meetings and extending support to families with deployed Soldiers. 21
  • 22. Dawn of the Devils January 2012‘Devil’ Family Readiness Group Colonel Michael Pappal, commander, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, congratulates Kellie Kidd and Monika McDwyer for receiving the Dr. Mary E. Walker Award at the 1st ID Headquarters on December 15, 2011. The award is given to Army spouses whose achievements and performance contribut- ed significantly to the quality of life for the Soldiers and families of the 2nd Battalioni, 34th Armor Regiment. 22
  • 23. Dawn of the Devils January 201223
  • 24. Read the Post paper online! KEEP INFORMED AND UPDATED WITH 1ST BRIGADE BY FOLLOWING US ON THESE WEBSITES:1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley: on Units, 1ID Brigades, 1HBCT or just click on this link: Facebook: vFRG website: Family Members and Approved Personal can also go onto the vFRG and log intotheir Soldier’s BN’s vFRG site, where more information can be found. ‘Devil’ PAO Email: