Jn3800 l1 multimedia landscapes


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Jn3800 l1 multimedia landscapes

  1. 1. CONVERGENCE: MULTIMEDIA AND DIGITAL Multimedia Production: JN3800
  2. 2. Background The Internet has developed over 50 years to allow for the quick and effective transfer of information that we know today. It wasn’t always this way. Internet key dates 1969: ARPANET Project sends first message 1975: Microsoft created 1976:Apple created 1984: Joint Academic Network (Janet) established between UK universities 1989:Tim Berners-Lee creates the world-wide web 1993: Mosaic web browser launched 1994:Yahoo! Named 1995:AltaVista search engine established 1998:Google launched 2003: 47% of UK homes are connected to the internet 2004: Facebook launched 2005:YouTube founded 2006:Twitter created 2007: Kindle launched 2009: Kickstarter launched
  3. 3. Background: Some diagrammatical illustrations
  4. 4. Driven by multiple advertising options – a factor fuelled by multi-platform age
  5. 5. Background: Newsroom responses
  6. 6. Background: Newsroom responses
  7. 7. Technology: Miniaturisation…
  8. 8. 1965 Moore’s law The number of inexpensive transistors that can be placed on a circuit board will double every two years. Gordon E. Moore
  9. 9. Then
  10. 10. Now…
  11. 11. Now: Multimedia (deconstruction) Storytelling techniques combine: the marriage of print, image, audio, video and graphic innovation
  12. 12. Evolving landscape: convergence  Newsrooms enter 21st century  Production begins to move out of traditional silos  Online adds variety and new storytelling options
  13. 13. Consuming News Multimedia/digital platforms have increased choice thanks to search and RSS Technology has increased opportunity to access information:Tablets, smartphones, laptops and PCs offer a variety of user experiences Social media and peer-two- peer news shifting focus away from monolithic producers
  14. 14. Web 2.0: Meet the audience
  15. 15. Digital drivers: Reach  Expanding audiences  Differing platforms  Global communications  Accessibility
  16. 16. Digital drivers: Speed  Publication is instant  Deadlines are removed  Web-first  Time is limited
  17. 17. Digital drivers: Breadth and Depth  Greater range of content  No restriction on space  Background and context delivered via hyperlinks
  18. 18. Be prepared: Why journalists need to be equipped for change No longer can journalists assume that just because they work in one medium(say, a print newspaper), they don't need to worry about how their story should be presented in another (on television or the Web). RichGordon "Digital Journalism: Emerging Media and the Changing Horizons of Journalism"
  19. 19. Web 2.0: Construction of Storytelling Journalist SMS Twitter Facebook CMS Hyperlink and linking out Journalist and developer Graphics Animations Comment boxes Journalist and audience social media conversations Hyperlinks Audience: Social media Comments Blogs
  20. 20. Communication of News  Evolved multimedia possibilities  Consumer/audie nce choice  Move away from newspaper style assumptions
  21. 21. #jn3800
  22. 22. Social Media
  23. 23. Digital Communities
  24. 24. Online writing
  25. 25. Images
  26. 26. Audio
  27. 27. Video
  28. 28. Data
  29. 29. Curation
  30. 30. Innovation and entrepreneurship
  31. 31. Digital playgrounds
  32. 32. Further reading/surfing/looking  Paul Bradshaw – a converged newsroom  Dan Gillmore –We the Media  Jeff Jarvis - Buzzmachine
  33. 33. Flickr Credits BotheredByBees - circuitboard OnInnovation Gordon E. Moore uLight.Me – Digital playground Shannon Clark - 1950s computer Seattle Municipal Archives – Roy Morse on the Phone Alsis35 – Sony transistor radio J3net – camera Mbecher – iphone wired Paul T. Marsh/PositivePaul– TV camera Dunechaser – lego men with guns Robef Mobile phone reach The Reboot Mobile phone in Gujranwala Star5112 Panic Button marsmet546 Time for change Adactio Rock on the Right Jason A. Howie Social Media Apps Microsoft Sweden Xbox Arena @ Inferno online Andrew Morrell Photography Audio Dunechaser Jet/Rocket Pack antony_mayfield – telegraph Random curiosity – fish and chips food Stuartpilbrow – reach Ben Heine – speed