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  • Solar system keynote

    1. 1. Solar System Brittany Mchale 3-29-11 6th Hour
    2. 2. 4 Sun Bill Nye videoThe Sun is a giant star.The Sun is 93 million miles from earth.The sun has spots called Sun Spots.The Sun is around 10,000 *F.
    3. 3. Bill Nye Mercury Planetfacts.netMercury is the plant closet plant to the sun.Mercury is the second smallest plant.Mercury has no moons.Mercury has virtually no atmosphere.
    4. 4. Bill Nye video Venus Planetfacts.netVenus is the hottest plant in our solar system.Venus is the second plant from the sun.Venus is the closest plant to earth.Venus is known as earth twin sister.
    5. 5. Bill Nye video EarthEarth is the only plant that can support life.Earth has 1 moon.Earth takes 1 year to orbit the sun.Earth’s moons name is moon.
    6. 6. Bill Nye video Mars kids astronomy.comMars is called the rusty plant.Mars is red, hot, and dead.Mars is the forth closest plant to the sun.Mars has 1+ moons.
    7. 7. Bill Nye video Jupiter Kids astronomy.comJupiter has 50 moons.Jupiter is the largest plant in our solar system.It takes Jupiter 4332,59 days to make 1 orbit around the sun.It takes Jupiter 9 hrs 55 min to make 1 rotation.Jupiter is 777 million kilometers from the Sun.The volume on Jupiter is 1318 times more than Earth.
    8. 8. Bill Nye video Saturn kids astronomy.comSaturn is known for its rings.Saturn has a lot of moons.It takes 10,759.2 Days to make 1 orbit around the sun.It takes 10 hrs 13 min to make 1 rotationSaturn is 1,429 million kilometers from the sun.Saturn’s Average temp is -184*C
    9. 9. Bill Nye video Uranus kids astronomy.comUranus is called the sideways plant.Uranus has rings.Uranus has 27 known satellites.Uranus is the coldest plant in our solar system.
    10. 10. Bill Nye video Neptune Kids astronomy.comNeptune has 8 known moons.Neptune has rocky core.Neptune has its own heat source.Neptune once had a great dark spotsimilar to Jupiter.
    11. 11. Planet facts .net PlutoPluto is the smallest plant in our solar system.Pluto is smaller than the earths moonThe color of Pluto is reddish-brown.Pluto was discovered in 1930.
    12. 12. Bill Nye video Asteroids Kids astronomyAsteroids are large rocks in outer spaces.Astronomers group asteroids into different categories based on the waythey reflect sunlight.There are 26 very large asteroids that have been discovered.
    13. 13. Bill Nye video Comets kids astronomy.comEvery 7 years Haylies comet comes close to the Earth.Comets are dust and ice that orbit the Sun.The comets tail is always away from the sun.