Lecture 10   recap and a little more on mobile - final
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Lecture 10 recap and a little more on mobile - final






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Lecture 10   recap and a little more on mobile - final Lecture 10 recap and a little more on mobile - final Presentation Transcript

  • IN OUR FINAL OFFICIAL JN2702 SESSION ▪ Recap from last week ! ▪ Recap from the course ! ▪ Mobile marketing: challenges ! ▪ Over to you…:What the future of media marketing may hold? 2
  • Assignment One feedback ▪ Agility in covering the various nuanced elements of the topic ! ▪ All submissions acknowledged, to varying extents the challenging nature of the social media and digital landscape for marketers ! ▪ Some basic issues around presentation and articulating a direct response to the essay question ! ▪ Stronger submissions were also ones that addressed data and profiling ! ▪ Some submissions also tackled the production of digital psychographics: which was a welcome element of the narrative ! ▪ Marks will be released by the end of the week (subject to moderation) 3
  • Assignment 2 and post- Easter arrangements ▪ deadline for second assignment is May 2nd @ 5pm ! ▪ Assignment is now active on blackboard/turnitin ! ▪ Sessions after Easter will be option drop in sessions, or workshops - if you’d like ! ▪ Quick update on how we’re all progressing with assignment 2, and general questions 4
  • Recap from last week ▪ Core elements of the assignment 2 structure ▪ executive summary ▪ background/situation analysis ▪ objectives ▪ strategies ▪ tactics and implementation ▪ Implementation allows you to demonstrate both knowledge and flair ▪ Key point: understand your client, the landscape and the audience ▪ Key point: think about the full range of opportunities the digital realm ! ▪ If your assignment takes into all of the above, you should be moving along the right lines 5
  • Mind mapping the course ▪ What are the key take- aways from the course as a whole? 6
  • Mobile marketing ▪ Ubiquity: Mobile devices an essential part of everyday existence ! ▪ Replacing traditional mediums: 46% of US device owners watch video feeds in bed, rather than a traditionalTV ! ▪ Speed of response: 50% of direct mobile message engagement occurs within 15 minutes ! ▪ Gallup research;“Organisations that understand a customer’s actions and optimise engagement with behavioural insights, outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.” ! ▪ Multi-screen experiences beginning to take effect - dual screen consumption 7source
  • Dual screen consumption ▪ 75% of smartphone users are engaging in second screen interaction every month (Nielson) ! ▪ 72% are more likely to watch aTV show after engaging with its social media page (wowsa) ! ▪ 51% of people use social networks to connect with people watching the same show (wowsa) 8
  • A monochrome video… 9
  • Future trends ▪ Research time! 10
  • flickr images harrypope - Back to the future car ! The LEGO woman - Sad ! Steven Shorrock - Listen, understand, act ! Rob Wright - Assignment experiment ! madstreetz - mind map ! Ambernectar 13 - what james left in my mobile phone case ! James Whatley - 2screenfail ! Dan Coulter - robot attack 11