Legal Marketing Association New York, March 2013


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The media landscape has changed. Marketers must become publishers and create great content. This presentation helps legal marketers to approach the new demands of marketing in the digital age.

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Legal Marketing Association New York, March 2013

  1. 1. March 21, 2013Legal Marketing Association New York: Create Content That Mattershugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201+1 718 625 4843
  2. 2. “ As a content strategist, I help organizations figure out how they can consistently create content that is meaningful to customers and builds the brand. ” John McCrory Director, Content Strategy, Huge @johnmccrory
  3. 3. Agenda: 1. A changed landscape2. Marketers as publishers 3. Four principles of making great content
  4. 4. A changedlandscape.
  5. 5. How we get news has shifted.
  6. 6. Advertisers quickly noticed.
  7. 7. Our pitch calls ring at empty desks.
  8. 8. Journalism is an early warning system of how digital isupending all media businesses.
  9. 9. We’re at the Millennial Cliff. The Generations in 2015 In millions100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Baby Boomers Gen X Millennials Gen Z
  10. 10. Change leaps aheadwhen technological change works hand-in-hand withgenerational social change.
  11. 11. Lawyers are going to get Yelped. Are you ready for that?
  12. 12. Lawyers are going to get Yelped. Are you ready for that? How are you going to take advantage of that?
  13. 13. Go direct:Be a publisher.
  14. 14. Marketers aspublishers.
  15. 15. Four principlesof making greatcontent.
  16. 16. 1.Find a topic you can own.
  17. 17. A. Know your strengths.What topics do you know best?
  18. 18. B. Know your audience. What do they need to know?What are they looking for before they are looking for you?
  19. 19. Personas and scenarios.
  20. 20. C. Pick what you’ll win on.What’s the competition doingand what audience needs are not being met?
  21. 21. Opportunity
  22. 22. 2.Meet your audience on their terms.
  23. 23. A.Go where your customers are. The audience chooses the channel.
  24. 24. B. “4 times in 4 different ways.”Re-package and redistribute your content in multiple formats.
  25. 25. Create content in different sizes. Taste Snack Entrée Full meal Search Infographic Blog post Long-form listing Article Video clip Video Tweet eBook
  26. 26. C. Plan for portability.Design your content for search and syndication.
  27. 27. Truncation happens.
  28. 28. How brief is brief?•  For page titles and headings 50 characters•  Summaries and descriptions 160 characters•  Tweets are limited to 140 characters•  Allow space: don’t write up to the limit
  29. 29. 3.Start small and do it really well.
  30. 30. A.Be the person I want to know.Craft a consistent voice anddon’t try to be everything for everyone.
  31. 31. Guide content creators. Tone of Voice Just Tell the Sto ry Editorial Style Guide. Friday, Decemb Redesign er 17, 2010 Core Brand Va Warmth Elegance lues need Quality Added Digital Values Dynamic Modern Unique * Digital writing is like a good convers ation... Images and Tex t Go Hand in Ha nd with a very busy person. 11201 Floor, Brooklyn, NY 45 Main Street, 2nd 718 625 4843—www.h Friday, Decembe r 17, 2010 Page 7
  32. 32. B.Help your lawyers become better writers and speakers.
  33. 33. Improve communication skills.•  Hire a writing or speaking coach.•  Lawyers can earn CLE credits in webinars designed to improve their writing skills.•  Provide media training.•  Interview subjects instead of asking them to write, or pair them with a ghostwriter.
  34. 34. C.Create a content calendar. Align your efforts to your channels.
  35. 35. Planning ahead cuts anxiety.•  Make a spreadsheet with a column for each week for the next three months.•  List each week’s events at the top of its column.•  Make rows for each channel you use, and decide what you’ll create in each channel for each week.•  Bonus points: color code your events by type or audience.•  Near the end of the second month of a quarter, create the next quarter’s calendar.
  36. 36. 4.Have a point of view.
  37. 37. “When you write, you are findingthe never-before thought about.”
  38. 38. If you want your audience to give you time in their day, to pay attention and listen to you,you gotta have something to say.
  39. 39. hugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201+1 718 625 4843
  40. 40. Huge.
  41. 41. About Huge.We help transform brands and grow businesses.
  42. 42. Our approach.Great user experiences are what drivebusiness performance and marketing.
  43. 43. AdAge A-List for 2012Top ten agencies as ranked by AdAge, across all marketing disciplines. Social media agency of the year 2011 and 2012 by OMMA / MediaPost. Most innovative agency for 2012 by Digiday and One of Five for 2011 by Mashable.
  44. 44. Clients.