2012 annual report


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2012 annual report

  1. 1. Sigma Chi Foundation • 2012 Annual Report Building a Lasting Legacy
  2. 2. B uilding a Lasting LegacyThe Arch of Constantine was erected to commemorateConstantine I’s victory over Maxentius at the Battle ofMilvian Bridge. Standing since 316 AD, the Arch ofConstantine continues to endure.Sigma Chi’s Founders admired the courage ofEmperor Constantine, a man who demonstratedremarkable commitment to an ideal. Grounded insimilarly timeless values, Sigma Chi continues todeliver values-based leaders.The Sigma Chi Foundation undergirds our Fraternityby funding world-class leadership training andscholarship support. By expanding our reach,strengthening our investment in scholarship andleadership, and maintaining an exemplary businessoperation, your Sigma Chi Foundation is also buildinga lasting legacy.
  3. 3. C h a i r m a n ’ s M e ssa g eExpanding Our EffortsBrothers,I want to extend the Foundation’s appreciation to all of our contributors for your in-person cultivation through the deployment of regional giving officers and creatinggenerosity and support. The Sigma Chi Foundation’s primary goal is to provide a pathway for a donor to directly support his chapter through the Thomas Cowanfinancial support to the Fraternity as they develop and administer important and Bell Chapter Challenge.meaningful character and leadership training programs and to provide the bestscholarship program in the Greek world. The Board of Governors of the Foundationis comprised of men who appreciate and understand the importance of our young Like the architects of the Arch of Constantine,brothers being exposed to the principles of our founding brothers and to learning we are working hard to build a lasting legacy. Welessons that will propel them to achieve great things in their lives. hope that you will continue your support and willOver the past year the Foundation has embarked on a new five-year strategicplan. One of our most important goals in this plan is to significantly expand our encourage other brothers to pledge their supportdonor base. In past years our contributor base has been at a very steady two to to the many worthy programs and funds thatthree percent of alumni. We believe we can expand this by communicating moreeffectively and by offering a wider variety of contribution alternatives. Our goal is to Sigma Chi Fraternity and Foundation are proud toenlarge the contribution margin to ten percent of alumni. Hopefully, we can reachthis target within the scope of the plan’s five-year time horizon. Most importantly, sponsor. Thanks, again.we intend to assist the Fraternity in their efforts to bring the concepts of friendship,justice, and learning to a wider audience.One of the most important things the Foundation has accomplished in the past year In hoc,is to develop numerous avenues of giving for our alumni base. A good example of 2012 Annual Report · 1this was the establishment of the Sigma Chi Military Veteran Scholarship Fund. Wehave also implemented a first-ever giving society for undergraduates to cultivate agiving relationship from initiation throughout life. We are actively expanding our Timothy A. Michael, Ohio State 1970 Chairman, Sigma Chi Foundation
  4. 4. C E O ’ s M e ssa g e Our Strategic Plan • Efficient and effective communications with an eye toward In 2006 we began implementation chapter-specific support of a strategic plan that was focused • ignificant expansion of our Annual S on building a sustainable, reliable Fund effort to increase one-on-one funding model for leadership contacts with alumni, better inform A Good Year programs and scholarships and all alumni of our work and progress, expecting accountability from both and establish a philanthropic the performing organizations and mindset among our brothers from ourselves. This performance-based, the point of initiation closed-loop approach has been very • Increased engagement in, and successful, leading to: value of, the Thomas Cowan Bell • 400% increase in general a Chapter Challenge program, which leadership scholarships provides significant opportunities to participating chapters Brothers, thank you so much for supporting • 600% increase in endowment a • n average fundraising cost per a • Expanded deferred giving options your Sigma Chi Foundation in fiscal year dollar raised of $.27 such as the Charitable Gift Annuity that benefit both the donor and • igma Chi Foundation providing S 2011-12. It was another very good year. seven times more program services the Foundation • n engaged, supportive Board of A Thanks to your generosity, we were able to than the average Greek organization (#1 for six consecutive years) Governors who continually seek again expand scholarships and funding for • Sigma Chi Foundation providing an opportunities to advocate on behalf of the Foundation average of $1M more per year than our world-class leadership programs. And we the #2 fraternity foundation • ngoing outreach and engagement O opportunities for alumni have done so with efficiency and excellence • incere expressions of appreciation S This year we began implementation unsurpassed in the Greek world. In this report of the next generation strategic plan. for those alumni who give of themselves to mentor our you will find some of the highlights. I hope The overarching goal is to significantly increase our scholarship and undergraduate brothers that you will agree that we are serving as good leadership program funding through We are enthused about the progress expansion of our base of alumni stewards, and that you will consider giving to support, sustainable revenue increase, we have made thus far, and we look forward to continued growth and your Foundation again this year. and careful control of discretionary expenses. Key aspects of our plan expansion of benefits to our brothers. include the following:2 · Sigma Chi Foundation • lignment between the Fraternity A and the Foundation in pursuit of common aspirations • ngoing increases in academic O scholarships and chapter-wide GPA incentives
  5. 5. With this in mind, please consider highest true selves. We have made H i g h l i g h ts forsupporting our work. If you give to good progress, but there is muchyour Foundation this year, you will: more to do. F i scal Y e ar 2 0 1 1 – 1 2• Enable multifaceted, highly effective I welcome the opportunity to discuss leadership training programs that Strong performance against goals any issues or concerns you may have. seek to reach, challenge and I look forward to opportunities to speak • otal Commitments: $1.85M vs. $1.6 M T positively impact the hearts to you and/or your alumni group about • nrestricted cash: $1.3M vs. $1.4M U and minds of every undergraduate the work of your Foundation. Your every year questions, comments, and feedback• Help us expand academic and Supported Academic Excellence are always appreciated. needs-based scholarships that are • 223,000 to fund general academic scholarships— $ among the most generous in the Finally, it is important to note that the sixth consecutive annual increase of at least $25,000 Greek world without the financial support of our• Allow us to grow an endowment loyal brothers, along with the generous Substantial Program Grants that will ensure that our excellent time commitments and dedication programs are funded in perpetuity of those alumni brothers who devote The Foundation increased leadership and scholarship grants by• Ensure continued expansion countless hours to facilitate the 10% in FY 2011-12. of values-based leadership programs, the Sigma Chi leadership experiences at the chapter, • 480,000 to fund 100% of the Horizons leadership program $ legacy would simply not exist. province, and international levels • 430,000 to fund 64% of the cost Balfour Leadership $ On behalf of all who benefit from• ffirm the need for forward A Training Workshop (BLTW) your generosity and your devotion, planning and the importance • 30,000 to fund 100% of the K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr. $ thank you! of accountability within the Province Balfour program undergraduate chapters • 30,000 to fund 100% of the Journey Chapter $ In hoc, Retreat Program• Incentivize academic scholarship at the chapter level through chapter • 30,000 to fund 100% of the Choices $ GPA excellence recognition drug and alcohol education program• Serve as an example to your Our programs continue to deliver excellence and value, brothers of your respect for the thanks to many dedicated and passionate volunteer brothers! double obligation by which all Sigma Chis are bound • ,901 brothers participated at BLTW in 2012— 1 breaking the all-time attendance recordBrother, we know that your • weeks of the Horizons individual leadership 4heartstrings are tied to your home Gregory J. Harbaugh, Purdue 1978 experience were providedchapter. We know that when you think President and CEO • ourney leadership program facilitator curriculum was taught J 2012 Annual Report · 3of Sigma Chi, you think of your time to alumni for the first time this summer at Balfour LTW.there as an undergrad. We hope you We hope to see Journey reach 75 chapters this year.will come to see your Foundationas a willing and able partner in thecontinued development and support ofyour home chapter. Together we canhelp these young men become their
  6. 6. L e a d e rs h i p The Sigma Chi Foundation Board of Governors Board of Governors Timothy A. Michael John A. Clerico James R. Allen Ohio State, 1970 Oklahoma State, 1963 DePauw, 1979 Chairman Treasurer Brother Allen is President Brother Michael is Chairman Brother Clerico is Co-Founder and CEO of Hilliard Lyons. of the Foundation Board and Chairman of Chartmark Brother Allen joined the of Governors. He is the Investments, Inc. Foundation Board of principal of Michael Freres Brother Clerico joined the Governors in 2012. He is Associates, Inc., a private “ y college experience and education were M Foundation Board of Governors a Significant Sig. investment company. in 2008 as treasurer. He is a Brother Michael joined Significant Sig. enhanced by my Sigma Chi experience. the Foundation Board of Governors in 2006. He is While I have stayed involved over the years a Significant Sig. since 1969 graduation, I had a step-up experience in 2012 when I attended the Horizons program in Snowbird this spring. I have now joined the Foundation Board to help assure our energy is focused on Sigma Richard J. Campo Robert E. Joseph Lee A. Beauchamp Oregon State, 1976 Willamette, 1957 Texas AM-College Chi enriching and bringing value to the Vice Chairman Parliamentarian Station, 1975 current and future undergraduates.” Brother Campo is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Camden Brother Joseph was 56th Grand Consul of Sigma Chi 63rd Grand Consul of Sigma Chi Fraternity. He Property Trust. Fraternity. He is an attorney is the Director of Business at Schwabe, Williamson. In Development at Forest Park Brother Campo joined 1988, Brother Joseph helped Medical Center - San Antonio. Robert D. Johnson, Miami (Ohio) 1969 the Foundation Board of organize Sigma Chi’s Risk He retired as President of Ada Governors in 2006. He is Management Foundation and Resources, Inc.6 · Sigma Chi Foundation a Significant Sig. served as Chair for 10 years. Brother Beauchamp joined Brother Joseph joined the Foundation Board of the Foundation Board of Governors in 2008. He is a Governors in 2002. He is a Significant Sig and an Order Significant Sig and an Order of Constantine Sig. of Constantine Sig.
  7. 7. Governors Emeritus K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. Kansas, 1944 Dr. Constantine Curris Kentucky, 1962John G. Berylson Robert J. Georges Robert D. Johnson John D. Peterson Dr. Daniel P. Walsh, DO Henry DurhamBrown, 1975 Florida Southern, 1973 Miami (Ohio), 1969 Indiana, 1955 Southeast Missouri, 1971 Kentucky, 1953 Past Chairman, FoundationBrother Berylson is President Brother Georges has served as Brother Johnson retired in Board of Governors Brother Walsh is President Ben Fisherof GCC Investments, Inc. Grand Quaestor. He is founder 2008 as Chief Executive and CEO of Acute Care Illinois, 1948 and CEO of MidAmerica Officer of Dubai Aerospace Brother Peterson is Chairman Consultants. He is a Bob HaydenBrother Berylson joined Administrative Retirement Enterprise (DAE). Prior to and CEO of City Securities retired US Navy Captain, Miami (Ohio), 1960the Foundation Board of Solutions, Inc. DAE, he was Chairman of the Corporation. Medical Corps.Governors in 2009. He is Jon Huntsman, Sr. Board of Honeywell Aerospacea Significant Sig. Brother Georges joined the Brother Peterson joined the Brother Walsh Joined Pennsylvania, 1959 where he also served prior to Foundation Board of Governors Foundation Board in 1987. the Foundation Board of 2000 as President and Chief Murray McComas in 2012. He is a Significant He is a Significant Sig and an Governors in 2012. He is Executive Officer. Pennsylvania, 1958 Sig and an Order Order of Constantine Sig. a Significant Sig. of Constantine Sig. Brother Johnson Joined S. Jack McDuff the Foundation Board of Arizona, 1948 Governors in 2012. He is a Significant Sig. Allen C. Menke Purdue, 1944 Jim Morris Minnesota, 1949 Hon. William O’Kelley Emory, 1951 Phil Olsen Utah State, 1970 Leon ParmaThomas E. “Tommy” Bronson Stephen W. Goodroe D. Kerry McCluggage Robert F. Sweeney San Diego State, 1950Tennessee-Knoxville, 1958 Georgia, 1971 Southern California, 1976 Colorado State, 1959 Chuck L. Watson Merril E. “Boz” Prichard* Oklahoma State, 1972Brother Bronson is Managing Brother Goodroe is an Brother McCluggage is the Brother Sweeney is a former Illinois, 1948* Past Chairman, FoundationPartner at TBF Partners, Ltd. Executive-in-Residence in President and owner of Mayor of Craig, Colorado. Board of Governors Edward S. Rogers*He is the retired President the Terry College of Business Craftsman Films. He is also the Currently, he is President of Toronto-Ryerson, 1956of Meridian Business Group, at the University of Georgia. Lead Independent Director of the Kenneth Kendal King Brother Watson is the Bernard SergesketterMartin Marietta Materials. He retired from Procter and American Reprographics. He Foundation in Denver. Chairman of Twin Eagle Purdue, 1958 Gamble in 2001 as Vice formerly served as Chairman Resource Management.Brother Bronson joined Brother Sweeney joined President - Global Customer of Paramount Television. He is a minority owner of Goff Smith*the Foundation Board of the Foundation Board of Marketing. After retiring from the Houston Texans. Michigan, 1938Governors in 2005. He is Brother McCluggage joined Governors in 1995. He is 2012 Annual Report · 7 PG, he led the successfula Significant Sig. the Foundation Board of a Significant Sig. Brother Watson joined Jesse R. “Bob” Stone start-up of Dunnhumby USA Governors in 2008. He is a the Foundation Board of Illinois, 1951 as the first CEO. Significant Sig and an Order Governors in 2003. He is Dennis E. Wheeler Brother Goodroe joined of Constantine Sig. a Significant Sig and Order Idaho, 1964 the Foundation Board of of Constantine Sig. Governors in 2009. He is John A. Ziegler, Jr. a Significant Sig. Michigan, 1955 * enotes Chapter Eternal D
  8. 8. F i n a n c i al C o m m e n tary: F i scal Y e ar 2 0 1 1 - 1 2 and other non-cash items. Legacy imposed restrictions. The Foundation Professionals, LLP, conducted the seeks to preserve the Corpus and Foundation’s certified audit. More utilize only earnings of all Endowment information on our accrual based funds (as defined in its Policy for financial report (IRS Form 990) may Fund Maintenance and Acceptance of be found at www.GuideStar.com. Charitable Contributions, Section 3(B). Sustainable Growth Investment Performance An Endowment fund is formed only upon the creation and acceptance of an Endowment Fund Agreement that In fiscal year 2011-12, the Foundation conforms to relevant policy. retained Northern Trust to manage its investment portfolio. The Foundation annually adopts a spending policy to set the annual The Foundation’s asset allocation places distribution rate from Endowment priority on preserving Endowment Funds. During fiscal year 2011-12, The Sigma Chi Foundation completed The Foundation saw modest growth in Corpus, conservatively producing the spending policy was 4% of an a strong fiscal year 2011-12 thanks to charitable revenue (excluding bequests) income, and growing invested assets at Endowment Fund’s average Corpus the ongoing support of our brothers. of just under one percent. Including a a rate exceeding inflation. In response for the preceding 12 quarters (ending Over the past six years, the Foundation pre-investment in the strategic plan, to changing market conditions, June 30, 2011). has met every leadership grant operating expenses increased 1.2%. the Foundation adopted a revised commitment, expanded our academic Program and scholarship grants investment policy statement and asset scholarships, begun to rebuild our increased by 10%. allocation in November 2011. endowment, and achieved a positive The Foundation is responsibly investing The Foundation’s investment portfolio bottom line. in expanded outreach, undergraduate returned a positive 4.93% in fiscal engagement, planned giving, and the year 2011-12. The benchmark was Cash-Based Performance Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge 6.62%. Variance from the benchmark program in an effort to both expand is attributable to the impacts of the In fiscal year 2011-12, careful budget the number of contributing brothers transition of investment managers. management and a strong development and to grow overall revenue. These Investment performance after the effort allowed the Foundation to new initiatives, coupled with the date of full transition exceeded the advance its investment in a new Foundation’s track record of benchmark through fiscal year-end. strategic plan, provide supplemental responsible fiscal management, funding to the growing Choices position the organization for growth Endowment and education program, honor all grant and sustainability. Chapter-Specific Funds commitments, and still achieve a positive net margin.8 · Sigma Chi Foundation Accrual-Based Performance The Foundation has established policies governing Endowment and The Foundation maintains accrual chapter-specific funds consistent basis financial records, which reflect with applicable law. We account for unrealized gain or loss on investments, Endowment assets in separate funds the present value of pledges upon the based on fund purpose and donor- date of commitment, depreciation,
  9. 9. F ou n d at i o n Gra n t A llocat i o nView our IRS form 990 atGuideStar.com or by request. Horizons: 36% Academic Scholarships: 15% Other: 1% Choices: 3% Museum/Archiving: 3% Journey: 2% Cornerstone/Grand Praetor support: 6% Bud Adams Award: 2% Balfour Leadership Training Workshop: 32% $ 75,000 39E n d ow m e n t$5M New Investment in Strategic Plan: designed Thomas Cowan to increase engagement and revenue Bell Chapters$4M $ 4,500,000$3M$2M Value of endowment, an increase of 600% over past seven years$1M 2012 Annual Report · 9 FY 05-06 FY 06-07 FY 07-08 FY 08-09 FY 09-10 FY 10-11 $ 10,000 Approximate Leadership and Scholarship ■ Unrestricted Endowment ■ Restricted Endowment ■ Total Endowment support provided to each chapter
  10. 10. Engaging at the Chapter Level “Our country has never needed strong leadership more than it does today, and no organization is doing a better job of developing leaders than Sigma Chi. The leadership programs supported through the Sigma Chi Foundation certainly enrich the lives of our Sigma Chi brothers, but they also positively impact the lives of people To increase our support and outreach Investment of Caldwell Circle Gifts As the Foundation expands the Caldwell who are touched by the good deeds to undergraduates at the chapter level Circle to every chapter, opportunities that flow from them. Delivering these The net proceeds of the donations we have expanded the Bell Chapter exist for alumni donors to provide a proven programs to chapters through from the Caldwell Circle directly Challenge and launched a new giving challenge match to your home chapter. the Bell Chapter Challenge will have support the leadership programs, and society—The Caldwell Circle. Your support provides a direct example a positive and lasting impact. scholarships that have the potential to to those young men who now follow in reach every undergraduate. Examples We have an amazing opportunity to your footsteps. include Balfour Leadership Training provide our undergraduate brothers The Caldwell Workshop, Journey chapter retreats, the resources to continue their Circle Choices alcohol and drug education, Mission 365 recruiting, and Thomas Cowan development into the leaders sorely needed in all walks of life. We should Engaging Undergraduates and Young Alumni to Create a Culture of Giving province conferences. Bell Chapter not see this just as an opportunity, but as a duty.” Brothers who join the Caldwell Circle are recognized on the Sigma Chi Challenge Steve Goodroe, Georgia 1971 Purpose/Goals Foundation’s website and in the Your Gift Supports Your Chapter The Caldwell Circle was established as annual report. Chapters with the Since the program’s inception in 2008, your Foundation’s effort to engage our highest percentage of Caldwell Circle it has grown to 39 participating chapters members will be recognized annually Our brothers appreciate the difference youngest brothers. Through this effort during fiscal year 2011-12. Thanks to at Sigma Chi events. Sigma Chi has made in their lives. They we are awakening undergraduates the growing support of our brothers, the want to give where their Sigma Chi and young alumni to all of the benefits Foundation has expanded the benefits experience began, where they forged they derive from Sigma Chi. We are Joining the Caldwell Circle provided to Bell chapters. During their leadership skills, where they educating them on our mission, the fiscal year 2011-12, the Foundation Undergraduate brothers and young formed lifelong bonds of friendship, leadership and scholarship program designated one academic scholarship to alumni may join the Caldwell Circle where they were grew from youth to funding we provide, the new initiatives every Bell chapter. In the coming year, with an annual gift of $18.55 or manhood—their home chapter. being implemented, the approximate the program will integrate Choices at more. Members receive an official The Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter no cost to participating chapters.10 · Sigma Chi Foundation $10,000 in annual support your Caldwell Circle lapel pin. Brothers Foundation provides to their chapter, Challenge provides a unique who contribute at higher levels receive and that all of this is available due to opportunity for donors to help the additional apparel. the generosity of their alumni brothers. young men at their home chapters They are recognizing that their brothers To join, please visit reach their full potential. By giving to give back to benefit them and we are sigmachi.org/caldwellcircle. the Bell Chapter Challenge, donors demonstrating that there is nobility in directly sponsor key leadership training paying it forward to benefit others. programs and scholarship opportunities at their chapter.
  11. 11. Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge How Can I Help My Chapter Become a Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter?Fiscal Year 2012-13 Benefits The Foundation’s development professionals stand Levels Blue Gold ready to aid your chapter in becoming a Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter. Beyond providing financial Amount $10,000 per year $20,000 per year support, your engagement can make all the $250,000 Endow* $500,000 Endow* difference. Proven ways to engage include: Chapter Benefits • additional undergraduate registrations at Balfour 3 • additional undergraduate registrations at Balfour 5 LTW, increasing the number to a total of 8 LTW, increasing the number to a total of 10 • Hosting a local event to announce and promote a • Designated Horizons Slot 1 • 2 Designated Horizons Slot Bell Chapter fundraising drive (the Foundation will • Designated $1,000 Academic Scholarship 1 • Designated $1,000 Academic Scholarships 2 make this presentation) • Choices alcohol, drug, suicide and depression • hoices alcohol, drug, suicide and depression retreat C • igning your name to an advocacy letter to brothers S retreat at no cost to the chapter at no cost to the chapter from your chapter • 3,000 Journey Chapter Retreat Stipend $ • Directly contacting your contemporaries and asking • 1,000 Balfour LTW Travel Stipend $ for their engagement* ccumulated cash in A Terms Conditions: Annual proceeds (either gifts to support a chapter on an annual basis or the proceeds of an endowment up to the • roviding Foundation development professionals P chapter’s Bell Fund. established Bell chapter level) are unrestricted annual fund gifts, meaning that the Foundation may allocate the proceeds for any purpose with referrals consistent with its charitable mission. The Foundation reserves the right to change the annual funding level or program offerings in future years.Fully Funded Thomas Cowan Bell Chapters in fiscal year 2011-12 Georgia Institute of Pedro E. Wasmer, Maryland 1962 Oregon State / Beta Pi Texas A M-College Station / Technology / Beta Psi Scott Rawlings Werber Eta Upsilon Supported through the chapter fund Maryland, 1986 William W. George, Georgia Institute John W. Cox, Texas A M - of Technology 1964 College Station 1981 American / Kappa Rho Christopher L. Asbill Pennsylvania / Phi Phi Beta Psi Foundation Michigan State / Gamma Psi Alan B. Mitchell, Texas A M - Florida Southern, 1993Mark Meadows, American 2006 Thomas Farrell, Pennsylvania 1968 College Station 1985 William G. Buck, Jr. Lawrence J. PilonNathan Neal Samuel Greenawalt Florida Southern, 1998 Georgia Southern / Eta Zeta Michigan State, 1970George Washington, 1983 Pennsylvania, 1951 John T. Caracuzzo Timothy F. Shank Texas – Austin / Alpha NuJeffrey Rothenberg, American 2004 Robert Petry, Georgia Southern 1981 Morris Nunes, Pennsylvania 1970 Florida Southern, 1967 Michigan State, 1962 John C. Bibo, Texas – Austin 1974 Stephen J. Demanovich Kenneth L. Way Mark L. Drew, Wake Forest 1983Bradley / Delta Rho Florida Southern, 1999 Indiana / Lambda Michigan State, 1961 Pittsburgh / Beta Theta Jack E. Guenther Randy DusenberryCol. David L. Frederick, USAF (Ret) Supported through the chapter fund Supported through the chapter fund Texas – Austin, 1956 Florida Southern, 1977Bradley, 1959 Miami (Ohio) / Alpha James A. Thompson Robert L. Fryer, Jr.Harold L. Lamont, Bradley 1960 Texas – Austin, 1970 Florida Southern, 1970 Kansas / Alpha Xi Joseph P. Hayden, Miami 1951 Purdue / Delta DeltaDean A. Mefford, Bradley 1962 Linden R. Welsch, University of Texas Robert J. Georges Richard C. Nehls, Miami 1973 Laurent Debauge, Kansas 1962 Keith Holcomb, Purdue 1979 – Austin 1969 Florida Southern, 1973 Hon. Michale G. Oxley, Miami 1966 L. Javan Grant, Florida Southern 2001 Scott Sperling, Purdue 1979Butler / Rho Brian K. Hasson Kentucky / Lambda Lambda Tulane / Alpha OmicronSupported through the chapter fund Florida Southern, 1988 Montana / Beta Delta Southeast Missouri State / David A. Johnson Jon D. Chellgren, Kentucky 1969 Steven L. Dehmlow, Tulane 1978 Supported through the chapter fund Epsilon Phi Florida Southern, 1974 Paul W. Chellgren, Kentucky 1964 Phil G.D. SchaeferDePauw / Xi August R. McCullough, Jr. Hon. Karl S. Forester Richard L. Anello Tulane University, 1980W. Bret Baier Florida Southern, 1960 Kentucky, 1962 Montana State / Beta Rho Southeast Missouri State, 1971 Mark W. Tipton, Tulane 1978DePauw University, 1992 Roman F. Polivka K. Carter Harris, Kentucky 1978 Dean E. Cowan Tristan P. Renz, Montana State 1979 Florida Southern, 1990 Charles A. Kington, Kentucky 1984 Southeast Missouri State, 1992 Washington / Tau Tau 2012 Annual Report · 11 William Lee Rust Keith R. Knapp, Kentucky 1978 Charles R. HeylEmory / Beta Chi Florida Southern, 1967 Samuel C. Moseley, Kentucky 1969 North Georgia / Theta Epsilon Southeast Missouri State, 1970 Supported through chapter fundLawrence Blau, Emory 1963 Eric R. Severson William W. Shely, Kentucky 1974 Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Florida Southern, 2001 Joseph R. Sivewright, Kentucky 1980 Philanthropy Award Winner Syracuse / Psi Psi Western Kentucky / Zeta Mu Justin B. Sorrells Paul C. Varga, Kentucky 1985Florida / Gamma Theta Supported Through Chapter Fund Florida Southern, 2003 D. A. Sachs, Centre College 1948 Joseph J. Durzo, Syracuse 1967 Paul Chellgren, Kentucky 1964Thomas DeMarco, Florida 1970 Bryan N. Leather, Syracuse 1966 Rick Guillaume Oklahoma State / Gamma Delta Donald H. Schefmeyer Western Kentucky, 1965 Georgia / Delta Chapter Maryland / Gamma ChiFlorida Southern / Syracuse, 1969 Richard Taylor Chad J. Clay, Oklahoma State 1989Epsilon Sigma John F. McMullan, Georgia 1958 Robert D. Basham, Maryland 1970 Western Kentucky, 1964 John A. Clerico, Oklahoma State 1963 Daniel H. Burkhardt, Jr.Robert F. Agar Dennis H. Reilley Southern California / Maryland, 1964Florida Southern, 1975 Oklahoma State, 1975 Alpha Upsilon Herbert Lionel Cares, Maryland 1995 Chuck L. Watson Supported through the chapter fund Oklahoma State, 1972
  12. 12. Since 2006 your,your Foundation achieved: 600 % Increase in endowment, from 400 % Increase in academic scholarships, $600,000 to $4,500,000 from $50,000 to $250,000
  13. 13. Funding increase by program since 2009:17% 175%Balfour LTW Choices1570% 7% 2012 Annual Report · 13Journey Horizons
  14. 14. Leadership Programs Overview J our n e y Objectives of Journey • eliver values-based leadership D training to every chapter every year. • rovide educational retreats P that address a chapter’s unique needs. Sigma Chi’s leadership B alfour ltw Core Sponsor Program Sponsor programs provide values- Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation David Dillon, Kansas 1973 based leadership training Objectives of BLTW Lloyd G. Balfour, Indiana 1907 to our undergraduates. The 29th Grand Consul • etter understand the fundamentals B curricula developed for Balfour and principles of values- Leadership Training Workshop, based leadership. General Sponsor Horizons, Journey, Choices • evelop a chapter strategic plan D Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge, that will lead to a higher- and Mission 365 are designed see page 11 functioning chapter. to work synergistically. • earn to perform officer duties. L Through this integrated and • mprove accountability within I comprehensive programming, the chapter. • evelop a deeper understanding of D Sigma Chi continues to the Ritual. progress toward our goal • eave Sigma Chi values into officer W of being the preeminent roles, and decision-making. collegiate leadership • nhance existing relationships E and establish new friendships with development organization— brothers from other chapters. aligned, focused and living our • nderstand resources available to help U core values. during one’s tenure in office. • pen communications with trained O alumni who can provide advice and counsel. • earn real-world lessons from L Distinguished Alumni Visitors.14 · Sigma Chi Foundation
  15. 15. Hor i z o n s Participant Sponsors Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter ChallengeObjectives of Horizons see page 11• Provide Sigma Chi Undergraduates Albert O. Nicholas with the highest level of leadership Leadership Endowment training possible, and thereby, impact Albert O. Nicholas our chapters, host institutions and Wisconsin-Madison, 1952 the world. Alpha Upsilon Leadership Fund• rovide a growth experience that P D. Kerry McCluggage impacts Sigma Chis throughout Southern California, 1976 their collegiate career.• Provide Sigma Chis with alumni Terry E. Perucca, Arizona State 1966 mentors to help them further William I. Rainwater, Sr., Arkansas 1949 develop their character.• Train undergraduates on the key Lawrence J. Pilon, Michigan State 1970 principles of values-based leadership. V. William Hunt, Indiana 1966• Introduce brothers to accomplished choices M i ss i o n 3 6 5 Distinguished Alumni Visitors who Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation speak to leadership in the real world. (four participants) Objectives of Choices Objectives of Mission 365• Challenge paradigms of teamwork, expectations, maturity, selflessness • rovide relevant education on P • o teach all undergraduate brothers T and the pursuit of goals greater than the issues of substance abuse and and alumni advisors a recruitment the individual. misuse, recreational drugs, suicide process and techniques guided by and depression. Sigma Chi values and ideals. • hallenge participants to integrate C • o introduce a strategic planning TSession Sponsors the standards of Sigma Chi into their process for a chapter-wide 365-day personal decisions about alcohol and recruitment approach integrating allKeith J. Krach, Purdue 1979 drug use. available Sigma Chi resources.In honor of Gardner B. Allen • rovide accountability techniques P • o provide essential recruitment tools TRobert C. McNair, South Carolina 1958 to help undergraduates act on which will help chapters identify and informed decisions. recruit men of character.Facilitator Training Sponsor • early, introduce new recruitment Y materials to support our chapters’Chuck L. Watson, Oklahoma State 1972 Core Sponsor Mission 365 plans. Rob E. Reifschneider Leadership FundSmall Group Sponsor Rob E. Reifschneider San Diego State, 1957 2012 Annual Report · 15Peter L. Frechette Chuck L. Watson, Oklahoma State 1972Wisconsin-Madison, 1960Mission SponsorMichael GreenbergIllinois Wesleyan, 1982
  16. 16. 1,901 65Historic attendance record Years Balfour LTW has been held97 %Percentage of all chapters 69 % Percentage of chapters that sentand Consuls participated five or more delegatesAverage Delegation Size5.554.543.5 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012225During the most recent Balfour LTW, 225 brothers participated in specialized alumnitraining, preparing them to return value to their respective undergraduate chapteras an advisor or mentor. These alumni were trained in the art of facilitation, how toimplement a Journey chapter retreat, and the fundamentals of the Choices alcohol,drug, suicide and depression education program.
  17. 17. B A L F O U R LT W Embodying Our Mission and ValuesNoah Buck, Southern Methodist University 2011 retreat program. We aspire to reach 75 chapters with the retreat this year, with the long-term goal of reaching every chapter every year. Additionally, the new online pledge education program was introduced. It is accessible to Balfour Leadership Training Workshop embodies Magisters and pledges, and its purpose is to make pledgeship uniform across the mission and values of Sigma Chi. Its sheer the Fraternity’s 239 chapters. scope and breadth opens the door for every Sigma BLTW is the largest and most successful leadership conference in Chi in attendance to discover their own leadership the Greek world. It is the Fraternity’s primary annual training program, potential in conjunction with action-oriented delivering state-of-the-art training to every attendee. It is a central element expectations. Undergraduates know the alumni are of Sigma Chi’s integrated, comprehensive leadership development strategy in there to collaborate and be brothers first, and come conjunction with Horizons, Journey, Choices and Mission 365. to understand that they have strong support in the execution of their chapter responsibilities. The opportunity to connect, and reconnect, with brothers Curriculum + Programmingand the ritual all while establishing a chapter strategic plan is a unique andfulfilling experience that reinforces my desire for brotherhood and life loyaltyto Sigma Chi. At the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, our educational goals were I am sincerely proud of BLTW’s commitment to the constant two-fold: build effective leaders and develop stronger chapters. This year’simprovement, and in the ambition of the Balfour Leadership Operating Board curriculum drew on James Kouzes and Barry Posner’s five leadershipto making BLTW the preeminent Greek leadership program. I am deeply practices from The Leadership Challenge and the redesigned Strategicgrateful to the Foundation for its growing investment in our young leaders. Planning module.Another Record-Breaking Year Chapter Planning Module Balfour LTW Initial PlanIn 2012, Balfour Leadership Training Workshop set an all-time attendance developed by Officersrecord with 1,901 participants. Attendees, alumni and undergraduates 2012 Annual Report · 17 Annual Report ∑X Journey Strategicalike, were excited by the new developments implemented this year. For Evaluate Sucess/Update Plan/ Visioning Retreat Chapterthe first time ever, alumni were trained to facilitate the Journey chapter Check Off Complete Goals Operations/ Gather Buy-in/Shared Vision Officer with Chapter/Update Plan Transition Province Conference Re-focus/Update Plan
  18. 18. J our n e y Reaching Every Chapter Every Year David Dillon, Kansas 1973 Journey is comprised of local chapter retreats that aim to engage and support undergraduate brothers in a wide range of areas. Journey Chapter Retreat curriculum was David Dillon, Kansas 1973 taught to alumni facilitators for the first time this summer remembers prominent alumni at Balfour LTW. The goal is to have 75 chapters participate returning to give back to this year, but our aspiration is to reach every chapter every his chapter when he was an year. Journey chapter retreats topics include strategic undergraduate. Now, he too, wants planning, managing positive change in chapter culture to return the favor after Sigma Chi and strengthening brotherhood. Future Journey retreats taught him the leadership skills may focus on areas such as individual leadership, risk necessary to be in charge of 2,500 management, recruitment according to Sigma Chi values supermarkets, 800 convenience (Mission 365), substance abuse and suicide (Choices). In stores and 400 jewelry stores. conjunction with Horizons and Balfour LTW, the Journey Brother Dillon, now the CEO and Chairman of the board program aligns with Sigma Chi’s mission to prepare leaders at the Kroger Co., made a lead donation to the Sigma Chi who will lead their chapters, campuses and communities. Foundation to help launch the Journey initiative. “When you are in college, you look at some of the alumni who come back for different things and who are a part of the Fraternity’s programs and have played meaningful roles in making things possible for their younger brothers. The early seed was planted when I saw the roles people I admired played when they came back to our chapter or when they came to Balfour LTW.” Sigma Chi chapters18 · Sigma Chi Foundation