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  • 1. Sigma Chi Foundation • 2012 Annual Report Building a Lasting Legacy
  • 2. B uilding a Lasting LegacyThe Arch of Constantine was erected to commemorateConstantine I’s victory over Maxentius at the Battle ofMilvian Bridge. Standing since 316 AD, the Arch ofConstantine continues to endure.Sigma Chi’s Founders admired the courage ofEmperor Constantine, a man who demonstratedremarkable commitment to an ideal. Grounded insimilarly timeless values, Sigma Chi continues todeliver values-based leaders.The Sigma Chi Foundation undergirds our Fraternityby funding world-class leadership training andscholarship support. By expanding our reach,strengthening our investment in scholarship andleadership, and maintaining an exemplary businessoperation, your Sigma Chi Foundation is also buildinga lasting legacy.
  • 3. C h a i r m a n ’ s M e ssa g eExpanding Our EffortsBrothers,I want to extend the Foundation’s appreciation to all of our contributors for your in-person cultivation through the deployment of regional giving officers and creatinggenerosity and support. The Sigma Chi Foundation’s primary goal is to provide a pathway for a donor to directly support his chapter through the Thomas Cowanfinancial support to the Fraternity as they develop and administer important and Bell Chapter Challenge.meaningful character and leadership training programs and to provide the bestscholarship program in the Greek world. The Board of Governors of the Foundationis comprised of men who appreciate and understand the importance of our young Like the architects of the Arch of Constantine,brothers being exposed to the principles of our founding brothers and to learning we are working hard to build a lasting legacy. Welessons that will propel them to achieve great things in their lives. hope that you will continue your support and willOver the past year the Foundation has embarked on a new five-year strategicplan. One of our most important goals in this plan is to significantly expand our encourage other brothers to pledge their supportdonor base. In past years our contributor base has been at a very steady two to to the many worthy programs and funds thatthree percent of alumni. We believe we can expand this by communicating moreeffectively and by offering a wider variety of contribution alternatives. Our goal is to Sigma Chi Fraternity and Foundation are proud toenlarge the contribution margin to ten percent of alumni. Hopefully, we can reachthis target within the scope of the plan’s five-year time horizon. Most importantly, sponsor. Thanks, again.we intend to assist the Fraternity in their efforts to bring the concepts of friendship,justice, and learning to a wider audience.One of the most important things the Foundation has accomplished in the past year In hoc,is to develop numerous avenues of giving for our alumni base. A good example of 2012 Annual Report · 1this was the establishment of the Sigma Chi Military Veteran Scholarship Fund. Wehave also implemented a first-ever giving society for undergraduates to cultivate agiving relationship from initiation throughout life. We are actively expanding our Timothy A. Michael, Ohio State 1970 Chairman, Sigma Chi Foundation
  • 4. C E O ’ s M e ssa g e Our Strategic Plan • Efficient and effective communications with an eye toward In 2006 we began implementation chapter-specific support of a strategic plan that was focused •  ignificant expansion of our Annual S on building a sustainable, reliable Fund effort to increase one-on-one funding model for leadership contacts with alumni, better inform A Good Year programs and scholarships and all alumni of our work and progress, expecting accountability from both and establish a philanthropic the performing organizations and mindset among our brothers from ourselves. This performance-based, the point of initiation closed-loop approach has been very • Increased engagement in, and successful, leading to: value of, the Thomas Cowan Bell •  400% increase in general a Chapter Challenge program, which leadership scholarships provides significant opportunities to participating chapters Brothers, thank you so much for supporting •  600% increase in endowment a •  n average fundraising cost per a • Expanded deferred giving options your Sigma Chi Foundation in fiscal year dollar raised of $.27 such as the Charitable Gift Annuity that benefit both the donor and •  igma Chi Foundation providing S 2011-12. It was another very good year. seven times more program services the Foundation •  n engaged, supportive Board of A Thanks to your generosity, we were able to than the average Greek organization (#1 for six consecutive years) Governors who continually seek again expand scholarships and funding for •  Sigma Chi Foundation providing an opportunities to advocate on behalf of the Foundation average of $1M more per year than our world-class leadership programs. And we the #2 fraternity foundation •  ngoing outreach and engagement O opportunities for alumni have done so with efficiency and excellence •  incere expressions of appreciation S This year we began implementation unsurpassed in the Greek world. In this report of the next generation strategic plan. for those alumni who give of themselves to mentor our you will find some of the highlights. I hope The overarching goal is to significantly increase our scholarship and undergraduate brothers that you will agree that we are serving as good leadership program funding through We are enthused about the progress expansion of our base of alumni stewards, and that you will consider giving to support, sustainable revenue increase, we have made thus far, and we look forward to continued growth and your Foundation again this year. and careful control of discretionary expenses. Key aspects of our plan expansion of benefits to our brothers. include the following:2 · Sigma Chi Foundation •  lignment between the Fraternity A and the Foundation in pursuit of common aspirations •  ngoing increases in academic O scholarships and chapter-wide GPA incentives
  • 5. With this in mind, please consider highest true selves. We have made H i g h l i g h ts forsupporting our work. If you give to good progress, but there is muchyour Foundation this year, you will: more to do. F i scal Y e ar 2 0 1 1 – 1 2• Enable multifaceted, highly effective I welcome the opportunity to discuss leadership training programs that Strong performance against goals any issues or concerns you may have. seek to reach, challenge and I look forward to opportunities to speak •  otal Commitments: $1.85M vs. $1.6 M T positively impact the hearts to you and/or your alumni group about •  nrestricted cash: $1.3M vs. $1.4M U and minds of every undergraduate the work of your Foundation. Your every year questions, comments, and feedback• Help us expand academic and Supported Academic Excellence are always appreciated. needs-based scholarships that are •  223,000 to fund general academic scholarships— $ among the most generous in the Finally, it is important to note that the sixth consecutive annual increase of at least $25,000 Greek world without the financial support of our• Allow us to grow an endowment  loyal brothers, along with the generous Substantial Program Grants that will ensure that our excellent time commitments and dedication programs are funded in perpetuity of those alumni brothers who devote The Foundation increased leadership and scholarship grants by• Ensure continued expansion countless hours to facilitate the 10% in FY 2011-12. of values-based leadership programs, the Sigma Chi leadership experiences at the chapter, •  480,000 to fund 100% of the Horizons leadership program $ legacy would simply not exist. province, and international levels •  430,000 to fund 64% of the cost Balfour Leadership $ On behalf of all who benefit from•  ffirm the need for forward A Training Workshop (BLTW) your generosity and your devotion, planning and the importance •  30,000 to fund 100% of the K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr. $ thank you! of accountability within the Province Balfour program undergraduate chapters •  30,000 to fund 100% of the Journey Chapter $ In hoc, Retreat Program• Incentivize academic scholarship at the chapter level through chapter •  30,000 to fund 100% of the Choices $ GPA excellence recognition drug and alcohol education program• Serve as an example to your  Our programs continue to deliver excellence and value, brothers of your respect for the thanks to many dedicated and passionate volunteer brothers! double obligation by which all Sigma Chis are bound •  ,901 brothers participated at BLTW in 2012— 1 breaking the all-time attendance recordBrother, we know that your •  weeks of the Horizons individual leadership 4heartstrings are tied to your home Gregory J. Harbaugh, Purdue 1978 experience were providedchapter. We know that when you think President and CEO •  ourney leadership program facilitator curriculum was taught J 2012 Annual Report · 3of Sigma Chi, you think of your time to alumni for the first time this summer at Balfour LTW.there as an undergrad. We hope you We hope to see Journey reach 75 chapters this year.will come to see your Foundationas a willing and able partner in thecontinued development and support ofyour home chapter. Together we canhelp these young men become their
  • 6. L e a d e rs h i p The Sigma Chi Foundation Board of Governors Board of Governors Timothy A. Michael John A. Clerico James R. Allen Ohio State, 1970 Oklahoma State, 1963 DePauw, 1979 Chairman Treasurer Brother Allen is President Brother Michael is Chairman Brother Clerico is Co-Founder and CEO of Hilliard Lyons. of the Foundation Board and Chairman of Chartmark Brother Allen joined the of Governors. He is the Investments, Inc. Foundation Board of principal of Michael Freres Brother Clerico joined the Governors in 2012. He is & Associates, Inc., a private “ y college experience and education were M Foundation Board of Governors a Significant Sig. investment company. in 2008 as treasurer. He is a Brother Michael joined Significant Sig. enhanced by my Sigma Chi experience. the Foundation Board of Governors in 2006. He is While I have stayed involved over the years a Significant Sig. since 1969 graduation, I had a step-up experience in 2012 when I attended the Horizons program in Snowbird this spring. I  have now joined the Foundation Board to help assure our energy is focused on Sigma Richard J. Campo Robert E. Joseph Lee A. Beauchamp Oregon State, 1976 Willamette, 1957 Texas A&M-College Chi enriching and bringing value to the Vice Chairman Parliamentarian Station, 1975 current and future undergraduates.” Brother Campo is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Camden Brother Joseph was 56th Grand Consul of Sigma Chi 63rd Grand Consul of Sigma Chi Fraternity. He Property Trust. Fraternity. He is an attorney is the Director of Business at Schwabe, Williamson. In Development at Forest Park Brother Campo joined 1988, Brother Joseph helped Medical Center - San Antonio. Robert D. Johnson, Miami (Ohio) 1969 the Foundation Board of organize Sigma Chi’s Risk He retired as President of Ada Governors in 2006. He is Management Foundation and Resources, Inc.6 · Sigma Chi Foundation a Significant Sig. served as Chair for 10 years. Brother Beauchamp joined Brother Joseph joined the Foundation Board of the Foundation Board of Governors in 2008. He is a Governors in 2002. He is a Significant Sig and an Order Significant Sig and an Order of Constantine Sig. of Constantine Sig.
  • 7. Governors Emeritus K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. Kansas, 1944 Dr. Constantine Curris Kentucky, 1962John G. Berylson Robert J. Georges Robert D. Johnson John D. Peterson Dr. Daniel P. Walsh, DO Henry DurhamBrown, 1975 Florida Southern, 1973 Miami (Ohio), 1969 Indiana, 1955 Southeast Missouri, 1971 Kentucky, 1953 Past Chairman, FoundationBrother Berylson is President Brother Georges has served as Brother Johnson retired in Board of Governors Brother Walsh is President Ben Fisherof GCC Investments, Inc. Grand Quaestor. He is founder 2008 as Chief Executive and CEO of Acute Care Illinois, 1948 and CEO of MidAmerica Officer of Dubai Aerospace Brother Peterson is Chairman Consultants. He is a Bob HaydenBrother Berylson joined Administrative & Retirement Enterprise (DAE). Prior to and CEO of City Securities retired US Navy Captain, Miami (Ohio), 1960the Foundation Board of Solutions, Inc. DAE, he was Chairman of the Corporation. Medical Corps.Governors in 2009. He is Jon Huntsman, Sr. Board of Honeywell Aerospacea Significant Sig. Brother Georges joined the Brother Peterson joined the Brother Walsh Joined Pennsylvania, 1959 where he also served prior to Foundation Board of Governors Foundation Board in 1987. the Foundation Board of 2000 as President and Chief Murray McComas in 2012. He is a Significant He is a Significant Sig and an Governors in 2012. He is Executive Officer. Pennsylvania, 1958 Sig and an Order Order of Constantine Sig. a Significant Sig. of Constantine Sig. Brother Johnson Joined S. Jack McDuff the Foundation Board of Arizona, 1948 Governors in 2012. He is a Significant Sig. Allen C. Menke Purdue, 1944 Jim Morris Minnesota, 1949 Hon. William O’Kelley Emory, 1951 Phil Olsen Utah State, 1970 Leon ParmaThomas E. “Tommy” Bronson Stephen W. Goodroe D. Kerry McCluggage Robert F. Sweeney San Diego State, 1950Tennessee-Knoxville, 1958 Georgia, 1971 Southern California, 1976 Colorado State, 1959 Chuck L. Watson Merril E. “Boz” Prichard* Oklahoma State, 1972Brother Bronson is Managing Brother Goodroe is an Brother McCluggage is the Brother Sweeney is a former Illinois, 1948* Past Chairman, FoundationPartner at TBF Partners, Ltd. Executive-in-Residence in President and owner of Mayor of Craig, Colorado. Board of Governors Edward S. Rogers*He is the retired President the Terry College of Business Craftsman Films. He is also the Currently, he is President of Toronto-Ryerson, 1956of Meridian Business Group, at the University of Georgia. Lead Independent Director of the Kenneth Kendal King Brother Watson is the Bernard SergesketterMartin Marietta Materials. He retired from Procter and American Reprographics. He Foundation in Denver. Chairman of Twin Eagle Purdue, 1958 Gamble in 2001 as Vice formerly served as Chairman Resource Management.Brother Bronson joined Brother Sweeney joined President - Global Customer of Paramount Television. He is a minority owner of Goff Smith*the Foundation Board of the Foundation Board of Marketing. After retiring from the Houston Texans. Michigan, 1938Governors in 2005. He is Brother McCluggage joined Governors in 1995. He is 2012 Annual Report · 7 P&G, he led the successfula Significant Sig. the Foundation Board of a Significant Sig. Brother Watson joined Jesse R. “Bob” Stone start-up of Dunnhumby USA Governors in 2008. He is a the Foundation Board of Illinois, 1951 as the first CEO. Significant Sig and an Order Governors in 2003. He is Dennis E. Wheeler Brother Goodroe joined of Constantine Sig. a Significant Sig and Order Idaho, 1964 the Foundation Board of of Constantine Sig. Governors in 2009. He is John A. Ziegler, Jr. a Significant Sig. Michigan, 1955 *  enotes Chapter Eternal D
  • 8. F i n a n c i al C o m m e n tary: F i scal Y e ar 2 0 1 1 - 1 2 and other non-cash items. Legacy imposed restrictions. The Foundation Professionals, LLP, conducted the seeks to preserve the Corpus and Foundation’s certified audit. More utilize only earnings of all Endowment information on our accrual based funds (as defined in its Policy for financial report (IRS Form 990) may Fund Maintenance and Acceptance of be found at www.GuideStar.com. Charitable Contributions, Section 3(B). Sustainable Growth Investment Performance An Endowment fund is formed only upon the creation and acceptance of an Endowment Fund Agreement that In fiscal year 2011-12, the Foundation conforms to relevant policy. retained Northern Trust to manage its investment portfolio. The Foundation annually adopts a spending policy to set the annual The Foundation’s asset allocation places distribution rate from Endowment priority on preserving Endowment Funds. During fiscal year 2011-12, The Sigma Chi Foundation completed The Foundation saw modest growth in Corpus, conservatively producing the spending policy was 4% of an a strong fiscal year 2011-12 thanks to charitable revenue (excluding bequests) income, and growing invested assets at Endowment Fund’s average Corpus the ongoing support of our brothers. of just under one percent. Including a a rate exceeding inflation. In response for the preceding 12 quarters (ending Over the past six years, the Foundation pre-investment in the strategic plan, to changing market conditions, June 30, 2011). has met every leadership grant operating expenses increased 1.2%. the Foundation adopted a revised commitment, expanded our academic Program and scholarship grants investment policy statement and asset scholarships, begun to rebuild our increased by 10%. allocation in November 2011. endowment, and achieved a positive The Foundation is responsibly investing The Foundation’s investment portfolio bottom line. in expanded outreach, undergraduate returned a positive 4.93% in fiscal engagement, planned giving, and the year 2011-12. The benchmark was Cash-Based Performance Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge 6.62%. Variance from the benchmark program in an effort to both expand is attributable to the impacts of the In fiscal year 2011-12, careful budget the number of contributing brothers transition of investment managers. management and a strong development and to grow overall revenue. These Investment performance after the effort allowed the Foundation to new initiatives, coupled with the date of full transition exceeded the advance its investment in a new Foundation’s track record of benchmark through fiscal year-end. strategic plan, provide supplemental responsible fiscal management, funding to the growing Choices position the organization for growth Endowment and education program, honor all grant and sustainability. Chapter-Specific Funds commitments, and still achieve a positive net margin.8 · Sigma Chi Foundation Accrual-Based Performance The Foundation has established policies governing Endowment and The Foundation maintains accrual chapter-specific funds consistent basis financial records, which reflect with applicable law. We account for unrealized gain or loss on investments, Endowment assets in separate funds the present value of pledges upon the based on fund purpose and donor- date of commitment, depreciation,
  • 9. F ou n d at i o n Gra n t A llocat i o nView our IRS form 990 atGuideStar.com or by request. Horizons: 36% Academic Scholarships: 15% Other: 1% Choices: 3% Museum/Archiving: 3% Journey: 2% Cornerstone/Grand Praetor support: 6% Bud Adams Award: 2% Balfour Leadership Training Workshop: 32% $ 75,000 39E n d ow m e n t$5M New Investment in Strategic Plan: designed Thomas Cowan to increase engagement and revenue Bell Chapters$4M $ 4,500,000$3M$2M Value of endowment, an increase of 600% over past seven years$1M 2012 Annual Report · 9 FY 05-06 FY 06-07 FY 07-08 FY 08-09 FY 09-10 FY 10-11 $ 10,000 Approximate Leadership and Scholarship ■ Unrestricted Endowment ■ Restricted Endowment ■ Total Endowment support provided to each chapter
  • 10. Engaging at the Chapter Level “Our country has never needed strong leadership more than it does today, and no organization is doing a better job of developing leaders than Sigma Chi. The leadership programs supported through the Sigma Chi Foundation certainly enrich the lives of our Sigma Chi brothers, but they also positively impact the lives of people To increase our support and outreach Investment of Caldwell Circle Gifts As the Foundation expands the Caldwell who are touched by the good deeds to undergraduates at the chapter level Circle to every chapter, opportunities that flow from them. Delivering these The net proceeds of the donations we have expanded the Bell Chapter exist for alumni donors to provide a proven programs to chapters through from the Caldwell Circle directly Challenge and launched a new giving challenge match to your home chapter. the Bell Chapter Challenge will have support the leadership programs, and society—The Caldwell Circle. Your support provides a direct example a positive and lasting impact. scholarships that have the potential to to those young men who now follow in reach every undergraduate. Examples We have an amazing opportunity to your footsteps. include Balfour Leadership Training provide our undergraduate brothers The Caldwell Workshop, Journey chapter retreats, the resources to continue their Circle Choices alcohol and drug education, Mission 365 recruiting, and Thomas Cowan development into the leaders sorely needed in all walks of life. We should Engaging Undergraduates and Young Alumni to Create a Culture of Giving province conferences. Bell Chapter not see this just as an opportunity, but as a duty.” Brothers who join the Caldwell Circle are recognized on the Sigma Chi Challenge Steve Goodroe, Georgia 1971 Purpose/Goals Foundation’s website and in the Your Gift Supports Your Chapter The Caldwell Circle was established as annual report. Chapters with the Since the program’s inception in 2008, your Foundation’s effort to engage our highest percentage of Caldwell Circle it has grown to 39 participating chapters members will be recognized annually Our brothers appreciate the difference youngest brothers. Through this effort during fiscal year 2011-12. Thanks to at Sigma Chi events. Sigma Chi has made in their lives. They we are awakening undergraduates the growing support of our brothers, the want to give where their Sigma Chi and young alumni to all of the benefits Foundation has expanded the benefits experience began, where they forged they derive from Sigma Chi. We are Joining the Caldwell Circle provided to Bell chapters. During their leadership skills, where they educating them on our mission, the fiscal year 2011-12, the Foundation Undergraduate brothers and young formed lifelong bonds of friendship, leadership and scholarship program designated one academic scholarship to alumni may join the Caldwell Circle where they were grew from youth to funding we provide, the new initiatives every Bell chapter. In the coming year, with an annual gift of $18.55 or manhood—their home chapter. being implemented, the approximate the program will integrate Choices at more. Members receive an official The Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter no cost to participating chapters.10 · Sigma Chi Foundation $10,000 in annual support your Caldwell Circle lapel pin. Brothers Foundation provides to their chapter, Challenge provides a unique who contribute at higher levels receive and that all of this is available due to opportunity for donors to help the additional apparel. the generosity of their alumni brothers. young men at their home chapters They are recognizing that their brothers To join, please visit reach their full potential. By giving to give back to benefit them and we are sigmachi.org/caldwellcircle. the Bell Chapter Challenge, donors demonstrating that there is nobility in directly sponsor key leadership training paying it forward to benefit others. programs and scholarship opportunities at their chapter.
  • 11. Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge How Can I Help My Chapter Become a Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter?Fiscal Year 2012-13 Benefits The Foundation’s development professionals stand Levels Blue Gold ready to aid your chapter in becoming a Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter. Beyond providing financial Amount $10,000 per year $20,000 per year support, your engagement can make all the $250,000 Endow* $500,000 Endow* difference. Proven ways to engage include: Chapter Benefits •  additional undergraduate registrations at Balfour 3 •  additional undergraduate registrations at Balfour 5 LTW, increasing the number to a total of 8 LTW, increasing the number to a total of 10 • Hosting a local event to announce and promote a •  Designated Horizons Slot 1 • 2 Designated Horizons Slot Bell Chapter fundraising drive (the Foundation will •  Designated $1,000 Academic Scholarship 1 •  Designated $1,000 Academic Scholarships 2 make this presentation) •  Choices alcohol, drug, suicide and depression •  hoices alcohol, drug, suicide and depression retreat C •  igning your name to an advocacy letter to brothers S retreat at no cost to the chapter at no cost to the chapter from your chapter •  3,000 Journey Chapter Retreat Stipend $ • Directly contacting your contemporaries and asking •  1,000 Balfour LTW Travel Stipend $ for their engagement* ccumulated cash in A Terms & Conditions: Annual proceeds (either gifts to support a chapter on an annual basis or the proceeds of an endowment up to the • roviding Foundation development professionals P chapter’s Bell Fund. established Bell chapter level) are unrestricted annual fund gifts, meaning that the Foundation may allocate the proceeds for any purpose with referrals consistent with its charitable mission. The Foundation reserves the right to change the annual funding level or program offerings in future years.Fully Funded Thomas Cowan Bell Chapters in fiscal year 2011-12 Georgia Institute of Pedro E. Wasmer, Maryland 1962 Oregon State / Beta Pi Texas A & M-College Station / Technology / Beta Psi Scott Rawlings Werber Eta Upsilon Supported through the chapter fund Maryland, 1986 William W. George, Georgia Institute John W. Cox, Texas A & M - of Technology 1964 College Station 1981 American / Kappa Rho Christopher L. Asbill Pennsylvania / Phi Phi Beta Psi Foundation Michigan State / Gamma Psi Alan B. Mitchell, Texas A & M - Florida Southern, 1993Mark Meadows, American 2006 Thomas Farrell, Pennsylvania 1968 College Station 1985 William G. Buck, Jr. Lawrence J. PilonNathan Neal Samuel Greenawalt Florida Southern, 1998 Georgia Southern / Eta Zeta Michigan State, 1970George Washington, 1983 Pennsylvania, 1951 John T. Caracuzzo Timothy F. Shank Texas – Austin / Alpha NuJeffrey Rothenberg, American 2004 Robert Petry, Georgia Southern 1981 Morris Nunes, Pennsylvania 1970 Florida Southern, 1967 Michigan State, 1962 John C. Bibo, Texas – Austin 1974 Stephen J. Demanovich Kenneth L. Way Mark L. Drew, Wake Forest 1983Bradley / Delta Rho Florida Southern, 1999 Indiana / Lambda Michigan State, 1961 Pittsburgh / Beta Theta Jack E. Guenther Randy DusenberryCol. David L. Frederick, USAF (Ret) Supported through the chapter fund Supported through the chapter fund Texas – Austin, 1956 Florida Southern, 1977Bradley, 1959 Miami (Ohio) / Alpha James A. Thompson Robert L. Fryer, Jr.Harold L. Lamont, Bradley 1960 Texas – Austin, 1970 Florida Southern, 1970 Kansas / Alpha Xi Joseph P. Hayden, Miami 1951 Purdue / Delta DeltaDean A. Mefford, Bradley 1962 Linden R. Welsch, University of Texas Robert J. Georges Richard C. Nehls, Miami 1973 Laurent Debauge, Kansas 1962 Keith Holcomb, Purdue 1979 – Austin 1969 Florida Southern, 1973 Hon. Michale G. Oxley, Miami 1966 L. Javan Grant, Florida Southern 2001 Scott Sperling, Purdue 1979Butler / Rho Brian K. Hasson Kentucky / Lambda Lambda Tulane / Alpha OmicronSupported through the chapter fund Florida Southern, 1988 Montana / Beta Delta Southeast Missouri State / David A. Johnson Jon D. Chellgren, Kentucky 1969 Steven L. Dehmlow, Tulane 1978 Supported through the chapter fund Epsilon Phi Florida Southern, 1974 Paul W. Chellgren, Kentucky 1964 Phil G.D. SchaeferDePauw / Xi August R. McCullough, Jr. Hon. Karl S. Forester Richard L. Anello Tulane University, 1980W. Bret Baier Florida Southern, 1960 Kentucky, 1962 Montana State / Beta Rho Southeast Missouri State, 1971 Mark W. Tipton, Tulane 1978DePauw University, 1992 Roman F. Polivka K. Carter Harris, Kentucky 1978 Dean E. Cowan Tristan P. Renz, Montana State 1979 Florida Southern, 1990 Charles A. Kington, Kentucky 1984 Southeast Missouri State, 1992 Washington / Tau Tau 2012 Annual Report · 11 William Lee Rust Keith R. Knapp, Kentucky 1978 Charles R. HeylEmory / Beta Chi Florida Southern, 1967 Samuel C. Moseley, Kentucky 1969 North Georgia / Theta Epsilon Southeast Missouri State, 1970 Supported through chapter fundLawrence Blau, Emory 1963 Eric R. Severson William W. Shely, Kentucky 1974 Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Florida Southern, 2001 Joseph R. Sivewright, Kentucky 1980 Philanthropy Award Winner Syracuse / Psi Psi Western Kentucky / Zeta Mu Justin B. Sorrells Paul C. Varga, Kentucky 1985Florida / Gamma Theta Supported Through Chapter Fund Florida Southern, 2003 D. A. Sachs, Centre College 1948 Joseph J. Durzo, Syracuse 1967 Paul Chellgren, Kentucky 1964Thomas DeMarco, Florida 1970 Bryan N. Leather, Syracuse 1966 Rick Guillaume Oklahoma State / Gamma Delta Donald H. Schefmeyer Western Kentucky, 1965 Georgia / Delta Chapter Maryland / Gamma ChiFlorida Southern / Syracuse, 1969 Richard Taylor Chad J. Clay, Oklahoma State 1989Epsilon Sigma John F. McMullan, Georgia 1958 Robert D. Basham, Maryland 1970 Western Kentucky, 1964 John A. Clerico, Oklahoma State 1963 Daniel H. Burkhardt, Jr.Robert F. Agar Dennis H. Reilley Southern California / Maryland, 1964Florida Southern, 1975 Oklahoma State, 1975 Alpha Upsilon Herbert Lionel Cares, Maryland 1995 Chuck L. Watson Supported through the chapter fund Oklahoma State, 1972
  • 12. Since 2006 your,your Foundation achieved: 600 % Increase in endowment, from 400 % Increase in academic scholarships, $600,000 to $4,500,000 from $50,000 to $250,000
  • 13. Funding increase by program since 2009:17% 175%Balfour LTW Choices1570% 7% 2012 Annual Report · 13Journey Horizons
  • 14. Leadership Programs Overview J our n e y Objectives of Journey •  eliver values-based leadership D training to every chapter every year. •  rovide educational retreats P that address a chapter’s unique needs. Sigma Chi’s leadership B alfour ltw Core Sponsor Program Sponsor programs provide values- Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation David Dillon, Kansas 1973 based leadership training Objectives of BLTW Lloyd G. Balfour, Indiana 1907 to our undergraduates. The 29th Grand Consul •  etter understand the fundamentals B curricula developed for Balfour and principles of values- Leadership Training Workshop, based leadership. General Sponsor Horizons, Journey, Choices •  evelop a chapter strategic plan D Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge, that will lead to a higher- and Mission 365 are designed see page 11 functioning chapter. to work synergistically. •  earn to perform officer duties. L Through this integrated and •  mprove accountability within I comprehensive programming, the chapter. •  evelop a deeper understanding of D Sigma Chi continues to the Ritual. progress toward our goal •  eave Sigma Chi values into officer W of being the preeminent roles, and decision-making. collegiate leadership •  nhance existing relationships E and establish new friendships with development organization— brothers from other chapters. aligned, focused and living our •  nderstand resources available to help U core values. during one’s tenure in office. •  pen communications with trained O alumni who can provide advice and counsel. •  earn real-world lessons from L Distinguished Alumni Visitors.14 · Sigma Chi Foundation
  • 15. Hor i z o n s Participant Sponsors Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter ChallengeObjectives of Horizons see page 11• Provide Sigma Chi Undergraduates  Albert O. Nicholas with the highest level of leadership Leadership Endowment training possible, and thereby, impact Albert O. Nicholas our chapters, host institutions and Wisconsin-Madison, 1952 the world. Alpha Upsilon Leadership Fund•  rovide a growth experience that P D. Kerry McCluggage impacts Sigma Chis throughout Southern California, 1976 their collegiate career.• Provide Sigma Chis with alumni  Terry E. Perucca, Arizona State 1966 mentors to help them further William I. Rainwater, Sr., Arkansas 1949 develop their character.• Train undergraduates on the key  Lawrence J. Pilon, Michigan State 1970 principles of values-based leadership. V. William Hunt, Indiana 1966• Introduce brothers to accomplished  choices M i ss i o n 3 6 5 Distinguished Alumni Visitors who Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation speak to leadership in the real world. (four participants) Objectives of Choices Objectives of Mission 365• Challenge paradigms of teamwork,  expectations, maturity, selflessness •  rovide relevant education on P •  o teach all undergraduate brothers T and the pursuit of goals greater than the issues of substance abuse and and alumni advisors a recruitment the individual. misuse, recreational drugs, suicide process and techniques guided by and depression. Sigma Chi values and ideals. •  hallenge participants to integrate C •  o introduce a strategic planning TSession Sponsors the standards of Sigma Chi into their process for a chapter-wide 365-day personal decisions about alcohol and recruitment approach integrating allKeith J. Krach, Purdue 1979 drug use. available Sigma Chi resources.In honor of Gardner B. Allen •  rovide accountability techniques P •  o provide essential recruitment tools TRobert C. McNair, South Carolina 1958 to help undergraduates act on which will help chapters identify and informed decisions. recruit men of character.Facilitator Training Sponsor •  early, introduce new recruitment Y materials to support our chapters’Chuck L. Watson, Oklahoma State 1972 Core Sponsor Mission 365 plans. Rob E. Reifschneider Leadership FundSmall Group Sponsor Rob E. Reifschneider San Diego State, 1957 2012 Annual Report · 15Peter L. Frechette Chuck L. Watson, Oklahoma State 1972Wisconsin-Madison, 1960Mission SponsorMichael GreenbergIllinois Wesleyan, 1982
  • 16. 1,901 65Historic attendance record Years Balfour LTW has been held97 %Percentage of all chapters 69 % Percentage of chapters that sentand Consuls participated five or more delegatesAverage Delegation Size5.554.543.5 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012225During the most recent Balfour LTW, 225 brothers participated in specialized alumnitraining, preparing them to return value to their respective undergraduate chapteras an advisor or mentor. These alumni were trained in the art of facilitation, how toimplement a Journey chapter retreat, and the fundamentals of the Choices alcohol,drug, suicide and depression education program.
  • 17. B A L F O U R LT W Embodying Our Mission and ValuesNoah Buck, Southern Methodist University 2011 retreat program. We aspire to reach 75 chapters with the retreat this year, with the long-term goal of reaching every chapter every year. Additionally, the new online pledge education program was introduced. It is accessible to Balfour Leadership Training Workshop embodies Magisters and pledges, and its purpose is to make pledgeship uniform across the mission and values of Sigma Chi. Its sheer the Fraternity’s 239 chapters. scope and breadth opens the door for every Sigma BLTW is the largest and most successful leadership conference in Chi in attendance to discover their own leadership the Greek world. It is the Fraternity’s primary annual training program, potential in conjunction with action-oriented delivering state-of-the-art training to every attendee. It is a central element expectations. Undergraduates know the alumni are of Sigma Chi’s integrated, comprehensive leadership development strategy in there to collaborate and be brothers first, and come conjunction with Horizons, Journey, Choices and Mission 365. to understand that they have strong support in the execution of their chapter responsibilities. The opportunity to connect, and reconnect, with brothers Curriculum + Programmingand the ritual all while establishing a chapter strategic plan is a unique andfulfilling experience that reinforces my desire for brotherhood and life loyaltyto Sigma Chi. At the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, our educational goals were I am sincerely proud of BLTW’s commitment to the constant two-fold: build effective leaders and develop stronger chapters. This year’simprovement, and in the ambition of the Balfour Leadership Operating Board curriculum drew on James Kouzes and Barry Posner’s five leadershipto making BLTW the preeminent Greek leadership program. I am deeply practices from The Leadership Challenge and the redesigned Strategicgrateful to the Foundation for its growing investment in our young leaders. Planning module.Another Record-Breaking Year Chapter Planning Module Balfour LTW Initial PlanIn 2012, Balfour Leadership Training Workshop set an all-time attendance developed by Officersrecord with 1,901 participants. Attendees, alumni and undergraduates 2012 Annual Report · 17 Annual Report ∑X Journey Strategicalike, were excited by the new developments implemented this year. For Evaluate Sucess/Update Plan/ Visioning Retreat Chapterthe first time ever, alumni were trained to facilitate the Journey chapter Check Off Complete Goals Operations/ Gather Buy-in/Shared Vision Officer with Chapter/Update Plan Transition Province Conference Re-focus/Update Plan
  • 18. J our n e y Reaching Every Chapter Every Year David Dillon, Kansas 1973 Journey is comprised of local chapter retreats that aim to engage and support undergraduate brothers in a wide range of areas. Journey Chapter Retreat curriculum was David Dillon, Kansas 1973 taught to alumni facilitators for the first time this summer remembers prominent alumni at Balfour LTW. The goal is to have 75 chapters participate returning to give back to this year, but our aspiration is to reach every chapter every his chapter when he was an year. Journey chapter retreats topics include strategic undergraduate. Now, he too, wants planning, managing positive change in chapter culture to return the favor after Sigma Chi and strengthening brotherhood. Future Journey retreats taught him the leadership skills may focus on areas such as individual leadership, risk necessary to be in charge of 2,500 management, recruitment according to Sigma Chi values supermarkets, 800 convenience (Mission 365), substance abuse and suicide (Choices). In stores and 400 jewelry stores. conjunction with Horizons and Balfour LTW, the Journey Brother Dillon, now the CEO and Chairman of the board program aligns with Sigma Chi’s mission to prepare leaders at the Kroger Co., made a lead donation to the Sigma Chi who will lead their chapters, campuses and communities. Foundation to help launch the Journey initiative. “When you are in college, you look at some of the alumni who come back for different things and who are a part of the Fraternity’s programs and have played meaningful roles in making things possible for their younger brothers. The early seed was planted when I saw the roles people I admired played when they came back to our chapter or when they came to Balfour LTW.” Sigma Chi chapters18 · Sigma Chi Foundation
  • 19. Journey Retreats The Strategic Visioning retreat helps chapters plan out the year ahead based on goals set by officers at the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. Members generate a shared vision for the long-term future of the chapter and create a plan of action to put major building blocks in place that will keep the chapter strong and relevant for years to come. The Chapter rEvolution retreat leads a chapter through an exploration of its culture to determine how its members, both individually and collectively, can remain relevant and become leaders in campus, community and societal changes. The series of activities and conversations held during this retreat will help the chapter move forward in a positive direction. (Pilot stage) The Strengthening Our Brotherhood retreat can set the stage to reintroduce and reinforce the 239 concepts of true friendship and its role in our lifelong journey in Sigma Chi.Total number of Sigma Chi Chapters
  • 20. Hor i z o n s Developing Values-based Leaders Jackson Chabot, Boston 2014 Horizons is a proven leadership training program created to give undergraduate brothers the knowledge and skills needed to help them develop into engaged, supportive, I can honestly say that Horizons empowered, values-based leaders. Trained alumni was one of the best experiences facilitators guide our undergraduates through the six- of my life. Going into the week I day sessions in Snowbird, Utah. They are immersed in had no idea how much I would challenging, experiential learning exercises that teach learn and grow as not only a Sigma them to think and act as leaders and require them to act Chi, but also as a human being. effectively as part of a team. They also participate in group The combination of leadership discussions and are given time for reflection. During this discussions, activities and process they learn a lot about themselves and others. subsequent reflection was a great Our undergraduates depart Horizons equipped with the balance of theory and application. tools necessary to effect positive change at their chapter. The discussions that we had in our small groups were Their campuses, communities, families and society-at-large incredibly beneficial as a result of open, thorough, and all benefit from the lessons they learned at Horizons. constructive feedback. Following the program, I visited the chapters of two brothers that I met during the week. This last summer, I also reconnected with one of my small group members while visiting Headquarters. This is a program that I would encourage any Sigma Chi to pursue and donate to so we can ensure that future Sigma Chis are afforded the opportunity to attend such a rewarding program. I do not think that I would be the individual or brother that I am today without this program.20 · Sigma Chi Foundation
  • 21. 100 %funded by the Foundation 192 undergraduates attendedPictured below: Jackson Chabot with Horizons small group “Jumper”.From left to right: John Flo, Hillsdale 2013; Jackson Chabot, Boston2014; John Tomaszewski, Missouri S & T 2014; Tommy Munger,Illinois 2013; Matt Digel, Penn State 2014; Spencer Darlin,USC 2014; Birmingham Southern 2014; Facilitator Chris Brooks,College of Idaho 2006 Jackson Chabot“ do not think that I would be I the individual or brother that I am today without this program.” Jackson Chabot, Boston 2014
  • 22. 6,000 100Choices has been presented to % The percentage of the programover 6,000 Undergraduates cost funded by the Foundation“ haracter without action C has little meaning in this world. But leadership— acting in accordance with your character— can change the world.” Bill George, Georgia Tech 1964
  • 23. Choices Addressing Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse, Suicide and DepressionDonald Haddox, Embry-Riddle 1976 Choices was developed for our undergraduate Sigma Chi brothers to address the real-world issues of alcohol, recreational and prescription drug use and abuse, suicide, and depression. Trained facilitators conduct one-and-a-half Why am I a Choices Facilitator? hour training sessions at our chapters, engaging the undergraduates in In September of 1958 a family was coming self-reflective and group discussions to evaluate ways that they can socialize home from vacation. They were sitting at a red light while reducing their exposure to harm. They are taught how to monitor their behind a dump truck in Louisville, Kentucky. Down own and other’s actions in a safe and accountable environment. The program the hill came a semi-truck loaded with crude oil. It also challenges Sigma Chis to integrate the standards of the Fraternity into was traveling close to sixty miles per hour and could their personal decisions about alcohol. The presentation is followed by an not stop. It hit the back of the family’s car, pushing anonymous, ongoing and interactive web-based journaling component that the car into the dump truck. As a result, the three allows participants to see how they compare to their peers and reflect on year old boy who was sitting on his father’s lap their drinking habits. was thrown through the windshield. When the fire To date, the Choices program has been deployed to over 6,000department got to the scene they found the little boy lying in the road and undergraduates. In 2011, the National Interfraternity Conference recognizedcovered him with a blanket assuming he was dead. They also pronounced the program with its Laurel Wreath award for “industry leading initiativesthe mother and grandfather of the little boy dead. The little boy’s father was that have advanced the fraternal movement.”trapped in the car and lost part of his leg. In fiscal year 2012-13, the Choices program will be made available to The grandmother spent months in the hospital mending broken bones. every Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter.The dump truck driver also was killed. All of this because the semi driverfinished off a bottle of bourbon, while driving all night long. So why am I a Choices facilitator? Because I was that little boy. 2012 Annual Report · 23
  • 24. Scholarships and AwardsPromoting Academic Excellence Advancing Scholarships • Scholarships now include  Special Awards Givenand Lifelong Learning need-based considerations • Donor-Scholar Program:  • International Sweetheart ScholarshipEach year, your generous donations Building Mentor Relationships funded by the Ronald P. Robertson Watson Scholarmake it possible for the Sigma Chi We are making a concerted effort to International Sweetheart Fund.Foundation to grant numerous establish mentor relationships with In honor of Brother Chuck L. Watson • Summer Intern Scholarshipsacademic scholarships and awards our undergraduates. The Donor- for his devoted service as Chairmanto our deserving undergraduate and Scholar Awards program is part of of the Sigma Chi Foundation fromgraduate brothers. that effort. Through this program, 2006 to 2011. 400% alumni can endow a $1,000 annualProviding scholarships and academic Kim and Chuck Watson scholarship through a one-time gift ofawards furthers the Foundation’s goal scholarship recipient $25,000. Donors are encouraged toto promote academic excellence. We James S. Heffner establish a mentor relationship withproudly award brothers who show Western Connecticut State, 2014 Percentage increase in academic scholarship the recipient(s). funding over five yearsoutstanding leadership, academicmotivation, and commitment to their •  Established the Sigma Chi Military  Peterson Scholarchapters and campuses. Veteran Scholarship Fund. This fund $ 50 - 250 k $ k was established to provide support In honor of Brother John D. PetersonIn fiscal year 2012-13, the Foundation to our brothers who are returning for his devoted service as Chairmanalso dedicated a scholarship for each to civilian life and who intend to of the Sigma Chi Foundation fromThomas Cowan Bell Chapter thanks to continue their education in both 1992 to 2006.the growth and donor support of this Dollar amount increase in funding over five years graduate and undergraduatechapter-specific initiative. Nancy and John Peterson studies. To qualify for the fund’s scholarship recipient resources a brother needs to have $ 500,000Objectives of Scholarships & Awards Damon J. Hudson, New Mexico 2013 served in any branch of the United States military and to have been• Motivate our brothers to reach honorably discharged. 2012 Daniel William Cooper Highest their full potential as leaders Chapter GPA Award Winners Total scholarships provided including•  upport our brothers’ S • Created the Strong Arms of Support  chapter-specific scholarships academic endeavors Scholarship Fund. This fund First Place: $5,000 awarded• Reward hard work will be used to provide academic University of Windsor, Kappa Mu 2012 Annual Report · 25•  ecognize and encourage excellence R scholarships (that can include Second Place: $3,000 awarded•  upport brothers who have S educational needs such as replacing Brown University, Beta Nu financial need a computer) to brothers impacted by a recent natural disaster or other Third Place: $2,000 awarded exigent situation. The objective College of Idaho, Kappa Lambda is to fill a financial need created by disaster.
  • 25. Undergraduate Scholarships South Carolina / Gamma Nu Billy N. Stephens, 2012 Nathan G. Berenbrok, 2014 Daniel A. Williams, 2012 Jonathan P. Marshburn, 2013 Willamette / Delta Zeta Southern Methodist / Delta Mu Marshall C. Curry, 2013 David S. Codron, 2014 Joseph L. Harman, 2014 Theodor C. Russell, 2012 Michael J. Hernandez, 2014 James C. Wallin, 2014 Kenneth C. Miller, 2012 Jacob J. Turner, 2013 Southern Mississippi / Theta Delta Leland K. Williams, 2012 Windsor / Kappa Mu Jonathan M. Krasinkiewicz, General Academic California-Davis / Theta Omicron Georgia* / Delta St. Thomas / Iota Tau Marc P. Etchepare, 2012 Michael D. Greenfield, 2011 2011 Scholarships Tyler B. Magee, 2014 Jared G. Garb, 2012 Joseph T. Parry, 2012 Alex Migambi, 2012 Yale / Theta Upsilon Thanks to you, the Sigma David L. Robertson, 2013 California State-Northridge / Zeta Xi Robert C. Mom, 2013 Muhammad U. Anwer, 2013 Chi Foundation awarded Landon B. Tucker, 2013 Albert H. Chang, 2013 Colton V. Stephens, 2011 Syracuse* / Psi Psi $192,000 in General Gettysburg College / Theta Dante L. Bortz, 2014 Daniel Y. Choi, 2012 Case Western Reserve / Beta Eta Arturo Garcia-Aguirre, 2013 Academic Scholarships during Eric J. Gobuty, 2012 Christian M. Wolgemuth, 2012 Christopher H. Dowd, 2012 John B. Harringa, 2014 the 2011-12 fiscal year. These John M. Kane, 2013 Houston / Epsilon Xi Tennessee-Martin / Kappa Psi Timothy N. Le, 2014 $1,000 grants are available to Devon P. Smith, 2012 Alex J. Wilkins, 2013 Matthew Abbott, 2013 Henry V. Lukoma, 2012 undergraduate brothers who Centre College / Zeta Zeta Indiana* / Lambda Patrick S. James, 2013 John J. Pyun, 2012 Colton C. Jones, 2013 have demonstrated outstanding William A. Hall, 2012 Andrew F. Esstman, 2013 Youngstown State / Eta Chi Augustin A. Ruta, 2013 Jacob A. Malugin, 2012 leadership on their campuses, Central Florida / Eta Pi Justin J. Haught, 2013 Joseph Moore, 2014 Joel A. Hamilton, 2011 Indiana State / Theta Pi Kevin Hulick, 2012 in their communities, at work, Jacob W. Schnittjer, 2013 Peter A. Raven, 2012 Rylan J. Wistrom, 2014 Chandler N. Sisson, 2012 or in extraordinary personal situations. Chicago / Omicron Omicron Louisville / Iota Lambda Tennessee Tech / Eta Delta Christopher J. Stavitsky, 2013 Deep K. Aggarwal, 2012 Richard D. Mayo, 2012 *Indicates Bell Chapters Clemson / Eta Psi Maryland* / Gamma Chi Brandon T. Sarago, 2014 Brian E. Beaty, 2012 Andrew C. Morreale, 2013 Christopher M. Simons, 2012 Sean C. Chrisom, 2012 The College of Idaho / Kappa Lambda Memphis / Epsilon Kappa College of Charleston / Iota Epsilon John R. Stevenson, 2013 Dayne Filer, 2012 General Leadership Grant Winners Joseph C. Cofrancesco, 2012 William V. Kippins, 2012 Miami (Florida) / Gamma Phi Jeffrey S. Kean, 2013 Mitchell D. Ruddy, 2013 “ eing awarded a scholarship by my Sigma B Michael H. Berliner, 2011 Albion College / Alpha Pi Alexander J. Conrad, 2014 Donald Schneider, 2012 New Mexico / Beta Xi Sebastian O. Sturdevant, 2014 Texas State-San Marcos / Theta Tau Chi brothers has made me proud. Sigma Connecticut / Gamma Omega Arkansas State / Theta Chi Jacob W. Yates, 2014 Brendan Innes, 2013 Nancy and John Peterson scholarship winner Rudolph Garrison, 2013 Yale C. Middleton, 2012 Chi has helped shape me into who I am Dayton / Iota Theta Damon J. Hudson, 2013 Arizona / Beta Phi James Dillard, 2012 Matthew A. Miller, 2012 North Carolina / Alpha Tau Tulane*/ Alpha Omicron Jacob Ball, 2012 today. I am working toward a psychology Jon Eastman, 2013 Brandon D. Roth, 2012 Delaware / Kappa Epsilon Sean L. Bunoski, 2012 John M. Blackmar, 2012 North Florida / Kappa Beta Tulsa / Delta Omega degree and want to use my knowledge Daniel F. Cusumano, 2012 Dominick San Angelo, 2012 Thomas E. Sellers, 2013 DePauw* / Xi Patrick S. Ledwidge, 2013 Anthony M. Hendricks, 2013 Utah / Beta Epsilon and skills to assist people with problems Oregon State* / Beta Pi Ryan K. Brinn, 2012 Arizona State / Epsilon Upsilon Stephen T. Portanova, 2012 Denver / Delta Iota Nicholas G. Harper, 2013 Sean P. Belding, 2012 Matthew Geniza, 2012 Cory J. Nelson, 2012 Chase T. Rigby, 2012 by providing council and guidance. I will Birmingham-Southern College / Chi Chi Phillip L. Brol, 2014 Duke / Beta Lambda Ottawa / Lambda Theta Robert Z. Thompson, 2012 stand ever ready to assist my brothers and Graham T. Custar, 2012 John A. Nichol, 2013 Valparaiso / Iota Sigma Daniel J. Burgin, 2012 Larry Campbell, 2012 Kequan Li, 2013 Pacific / Kappa Sigma Samuel J. Maxey, 2012 Aaron W. Willis, 2014 anyone in need of help. Thank you for Thomas L. Ray, 2012 Emory* / Beta Chi Collin Grant, 2013 Stephen J. Russell, 2013 Jonathan H. Sholar, 2012 Kamron A. Zia, 2012 John V. Matis, 2013 Kevin K. Tamura, 2012 Virginia / Psi making this scholarship available!” William B. Tennant, 2013 Devon J. Caldwell, 2012 Grant M. Williams, 2013 Florida International / Lambda Iota Randall E. Waddell, 2012 Pepperdine / Kappa Omicron Bishop’s / Iota Rho Jose Garcia, 2012 Robert F. Hall, 2012 Washington / Tau Tau Tom Sellers, Arizona 201326 · Sigma Chi Foundation Alexander M. Leggat, 2012 Andres F. Gonzalez, 2013 Joshua W. Tuz, 2013 Jeremy A. Shapero, 2013 Bradley* / Delta Rho Furman / Iota Nu Pennsylvania* / Phi Phi West Florida / Lambda Beta Shiv Patel, 2014 Daniel Heffernan, 2013 Grant R. Saunders, 2013 Derek M. Jeter, 2012 Nicholas Swiatkowski, 2012 Piotr M. Matusiak, 2012 Nathan R. Kercher, 2012 Pittsburgh* / Beta Theta Tate M. Naylor, 2012 Bridgewater State / Michael Fosselman, 2011 Western Connecticut State / Iota Eta Brendan Ryan, 2014 Theta Zeta Christopher J. Owens, 2012 Kim and Chuck Watson Steven K. Bastek, 2012 George Washington / Epsilon scholarship recipient Rensselaer Polytechnic / Delta Psi Ryan C. Ashley, 2013 James S. Heffner, 2013 Joseph A. Pumper, 2013 Ryan R. Heger, 2011 Todd C. Morrill, 2014 Richmond / Epsilon Rho Western Kentucky* / Zeta Mu Dillon Vassallo, 2012 Tyler A. Mulkins, 2011
  • 26. “ eceiving a scholarship helped me R Graduate Scholarships finance my final year at Cal without having to work quite as much. I’ve worked on campus since I was a freshman, and cutting a Thanks to your generosity, the Sigma Chi Foundation awarded $31,000 in graduate scholarships in fiscal year 2011-12. few hours off my schedule was a huge relief my senior year. Denton International Business Herschede Engineering Madson Graduate Scholarship Sigma Chi Medical Scholarship Scholarship Winners: Scholarship Winners: Winners: 2011-12 Winners: 2011-12 I’m incredibly grateful!” 2011-12 2011-12 Grace and Jack D. Madson, The Sigma Chi Scholarship A gift from Leona Denton, wife Constantine Sig Mark P. Utah State 1925, contributed was established by Dr. Daniel of Earl A. Denton, Chicago Herschede, Cincinnati 1940, $250,000 in 1992 to benefit Walsh, Southeast Missouri Zachary Breig, California-Berkley 2012 1929, inaugurated the contributed $250,000 in first-year Sigma Chi graduate State 1971, in honor of Sidney Denton Scholarship Award. 1990 to the Sigma Chi students in any academic field. G. and Juanita E. Walsh. This The award annually provides Foundation to establish a fund Each winner received award is available to graduate grants to students pursuing to benefit Sigma Chi graduate a $1,000 scholarship to students pursuing a career a graduate degree in the students in engineering. support their first year of in medicine. Each recipient field of International Affairs Each winner received a graduate education. received $1,000. with an emphasis in World $3,500 scholarship. Trade Economics, Business California-Irivine / Eta Sigma St. Louis University / Theta Iota or Political Science. Winners Curt Brown, 2011 Robert Avino, 2011 Louisville / Iota Lambda received a $1,000 scholarship. Adam Schworer, 2011 Cornell / Alpha Phi Matt Starr, 2011 Michael Flanagan, 2005 Utah / Beta Epsilon *Indicates Bell Chapters Rensselaer Polytechnic / Delta Psi Collin Barber, 2010 Adam Weltz, 2011 Hillsdale / Alpha Kappa Jeremy Vryhof, 2008 Arkansas / Omega Omega Kansas* / Alpha Xi Drew Milner, 2009 Kevin Campbell, 2008 Illinois Wesleyan / Alpha Iota Purdue / Delta Delta Charlie Sell, 2010 Chris Horney, 2008 Pepperdine University / Kappa Omicron South Florida / Theta Beta Robert Garey, 2004 Gregory Morgan, 2009 Ripon College / Epsilon Lambda Tennessee-Martin / Kappa Psi Adam Clark, 2007 Chad Holmes, 2011 Western Kentucky* / Zeta Mu Robert Ogburn, 2011 John Polk, 2011 2012 Annual Report · 27
  • 27. Engage by Giving •  equest: Naming the B receive an income Thomas Cowan Bell Sigma Chi Foundation tax deduction (for the Chapter Challenge: as a beneficiary of present gift) and an Your Gift Supports your will or trust. annual, fixed payment Your Chapter for life. Deferred CGAs • Insurance: Naming The Bell Chapter give you the option the Sigma Chi Challenge presents the Ways to Give Unrestricted Annual for the Fraternity is by to defer the income Foundation as owner opportunity for gifts Fund: Key to making a planned gift payments so you The Foundation accepts and beneficiary of a made by you and your Sustainable Growth in support of Sigma Chi receive a greater fixed gifts by cash, check, life insurance policy chapter-mates to provide Foundation. Planned income later in life. credit card, security Unrestricted gifts is an effective way enhanced benefits to gifts provide direct At the time of your instrument, charitable to the Annual Fund to leverage your your chapter. financial support to death, the funds you matching gift or IRA gift. are key to the current giving. In the Foundation upon a contributed when you Your unrestricted, tax- We also accept multi- Foundation’s mission. many instances, donor’s passing, funding established your CGA deductible gift to the year pledges, planned All undesignated a modest annual important initiatives and will benefit the Sigma Sigma Chi Foundation gifts, and gifts to the gifts are credited to payment can result in a allowing a donor to Chi Foundation. will support Sigma pooled income fund the unrestricted a significant cash gift leave a lasting impact. Chi’s key leadership (an investment vehicle Annual Fund. Gifts to the Foundation at Depending on a Planned gifts may also training programs and that produces life-time to the unrestricted insurance settlement. donor’s individual tax provide a meaningful tax scholarship opportunities income for the donor). Annual Fund help Additionally, annual situation, both the benefit during a donor’s for your chapter, Gifts can be made the Foundation: premium payments initial gift and annual life and to his estate. supplying state-of- online at www.SigmaChi. made through fixed payment may • Build an endowment  the-art, values-based org/Foundation or via Foundation development the Foundation be fully or partially • Increase General curriculum and training standard mail. professionals are are generally exempt from federal Academic Scholarship to your undergraduate available to discuss tax-deductible. income tax. Due to funding brothers. Your gift will various planned varying restrictions, •  upport increased S •  haritable Gift C help the young men at giving options and the Foundation is development efforts Annuity (CGA) or your chapter reach their to aid you in drafting not able to offer gift • Maintain the Deferred Gift Annuity full potential. an agreement that annuities in some organization’s (DGA): Investment meets your charitable states. In addition, the There is great need for current operation Vehicle. Establishing a intent. Additionally, the minimum amounts values-based leaders. •  ommunicate C charitable gift annuity Foundation can provide and ages vary by By engaging with the with alumni (CGA) with the Sigma a referral to legal, state. Please contact Sigma Chi Foundation •  perate headquarters O Chi Foundation is financial, and insurance the Foundation for you can help cultivate and historical facilities a new opportunity professionals who can more information. tomorrow’s leaders! for donors to plan28 · Sigma Chi Foundation independently assist you Planned Giving: Estate for their retirement A  ll planned gift donors For more information in developing a planned Planning Options that and provide future are recognized in about the Thomas gift and estate plan. Leave a Legacy charitable support the Foundation’s Cowan Bell Chapter The Foundation to the Foundation. Caldwell Society. Challenge, please see One of the most maintains a robust In exchange for your page 11. enduring ways a planned giving program, present gift of cash, brother or friend can general options include: securities, or other demonstrate support asset, CGA donors
  • 28. Caldwell Circle:Engaging our Mission 365, Journey, Choices, and our Foundation Namingyoungest brothers academic scholarships. Giving Opportunities Brothers can learn moreThe Caldwell Circle and join the Caldwell Representatives Naming and Sponsorship Opportunitieswas established to Circle at sigmachi.org/engage and educate A significant way to support Sigma Chi’s CaldwellCircle. CEOour undergraduate leadership and scholarship efforts is to Greg Harbaugh, Purdue 1978 provide a naming and sponsorship leveland young alumni For more information gift. Opportunities start at $10,000, andbrothers about the about the Caldwell Operations and Legal are generally payable over five years.Foundation, and their Circle, please see Ashley Woods, COO and General Counsel, Renovations/Grants Gifts can even be designated to supportcommitment to give page 10. East Tennessee, 2000 an identified chapter.back. This new programis named after James Customized Giving Annual Fund/Stewardship Donor-Scholar Scholarship ProgramParks Caldwell, Miami to Meet your Barbara Barabas, Assoc. Director The Sigma Chi Foundation Donor-1857, our youngest of Annual Fund Charitable Objectives Scholars program provides a namingFounder to honor our opportunity to interested alumniyoungest donors. To While our giving Bell Chapter Challenge who wish to directly support the and Planned Giving Foundation’s expanding scholarshipjoin the Caldwell Circle, opportunities are crafted Chris Brooks, Assoc. Director of program. Thanks to donor support, thea donation of $18.55 a to align Sigma Chi’s Development, College of Idaho 2006 Sigma Chi Foundation has increasedyear or more is asked needs with the broad general annual academic scholarship funding by 400% from $50,000 toof brothers. The gifts goals of our donors, our Undergraduate Engagement – $250,000 since 2006.to the Caldwell Circle aim is to be a conduit Caldwell Circle Melinda McIntire, Assoc. Donors contributing to this effortbenefit the Caldwell to bring your charitable Director of Development at an endowment level will have anCircle Fund, designated objectives to life. We annual academic scholarship namedto the programs and welcome a conversation To make a gift/record updates for themselves, or an honoree, for a with you on alternative minimum of 30 years.opportunities that reach Dianna Morgan,all undergraduate ways to give and Gifts & Data Coordinator increase our impact. Leadership Program Supportbrothers, including Major GiftsBalfour Leadership Steve Pracht, Managing Director of We have been the number one Greek foundation in providing programTraining Workshop, Major Gifts, Penn State 1976 services for six years. We provided seven times more program support Regional Giving Officers than the average Greek foundation. •  os Angeles— John Loes L North Dakota State, 2008 • West—Jason Martin, Butler 2001 Note: Naming gifts (excluding academic •  outheast— Benjamin Pendry S 2012 Annual Report · 29 scholarships) are allocated to support direct and “ uch has been done, and much remains to be done. None of M Western Carolina, 2006 indirect program expenses. Additionally, each naming opportunity includes an allocation to the it will be possible without the ongoing support of our alumni. •  idwest— Steve Pracht M unrestricted fund. The Foundation may use a Penn State, 1976 We must remain involved in the Fraternity and support it •  outhwest—Frank Raymond S portion of each charitable contribution to support its charitable purposes. in every way possible, whether through volunteer efforts, Penn State, 1971 The Sigma Chi Foundation allocates a reasonable by testifying to the value of being a Sigma Chi, and through •  ortheast—Jeff Rothenberg N percentage of its development and operations Director of Major Gifts, American 2004 financial support to our Sigma Chi Foundation.” expense to unrestricted and restricted purpose funds. *May be designated for a specific chapter. Dennis R. Santoli, Case Western 1967, 67th Grand Consul
  • 29. William Lewis Lockwood Society $100,000 to $249,999 Harvey P. Griffin* James K. Morris Missouri-Columbia, 1909 Minnesota, 1950 Dr. Robert W. Adami* Samuel C. Hamilton* John B. Mumford Colorado State, 1942 Iowa State, 1929 Arizona State, 1967 Charles Alling, Jr.* Joseph P. Hayden, Jr. Larry M. Oman Hanover, 1885 Miami (Ohio), 1951 Bowling Green, 1963 Lee O. Balinger* W. Scott Haynes Tim R. Palmer Case Western, 1925 Purdue, 1949 Purdue, 1980 Robert D. Basham In honor of Founder William $2 - $2.99 MILLION Richard J. Campo Winchell Thrall Hayward* Leon W. Parma Maryland, 1970 Oregon State, 1976 MIT, 1946 San Diego State, 1951 Lewis Lockwood, the Lockwood Paul M. Berge Kenneth S. Adams, Jr. Richard E. Hester Frank P. Popoff Society recognizes brothers Carl P. Clare Wisconsin, 1960 Kansas, 1944 Ball State, 1977 Indiana, 1957 Idaho, 1927 and friends who have provided John G. Berylson Keith J. Krach Clifford D. Hindle* Katherine E. Powell* significant financial support. John A. Clerico Brown, 1975 Purdue, 1979 Brown, 1912 Oklahoma State, 1963 Robert E. Reifschneider Membership in this premier James F. Bash* Col. Wilbur C. Bohnhoff* Thelma M. Crow* E. Pendleton Hogan* San Diego State, 1957 giving society is based on Indiana, 1946 Chicago, 1940 Roanoke, 1929 cumulative lifetime giving David B. Dillon Tristan P. Renz Charles W. Brown Kansas, 1973 William P. Huffman* Montana State, 1979 of $100,000 or more Ball State, 1971 Denison, 1911 to support Foundation Benjamin C. Fisher Mark E. Robinson* $1 - $1.99 MILLION George W. Bryan, Sr. Illinois, 1948 Carlyle Jefferson* Northwestern, 1928 sponsored leadership and Mississippi State, 1966 Kentucky, 1915 Edwin Fisher* Edward S. Rogers* scholarship initiatives. William W. George Michael Allan Bryson Georgia Tech, 1964 Illinois, 1928 Robert D. Johnson Toronto-Ryerson, 1956 Pittsburgh, 1968 Miami (Ohio), 1969 Membership in the society George Family Foundation Col. David L. Frederick William M. Sapoch Ronald J. Carpinella, II Bradley, 1959 Edward P. Junker, III Dickinson, 1984 entitles a donor to have their Bruce J. Harreld Purdue, 1991 Penn State, 1959 name permanently listed on Purdue, 1972 James Donald Gilbert Steven M. Schmidt Paul W. Chellgren Tennessee Tech, 1963 James R. Keith Purdue, 1976 the William Lewis Lockwood Anonymous Kentucky, 1964 Penn State, 1958 Society display at Peterson Harold P. Hanson* Richard F. Smith Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. Robert M. Collett* Montana, 1959 William R. Kelly* Purdue, 1981 International Headquarters, Pennsylvania, 1959 Denison, 1914 Vanderbilt, 1926 Goff Smith* and to receive a Founding Kenneth K. King* Mark P. Herschede* James W. Crook Cincinnati, 1940 Colin P. Kelly Michigan, 1938 Site brick paper weight. Northwestern, 1922 Mississippi State, 1952 Cal. State-Fresno, 1964 Gerald D. Hines David L. True Kenneth Kendal King Foundation Donald C. Danielson Purdue, 1946 Alan J. Kessler Wyoming, 1973 Indiana, 1942 San Jose State, 1979 Ruth E. Knotts Pedro E. Wasmer Lifetime Giving Levels John D. Peterson Mrs. Leona Denton* Kenneth H. Kraft, Jr. Maryland, 1962 Indiana, 1955 Jeremy M. Jones James E. Dora, Sr. Purdue, 1956 Iowa, 1963 Thomas W. Wasson, III* Jesse Robert Stone Purdue, 1958 R. BrooksLaPlante Virginia, 1964 $10 MILLION and ABOVE Illinois, 1951 Archibald Love, III* Joseph J. Durzo Rochester, 1975 Rensselaer, 1942 Charles R. Weaver Syracuse, 196 Chuck L. Watson Gaylord E. Leslie* Purdue, 1950 Oklahoma State, 1972 Jack D. Madson* Richard Robb Dartmouth, 1928 Utah State, 1925 Richard Mark Whiting $500,000-$999,999 Ohio State, 1958 Thomas W. Lewis, Sr. West Virginia, 1976 Joe W. Martin Park Foundation Kentucky, 1971 Houston, 1976 H. Keith Winn $5 MILLION AND ABOVE Chad J. Clay Donald A. Freeberg* D. Kerry McCluggage Georgia, 1978 Oklahoma State, 1989 George E. Mayer Minnesota, 1946 Southern California, 1976 Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation Peter L. Frechette Cincinnati, 1939 Galan W. Dutch Freise John F. McMullan Wisconsin-Madison, 1960 Murray K. McComas *Chapter Eternal Wabash, 1948 Georgia, 1958 Gordon Lennox Snider* Pennsylvania, 1958 $3 - $3.99 MILLION Thomas J. Friel Timothy A. Michael Colorado College, 1940 Albert O. Nicholas Purdue, 1969 Ohio State, 1970 Donor Recognition Policy: Dean Spencer* Wisconsin-Madison,1952 Robert C. McNair Robert L. Fryer, Jr. Fred Millis* The Sigma Chi Foundation recognizes South Carolina, 1958 Washington (Seattle), 1927 J. Dwight Peterson* Florida Southern, 1970 Hanover, 1911 donors in its giving societies and annual30 · Sigma Chi Foundation H. Campbell Stuckeman Indiana, 1919 report who contribute to the unrestricted McNair Foundation William W. George Penn State, 1937 Scott M. Sperling annual fund, Bell Chapter Challenge, Georgia Tech, 1964 Purdue, 1979 Leadership Fund, Naming Opportunity Everett P. Wood* Robert J. Georges or Historical Initiative. Contributions to Washington (Seattle), 1923 Dennis H. Reilley Florida Southern, 1973 chapter scholarship funds are recognized Oklahoma State, 1975 by individual chapters. Stephen W. Goodroe Dr. Daniel P. Walsh Georgia, 1971 $250,000-$499,000 Southeast Missouri, 1971 Verne D. Gooley* V. William Hunt Oregon State, 1929 M. Lamont Bean* Indiana, 1966 Washington (Seattle), 1946 Michael A. Greenberg Illinois Wesleyan, 1982 Richard H. Brown Ohio, 1969
  • 30. Norman Shield Governor’s White CrossSociety Round Table Trust BrotherhoodThe Norman Shield Society honors donors who make Membership in the Governor’s Round Table is The White Cross Trust Brotherhood honors donorsa gift of $25,000 or more to support unrestricted gained by an annual gift of $10,000 - $24,999 to who make a gift of $7,500 - $9,999 to supportpurposes, Foundation sponsored leadership programs support unrestricted purposes, Foundation sponsored unrestricted purposes, Foundation sponsoredand/or Foundation administered scholarships in a leadership programs and/or Foundation administered leadership programs and/or Foundation administeredsingle fiscal year. scholarships in a single fiscal year. scholarships in a single fiscal year.John G. Berylson George E. Mayer W. Bret Baier Thomas W. Lewis, Sr. Scott D. CothermanBrown, 1975 Cincinnati, 1939 DePauw, 1992 Kentucky, 1971 Ball State, 1980Chad J. Clay Robert C. McNair Robert D. Basham Roy M. Martin Wesley C. PickardOklahoma State, 1989 South Carolina, 1958 Maryland, 1970 Centre, 1979 Pittsburgh, 1961Stephen W. Goodroe Tim R. Palmer Jeffery N. Beattey, IV John F. McMullan Mark A. CampbellGeorgia, 1971 Purdue, 1980 Indiana, 1984 Georgia, 1958 Purdue, 1980V. William Hunt John D. Peterson Gary L. Bieritz Timothy A. Michael Dr. James E. Bertz, MDIndiana, 1966 Indiana, 1955 Bradley, 1966 Ohio State, 1970 Miami (Ohio), 1956Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. John M. Shepherd C. Morton Bishop, III Alan B. Mitchell J. Willard Marriott, Jr.Pennsylvania, 1959 Ohio State, 1958 Cornell, 1974 Texas A&M-College Station, 1985 Utah, 1954Gerald D. Knorr Pedro E. Wasmer Lawrence M. Blau Thomas F. Mullan, Jr. Martin J. MoorePennsylvania, 1982 Maryland, 1962 Emory, 1963 San Jose State, 1953 DePauw, 1957Keith J. Krach Chuck L. Watson Harmon A. Brown Larry M. Oman Mark S. RockwellPurdue, 1979 Oklahoma State, 1972 California-Los Angeles, 1976 Bowling Green, 1963 North Carolina State, 1980Kenneth H. Kraft, Jr. Kim A. Caldwell Richard S. PepperPurdue, 1956 Oregon, 1969 Northwestern, 1953 Joseph J. Durzo, PhD Frank P. Popoff Syracuse, 1967 Indiana, 1957 Curtis A. Ferguson Tristan P. Renz Indiana, 1980 Montana State, 1979 William W. George Gregory G. Rodgers Georgia Tech, 1964 Pittsburgh, 1971 Robert J. Georges Steven M. Schmidt Florida Southern, 1973 Purdue, 1976 James A. Haslam II Vincent J. Siren Tennessee-Knoxville, 1952 Wyoming, 1956 Joseph P. Hayden, Jr. William P. Vititoe Miami (Ohio), 1951 Indiana, 1960 Keith H. Holcomb Dr. Daniel P. Walsh, DO Purdue, 1979 Southeast Missouri, 1971 Michael K. Kennedy Richard Mark Whiting Duke, 1972 West Virginia, 1976 Alan J. Kessler Robert L. Zorich 2012 Annual Report · 31 San Jose State, 1979 California-Santa Barbara, 1971 Harold L. Lamont Bradley, 1960
  • 31. White Cross Trust White Cross Trust Justice Friendship The White Cross Trust Justice honors donors who make a gift of The White Cross Trust Friendship honors donors who make a gift $5,000 - $7,499 to support unrestricted purposes, Foundation of $2,500 - $4,999 to support unrestricted purposes, Foundation sponsored leadership programs and/or Foundation administered sponsored leadership programs and/or Foundation administered scholarships in a single fiscal year. scholarships in a single fiscal year. Todd H. Halsted Thomas A. Orchard Anthony M. Agnone Reginald S. Jackson, Jr. Russell J. Shaw Michigan, 1984 Bowling Green, 1975 Penn State, 1958 Ohio State, 1968 Washington (St. Louis) ,1985 Gregory J. Harbaugh Terry E. Perucca John C. Bibo Steven C. Larson Richard L. Sims Purdue, 1978 Arizona State, 1966 Texas-Austin, 1974 Iowa State, 1975 Ohio State, 1951 Van R. Hoisington, Sr. Robert S. Petry Thomas A. Bloomfield Robert W. Lehmkuhl Charles R. Stamp, Jr. Kansas, 1962 Georgia Southern, 1981 Tulsa, 1983 Maryland, 1974 Southeast Missouri, 1971 Thomas J. Hutton Lawrence J. Pilon James S. Boyd, USN (Ret) J. Mark Lester William C. Swaney Virginia Tech, 1983 Michigan State, 1970 Duke, 1961 Purdue, 1975 Michigan, 1960 Jeremy M. Jones Donald Timothy Sanderson James A. Burk Duncan L. Matteson Theodore M. Thoms Iowa, 1963 Western Ontario, 1985 Southern California, 1974 Missouri-Columbia, 1956 Drake, 1992 Ronald C. Knecht, Jr. John H. Scudder William H. Caudill Joseph W. Moeller Mark W. Tipton Louisiana State, 1975 Southern California, 1968 Arkansas, 1973 Tulsa, 1966 Tulane, 1978 Harold H. Lee J. Daniel Speight, Jr. Raymond C. Cunningham James T. Morton Thomas N. Trotter Colorado, 1950 Georgia Southern, 1979 Northwestern, 1953 Michigan State, 1964 Purdue, 1981 D. Kerry McCluggage Robert H. Stine Albert Darling, Sr. Michael P. Opalinski David M. Underwood, Jr. Southern California, 1976 Florida, 1955 Missouri-Columbia, 1946 Florida Southern, 1970 Southern Methodist, 1988 Murray K. McComas Robert F. Sweeney Walter P. Deforest Edward J. Pelz Paul C. Varga Pennsylvania, 1958 Colorado State, 1959 Pittsburgh, 1966 Colorado College, 1938 Kentucky, 1985 Roddy Lee McKinney, II Kenneth L. Way Michael J. DiCarlo Stephen C. Pracht Harold A. Ward, III South Alabama, 1994 Michigan State, 1961 A College in Bridgewater, Mass., Penn State, 1976 Central Florida, 1952 1997 John Patrick Michaels, Jr. Dennis R. Santoli Linden R. Welsch Tulane, 1966 James E. Dora, Sr. Western Reserve, 1967 Texas-Austin, 1969 Purdue, 1958 Steven R. Sarovich Edward J. Winkler Wallace E. Downey, Jr. Illinois, 1975 Missouri S & T, 1987 Maryland, 1958 Michael C. Scroggie Thomas P. Farrell Cal. State-Northridge, 1967 Pennsylvania, 1968 Bernard F. Sergesketter John K. Forst, Esq. Purdue, 1958 George Washington, 1984 Brett T. Setzer Richard R. Frazier Kentucky, 1985 Tulsa, 1969 William J. Frey Purdue, 196232 · Sigma Chi Foundation J. Roger Glunt Pittsburgh, 1960 Edward E. Hagenlocker Ohio State, 1962 Edgar W. Ingram, III Bowling Green, 1972
  • 32. White Cross Trust Peter P. Claussen, USAF(Ret.) Donald K. Farrar Rick K. Guillaume James A. Ingham Miami (Florida), 1951 Southern California, 1960 Western Kentucky, 1965 Westminster, 1969 James L. Clemmensen Benjamin C. Fisher Robert E. Haley, Jr. L. Reid Ivins, JD Louisiana State, 1972 Illinois, 1948 Miami (Ohio), 1960 Utah, 1952 James A. Coffin Roger D. Flodin Geoffrey Peterson Hall, Sr. Hon. Joseph M. James Fort Hays, 1971 Washington (Seattle), 1952 Ohio State, 2010 Pittsburgh, 1970 James A. Coggin John H. Foote Kenneth M. Hamlett, DDS J. Rukin Jelks, Jr. Mississippi State, 1964 Cornell, 1974 Southern Methodist, 1970 Montana, 1950The White Cross Trust honors donors who make a gift Sterling D. Colton Dr. Milden J. Fox, Jr. James H. Hance, Jr. William E. Johnson Utah, 1951 New Mexico, 1949 Westminster, 1966 Cincinnati, 1958of $1000 - $2,499 to support unrestricted purposes, Lodwrick M. Cook William S. French Hal T. Hansen Stanley W. Johnson, Jr.Foundation sponsored leadership programs and/or Foundation Louisiana State, 1949 Ball State, 1981 Kansas, 1958 Sam Houston, 1969administered scholarships in a single fiscal year. Thomas W. Cotter Joseph J. Friedl, Jr. Adam S. Harrington Craig G. Johnson Montana, 1953 Cincinnati, 1963 American, 2001 Southern California, 1991P. Mitchell Adwon Charles F. Bisett, III Dean E. Cowan Donald H. Gallemore Joe G. Hartman Robert L. JordanTulsa, 1979 Tulsa, 1955 Southeast Missouri, 1992 Tulsa, 1960 Central Florida, 1972 Florida, 1987Chris A. Alkier Linley C. Bizik Alex Crenshaw Charles D. Gelatt Neil C. Harvey, USAF(Ret) Robert E. JosephWestern Ontario, 2000 Arizona, 1992 Western Carolina, 1995 Wisconsin-Madison, 1939 Case Western, 1955 Willamette, 1957James R. Allen Robert H. Blinn, Jr., USAF(Ret) Albert F. Cuite Bert A. Getz Gene E. Haynes Dr. G. Michael Kabot, DDSDePauw, 1979 Purdue, 1955 Tulsa, 1966 Michigan, 1959 Eastern Kentucky, 1997 Albion, 1981Andrew T. Ames William E. Board Dr. Joel L. Cunningham James Donald Gilbert, Ph.D. W. Scott Haynes Gregory James KallosFlorida Southern, 1990 Ohio, 1973 Tennessee-Chattanooga, 1965 Tennessee Tech, 1963 Purdue, 1949 Kansas, 1953Jack R. Anderson George Niles Bolton David M. Cunningham Dr. Charles C. Gilbert, III Alfred S. Heltman Charles J. Kane, Jr.Miami (Ohio), 1946 Georgia Tech, 1969 Maine, 1954 George Washington, 1965 Miami (Florida), 1961 Indiana, 1965Mark V. Anderson G. Dean Booth, Jr. Dr. Constantine W. Curris Harold B. Gilbert, USAF(Ret) Scott E. Hendrix William T. Kane, DDSIllinois, 1977 Emory, 1961 Kentucky, 1962 Syracuse, 1977 Tennessee-Chattanooga, 1985 Southeast Missouri, 1974William F. Andrews, Jr. R. Mack Brown Donald C. Danielson Jeffrey T. Gill Roy M. Henwood, Jr. Ronald L. KarnsMaryland, 1953 Illinois Wesleyan, 1953 Indiana, 1942 Southern California, 1978 Roanoke, 1969 Purdue, 1964Henry J. Andringa Michael Allan Bryson Monty L. Davis Robert A. Gleason, Jr. Richard E. Hester Fred Vincent Keenan, Sr.Florida Southern, 1965 Pittsburg, 1968 Texas A&M-College Station, 1977 Pennsylvania, 1961 Ball State, 1977 Southern California, 1937Richard L. Anello Waldo H. Burnside Thomas A. DeMarco, III Larry M. Glover Charles R. Heyl Deglin F. KenealySoutheast Missouri, 1971 Maryland, 1949 Florida, 1970 Texas Tech, 1973 Southeast Missouri, 1970 Cal. Poly.-Pomona, 1991Christopher L. Asbill Dr. Peter N. Butler John W. Demaree David C. Godwin Frank Hildebrand John W. KesslerFlorida Souther, 1993 Florida State, 1986 Indiana, 1985 Florida Southern, 1969 Tulane, 1950 Ohio State, 1958David A. Asselin C. Loren Butler John M. Derrick, Jr. Richard B. Goetze, Jr., Ph.D. G. William Hill Charles A. Kington, CPAGeorge Washington, 1989 Idaho, 1963 Duke, 1961 Ohio State, 1958 Ohio, 1963 Kentucky, 1984George H. Babikian Herbert Lionel Cares, Jr. Robert C. Dolley Jay Gooding, Esq. Dr. Robert E. Hillman Thomas E. KoenigSyracuse, 1953 Maryland, 1995 Southern California, 1958 Michigan State, 1981 Syracuse, 1955 Illinois, 1965Matthew R. Banner, III Hon. Earl H. Carroll Graham Edison Dorland Thomas S. Gordon Larry A. Hinks Brian C. KramerNorth Carolina, 1963 Arizona, 1948 Arizona State, 1964 Roanoke, 1978 Youngstown, 1978 San Diego State, 1991Thomas M. Barnhardt, III James P. Carroll Michael H. Dunn Dr. Alfred Y. Gordon, Jr. Kem G. Hinton, FAIA Michael T. KreagerGeorgia Tech, 1955 Arizona State, 1996 Utah State, 1976 Arkansas, 1991 Tennessee-Knoxville, 1977 Florida State, 1983Lee A. Beauchamp Allen L. Cashion James W. Dye, Jr. Dean L. Goss Bill W. Hoffman E. Jeffrey KuchmanTexas A&M-College Station, 1975 Southern California, 1985 Indiana, 1953 Connecticut, 1947 Alabama, 1951 Michigan, 1985Charles J. Beckman Antonio E. Castanon John R. Edwards Jerry L. Grace G. Frank Holland, II A. J. Land, Jr.Wabash, 1942 Nevada-Las Vegas, 1990 North Carolina, 1977 Ohio Wesleyan, 1963 Indiana, 1953 Georgia Tech, 1960John R. Bender, Jr. John N. Chapin, Jr. James C. Emerson L. Javan Grant John H. Holliman, MD Robert C. LaumannPittsburgh, 1960 Washington (St. Louis), 1955 Illinois, 1972 Florida Southern, 2001 Illinois, 1970 Cincinnati, 1954 2012 Annual Report · 33Paul M. Berge Thomas C. Chase, JD Mark A. Emkes David C. Green A. Preston Hood Bryan N. LeatherWisconsin-Madison, 1960 Florida, 1976 DePauw, 1975 Pittsburgh, 1954 Louisiana State, 1965 Syracuse, 1966Norman Glen Berree Paul W. Chellgren Eugene R. Erbstoesser Jon L. Greenawalt, Sr. Cameron Michael Howard Robert A. LessenberryFlorida Southern, 1969 Kentucky, 1964 Southern California, 1970 Pennsylvania, 1961 Furman, 2004 Centre, 1950Richard A. Bills Harry V. Cheshire, Jr. James C. Euler Michael A. Greenberg Robert M. Howe Thomas M. LindquistTexas A&M-Commerce, 1967 Washington (St. Louis), 1947 Ball State, 1993 Illinois Wesleyan, 1982 Texas-Austin, 1962 Washington (Seattle), 1982Jack A. Binns, Jr., Christopher Choi Malone J. Everett, Jr. George E. Greene, III Dr. James Michael Hundley Brett D. LinseSan Diego Statw,1959 Cal. Poly.-Pomona, 2002 Tennessee-Chattanooga, 1950 Florida, 1957 Austin Peay, 1970 Ohio State, 1983 Langdon T. Christian, IV Dr. William B. Farrar, MD L. Hill Griffin, DDS William B. Hurt, II Brian H. Loucks Tennessee-Chattanooga, 1971 Illinois Wesleyan, 1971 Georgia, 1962 Arkansas, 2009 Montana State, 1964 Robert B. Clasen Donald C. Griffith Bowling Green, 1966 Ohio State, 1962
  • 33. White Cross Trust (Continued) Lincoln W. Pavey Cincinnati, 1948 Michael D. Rose Cincinnati, 1963 Robert D. Sjogren Kansas State, 1965 Dale C. Turner Wabash, 2003 Thomas P. Pecht Jeffrey Rothenberg Gregory S. Slappey, MD James R. Venner Southern California, 1974 American, 2004 Georgia Southwestern, 1988 Case Western, 1965 Alan G. Pedersen Herbert J. Rowe Thomas E. Smith Harry J. Vordermeier, Jr., CRB Oregon, 1943 Illinois, 1948 Southern California, 1956 Florida, 1952 Benjamin J. Pendry Christopher Todd Rudzinski Edward Marc Smith, Jr. John Calvin Waggoner Western Carolina, 2006 Hampden-Sydney, 1999 Mississippi State, 1979 Montana State, 1965 Fowler H. Low Douglas C. Miller Ernest C. Pierson Charles A. Russell Andrew Smith, II James A. Wagner Georgia Tech, 1954 Kansas, 1971 Minnesota, 1955 Missouri-Columbia, 1963 Columbia, 1962 Northwestern, 1961 Jason P. Lujan Jon T. Miller Edward J. Pitt Dr. Mark E. Sand, MD Glenn A. Sollberger John E. Walker Yale, 1989 Oklahoma State, 1966 Western Ontario, 1971 Purdue, 1973 Southern Methodist, 1960 Missouri-Columbia, 1960 Michael B. Maloney Wilmer A. Mitchell, Jr. Sam A. Pittman, III Phil G. D. Schaefer James K. Sorenson Howard C. Waring Kansas, 1977 Montana, 1950 Arkansas, 1982 Tulane, 1980 Utah State, 1970 Mississippi State, 1977 David F. Martineau A. Bruce Moore, Jr. Wayne L. Podell Marc L. Schaffer Edward F.D. Spencer, Ph.D. Larry R. Webb Texas-Austin, 1960 Mississippi, 1982 Case Western, 1966 Western Ontario, 2000 Rochester, 1967 Ohio, 1977 Dwayne McClendon Michael S. Moore Dr. James L. Pool, MD Tom N. Schallhorn Dr. Michael S. Sprague, MD Matthew B. Wells California-Berkeley, 1951 Butler, 2003 Tulsa, 1968 Arkansas, 1960 Illinois Wesleyan, 1974 Butler, 2009 Michael D. McClure James K. Morris Thomas C. Poppey Donald H. Schefmeyer Edward R. Stanley Raymond H. Welsh DePauw, 1964 Minnesota, 1950 A College in Bridgewater, Mass., 1993 Syracuse, 1969 Texas A&M-Commerce, 1966 Pennsylvania, 1953 S. Jack McDuff John T. Morris Timothy E. Powers Dean H. Schroeder Jacob T. Steel Hon. Nathan E. White, Jr. Arizona, 1951 Indiana, 1988 California-Los Angeles, 1977 Illinois, 1949 Indiana, 2013 Southern Methodist, 1964 Dr. James C. McFarland, MD William J. Morrow William I. Rainwater, Sr. Steven G. Schuyler Jeffrey H. Steinhour Robert S. White Emory, 1960 Idaho, 1967 Arkansas, 1949 Arizona, 1979 Wyoming, 1988 San Diego State, 1965 Steven W. McGrath Jeffrey S. Muir Edward C. Rammrath Phillip D. Scott Lewis B. Stuart, III Hon. Gordon J. Whiting Maryland, 1970 Georgia, 1971 Indiana (Pennsylvania), 1979 Hanover, 1964 Colorado College, 1951 Cornell, 1987 Dane E. McGraw, III James L. Murphy, CPA Ryan J. Randall William M. Scott Dennis D. Swanson John D. Wilkins North Florida, 2002 Montana, 1951 California-Los Angeles, 1992 Arizona, 1980 Illinois, 1961 Bradley, 1954 Col. James F. McKague, USAF(Ret.) Gregory C. Nabholz Robert N. Rapp Dr. Gary G. Servos Timothy J. Szerlong Marshall L. Wilkins Colorado State, 1950 Arkansas, 1988 Western Reserve, 1969 Kansas State, 1961 Illinois Wesleyan, 1974 East Tennessee, 1977 Dr. Frank C. McMains, MD Dr. Mark C. Nagy Frank A. Ray George A Shal Jeffrey P. Taft Arthur A. Willis, Jr. New Mexico, 1943 Pittsburgh, 1954 Ohio State, 1970 Penn State, 1970 Tulane, 1989 New Mexico, 1954 Larry L. McMullen Frederick N. Nason, Jr. Frank J. Raymond Charles M. Shanberg, CFP Alex F. Tanguay Thomas H. Wimberly Missouri-Columbia, 1954 Southern California, 1952 Penn State, 1971 South Florida, 1997 Boston, 2002 Georgia Southern, 1978 Hon. Stephen M. McNamee William Troy Neat Frederick W. Reinhardt, Jr. Timothy F. Shank Roy Melvin Teel, Jr. W. Russell Withers, Jr. Cincinnati, 1964 Cincinnati, 1990 Rhode Island, 1957 Michigan State, 1962 Tulsa, 1966 Southeast Missouri, 1958 William Michael McNeill David T. Nicely D. Ronald Reneker Daniel A. Shaver Andrew K. Teeter Joseph G. Wolf Oklahoma State, 1971 Indiana (Pennsylvania), 1982 Tulsa, 1968 Texas Tech, 1993 Roanoke, 1971 Northwestern, 1974 Walter S. McPhail Albert O. Nicholas Norman K. Richardson, Jr. Thomas W. Shaver Charles M. Thatcher, Ph.D. James R. Woodke Denison, 1955 Wisconsin-Madison, 1952 Furman, 1992 Kentucky, 1962 Michigan, 1943 Northern Illinois, 1982 Dean A. Mefford Morris A. Nunes Milo C. Ritton Robert L. Shaw Benjamin E. Thomas, Jr. Creighton B. Wright, Sr., MD Bradley, 1962 Pennsylvania, 1970 Miami (Ohio), 1983 Georgia Tech, 1974 Pittsburgh, 1952 Duke, 1961 Donald T. Meier Bradley M. Nysether John V. Roach, II Jay O. Shields, Jr. Corby D. Thompson Donald Mark Wright Nebraska, 1941 Washington (Seattle), 1982 Texas Christian, 1961 Missouri-Columbia, 1976 Purdue, 1981 Arkansas, 1979 Allen C. Menke Hon. William C. O’Kelley Randall C. Roberts Robert J. Shortle, Jr. Angelo Tomasso, Jr. Carlos A. Xiques Purdue, 1944 Emory, 1951 Texas Tech, 1976 Rensselaer, 1974 Auburn, 1949 Florida State, 2003 Lawrence W. Mentz D. Dudley Oldham Ronald P. Robertson Hon. E. G. Shuster Steven R. Triplett Dr. W. Sam Yancy Ball State, 1970 Pittsburgh, 1954 California-Berkeley, 1995 Duke, 196134 · Sigma Chi Foundation Rensselaer, 1968 Texas-Austin, 1964 Bruce C. Merrick Tom W. Olofson William A. Robinson Robert E. Sikes William G. Yates, Jr. Western Kentucky, 1975 Pittsburgh, 1963 Washington (St. Louis), 1959 Texas Tech, 1960 Mississippi, 1963 Sanjay D. Meshri John C. Orr Gary D. Roden Harsh Singh Robert L. Zerbe, MD Tulsa, 1992 Duke, 1963 Texas A&M-College Station, 1983 Wabash, 2001 Indiana, 1972 George A. Metzenthin Hon. Michael G. Oxley George W. Rohe John Augustus Ziegler, Jr. Case Western, 1992 Miami (Ohio), 1966 Northwestern, 1964 Michigan, 1955 Leon W. Parma Alan E. Roller San Diego State, 1951 Eastern Illinois, 1985 James L. Patton Hampden-Sydney, 1963
  • 34. Annual Fund Norman Shield Society A College in Bridgewater, Mass./ Sustaining Members Arizona/Beta Phi Kenneth Kendal King Foundation Theta Zeta Thomas H. Atkinson Jr., 1957 Ernest H. Cowart, 1988 White Cross Trust White Cross Trust White Cross Trust Marl M. Cummings III, 1975 Linley C. Bizik, 1992 Central Arkansas Alumni Michael J. DiCarlo, 1997 Charles D. Hollis, 1954 Earl H. Carroll, 1948 Dallas Alumni Thomas C. Poppey, 1993 S. Jack McDuff, 1951 Troy University Steven G. Schuyler, 1979 Beta Psi Foundation White Cross Trust Associates William M. Scott, 1980 Rufus K. Green Vincent J. Fernald, 1990 Albion/Alpha Pi Marjorie L. Heflin White Cross Trust AssociatesThe Sigma Chi Annual Fund consists of unrestricted gifts that Houston Alumni Crest Club White Cross Trust Paul W. Bennett, 1948support Foundation priorities. Donors are listed by school. The Omega Omega Albert A. Boulanger, 1987 G. Michael Kabot, 1981 Roy A. Brown, 1955 Phi Phi Charles B. Leonard, 1954Sigma Chi Brothers and friends listed here made at least one gift Mike Cox, 1991 Susan W. Sink Shawn George, 1988 White Cross Trust Associates Arve Michelsen, 1950to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. Kay Stepanek Brian G. Nagel, 1992 Wayne Lombardi, 1992 Timothy R. Cash, 1968 Margaret P. White Timothy P. Golden, 1993 David H. Dinger, 1958 Lisle W. Payne, 1964 Xi Xi Christopher R. Guay, 1993 James W. Dunn, 1963 The Norman Shield Society Christopher A. Murphy, 1999 John R. Hipskind, 1967 Crest Club White Cross Trust Associates George G. Jerome, 1960 H Jack Nerdrum, 1956 Honors donors who made a gift of $25,000 or more Epsilon Xi Timothy E. Kabot, 1976 Steven L. Seiler, 1963 in a single fiscal year to the Annual Fund. Dollie M. Fletcher Founders Society Okey R. Lemasters, 1977 Virginia H. Smith Bruce D. DeViller, 1988 Ralph M. Powers Jr., 1945 Founders Society Dorothy B. White Coley D. George, 1994 Robert S. Brown, 1954 Crest Club The Governor’s Round Table Crest Club Douglas J. Smith, 1985 Kurt A. Gerster, 1987 William H. Bremer, 1963 Timothy J. Reading, 1986 Honors donors who made a gift of $10,000 to Cleveland Alumni Circle of Honor Michael S. Clawson, 1980 Gregory R. White, 1987 $24,999 during the fiscal year to the Annual Fund. Eugene “Buddy” D. Cote Joshua J. Dolan, 2003 John E. Fought, 1958 Mobile Giving Foundation Nathan R. Jerome, 1997 Stephen E. McCarthy, 1974 Circle of Honor Iota Alpha Brendan C. Kelliher, 1989 Donald L. Roe, 1954 Michael R. Mills, 1987 Shirley L. Pratt Andrew K. Sullivan, 1986 Paul E. Shrode, 1976 White Cross Trust Patricia Skelton Sustaining Members Kim H. Strubbe Founders Society Honors donors who make an annual gift of $1,000 or Sustaining Members Theodore H. Harper, 1988 John H. Poulin, 1981 more to the Annual Fund. Founders Society Frank DeSario, 1993 J. Donald Sheets II, 1982 Kevin P. Hegarty, 2003 Edward J. Garrigan, 1995 Patrick J. McNamara, 2004 Anonymous Philip A. Jackson, 1985 Spencer D. Strull, 2002 Michael & Libby Jones Christopher M. Roddy, 1987 Circle of Honor White Cross Trust Associates Mary L. Vavrik John E. Kinne, 1958 Mark G. Melendy, 1980 Associates have made lifetime gifts of $1,000 or Circle of Honor Arizona State/Epsilon Upsilon more to the Annual Fund. Earl T. Bonham A College in Fairfax, Va./Iota Xi Sustaining Members Gamma Chi John X. Farrar IV, 1978 White Cross Trust Jeffery & Cynthia Garland Sustaining Members Mark S. Neisler, 1994 Graham Edison Dorland, 1964 Douglas C. Morris Kirk W. Johnson, 1989 James P. Carroll, 1996 Crest Club Virginia E. Whitelock Thomas Michael Kandrac, 2007 Members have made cumulative gifts between $500 White Cross Trust Associates Sustaining Members Alma/Theta Nu and $999 to the Annual Fund. Robert C. Hobbs Sr., 1963 Barbara E. Barabas Bree Barry Alabama/Iota Iota Circle of Honor Crest Club Diana L. Buffam Mark A. Williams, 2001 Roger L. Adams II, 1986 Founders’ Society Addison E. Gradel White Cross Trust John J. Brooking, 1963 Angela Halligan Bill W. Hoffman, 1951 Sustaining Members Members have made cumulative gifts between $250 Karen C. Herrera Christopher L. Coleman, 1987 Joshua T. Pugh, 2011 Ivan D. Hinerman, 1961 and $499 to the Annual Fund. Barbara Jacobs White Cross Trust Associates Vivian Mautz Gary B. Clark, 1979 Founders Society Melinda McIntire James Willis Yeldell III, 1986 Robert B. Gottfred, 1971 Herbert & Gertrud Oster Circle of Honor American/Kappa Rho Carlos Parra Wallace R. Kendig, 1961 Crest Club Richard D. Kiburz Jr., 1988 Members have made cumulative gifts between $100 Mary A. Peterson Thomas E. Lazenby, 1975 White Cross Trust 2012 Annual Report · 35 Calvin Place Daniel A. Madison, 1972 and $249 to the Annual Fund. Josephine H. Reilly William B. Philips Jr., 1950 Adam S. Harrington, 2001 George L. West, 1967 Peter J. Schintgen Jeffrey Rothenberg, 2004 Raymind & Helen Sesco Founders Society Harry J. Butler III, 1991 Sustaining Members Sustaining Members James G. Carroll, 1989 Members have made cumulative gifts totaling up to William H. Kelly, 1963 Marc S. Bridgeman, 2005 $99 to the Annual Fund. Robert H. Maxwell, 1951 Circle of Honor Walter Ryland Byars Jr., 1949 James W. Greiner, 1952 David M. Jenkins, 1990 Robert L. Loftin III, 1979
  • 35. Annual Fund (Continued) Founders Society Beloit/Alpha Zeta Founders Society British Columbia-Simon Fraser/Delta Omicron Robert H. Defoe, 1971 John B. Gest Jr., 2000 D. Mark Griffy, 1978 White Cross Trust Associates Constantine S. Minetos, 1989 James W. Evans Jr., 1959 Circle of Honor Crest Club James A. Hartman, 1951 Charles W. Matthews Jr, 1964 Tim J. Durant, 1991 Circle of Honor Peter C. Kostantacos, 1946 Timothy W. Wright, 1965 David Victor Felts, 1991 S. Louis Rathje, 1961 Larry F. Harris, 1974 Sustaining Members Founders Society Brown/Beta Nu Gerald R. Hackett, 1958 John M. Niziolek, 1981 John T. Heicher, 1988 Circle of Honor Patrick D. Miller, 1970 Norman Shield Society Bennett C. Hellming, 1978 Ryan M. Fitzgerald, 1999 Kenneth V. Robbins, 1978 Ball State/Epsilon Omega Circle of Honor John G. Berylson, 1975 Craig A. Lohman, 1991 Jay A. Smithson, 1991 Paul R. Myres, 1952 Joseph R. Radovic, 1995 White Cross Trust Dean J. Ripley CFP, 1993 White Cross Trust Associates Edward E. Sipes, 1991 Sustaining Members James C. Euler, 1993 Bradley/Delta Rho Daniel S. Harrop III, 1976 Edward D. Bellingrath OD, 1986 William S. French, 1981 Sustaining Members Alfred W. Richmond, 1946 Sustaining Members Fred R. Cazort, 1955 Richard E. Hester, 1977 Governor’s Round Table Michael A. Ursillo, 1978 Donald A. Baggarly, 2003 William L. Hart, 1967 John M. Graves, 1950 Ronald P. Robertson, 1970 Patrick F. Kilbane, 1990 Gary L. Bieritz, 1966 Joseph A. Watters, 1962 Brad Greenway, 1988 Circle of Honor Liam Philip Shanahan, 2007 Harold L. Lamont, 1960 Daniel B. Kemp, 1977 White Cross Trust Associates Roland F. Dunn, 1952 Walter Luther Morris III, 2007 Timothy G. Clark, 1972 White Cross Trust Josh S. Marinelli, 2000 Robert E. Cox, 1970 Dean A. Mefford, 1962 Arkansas/Omega Omega Arthur D. Daub, 1965 Birmingham-Southern/Chi Chi Sustaining Members John D. Wilkins, 1954 Randall L. Pickell, 1979 White Cross Trust Associates Patrick J. Fox, 1989 White Cross Trust Arkansas State/Theta Chi Dale E. Theurer, 1970 Circle of Honor Christopher F. Bittner, 1994 William H. Caudill, 1973 Clifford Truitt Ray, 2008 Todd K. Brainerd, 1982 White Cross Trust Associates Alfred Y. Gordon Jr., 1991 John T. Brown, 1962 Sam A. Pittman III, 1982 Clayton W. Poellot, 1993 Crest Club Gary R. Campbell, 1965 Bucknell/Kappa William I. Rainwater Sr., 1949 Alex DeBartolo, 1953 Joseph E. Adams, 1972 Tom N. Schallhorn, 1960 Bishop’s/Iota Rho Keith A. Dobrolinsky, 1985 White Cross Trust Terry E. Beausir, 1979 Donald Mark Wright, 1979 Joseph E. Frueh, 1985 Auburn/Gamma Sigma William R. Beeker, 1983 D. Lee Hamilton, 1957 Douglas C. Deputy, 1992 Circle of Honor Donald W. Gall, 1996 White Cross Trust Associates Michael A. King, 1990 White Cross Trust Paul D. Dockins, 1987 Steve Thomas Jacobs, 1993 White Cross Trust Associates Charles B. Brown, 1986 James R. Fell, 1982 Rex K. Linder, 1969 Angelo Tomasso Jr., 1949 Gregg W. Buckwell, 1976 T. Clay Curtner, 1975 Thomas P. LaFave, 1983 Jeffrey R. Owens, 1971 Dominick G. Chirico, 1949 Glenn W. Jamison, 1941 Michael E. Pettibone, 1976 John P. Pearl, 1949 White Cross Trust Associates Morris A. Long, 1949 Sterling M. Lindsey, 1969 Mark N. Popovich, 1963 Boston/Iota Upsilon Robert J. Runkle, 1951 Clifford K. Melberger, 1961 Farrel Eugene Mason, 1950 Harry H. Bell Jr., 1949 Jason J. Zoch, 2000 H. Curtis White, 1954 William H. Von Heill, 1947 Bryden E. Moon Jr., 1971 William N. Crosby, 1954 White Cross Trust Associates Robert W. Newell, 1954 Raymond H. Erkel Jr., 1965 Founders Society Crest Club Sheldon W. Watson, 2000 Crest Club Edward M. Penick Sr., 1943 John T. Green, 1966 Stephen C. Croft, 1960 Richard H. Franklin, 1968 Robert W. Drescher, 1958 Charles D. Roscopf, 1979 Peyton L. Gunnels, 1961 Edward A. Koechle, 1958 Monte L. Hoover, 1977 Crest Club Judson D. Edel Sr., 1960 Charles T. Sloan, 1951 William D. Harris, 1982 W. Jeffrey Stevens, 1977 Cory A. Isom, 2003 Victor B. Manuel, 1993 Frederic Franzius, 1957 Robert E. Stewart, 1951 Clyde B. Hewitt Jr., 1942 Kevin W. Niceley, 1982 Thomas A. Long, 1978 Matthew T. Tucker, 1988 Jerry A. Oakes, 1957 Founders Society Dane C. Workman, 1984 John R. Watts, 1962 Carl G. Simon Jr., 1992 Circle of Honor Malcolm D. Crawford, 1958 Robert G. Steinmetz, 1962 Ryan P Dunahue, 1997 Bowling Green/Delta Kappa Howard Littlejohn, 1950 Robert H. Teter, 1941 Crest Club Crest Club Adam C. Holderman, 1999 George C. Metcalf, 1954 Owen A. Anderson, 1962 Frank R. Fryer, 1966 Kenneth A. Wood, 1955 Michael Leroy McGrath, 1970 White Cross Trust Founders Society Douglas G. Cox, 1983 Cecil G. Stokes Jr., 1957 Marlowe J. Meneley, 1996 Robert B. Clasen, 1966 G. Edward McComsey, 1952 Meriwether L. Garing, 1948 Circle of Honor Daniel T. Prickel, 1976 Edgar W. Ingram III, 1972 Albert W. McFall, 1962 Scott C. Merrell, 1988 Circle of Honor James R. Wilson, 1997 Thomas A. Orchard, 1975 Brian M. Buechler, 2004 Allan S. Pirnique, 1961 Mohamad Motahari, 1980 Edward P. Wright, 1990 Circle of Honor Frank S. Shaw III, 1982 Sustaining Members John P. Karbens, 1963 White Cross Trust Associates Eugene P. Bolter, 1954 Ryan K. Knoblauch, 1998 Gordon W. Linn, 1950 Founders Society Sustaining Members Donald E. Boomershine, 1953 Richard F. Bongiovanni, 1982 David William Truett, 2004 Robert C. Oschman, 1979 Bryan M. Bonds, 1947 James R. Bussman, 1969 James E. Dodd, 1983 Taylor S. Brannan, 2009 Philip L. VanSickle, 1968 Hunt M. Taylor, 1970 Derrance W. Curran, 1963 Robert B. Hille, 198036 · Sigma Chi Foundation Franklin A. Fogleman, 1972 Phillip C. Hethcox, 1973 John J. Vivoda, 1980 William A. Wyman, 1965 Timothy E. Dadik, 1993 John C. Koch Jr., 1950 Otis W. Howe III, 1978 Russell L. McCollum Jr., 1958 Robert J. Donley, 1962 Robert B. Taylor MD, 1958 Sustaining Members William B. Wilson, 1952 Eugene H. Fenn, 1951 Howard M. Thompson, 1952 Edward J. Haller Jr., 1955 Michael L. Liwanag, 2011 Austin Peay/Eta Xi Baylor/Eta Omega Sean P. Morris, 2008 Circle of Honor Steven W. Shaffer, 1964 Sustaining Members Wendell S. Swords, 1956 Thomas J. Samulski, 1988 Bruce H. Burnside, 1972 White Cross Trust Norbert L. Bausch, 1948 White Cross Trust Associates Kent E. Shoellhorn, 1958 Chris R. Duch, 1990 James Michael Hundley, 1970 Damian E. Chatman, 2010 Joseph R. Patterson Jr., 1982 Crest Club William D. Timmerman, 1973 Vince A. Fredrich, 1997 Jacob F. Watters, 2001 Jimmy A. Casto, 1956 White Cross Trust Associates Crest Club Jack D. Frank, 1949 Paul W. Self, 1975 John E. Landers, 1983 Roger W. Howard, 1957 Karl K. Kramer, 1958 Crest Club Founders Society Joseph E. Martini, 1963 Jeremy C. Stevens, 2004 Philip B. Farish, 1980
  • 36. Butler/Rho Circle of Honor Cal. State-Sacramento/Theta Xi Circle of Honor Founders Society Founders Society Frederick F. Choa, 1992 Richard Lee, 1982 Robert M. Flowers, 1980 Keith L. Anderson, 1965White Cross Trust William Patterson, 1996 White Cross Trust Associates Mitchell W. Shatzen, 1978 Paul M. Nemiroff, 1968 Steven D. Cirino, 1991Michael S. Moore, 2003 Allan P. Robinson, 1988 Thomas J. Hissong, 1977Howard R. Waits, 1960 John A. Swain, 1990 Sustaining Members Mark E. Ross, 1977Matthew B. Wells, 2009 Daniel L. Maiuri, 2006 Cal. State-Fresno/Epsilon Eta Circle of Honor Case Western/Beta Eta Circle of HonorWhite Cross Trust Associates Shadi F. Hayek, 2010 David R. Drain, 1981Paul E. Basham, 1961 White Cross Trust Associates W. Paul Ueckert II, 2001 White Cross Trust James W. Mollema, 1968Gerald M. Connell, 1958 James F. Chamberlain, 1954 California-Los Angeles/Delta Eta Neil C. Harvey, 1955John R. Cotton, 1972 Kenneth J. Farley, 1964 George A. Metzenthin, 1992 Sustaining MembersFranklin O. Huff, 1957 Randal C. Garabedian, 1984 Governor’s Round Table Wayne L. Podell, 1966 Steven R. Pritchard, 1986Richard A. Jackson, 1950 Cal. State-San Bernardino/Iota Harmon A. Brown, 1976 James R. Venner, 1965 Jamie R. Rykse, 1999John K. Keach Sr., 1950 Crest Club AlphaEdward W. Locklear, 1951 Oran G. McNeil, 1953 White Cross Trust White Cross Trust AssociatesChristopher C. Steel, 1978 Crest Club James J. Fox, 1959 Timothy E. Powers, 1977Richard A. Steele, 1950 Founders Society Christopher J. Farr, 1992 Glen A. Heyman, 1967 Centre/Zeta Zeta Ryan J. Randall, 1992John D. Stegman, 1957 Lembit J. Kulbin, 1997 Houston R. Morgan, 1950 Justin Scott Johnson, 2007 White Cross Trust Associates Thomas J. Sheahan, 1962 Governor’s Round TableCrest Club Circle of Honor Michael F. Sweeney, 1989 Circle of Honor Dan M. Meyer, 1979 Roy M. Martin, 1979Howard C. Caldwell Jr., 1950 Gary G. Gonzales, 1988 Donald R. Trask, 1962 John N. Obradovich, 1956 Edward E. Wiseman, 1957Harvey A. Greenberg, 1970 Gregory Scott Lewis, 2009 White Cross TrustRobert E. Hallam, 1946 Crest Club Sustaining Members Crest Club Robert A. Lessenberry, 1950James R. Heston, 1967 Sustaining Members David W. Bakke, 1976Thomas H. Hicks, 1981 Michael R. Brown, 1983 Gerald L. Linstedt, 1960 Joshua T. Wilson, 2013 Clifford H. Curtis, 1961 White Cross Trust AssociatesWilliam H. Hull, 1946 Richard E. Lundine, 1950 Robert S. Frankel, 1993John D. Leer, 1952 Robert T. Merkin, 1985 John G. Cooper, 1973 George J. Hoehl, 1965James R. Maugans, 1951 Arthur B. Winkleblack, 1979 Richard L. Frymire Jr., 1952 William C. Phillippi, 1969Scott T. Menne, 1991 Cal. State-Long Beach/Eta Beta Theodore Flint Gray Jr., 1960 California-Berkeley/Alpha Beta Founders Society Charles E. Stoll Jr., 1949 Founders SocietyFounders Society White Cross Trust Associates A. Hugh Argabrite, 1953 Alfred J. Welsh, 1969 White Cross Trust John B. Lewis, 1956 David A. Whiteman, 1976Mark J. Bearby, 1979 Thomas S. Burns, 1982 Dwayne McClendon, 1951 John N. Vani, 1989Donald J. T. Palla Jr., 1979 Sustaining Members Crest Club Steven R. Triplett, 1995 Crest ClubColin P. Quinn, 2008 Ralph G. Manus, 1953 Circle of HonorChristian B. Wargo, 1996 Eli Mulkovich III, 1967 Jack E. Telaneus, 1950 John Ryan Coady Jr., 1976 White Cross Trust Associates Jonathan I. Maruri, 2009 Hiram Ely III, 1973 Eric M. Walder, 2009 Harry L. Montfort, 1943 Eric J. Matyac, 1994 Matthew A. Huff, 1979Circle of Honor Founders Society Thomas R. Schuerger PE, 1950 Scott G. Keith, 1971Thaddeus R. Ailes, 1994 Daniel G. Drommerhausen, 1973 Andrew J. Shapiro, 1992 Crest Club Stephen S. Kirzinger, 1968Brian D. Burbrink, 2002 Frederick W. Weil, 1961 Eugene F. Cassady, 1949 California-San Diego/Iota Chi D A. Sachs III, 1948Thomas E. Fine, 1987 Sustaining Members Kenneth J. Wolf, 1961Richard A. French, 1958 J. R. White Jr., 1952 Steven E. Pillion, 1978 Founders SocietyAndrew C. Kenney, 2010 Crest Club Sustaining MembersJames F. King, 1956 Circle of Honor Brett W. Drainer, 1999 George R. Holeman, 1960 Kevin C. Street, 2010 Joseph C. Seiler, 1988Andrew Wells Shelp, 2005 James O. Miller, 1953 Cal. State-Northridge/Zeta Xi Founders SocietySustaining Members Sustaining Members Circle of Honor Brian S. Holland, 1993Daniel P. Brown, 1984 White Cross Trust Scott C. Muller, 1965 Central Florida/Eta Pi William Dirk Van Allen, 1958Jeff D. Mestrich, 2000 Michael C. Scroggie, 1967 Steven A. Rivers Circle of HonorLarry D. Stuart, 1950 White Cross Trust Sustaining Members Paul R. Gugger, 1998John G. Summers, 2009 White Cross Trust Associates Thomas R. Clark, 2007 Joe G. Hartman, 1972 Sustaining Members Harold A. Ward III, 1952 Thomas L. Morton, 1981 Randle M. Biddle, 1967 California-Davis/Theta Omicron Philip L. Vorhies, 1995 Crest Club Sustaining MembersCal. Poly.-Pomona/Theta Sigma White Cross Trust Associates Thomas E. White, 1972 Jason G. Haygood, 2009 Charleston/Iota Epsilon Jim Baskin, 1986White Cross Trust Gary D. Williams, 1977 Bryan E. Irish, 1999 Kevin A. Bassett, 1992 California-Santa Barbara/ZetaChristopher Choi, 2002 Michael G. Hart, 1985 Crest Club Founders Society KappaDeglin F. Kenealy, 1991 William Glenn Yarborough Jr., 1961 2012 Annual Report · 37 George Randall Bartlett, 1971 Circle of Honor White Cross Trust Central Michigan/Zeta RhoWhite Cross Trust Associates Kurt R. Marsden, 1992 Founders Society John M. Avina, 1988 Mark A. Bertelsen, 1966Michael D. Foulger, 1989 White Cross Trust Associates Matthew W. Davis, 1999 Circle of HonorGeorge E. Hartshorne V, 1990 White Cross Trust Associates Scott T. Cartwright, 1986Timothy F. Paine, 1988 Pedro Perez Jr., 1982 Sustaining Members Preston C. Belknap, 1980Craig L. Renfro, 1986 California-Irvine/Eta Sigma E. Paul Sevigny, 1995 Paul C. Cole, 1971 Crest ClubTommy A. Romero Jr., 1990 Sustaining Members Gary W. Dales, 1977 Anthony F. Gandolfi, 1970 William A. Thompson, 2010Michael E. Welter, 1989 Justin Todd Myers, 2006 White Cross Trust Associates Jeffrey T. Linder, 1991 Dennis J. Saenz, 1972 Daniel R. Hovenstine, 1980 Chester G. Moore III, 1964Crest Club Toan N. Staples, 1996 Bruce S. Kahn, 1984 Eric S. Smith, 1968Robert T. Gammariello Sr., 1989 Donald L. Scott, 1984Tacy J. Kim, 1997Richard V. Muradliyan, 1989 Founders Society Gregory R. Mickelson, 1984
  • 37. Annual Fund (Continued) Colorado/Beta Mu Founders Society White Cross Trust Denison/Mu Truman C. Hall Jr., 1965 John H. Foote, 1974 White Cross Trust Curtis B. James, 1968 Gordon J. Whiting, 1987 White Cross Trust Harold H. Lee, 1950 Gerald A. Jensen, 1953 Walter S. McPhail, 1955 Kenneth L. Kuttler, 1945 White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust Associates Roy J. Larsen, 1950 Charles P. Duvall, 1958 White Cross Trust Associates James L. Bruin, 1952 Richard M. Trumpe, 1956 Peter Q. Eschweiler, 1955 James L. Cordell, 1951 Erik A. Dithmer, 1954 Joe D. Henninger, 1956 J. Kevin Dolan, 1973 Thomas R. Flint, 1953 Circle of Honor Thomas W. Kemp, 1959 Charles A. Hay, 1946 Eugene Frank Hofmeister, 1954 Dee O. N. Taylor, 1951 James E. Strub, 1952 Paul D. McGinnis, 1950 Chicago/Omicron Omicron Clarion/Theta Alpha Glenn E. Hunter, 1951 Charles F. Salt Jr., 1946 Jack C. Ireland, 1949 Crest Club Thomas E. Wood, 1949 White Cross Trust Associates Crest Club George Parker Kemp, 1954 T. Michael Scott, 1981 Gilbert X. Dementis, 1949 Thomas C. Steiner, 1973 Ives P. Murray, 1969 Columbia/Nu Nu Crest Club Quentin G. Pierce, 1964 Circle of Honor George D. Curtin III, 1970 Founders Society White Cross Trust George C. McConnaughey Jr., 1949 Michael G. Flanagan Jr., 2005 Charles F. Berryman, 1948 Crest Club Andrew Smith II, 1962 Clarkson/Iota Zeta Edward R. Hibben Jr., 1952 Founders Society Sustaining Members Sustaining Members Frederick C. Pneuman, 1953 White Cross Trust Associates Paul D. Cummings, 1973 Circle of Honor Arthur J. Kopittke, 1997 William R. Mixon Jr., 1951 James A. Yurcak, 1987 Robert A. Reynolds, 1954 Lee C. MacBride, 1963 Timothy G. Flack, 1991 Woodbridge C. Metcalf, 1955 Stephen Michael Gates, 2005 Founders Society Crest Club Jeffrey M. Mele, 1989 George A. Hansen, 1966 Circle of Honor Harold B. White, 1949 Dalhousie-St.Mary’s/Gamma Rho Cincinnati/Zeta Psi Alan W. Jongeneel, 1967 Delvin G. Johnson, 1942 Sustaining Members Andrew L. Metzger Jr., 1949 Founders Society Founders Society Steven P. Pitler, 1974 Norman Shield Society Geoffrey W. Caryl, 1993 Richard L. Johnson, 1953 Gordon H. McConnell, 1954 George E. Mayer, 1939 Sustaining Members Sustaining Members Farrell G. Patrick, 1955 J. Philip Cline, 1955 Robert F. Miller, 1948 White Cross Trust William G. Huber, 1947 Sustaining Members John C. Vance Jr., 1954 Clemson/Eta Psi Joseph J. Friedl Jr., 1963 Alphonso J. Rucci, 1955 Dartmouth/Eta Eta Robert C. Laumann, 1954 Craig J. Valentine, 1996 White Cross Trust Associates Stephen M. McNamee, 1964 White Cross Trust Associates William Troy Neat, 1990 David J. Kistner, 1990 Colorado College/Beta Gamma Denver/Delta Iota Donald M. Fetherolf, 1954 Michael D. Rose, 1963 Crest Club White Cross Trust White Cross Trust Associates Connecticut/Gamma Omega Crest Club White Cross Trust Associates David R. B. Wilson, 1991 Edward J. Pelz, 1938 James A. Cunyus, 1954 W. Thomas Margetts, 1959 James N. DeWitt, 1959 Lewis B. Stuart III, 1951 White Cross Trust Dean S. Smith, 1948 Peter K. Ellison, 1965 Founders Society Crest Club Dean L. Goss, 1947 Gail C. Hersh, 1954 Derek M. Lewis, 1998 White Cross Trust Associates Founders Society Andrew H. Longyear, 1982 Donald S. Jones, 1950 William Grantham Wood, 1984 Richard J. Eldredge Jr., 1955 White Cross Trust Associates Michael P. Mirkovich, 1965 Lansing G. Brisbin Jr., 1948 Peter S. Rekstis, 1964 Robert E. Kief, 1966 John F. Murry, 1961 Scott Allen Goldberg, 1994 Karel J. Simbartl, 1987 Sustaining Members Peter M. Ramsey, 1965 Eric P. Olson, 1994 Keith F. Moody, 1990 David H. Howey, 2009 Kent F. Schobe, 1968 David A. Stinnett, 1989 Robert E. O’Connor Jr., 1972 Crest Club Steven I. Weiss, 1978 John J. Trerotola, 1989 Davidson/Delta Lambda Derek Scott Brown, 1992 Crest Club Richard K. Wohlers, 1988 Richard H. Crone, 1964 Crest Club Michael W. Gozzo, 1962 White Cross Trust Associates Michael E. Graves, 1958 Colgate/Gamma Omicron Richard E. Enos, 1960 Founders Society Carl L. Graveline, 1981 Clifton J. Derrick II, 1964 David E. Rodger, 1958 Paul E. Towner, 1954 Roy D. Pringle, 1990 James K. Quinn, 1949 Charles N. Hurwitz, 1970 Michael L. Rose, 1991 White Cross Trust Associates Anthony T. Troiano, 1973 John R. Russell, 1968 Frank J. Crane Jr., 1960 Founders Society Circle of Honor Frederic W. Wilson III, 1974 Crest Club Lloyd T. Simpson, 1969 Scott M. Elrod, 1957 Kent D. Patton, 1985 Robert C. Garrison, 1954 William J. Caruso, 1970 James R. Wilson, 1984 Richard A. Harder, 1976 Founders Society Leonard P. Mirabile, 1977 Sustaining Members Eugene C. Stack, 1969 Founders Society Russell W. Hoyt, 1951 Founders Society Founders Society David E. Beatty, 1981 Jeremy H. Kosh, 1999 William A. Crosland, 1949 James J. Wasserman, 1954 Robert T. Workinger, 1966 Circle of Honor Sustaining Members Larry J. Mullins, 1963 Roger G. Williams, 1957 John E. Fitzgerald, 1962 William Paul Harbert, 2005 David D. Ostermeyer, 1980 Circle of Honor38 · Sigma Chi Foundation Scott J. Neithercut, 2005 Circle of Honor John H. Kindsvater Jr., 1963 Robert A. Ackerman, 1984 Oren P. Matteson, 2001 Circle of Honor Colorado State/Beta Tau John R. Allen, 1968 Sustaining Members Harry A. Whitaker Jr., 1952 Michael J. Bastin, 2000 G. William Hart, 1957 White Cross Trust Timothy P. Widmer, 1988 Kenneth E. McGee, 1959 College of Idaho/Kappa Lambda James F. McKague, 1950 DePauw/Xi Robert F. Sweeney, 1959 Sustaining Members Delaware/Kappa Epsilon Circle of Honor Governor’s Round Table Cornell/Alpha Phi Eric B. Hansen, 1989 Matthew S. Sonnichsen, 2004 White Cross Trust Associates W. Bret Baier, 1992 White Cross Trust Associates Charles S. Hill, 1993 Chris Brooks, 2006 Eric R. Noyes, 1978 Governor’s Round Table Sean M. Dalton, 1992 James J. Myron, 1982 William G. Parzybok Jr., 1965 White Cross Trust C. Morton Bishop III, 1974 James R. Allen, 1979 Crest Club Michael D. McClure, 1964 Jack H. McKague, 1952 White Cross Trust Associates
  • 38. William K. Daniel II, 1986 Creighton B. Wright Sr., 1961 Founders Society Earl Beatty Jr., 1942 William L. Rivers, 1956 Florida State/Epsilon ZetaRobert J. Darnall, 1960 W. Sam Yancy, 1961 Robert J. Roberts, 1970 Jeffrey R. Doussan, 1976 Mark H. Weinberg, 1997Mark A. Emkes, 1975 Tashtego S. Elwyn, 1993 White Cross TrustJames R. Keene, 1950 White Cross Trust Associates Sustaining Members James L. Forshey, 1988 Founders Society Michael T. Kreager, 1983John C. Melangton, 1952 Fred C. Aldridge Jr., 1955 Bryan E. Hodgens, 1989 Scott B. Arnold, 1948 Brian P. Doty, 1990Robert Terry Moore, 1965 Henry V. Barnette Jr., 1961 Gary E. Watson, 1953 William G. Ebersole, 1946 White Cross Trust Associates James R. Gilliland, 1998Lott H. Thomas, 1956 Donald R. Denne Sr., 1959 Paul H. Ewaldsen Jr., 1966 Benjamin E. Hunt, 2002 Bruce R. Jacob, 1957Thomas L. Turk, 1958 Clifford L. Sayre Jr., 1947 Founders Society Richard F. Nash, 1965 William B. Petry, 1953Creighton B. Wright Jr., 1990 Emery C. Herman Jr., 1949 Frederick M. Perkins Jr., 1952 William R. Porter, 1976 Crest Club J. Michael Wermuth Esq, 1990Crest Club Circle of Honor George C. Wheeler, 1946 Lawrence W. Snively Jr., 1951 Eastern New Mexico/Zeta Sigma Crest ClubGlenn A. Brower, 1975 Emanuel C. Bondi Jr., 1960 James D. Whittemore, 1974 Scott A. Brock, 1981Harold J. Cook, 1940 Founders Society Founders Society Douglas R. Brown, 1965 Warren B. Wiltshire Jr., 1956 C. Durfee Marshall, 1960George C. Halfmann, 1957 Wilbur M. Davis, 1961 Carl E. Bentz, 1956 Robert D. Stevens, 1966 David C. Meyer, 1977Richard A. Hall, 1967 William W. Dodson, 1977 Circle of Honor Richard W. Burow PE, 1962 Kevin T. O’Steen, 1993R. Griffith McDonald, 1964 William R. Gernert, 1980 Aldo J. Kosuch, 1990 Walter H. Lindsay, 1966 Thomas A. Westhafer, 1960 Wynn Montgomery Jr., 1962 Albert H. Wilkinson Jr., 1947Founders Society Sustaining Members Thomas Peters, 1954 Elon/Theta Omega Founders SocietyRobert N. Bills, 1946 Charles E. Virgin, 1960 Sustaining Members David C. Arnsparger, 1987 Peter N. Butler, 1986Scott F. Russell, 1978 Sustaining Members William C. Adams, 1960 William P. Bahlke, 1976 Kendall G. Lorch, 1952 Circle of Honor Regan J. Gettens, 2002 S. Walton Peabody, 1960 Ervin A. Lovett Jr., 1960 Robert Brent Raines, 1964Circle of Honor James T. Snoddy, 1974 Frederick B. Miller Jr., 1945 John P. Dorsey Jr., 1948 Scott J. Mitchell, 1998Mark A. Hudson, 1992 Arthur P. Gonis, 1963 Mark Swanson Mizell, 2007 Donald R. Perry, 1961 Circle of HonorJ. William Kendall Jr., 1954 Alan Eugene Vordermeier, William U. Avirett, 1971John B. Kniesly, 1973 Thomas W. Watson, 1955 Fairleigh Dickinson/Iota Kappa Alan B. Conley, 1978Donald W. Montgomery, 1947 Kenneth J. Loehr Jr., 1960 East Tennessee/Zeta Omega Embry-Riddle (Daytona Beach)/ Eta Iota Crest Club Florida Gulf Coast/Lambda Zeta Sustaining Members White Cross Trust Frank T. Illidge, 1988Dickinson/Omicron White Cross Trust Associates Michael W. O’Brien, 1962 Marshall L. Wilkins, 1977 Sustaining Members Circle of Honor William H. Foulk III, 1985White Cross Trust Associates Elliot J. Kneba, 2011 White Cross Trust Associates George E. Pence, 1961 Andrew J. Rathbun, 1996Thomas M. Fanta, 1967 Charles E. Gill Jr., 1972 Fort Hays/Zeta TauDavid M. Johnson, 1956 Crest Club David H. Henry, 1982William S. Martens II, 1970 James Ashley Woods, 2000 Nicholas B. Cornwell Jr., 1977 White Cross TrustJames A. Nickel, 1951 Florida/Gamma Theta Florida Southern/Epsilon Sigma Kenneth F. Hoyt, 1975 James A. Coffin, 1971Robert S. Silverthorn Jr., 1970 Crest Club David F. Marino, 1999Robert J. Westbrook, 1974 White Cross Trust Governor’s Round Table Paul F. Meredith, 1973 Robert J. Georges, 1973 Crest Club Founders Society Thomas A. DeMarco III, 1970Crest Club Jeffrey D. Copper, 1977 Edward W. Vogel, 1972 Robert L. Jordan, 1987Michael S. Collins, 1963 Harry J. Vordermeier Jr., 1952 White Cross TrustGordon Forsyth III, 1969 Andrew T. Ames, 1990 Founders Society Eastern Illinois/Eta Mu Circle of Honor White Cross Trust Associates Henry J. Andringa, 1965 William M. Keefer, 1980Circle of Honor Curt P. Kienast, 2000 White Cross Trust Richard B. Backus, 1959 Christopher L. Asbill, 1993 James P. Vittetow, 1981Thomas J. Eshelman, 1956 Tayler M. Boyd Jr., 1965 Norman Glen Berree, 1969 Sustaining Members Alan E. Roller, 1985Donald S. Gerhart, 1954 Robert H. Buck, 1975 L. Javan Grant, 2001 Terrance E. Ptacek, 1975 Sustaining Members Edwin B. Davis, 1957 Patrick C. Mathes III, 1963 White Cross Trust Associates Thomas E. McCarthy, 1984 Anthony E. De Los Santos, 1966 John R. Beeson, 1970 White Cross Trust Associates Robert F. Hightower, 1954Drake/Theta Gamma Thomas F. Dardugno, 1979 Furman/Iota Nu Philip J. Hoffmann Jr., 1964 William G. Buck Jr., 1998 Bruce A. Hunt, 1973 Charles I. Holden Jr., 1962 August R. McCullough Jr., 1960White Cross Trust Associates James H. Pritchard, 1979 Emory/Beta Chi Richard A. Johnston Jr., 1979 Todd N. Parrish, 2004 White Cross TrustDavid A. Williamson, 1981 Robert E. V. Kelley Jr., 1981 William Lee Rust, 1967 Norman K. Richardson Jr., 1992 Crest Club Governor’s Round Table J. Ralph Leatherman Jr., 1955Crest Club Ronald A. Hagenow, 1972 Lawrence M. Blau, 1963 Wm. A. Oughterson, 1950 Crest Club Crest ClubLoren E. Holtz, 1983 Richard A. Petry, 1953 Randy Dusenberry, 1977 White Cross Trust Matthew T. Bostick, 1989 Founders Society George S. Ridgely, 1950 Brian K. Hasson, 1988 James E. Looper Jr., 1988Founders Society Brian E. Haggard, 1996 G. Dean Booth Jr., 1961 William F. Shewey, 1967 David A. Johnson, 1974 2012 Annual Report · 39 James C. McFarland, 1960 C. Drane Smith, 1955Jeffrey S. Russell, 1994 Founders Society Circle of Honor William C. O’Kelley, 1951 Clifford W. Wright, 1954 Founders Society Michael R. Zern, 1970 Mark A. Messer, 1990 Ryan D. Gammelgard, 1999 Mark A. Eady, 1982 White Cross Trust Associates Bruce E. James, 1987 J. Max Austin Jr., 1963 Crest ClubDuke/Beta Lambda Daniel Sterling Tarbell, 2005 Thurman C. Connell, 1961 Scott M. Benke, 1995Governor’s Round Table Eastern Kentucky/Eta Alpha Bill P. Cumbaa, 1943 Michael S. Caudill, 1983 Circle of Honor Carter S. Evans, 1971 Frederick Burr Cordray, 1961Michael K. Kennedy, 1972 John T. Caracuzzo, 1967 White Cross Trust Thomas W. Geary, 1970 Kenneth David Elliotte, 1963 Thomas T. Remington, 1966 David B. Poythress, 1964 Steven J. Gilbert, 1979White Cross Trust Gene E. Haynes, 1997 James D. Salter, 1959 Jose Alejandro Gonzalez Jr., 1952James S. Boyd, 1961 Sustaining Members Bruce F. Walker, 1981 Anthony W. Ingrassia Jr., 1994 Crest ClubJohn M. Derrick Jr., 1961 W. Theodore Mealor Jr., 1962 Matthew L. Walters, 2001John C. Orr, 1963 John L. Bunton, 1970 Crest Club Michael D. Meffert, 1961 Douglas D. White Jr., 1971
  • 39. Annual Fund (Continued) Georgia Tech/Beta Psi Crest Club Harvard/Kappa Eta Thomas L. McFarland, 1961 Darrell K. Merrill, 1961 Leland B. Brown, 1960 Governor’s Round Table Joseph Dalgliesh, 1948 Circle of Honor Kent E. Nelson, 1980 William W. George, 1964 Walter M. Hoff, 1959 Robert J. Baror, 2001 Donzel S. Loker, 1956 Founders Society White Cross Trust John Y Mamula, 1956 Sustaining Members Leon A. Benjamin, 1982 Thomas M. Barnhardt III, 1955 Dallas E. Wrege, 1992 George Niles Bolton, 1969 Founders Society Circle of Honor A. J. Land Jr., 1960 Herbert F. Johnson II, 1968 Paul L. Westberg, 1968 Fowler H. Low, 1954 Bruce J. Reynolds, 1977 George Washington/Epsilon Founders Society Robert L. Shaw, 1974 Hillsdale/Alpha Kappa John R. Day, 1973 Circle of Honor White Cross Trust Rafael P. Pascual, 1975 White Cross Trust Associates Crest Club Illinois/Kappa Kappa David M. Domino, 1987 David A. Asselin, 1989 H. Paige Scarborough Jr., 1968 William B. Abbott III, 1952 Kenneth R. Krissinger, 1979 Dwight J. Silva, 2005 John K. Forst, 1984 Theodore M. Stewart, 1949 William E. Dean, 1952 Dean M. Rohrbaugh, 1974 White Cross Trust Charles C. Gilbert III, 1965 Michael L. Fitzgerald, 1971 Founders Society Mark V. Anderson, 1977 Circle of Honor Bart S. Henson, 1964 Sustaining Members Robert A. Cagann, 1961 David M. Kellogg, 1983 White Cross Trust Associates Michael S. Bailey, 1988 Andrew W. Klaer, 1984 James C. Emerson, 1972 Frank W. Young USAF(Ret), 1963 Murry K. Stegelmann, 1984 Francis J. Araby, 1984 Douglas P. Harden, 2005 David J. Knotts, 1980 Benjamin C. Fisher, 1948 Earl W. Bartgis Jr., 1977 Earl L. Johnson, 1949 John L. Lee, 1968 John H. Holliman, 1970 Peter J. Vennewitz, 1965 Albert S. McManes Jr., 1988 David G. Moeller, 1987 Thomas E. Koenig, 1965 George F. Sweat, 1959 William F. Perkins, 1959 Hampden-Sydney/Sigma Sigma Hobart/Alpha Alpha Keith Miller, 1960 Crest Club Thomas W. Rogers, 1969 Herbert J. Rowe, 1948 John M. Fenton III, 1980 Sustaining Members John R. Seydel, 1939 White Cross Trust White Cross Trust Associates Steven R. Sarovich, 1975 Richard L. Peppers, 1952 Robert L. Hunter Jr., 1972 James E. Stevens Jr., 1946 Dean H. Schroeder, 1949 James L. Patton, 1963 Andrew G. McMaster Jr., 1974 John M. Sylvester, 1981 Andrew Connelly Norwood, 2008 Theodore R. Wirtz, 1955 Dennis D. Swanson, 1961 Christopher Todd Rudzinski, 1999 William W. Oliver Jr., 1964 Crest Club Founders Society Crest Club White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust Associates Charles M. Karpas, 1944 Robert T. Laycock, 1965 Rolf Duerr, 1962 Thomas J. Brannan, 1965 Marcellus E. Waddill, 1952 William M. Petty, 1983 Kenneth Douglas Taylor, 1964 C. Dorsey Dyer Jr., 1968 Benjamin C. Decamp, 1953 Georgia Southern/Eta Zeta W. Irvine Fox Jr., 1958 Thomas C. Goad, 1954 Circle of Honor Founders Society Sustaining Members Timothy A. Heilig, 1975 John H. Harrison, 1963 White Cross Trust Thomas B. Howard Jr., 1953 Dashle G. Kelley, 2008 John P.D. Merk, 1997 Terry R. Hendrickson, 1972 William P. Cornwell, 1967 Hugh B. Marshall, 1957 Robert M. Shaddock, 1975 William N. Herleman, 1948 Robert S. Petry, 1981 Frederick E. Smith Jr., 1958 Joseph J. Friedl III, 1985 Frederick G. Weaver, 1959 Edward N. Koenig, 1942 Ashish Kumbhat, 2011 Circle of Honor William J. McDonnell, 1982 White Cross Trust Associates Founders Society David K. Baldwin, 1959 Norman J. Chirco, 1983 William T. McKinzie, 1981 Gregory A. Bowles, 1975 Jerry C. Clark, 1952 H. Huddler Moore Jr., 1946 Hanover/Chi Merrill E. Prichard, 1948 Georgia/Delta Crest Club Edward R. Decker, 1969 William L. Hammond Jr., 1978 Philip H. Stoddard, 1950 Roger W. Miller, 1984 White Cross Trust Houston/Epsilon Xi John A. Wunderlich, 1977 Norman Shield Society William S. Harbaugh, 1976 Charles E. Hoffman Sr, 1950 Phillip D. Scott, 1964 Stephen W. Goodroe, 1971 Founders Society White Cross Trust Associates Crest Club Donald O. Holland, 1967 Scott L. Helfrich, 1990 John T. Row Jr., 1954 White Cross Trust Associates Louis M. Lima III, 1985 Ted L. Disabato, 1974 Governor’s Round Table Max G. Manack, 1983 C. Edward Harshbarger, 1962 Graig A. Huber, 2000 David J. Stroth, 1989 John F. McMullan, 1958 Circle of Honor John R. Weiss, 1950 Dennis A. Kleidon, 1964 Circle of Honor Crest Club Carl W. Larson, 1988 Theodore T. Bledsoe, 1954 White Cross Trust Thomas G. Barrett, 1981 Crest Club James W. McKinzie, 1952 Frank C. Fidler, 1969 Robin Kelly Hollamon, 1985 L. Hill Griffin, 1962 Lee C. Gowen, 1995 G. J. Tim Gunning Jr., 1950 James H. Bright, 1989 Douglas Michael Sasso, 1983 Jeffrey S. Muir, 1971 Alan E. Madewell, 1986 Craig L. Burkhart, 1995 Founders Society Douglas R. Wilson, 1975 Sustaining Members Stuart A. Gruber, 1962 Curtis A. Land, 1990 White Cross Trust Associates Gary L. Nesbit, 1974 Sustaining Members John A. Lowenstine, 1975 Founders Society Hamilton G. Arden Jr., 1961 William H. Clark, 1977 Austin L. Strouse Jr., 1956 Circle of Honor James W. French, 1969 Clifford P. Blanchard III, 1975 Brant Lane, 1997 Homer Wertz Jr., 1951 L. Milton McClure Jr., 1963 Robert A. Borrego, 2008 M. Frank DeLoach Jr., 1949 John B. Launey Jr, 2002 Scott L. Field, 1989 William L. Foster, 1965 Georgia Southwestern/Eta Theta Glen A. Merritt, 1995 Founders Society Circle of Honor John Steve Smelley, 1980 Shelby W. Goodin, 1973 Charles P. Munroe, 1959 Howard E. Fisher, 1961 Ned M. Buddell, 1978 Rees M. Sumerford, 1970 White Cross Trust40 · Sigma Chi Foundation C. Ryan Smith, 2003 William K. McKay, 1974 Sustaining Members David L. Roseman, 1960 Mark F. Travis, 1984 Gregory S. Slappey, 1988 Isaac J. Thompson, 1997 Jay L. Severance Jr., 1961 Hiles B. Stout, 1957 Richard E. Harrington, 1971 Donald E. Tjarksen, 1959 Aaron P. Vagelatos, 1997 Crest Club White Cross Trust Associates Chester E. Trost Jr., 1950 Stell B. Askew Jr., 1953 James S. Parker, 1971 Circle of Honor Thomas S. Van Winkle, 1990 Richard Mark Douglas, 1995 Gettysburg/Theta David T. Anderson, 1986 Idaho/Gamma Eta Robert E. Gibson, 1949 Crest Club David J. Felsing, 1964 Sustaining Members Bernard Z. Henderson III, 1978 White Cross Trust Associates Dwayne K. Prifogle, 1985 Jason A. Detweiler, 2008 George E. Daniel III, 1980 White Cross Trust Ottis A. Sweat Jr., 1956 F. Thomas Kull Jr., 1969 James W. Sherer Jr., 2001 Robert H. Osterman, 1963 William G. Dowdy, 1973 William J. Morrow, 1967 Joseph R. Odice, 1967 John C. Walker, 1953 Christopher W. Widell, 2004 C. Loren Butler, 1963 Thomas B. Peter, 1975 Richard A. Renza, 1967 Sustaining Members Crest Club F.David Schaeffer, 1941 Nathan W. Kinney, 1999 Robert P. Sumas, 1963 John W. Ensunsa, 1960 Jason M. Strong, 1997 Douglas L. Gibson, 1991 John F. Williams, 1953
  • 40. Illinois State/Theta Rho White Cross Trust Associates Indiana State/Theta Pi Founders Society Thomas W. Shaver, 1962 Founders Society Robert F. Acker, 1942 William R. Blessing, 1977 Paul C. Varga, 1985 Richard D. Baker, 1994White Cross Trust Associates Gilbert B. Bosse, 1945 Crest Club John F. Jackson, 1947 Frederick B. Dreyer, 1972Gerald L. Donath, 1984 Norman W. Canedy, 1950 Matthew Travis Doll, 1997 Don J. Kallos, 1959 White Cross Trust Associates David A. Fuller, 1972 Henry F. Coridan, 1948 Todd T. Meussling, 1986 Kenneth A. Akin Jr., 1962 Alan Laurencelle, 1998Crest Club Thomas A. Dailey, 1955 Circle of Honor Edward Smith Bringardner, 1974 Bradley D. Linville, 1986Geffrey B. Clark, 1991 William F. Dopp, 1964 Circle of Honor Dwight Edward Beach Jr., 1959 Don E. Fowls, 1951 Russell H. Pfund Jr., 1978 Charles L. Feeney, 1951 Andrew J. Fish, 1999 Dale A. Knipp, 1999 Carter A. Glass, 1953Sustaining Members James D. Foulke, 1954 Douglas C. Quarnstrom, 1986 John G. Gottlieb, 1966 Sustaining Members George E. Hemenway, 1953 Sustaining Members William H. Haden Jr., 1969 Steven Douglas Hounam, 2003Gregg M. Elstien, 1990 James D. Keller, 1964 Gary T. Huffman, 1975 Anthony J. Kraatz, 2004 Matthew D. Willett, 2008 Stephen R. LaMotte Jr., 1993 G. Kenneth Kapp Jr., 1971 Michael C. Lewis, 1990 Kansas State/Delta Upsilon Michael J. King, 1974 Frank R. McCracken III, 1965 Keith R. Knapp, 1978Illinois Wesleyan/Alpha Iota Devon M. Russell, 1989 White Cross Trust Carl W. Lay, 1966 Lafayette/Phi Iowa/Alpha Eta Kevin M. Smith, 1980 Denis E. Lowry, 1962White Cross Trust Gary G. Servos, 1961 Donald E. Ward, 1950 W. Rush Mathews Jr., 1963 White Cross Trust AssociatesR. Mack Brown, 1953 White Cross Trust Robert D. Sjogren, 1965 William W. Shely, 1974William B. Farrar, 1971 Jeremy M. Jones, 1963 Arthur H. Hendrickson, 1951 Crest Club David L. Walker III, 1957Michael A. Greenberg, 1982 White Cross Trust Associates Richard W. Murgas, 1952 John Robert Bain, 1950 Robert T. Quackenboss Jr., 1987Michael S. Sprague, 1974 White Cross Trust Associates Dwane M. Beckenhauer, 1978 Crest Club Steven I. Ball, 1975 Joseph W. Rogers, 1983Timothy J. Szerlong, 1974 Douglas E. Ferreter, 1976 John R. Graham, 1967 James J. Cunnane Jr., 1993 John P. Gaines, 1964 James F. Hagan, 1951 George L. Hooper, 1960 George D. Gemberling III, 1946 Kenneth H. Hayes, 1978 Crest ClubWhite Cross Trust Associates Charles C. Holloway, 1950 Ross A. Kuttler, 1956 D. Paul Jefferson, 1980 J. B. Jenkins Jr., 1988William T. Bringham Sr., 1946 Constantinos Kasapis, 1964 Thomas C. Roberts Jr., 1970 H. Blair Daugherty Jr., 1960 Sean T. Jones, 1992 Frank C. McCracken Jr., 1967John F. Dale, 1954 Keith K. Kreft, 1960 Gaylord M. Stunkel, 1952 Wayne B. Erb, 1956 James R. MacDonald, 1946 Wayne B. Miller, 1970Robert E. DeVary, 1949 Robert M. Sundberg, 1976 Larry K. Williams, 1960 Charles F. Ossenberg, 1945 Richard D. Outwater, 1966Richard K. Dowse, 1939 Sheldon C. Williams, 1957 Founders Society Robert D. Rowe, 1953 Claude W. Trapp, 1943Charles T. Gaines, 1953 Paul E. Wearly, 1939 Founders Society Richard L. Kunkle, 1953John A. Gorman, 1964 Crest Club Thomas J. Assalley, 1988 Founders SocietyRichard C. Helligas, 1953 Founders Society L. Charles Humphreys, 1983 Harlan G. Copeland, 1952 Circle of Honor Thomas H. Jones, 1974Roger I. Hulett, 1956 S. Karl Schultz, 1952 Randall C. Gelwix, 1971 William M. Hunt, 1951 John F. Frisinger Jr., 1952 Richard B. Lutz, 1959James C. Schmidt, 1952 John J. Gottsch, 1980 Thad B. Rudd, 1961 Dwight L. Price, 1954James D. Stuckey, 1951 Barrie W. Thorp, 1956 Thomas Patrick Williams II, 1993 Herbert M. Richardson Jr., 1954 Richard A. Schubert, 1977Crest Club Iowa State/Beta Omicron Founders Society Lehigh/Alpha Rho Circle of HonorWade E. Butler, 1978 Richard L. Hartman, 1971 Circle of Honor David V. Biesemeyer, 1968John R. Corneille, 1981 White Cross Trust Matthew B. Lee, 1983 White Cross Trust Associates Nicholas J. Brown, 2002 William Kirtley Jacobs, 1994Leonard Hoffman III, 1969 Steven C. Larson, 1975 Lyle F. Templer, 1955 Michael L. Kuenne, 1997 Clayton Andrew Endicott, 2002 Peter E. Kurachek DMD, 1965James R. Hostetler, 1968 William C. Roman, 1975 Steven R. Fushelberger, 1969 Barry L. Lendrum, 2005Weldon F. Maisch, 1957 White Cross Trust Associates Mark R. Schultz, 1979 R. Merrill Reece, 1963 Michael Scott Walker, 2002Jerome K. Nord, 1961 Thomas D. Williams Jr., 1973 A. Merle Bonthuis, 1950 Blake B. Willoughby, 2011Robert E. Picking, 1958 Kent State/Zeta Lambda Sustaining MembersMark C. Yontz, 1972 Crest Club Rick A. Meiss, 1994 Crest Club Sustaining Members White Cross Trust Associates Paul Edward Watko, 2004 Allen D. Pearson, 1954 Timothy B. Ledman, 1985 James G. Hernjak, 1996Founders Society Richard E. Hronek, 1969 William J. Wood, 1950 Stephen J. Smith, 1981John R. Ady, 1962 William H. Spooner, 1951 Founders Society Crest ClubHerschel M. Cline, 1953 Andrew F. Wirths, 1988John G. Hornberger, 1944 James W. Phelps, 1951 Raymond G. Dunn, 1978 Kettering/Zeta Theta Indiana (Pennsylvania)/Eta Kenneth R. Rarick, 1966 Founders SocietyCircle of Honor Circle of Honor Omicron White Cross Trust Associates Donald W. Castle, 1947Charles D. Hawker, 1962 Jeffrey T. Patterson, 1989 Founders Society Robert W. Moore, 1953 Boyd W. Cryer, 1971H. V. “Hank” Oakwood, 1943 White Cross Trust Donald T. Dages, 1992 Jack K. Horvath, 1969 Edward C. Rammrath, 1979 G. Scott Henninger, 1967 Jeffrey B. Murphy, 1980 Circle of Honor David T. Nicely, 1982 George W. Isele USCG, 1969 William E. Tate, 1972 Keane Burke Harris, 2007 Kansas/Alpha Xi Michael J. Kelly, 1967 C. Michael Taylor Jr., 1967 Robert S. Hartman, 1958Indiana/Lambda Daniel B. Mikusa, 2004 White Cross Trust Associates Cesare P. Turrin, 1977 White Cross Trust John J. Weber, 1970 Paul F. Walters, 1966 Sustaining MembersNorman Shield Society James R. Bell, 1982 Hal T. Hansen, 1958 Mark R. Weber, 1971 2012 Annual Report · 41 Van R. Hoisington Sr., 1962 Michael S. Ricker, 1999John D. Peterson, 1955 Circle of Honor Edward F. Werner Jr., 1964 Crest Club Gregory James Kallos, 1953 Sunwook Jin, 2000White Cross Trust Richard E. Swivel II, 1970 Michael B. Maloney, 1977 John C. Santora Jr., 2002 Crest Club Douglas C. Miller, 1971Donald C. Danielson, 1942 William H. Anger, 1972 Founders SocietyCurtis A. Ferguson, 1980 John B. Johnson II, 1978 Jeffrey A. Bird, 1985 White Cross Trust AssociatesG. Frank Holland II, 1953 Peter J. Longiotti, 1980Charles J. Kane Jr., 1965 Raymond M. Blehar, 1983 David B. Beeler, 1972 Kentucky/Lambda Lambda Dennis R. Schrader, 1976John T. Morris, 1988 Larry K. Harlan, 1958Frank P. Popoff, 1957 Circle of Honor John J. McQueeney, 1974 White Cross TrustJacob T. Steel, 2013 Michael J. Basca, 1973 J. Stephen Mills, 1951 Paul W. Chellgren, 1964William P. Vititoe, 1960 Joseph C. Morris, 1961 Constantine W. Curris, 1962Robert L. Zerbe, 1972 Kent D. Powell, 1968 Charles A. Kington, 1984 Kirk William Starks, 1976 Brett T. Setzer, 1985 W. Keith Swinehart II, 1964 J. Rex Watkins, 1949
  • 41. Annual Fund (Continued) White Cross Trust Associates Edward J. Marko, 1957 William J. Matevich, 1979 Circle of Honor Kerry E. Hunt, 1982 Paul F. Neils, 1982 James P. Garritty, 1955 Don E. Bauman, 1955 Richard F. Gole, 1961 John N. Stirewalt, 1953 Sam R. Ekey, 1977 Wolcott A. Ranck, 1954 E. Wayne Lednum, 1955 Gordon R. Williamson, 1951 Lloyd N. Liggett, 1965 David G. Riemer, 1957 John L. Rymer, 1960 Jeffrey L. Seiple, 1999 John C. Sprague, 1949 Crest Club Peter M. Smith, 1962 Circle of Honor Scott Rawlings Werber, 1986 Andrew B. Carroll Sr., 1957 Robert J. Boyd III, 1985 Shon E. Flaharty, 1987 Michael Lee Herula, 2006 Crest Club Colin C. Hulme, 1963 Thomas C. North, 1980 Gary E. Adams, 1966 Jan C. Nyland, 1964 Michigan/Theta Theta Louisiana State/Gamma Iota Founders Society Robert E. Black Jr., 1960 Maurice H. Sullivan III, 1993 Sustaining Members Timothy M. Brungs, 2004 Perry G. Bowen Jr., 1945 White Cross Trust Albert J. Grazioli, 1959 White Cross Trust Douglas E. Dybowski, 1968 Founders Society Bert A. Getz, 1959 John S. Hirt, 1960 James L. Clemmensen, 1972 Sustaining Members H. W. Hickey, 1970 Richard J. Cashman, 1958 Todd H. Halsted, 1984 Maurice E. Maloney, 1952 Lodwrick M. Cook, 1949 Samuel R. Nicholson, 2013 John R. Rowell, 1963 Jason B. Chorches, 1994 E. Jeffrey Kuchman, 1985 David G. Peterson, 1987 A. Preston Hood, 1965 Gary J. Graham, 1976 William C. Swaney, 1960 David E. Smith, 1952 Ronald C. Knecht Jr., 1975 Founders Society Charles M. Thatcher, 1943 Clayton S. McCarl, 1977 Circle of Honor White Cross Trust Associates Loyola Marymount/Iota Omega Frank W. Waikart III, 1968 Ryan D. Rodbro, 1978 White Cross Trust Associates Ernest Angelo Jr., 1956 George J. Tully, 1961 Stephen J. Bloom, 1958 Middle Tennessee/Eta Gamma A. B. Chapman III, 1965 Founders Society Circle of Honor John T. Bowen, 1991 Ernest R. Eldred, 1951 Sustaining Members George C. Getschman, 1947 Crest Club Jon M. Ekoniak, 1989 Robert J. Mayer, 1970 Robert A. Hill, 1957 Nathan D. Pingel, 1998 Robert J. Nicholas, 1968 Arthur C. Holmes, 1951 Thomas E. Miller, 1979 Clarke Rheney Jr., 1979 Stuart S. Kay Jr., 1961 Phillip R. Perry, 2006 David F. Nyren, 1986 David M. Stamps, 1977 Neil H. Klock Jr., 1959 Sustaining Members David R. Smith, 1959 Richard N. Knight, 1964 Circle of Honor Richard F. Bilz, 1987 John L. Lanier, 1956 Maine/Rho Rho Crest Club J. Stephen Nance, 1996 John K. Jennings Jr., 1952 John C. McCarthy, 1974 Miami (Ohio)/Alpha Tom A. Bayless, 1947 Ajay N. Mehta, 1985 Phillip D. Mollere, 1967 White Cross Trust David J. Riberi, 1988 Sustaining Members Leon J. Persac, 1947 Governor’s Round Table Robert R. Zahm, 1984 David M. Cunningham, 1954 Keith E. Hinton, 1979 John C. Pisa, 1966 Joseph P. Hayden Jr., 1951 Dale A. Neese, 1972 Alex W. Rankin, 1964 Founders Society White Cross Trust Associates McGill/Gamma Lambda Frank W. Smith III, 1973 Bivins H. Williams Jr., 1953 Elisha P. Gould, 1952 White Cross Trust Chalmers W. Elliott, 1947 Peter A. Olivier, 1988 Circle of Honor Jack R. Anderson, 1946 Crest Club Syed S. Khaleque, 2009 James E. Bertz, 1956 Circle of Honor William J. Furr, 1959 Minnesota/Alpha Sigma Crest Club Robert E. Haley Jr., 1960 Charles C. Tope, 1979 Robert H. Marshall, 1943 Richard S. Coombs, 1962 Robert W. Helmholz, 1949 Ernest E. Martin Jr, 1975 White Cross Trust Michael G. Oxley, 1966 Sustaining Members Founders Society Memphis/Epsilon Kappa Milo C. Ritton, 1983 L. John Fortenberry, 1954 James K. Morris, 1950 Founders Society Ernest C. Pierson, 1955 Charles L. Black Jr, 1968 Robert A. Zellner, 1949 White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust Associates Louis D. Curet, 1947 White Cross Trust Associates Sustaining Members Robert A. Longfield Jr., 1989 William S. Arnsparger, 1950 Thomas R. Elkins, 1967 James A. Wadell, 1963 Angus D. Harrison Jr., 1948 Michigan State/Gamma Psi R. C. Benson, 1963 Donald F. Langenbeck Jr., 1984 Albert M. Healy, 1955 Robert Donald Wilson, 1968 Walter S. King, 1962 Philip A. Larson, 1950 Gordon R. Mayeux, 1981 Allen R. Lewis Jr., 1968 White Cross Trust William F. Lewis, 1959 Patrick H. Scanlon, 1957 Crest Club William R. Liggett, 1963 Jay Gooding, 1981 D’Wayne A. Theriot, 1980 John M. Compton, 1974 Arthur L. Maple Jr., 1958 James T. Morton, 1964 Crest Club Marquette/Iota Pi William D. Morrisey, 1976 Lawrence J. Pilon, 1970 Troy Robert Grieger, 2006 Circle of Honor Founders Society David E. Perry, 1951 Timothy F. Shank, 1962 Gary B. James, 1969 Randolph M. Cameron, 1971 White Cross Trust Associates William B. Riblet, 1960 Kenneth L. Way, 1961 Joe E. Krause, 1960 John P. Liter, 1959 Charles J. Schwarting, 1992 Tracy Norville, 1963 William H. Schaefer, 1954 Joseph W. LaJeunesse, 1978 Hugh C. Montgomery Jr., 1948 Donald J. Stebbins, 1980 Circle of Honor White Cross Trust Associates Paul W. Thibert, 1958 James R. Nichols, 1948 Sustaining Members William A. Walsh Jr., 1942 Howard R. Broadman, 1972 James N. Wetherbee, 1953 Christopher V. Popov, 1998 Jonathan S. Ramberger, 2011 Brett Joshua Collins, 2004 Michael T. Pulaski, 1967 David Matthew DeAngelis, 2006 Crest Club James A. Delligatti, 1964 Founders Society Stephen W. Woodward, 1992 Emerson Allsworth Jr., 1952 Lauriston B. Farnsworth, 1943 Michael A. Bernatz, 1980 Sustaining Members Jon A. Bisher, 1968 Richard J. Loree, 1960 Christopher T. Dahl, 1965 Sustaining Members42 · Sigma Chi Foundation Maryland/Gamma Chi Forrest O. Lax, 1963 Richard B. Duke, 1962 Robert L. Mikulich, 1952 Paul E. Ingwalson, 1945 William C. Graves III, 1946 Warren K. Hinsch Jr., 1980 James V. Muncie, 1952 Norman Shield Society Richard G. Hunsinger, 1947 Robert A. Muncie, 1950 Circle of Honor Pedro E. Wasmer, 1962 Peter H. Schultz Sr., 1961 John D. Sabey, 1954 Miami (Florida)/Gamma Phi Patrick F. Morley Jr., 1990 Gregory V. Spaniolo, 1992 Alexander F. Tenenbaum, 2010 Louisville/Iota Lambda Governor’s Round Table Founders Society Richard B. Warner, 1965 White Cross Trust Robert D. Basham, 1970 Jonathan D. Brofford, 1997 Sustaining Members Crest Club Peter P. Claussen, 1951 Kent N. Kimmel, 1964 Crest Club Timothy A. Bratton, 1993 Alfred S. Heltman, 1961 George M. Roehrdanz, 1955 White Cross Trust Richard C. Nehls, 1973 C. Kim Emery, 1976 William F. Andrews Jr., 1953 Dominic A. Palazzolo, 1964 White Cross Trust Associates Waldo H. Burnside, 1949 Herbert Lionel Cares Jr., 1995 Donald R. Cuming, 1951 Founders Society Wallace E. Downey Jr., 1958 James W. Heller, 1992 Richard Scott Cummings, 1966 Robert W. Lehmkuhl, 1974 Donald L. Irey, 1952 Scott A. Gooding, 1980 Steven W. McGrath, 1970 Kent W. Krause, 1991
  • 42. Minnesota State-Mankato/ Boyce E. Harris, 1949 MIT/Alpha Theta Crest Club Nevada-Las Vegas/Zeta Chi Circle of HonorKappa Tau Frank J. Lundy Jr., 1963 Joseph D. Brookshier, 1959 Charles L. Burgess III, 2003 Samuel T. Polk III, 1973 White Cross Trust Kelly S. Harrington, 1979 White Cross Trust B. Kembrel Jones, 1982Crest Club Thomas E. Faust Jr., 1980 Jack P. Kanalz, 1954 Antonio E. Castanon, 1990Stephen M. Ruzicka, 2008 Circle of Honor Winchell Thrall Hayward, 1946 Ryan W. Roseleip, 1997 Robert E. Torbert, 1956 Ronald W. Yates, 1990 White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust Associates Craig L. Cipolla, 1981 North Carolina/Alpha Tau Sustaining Members Joseph Brazzatti Jr., 1954 Founders SocietyMississippi/Eta Richard G. Topp, 1974 John M. Corkhill, 1950 Richmond F. Allan, 1955 Founders Society White Cross Trust Charles A. Doverspike, 1952 William P. Breeden, 1965 Tom P. Strunk, 1971 Matthew R. Banner III, 1963White Cross Trust James M. Harris, 1963 Dennis M. Osgard, 1962 John R. Edwards, 1977A. Bruce Moore Jr., 1982 Walter H. Smith, 1985 Sustaining MembersWilliam G. Yates Jr., 1963 Missouri S & T/Theta Eta Crest Club White Cross Trust Associates Samuel L. Lieberman, 1992 Thomas R. Gow Jr., 1980 Circle of Honor John Charles Rush, 1950White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust Associates Robert M. Johnston, 1964 Harold J. Mueller, 1968Barry G. Allen, 1970 Matthew J. Viehmann, 1991 Joshua B. Littlefield, 1981 Robert P. Ritner, 1961 Crest ClubJames M. Ewing Jr., 1956 Edward J. Winkler, 1987 Franklin E. Penn, 1940 New Mexico/Beta Xi Herbert S. Faught, 1950Don L. Fruge, 1967 Sustaining Members W. Bruce Pruitt, 1954Charles V. Imbler Jr., 1979 Crest Club Circle of Honor Leland L. Holstine, 1958 White Cross Trust Mark C. Ritchie, 1979James S. Lee, 1991 Jesse E. Kauffman, 2003 Nicholas H. Cohen, 2002 Micheal P. Jessop, 2004 Milden J. Fox Jr., 1949John Land McDavid, 1952 Herbert W. Mower, 1965 Norman B. Kamhoot, 1956 Founders Society Frank C. McMains, 1943Rush Abbott Peace, 1957 Founders Society Nathaniel J. Kutzman Jr., 1960 Arthur A. Willis Jr., 1954 Julian S. Albergotti, 1952Aristide E. Ton, 1951 Bruce A. Lund, 1957 Michael P. Dallmeyer, 1982 Walton W. Andrews, 1947 Michael M. McGowan, 1994 White Cross Trust Associates Charles P. Brown, 1964Crest Club Montana/Beta Delta Douglas B. Morrison, 1949 James J. Franczak, 1964Jack L. Jones, 1963 Merle J. Raph, 1982 Circle of Honor Roger M. Fryer, 1957William J. Propst, 1942 Missouri State/Eta Kappa White Cross Trust John H. Morrison, 1955 Christopher P. Samuels, 1992Samuel B. Rickman, 1962 Thomas W. Cotter, 1953 Mark A. Rainosek, 1987William K. Smith, 1970 White Cross Trust Associates J. Rukin Jelks Jr., 1950 Sustaining MembersB. Douglas Wood Jr., 1962 Harold A. McVey, 1950 Murray State/Epsilon Tau C. Mark Doolittle, 1978 Crest Club Louis A. Bledsoe Jr., 1951 Wilmer A. Mitchell Jr., 1950Founders Society White Cross Trust Associates John W. Brown, 1972 Chad L. Straughan, 2003 Crest Club James L. Murphy, 1951 Charles G. LaCroix Jr., 1978Edward Loggins, 1952 Norman Harold Brown, 1968 Jack B. Spooner, 1985Dave A. Russell, 1972 White Cross Trust AssociatesS. Scott Sammons, 1982 Founders Society Lawrence K. Pettit, 1959 Crest Club Founders Society John W. Chisholm, 1957 North Carolina State/ Stephen L. Tanner, 1953 Benjamin Alalouf, 1963 Delta EpsilonCircle of Honor Gail L. Amos, 1974 John A. Martin, 1949 James C. Turner, 1975 John W. Schekorra, 1973 Clarence Mel Vick, 1946Barry W. Holcomb Jr., 1991 Crest Club White Cross TrustJ. Stevenson Ray, 1982 Donald G. Archibald, 1956 Founders Society Sustaining Members Circle of Honor Mark S. Rockwell, 1980Andrew R. Townes, 1986 Walter J. Kero, 1973 Edward A. Robinson Jr., 1968William M. Walker, 1955 O’Neill F. Farrington III, 1975 James M. Durrett Jr., 1957 Charles Franklin Westerfield, 2006 White Cross Trust Associates Kyle M. Ziercher, 2006 Ronald F. Ford, 1967 Founders SocietySustaining Members Zane M. Goodwin, 1953 John W. Carr, 1964 Jeffrey W. Gray, 1990 Circle of Honor Robert V.C. Giersch, 1961Jimmy D. Crocker, 1987 Mark S. Adams, 1980 Sustaining Members Robert L. Hubbard, 1957Alfred R. Moran Jr., 1983 Circle of Honor Timothy M. Dodd, 1984 Missouri-Columbia/Xi Xi Robert B. Bell, 1976 James T. Johnson Jr., 1978Robert H. Pendleton Jr., 1986 Kenneth S. O’Brian, 1981 John C. Hauck Jr., 1963 Harry S. Miller III, 1973Steve J. Pittman, 1979 Charles F. Rigsby, 1968 White Cross Trust Marc Kouzmanoff, 1973 Clyde W. Moore, 1950 Sam A. Roberts, 1941 Robert G. Satterfield, 1967 Wilbur E. Mozingo Jr., 1960 Albert Darling Sr., 1946 Duncan L. Matteson, 1956 New Mexico State/Zeta Phi John R. Straughn, 1974 Sustaining Members Sustaining MembersMississippi State/Gamma Upsilon Larry L. McMullen, 1954 Charles A. Russell, 1963 Mark A. Thomas, 1980 Andrew Jennings Behl, 2004 Founders Society Crest Club Jay O. Shields Jr., 1976 William W. Hogan, 1969 Edmund B. Cook, 1960White Cross Trust Van A. Bullock, 1970 John E. Walker, 1960 James A. Kloepple, 2013 Marshal Kennedy Eagle, 1999James A. Coggin, 1964 Allan K. Richardson II, 1973 John P. Mancuso, 1968 William H. Kincheloe, 1959Edward Marc Smith Jr., 1979 Bradley D. Shelton, 1997 White Cross Trust Associates Montana State/Beta Rho Circle of Honor E. Allen Lennon, 1964Howard C. Waring, 1977 Robert G. Neel, 1948 Terry Michael Mauldin, NA John A. Knorr, 1973 Robert M. Parks, 1948 Governor’s Round Table Michael L. Wallace, 1986White Cross Trust Associates 2012 Annual Report · 43 Donald L. Penfold, 1959 Tristan P. Renz, 1979David B. Donald, 1972 Nebraska/Alpha Epsilon Founders Society Thomas M. Scott, 1958Thomas E. Wofford, 1979 White Cross Trust North Alabama/Eta Rho Wesley O. Doggett, 1952 White Cross Trust Associates Crest Club Brian H. Loucks, 1964 David E. Holm, 1992Crest Club Donald D. Bell, 1960 Richard M. Minteer, 1948 Crest Club A. Wallace Moore Jr., 1950Eugene D. Carothers, 1969 Richard D. Faytinger, 1941Dan L. Donald Jr., 1967 White Cross Trust Associates Troy L. Hilyard, 1986 Edward A. Corrigan, 1976 Founders Society Circle of HonorJoseph H. Kennedy Jr., 1955 James F. Barfknecht, 1944 Paul S. McKie, 1951 Frank M. Williams, 1947 Curtis R. Biller, 1987 Founders Society Joel E. Martin, 1977Keith Tolbert, 1969 William L. Moore Jr., 1938 Richard W. Phillips, 1979 John S. Paschall, 1992Chester C. Wasser Jr., 1951 Ryan G. Brake, 1995 Sustaining Members Duane C. Ray, 2000 David A. Qualls Jr., 1952 Crest Club Kenneth W. Rees, 1983Founders Society Patrick K. Long, 2009 Edwin A. Strommen, 1962 Paul R. Crellin, 1946D. G. Brand, 1969 Scott R. Myers, 2011Tom Crain Jr., 1971
  • 43. Annual Fund (Continued) Northern Colorado/Epsilon Pi Thomas F. Perri, 1967 George C. Platt, 1962 Kenneth J. Chinchar, 1976 John C. Crouch, 1958 Circle of Honor Lincoln L. Annas, 1954 White Cross Trust Associates Peter W. Schellenbach, 1964 James K. DeVoe, 1960 Bernard W. Beers, 1947 Arthur A. Landry, 1961 Richard E. Schlecht, 1938 Anthony J. Donadio, 1975 William C. Linn Jr., 1959 David A. Walker, 1980 Richard H. Dormire, 1959 Norman Wulff, 1963 Crest Club John J. Waycuilis, 1976 Dennis M. Draeger, 1963 Edgar W. Fasig Jr., 1960 Sustaining Members Ryan C. Arnold, 1998 Circle of Honor Gregory S. Gibbons, 1981 Aaron G. Cizon, 1994 Diamond G. Economy, 1954 Gerald E. Egan, 1966 William H. Graham, 1968 W. Dean Shaffer, 1954 Donald F. Franz, 1988 James M. Howe, 1963 Founders Society Jack L. Mahaffey, 1954 Sustaining Members Circle of Honor Kyle B. Kamin, 1999 William H. Lashley Jr., 1968 William R. McDavid, 1961 Joe E. Harris Jr., 1972 Harold F. Nilles, 1957 Sustaining Members James L. Otis, 1970 Haywood M. Ingram, 1973 Todd C. Olson, 1987 Oklahoma/Beta Kappa Circle of Honor Jack K. Schaefer, 1960 Joshua L. Mangum, 2003 Asaf Elani, 2008 Jeffrey H. Wood, 1981 Fred G. Secrest, 1943 Brandon E. Nicholson, 2004 Erik S. Neinstedt, 2005 White Cross Trust Associates Denis G. Simon, 1969 Brandon J. Robins, 2009 John T. Abney, 1973 Sustaining Members John E. Stevenson Jr., 1946 North Florida/Kappa Beta David H. Wenzel, 1953 Gary L. Myers, 1971 Robert D. Ward, 1962 Donald A. Beierbach, 1960 Thomas A. Ward, 1961 North Dakota/Beta Zeta Founders Society Crest Club John H. Welsh Jr., 1947 Ty M. Roberts, 2001 Thomas K. Wentz, 1962 Paul R. Boone, 1963 White Cross Trust Associates Ohio/Delta Pi Northern Illinois/Eta Nu David G. Burns, 1980 William L. Hall, 1953 Sustaining Members Crest Club Lawrence L. Fuller, 1943 Neil R. Hutchison, 1973 White Cross Trust Zachary P. Butts, 2006 White Cross Trust William Burke Bero Sr., 1954 James R. Olson, 1957 James Robert Casey Jones, 2009 William E. Board, 1973 Founders Society Henry M. Brickell, 1948 Lloyd E. Prischmann, 1970 James R. Woodke, 1982 G. William Hill, 1963 Mark B. Evans, 1953 Thomas P. Haddock, 1964 Richard C. Render, 1964 Larry R. Webb, 1977 William M. Falvey, 1963 Craig J. Kos, 2000 Robert O. Wefald, 1964 White Cross Trust Associates Edward A. Farber, 1959 John W. Stapler, 1991 North Georgia/Theta Epsilon Michael R. Canova, 1982 White Cross Trust Associates Harry L. Finlaw Sr., 1951 Crest Club Peter J. Knight, 1959 William K. Judy, 1953 Circle of Honor Gerald H. Becker, 1957 Crest Club Founders Society John B. Kornick, 1955 Townsend A. Jury, 1946 Samuel K. Bradshaw, 1962 David Charles Reeve, 1972 Jonathan W. Baird, 1991 Scott E. Perry, 1986 Dennis R. Preston, 1967 Paul J. Paulson, 1954 George S. Gorishek, 1977 Michael R. Robinson, 1981 Todd M. Graham, 1986 Richard H. Shoemaker, 1971 Jess A. Stewart, 1959 Timothy W. Green, 1980 Sustaining Members David L. Stith, 1964 Dale C. Traven, 1968 J. Scott Haus, 1979 Founders Society Circle of Honor Albert C. Wagner, 1954 Sidney S. Silhan CPA, 1993 Zachary B. McWilliams, 2011 Robert H. Ellis, 1950 Barry R. Wear, 1962 Founders Society Richard K. Deal, 1990 Thomas M. Sutter, 1990 Charles O’Rear Jr., 1980 Thomas E. Matson, 1992 James H. Welker, 1956 Michael E. Weis, 2001 William R. Broadwell, 1960 Martin G. Olson, 1957 Fred H. Finlaw II, 1980 Sustaining Members Cyril Jerome Wrabec, 2004 Crest Club Daniel J. Kingsbury, 1949 Larry E. Holderread, 1970 North Texas/Iota Phi Paul M. Fallon, 1986 Charles J. McKitrick, 1944 Merwyn O. Huntress Jr., 1951 Circle of Honor Northwestern/Omega Thomas G. Jones, 1964 G. Eugene Yates, 1944 John E. Leak, 2004 David W. Parker, 1977 White Cross Trust Associates Richard C. Salisbury, 1956 Milton E. McWilliams Jr., 1942 Timothy J. Robinson, 1982 Charles H. Bauder, 1964 Governor’s Round Table Circle of Honor Ricky G. Smith, 1971 Charles D. Rydell, 1971 Richard S. Pepper, 1953 Circle of Honor Randall C. Neidenthal, 1973 Founders Society Walter G. Duer, 1951 Edward L. White, 1960 Sustaining Members White Cross Trust Von T. George, 1983 Nathan P. Williams, 2001 Jeffrey A. Cox, 1992 Thomas L. Lloyd, 1999 Raymond C. Cunningham, 1953 Oklahoma State/Gamma Delta Jason F. Rubish, 1994 George W. Rohe, 1964 Sustaining Members Sustaining Members Sustaining Members James A. Wagner, 1961 Jeffrey G. Kitzberger, 1982 Dean C. Moore, 1958 Norman Shield Society Brant L. Croucher, 2003 Joseph G. Wolf, 1974 Philip G. Price, 1967 Chuck L. Watson, 1972 Michael J. Gaughan, 1992 Daniel R. Stricker, 1957 Corey B. Powell, 2003 North Dakota State/Gamma Tau White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust James G. Ward, 2001 Gordon W. Early, 1947 Ohio Wesleyan/Gamma John A. Clerico, 1963 White Cross Trust Associates David C. Hill, 1963 William Michael McNeill, 1971 Harlynn N. Bjerke, 1962 Ohio State/Alpha Gamma White Cross Trust David Michael Lanthier, 1983 Jon T. Miller, 1966 Northern Arizona/Zeta Omicron Michael D. Larson, 1965 Jerry L. Grace, 1963 Crest Club Thomas S. McGurn, 1955 Governor’s Round Table White Cross Trust Associates Gene D. Hartman, 1956 White Cross Trust Associates Roger H. Miller, 1948 Timothy A. Michael, 1970 White Cross Trust Associates Lawrence L. Bellatti, 196644 · Sigma Chi Foundation Al F. Kosir, 1954 Thomas O. Hartshorn, 1992 Jerome L. Norton, 1953 James D. Wismar, 1955 Roger F. Blessing Jr., 1951 Kermit Lidstrom, 1954 David J. Shulan, 1973 White Cross Trust Bruce E. Huson, 1978 Clarence C. Fletcher Jr., 1954 James W. Powers, 1959 Cyrus W. Spurlino, 1958 Richard B. Goetze Jr., 1958 Crest Club Lee J. Henderson, 1982 Circle of Honor Nicholas O. Wright, 1982 Donald C. Griffith, 1962 Curtis L. Horrall, 1952 Jackson D. Brown, 1960 Founders Society Edward E. Hagenlocker, 1962 John A. Mitchell, 1967 Philip E. Bartow, 1958 Frederick E. Bryan III, 1963 Rudi C. Bloomquist, 1979 Crest Club Geoffrey Peterson Hall Sr., Randall M. Phillips, 1971 Erich J. Coelho, 1988 Daniel Aldrich Sharpe, 2006 Wilbur E. Lippert, 1957 Terry D. Asbury, 1960 Reginald S. Jackson Jr., 1968 Dan A. Ragan, 1962 Mark D. Psenak, 2009 David G. Pollock CFM, 1964 Frederick L. Brown, 1962 John W. Kessler, 1958 Edgar K. VanEman Jr., 1947 Founders Society John P. Smoot, 1953 James M. Hinckley, 1984 Frank A. Ray, 1970 Bill R. Washington, 1952 Sustaining Members Norval R. Mathie, 1950 Thomas R. Powers, 1963 Richard L. Sims, 1951 Mathew S. Hanson, 2008 Charles F. Smith, 1962 David E. Streitmatter, 1945 Crest Club Peter A. Winters, 2010 White Cross Trust Associates Robert O. Greaves, 1949 Founders Society William A. Argo, 1944 John B. McLeod, 1954 Donald L. Huber, 1954 Richard O. Bard, 1955 Richard L. Mitchell, 1951 Leon Jaworowski, 1974 Michael G. Biesecker, 1991
  • 44. Edward F. Raschen IV, 1991 Crest Club Pennsylvania/Phi Phi E. G. Shuster, 1954 White Cross Trust Rensselaer/Delta PsiRichard B. Seward, 1954 Daniel B. Allred, 1977 Benjamin E. Thomas Jr., 1952 Robert H. Blinn Jr., 1955 Jack W. Berka, 1977 Norman Shield Society James E. Dora Sr., 1958 White Cross TrustFounders Society Mac E. Heitzhausen, 1959 Jon M. Huntsman Sr., 1959 White Cross Trust Associates William J. Frey, 1962 Lawrence W. Mentz, 1968Charles F. DeArmond Jr., 1947 Allan H. Larsen, 1963 Gerald D. Knorr, 1982 David W. Jungling, 1986 Gregory J. Harbaugh, 1978 Robert J. Shortle Jr., 1974Richard V. Shawley, 1967 Joseph A. Marasco Jr., 1953 W. Scott Haynes, 1949 Founders Society White Cross Trust Chester F. Maruszewski, 1958 Ronald L. Karns, 1964 White Cross Trust AssociatesCircle of Honor Michael S. Kiyokawa, 1977 Thomas P. Farrell, 1968 Thomas M. Meisner Jr., 1968 Joseph R. Kelly, 1966 Kenneth R. Breinlinger, 1993Stephen T. Cubbage, 1989 Robert A. Gleason Jr., 1961 Robert C. Patterson Jr., 1988 J. Mark Lester, 1975 William G. Pomeroy Jr., 1966Myron C. Ledbetter, 1948 Circle of Honor John H. Goldsmith, 1963 David A. Redding, 1963 Allen C. Menke, 1944 Murray K. McComas, 1958 Bernard F. Sergesketter, 1958 Crest Club A. David Childs, 1945Sustaining Members Morris A. Nunes, 1970 Crest Club Corby D. Thompson, 1981 Larry F. Meyers, 1963 Gregory F. Chilson Jr., 1975Rodney M. Robards, 1985 Raymond H. Welsh, 1953 John E. Demming, 1992 Lawrence P. Frey, 1971 Charles W. McClowry, 1961 White Cross Trust AssociatesGregory A. Willis, 1992 Sustaining Members Richard S. Knapp, 1955 White Cross Trust Associates Mark C. Nagy, 1954 William R. Bolles II, 1956 Kurt J. Gulbrand, 1995 H. Samuel Greenawalt, 1951 Kenneth Putkovich, 1960 Mark A. Campbell, 1980 James K. Lembo, 1988 Ronald I. Woodmansee, 1982 Christian T. Quimby, 1997 Russell J. Clark, 1958 James A. Rolfe Jr., 1996Oregon/Beta Iota Samuel G. Woodings, 1956 Thomas G. Creed, 1955 Crest Club N. Reed Dunnick, 1965 Founders Society Oswego State/Kappa NuGovernor’s Round Table Founders Society John S. Falconer, 1935 T. Mitchell Bland, 1978 Joseph W. Chandler, 2014 John Mazur, 1952 Gordon F. Greenman, 1973Kim A. Caldwell, 1969 Founders Society Charles R. Crowley, 1982 Thomas J. Hamlin, 1983 Robert E. Hall, 1949 Benjamin F. Bryan, 1995 William M. Schmidt, 1969 Curtis R. McIntyre, 1956 Circle of Honor Franklin L. Hankins, 1953White Cross Trust Fergus M. Sloan Jr., 1954 Stephen W. Reinstein, 1967 David R. Krumwiede, 1978James E. Crabbe, 1967 George J. Vassar, 1990 Jack M. Weber, 1967 Peter F. Martin, 1979Alan G. Pedersen, 1943 J. T. McFarland, 1953 Circle of Honor Pacific/Kappa Sigma Sustaining Members Sustaining Members James O. Parrish, 1962 John J. Panek, 1983White Cross Trust Associates Michael E. Kurowski, 1980 John H. Kunkle, 1955 Donald S. Schleiffarth, 1978Maurice J. Comeau, 1960 Sustaining Members S. Roger Rombro, 1966 William C. Miller, 1958 Sustaining MembersLloyd W. Powell, 1955 Matthew David Paul, 2006 Gary E. Russolillo, 1964 David A. Vermeire, 1951 Crest Club Christopher John Lopinto, 2002 John S. Sawyer, 1965 Brian Michael Vierra, 2004 Richard M. Coppin, 1961Crest Club John R. Deobald, 1954Ralph G. Coan Jr., 1965 Robert M. Goodwin, 1962 Penn State/Alpha Chi Richard A. Reeves, 1949 Rhode Island/Delta SigmaPreston C. Hiefield Jr., 1953 Pepperdine/Kappa Omicron Puget Sound/Delta PhiGordon C. Hoy, 1943 Paul J. Rolfes, 1982 White Cross Trust Philip R. Steele, 1977 White Cross TrustJ. B. Potts, 1970 Founders Society White Cross Trust AssociatesCraig G. Sirnio, 1967 Anthony M. Agnone, 1958 Brent A. Stevens, 1987 Frederick W. Reinhardt Jr., 1957 Stephen C. Pracht, 1976 Robert J. McCrea, 1995 Arthur M. Barrena, 1965Founders Society Frank J. Raymond, 1971 Jack A. Fabulich, 1951 Founders Society White Cross Trust Associates Sustaining Members Jack W. Knapp, 1950William H. Sherratt, 2012 Jess C. Andrew III, 1970 James S. Browne, 1966 White Cross Trust Associates Trevor Douglas McLaren, 2006 Harold B. Prescott, 1951 Robert G. Burlas, 1986 Michael S. Tarka, 1995 Kevin P. Saier, 1996Circle of Honor Kenneth B. Blair, 1956 Ralph C. Hughes Jr., 1949 Remmie W. Butchko, 1990 Glenn M. Johnson, 1974 Crest ClubGerald B. Bashaw Jr., 1957 Crest Club Robert W. Jones, 1949 John A. Sand, 1958Kevin E. Norris, 1982 Pittsburg State/Zeta Iota Theodore E. Dziok, 1963 David A. Kline, 1964 Gary L. Fulton, 1964 Russell J. Wunderlich, 1967Michael J. Toomey, 1965 Philip J. Fox, 1966 Evan D. Hull, 1979 White Cross Trust Associates W. Gijs VanDeFliert, 1979 Paul E. Hagerty, 1968 Crest Club Circle of HonorSustaining Members Mark A. Polinski, 1986 David L. Beasley, 1967 Thomas J. Busch, 1950Martin W. Dana, 1988 Founders Society Founders Society Matthew D. Pracht, 1980 Ray W. Gillespie, 1965 William R. Carson, 1943Jeffrey J. Jelderks, 2003 George P. Lampe, 1965 John G. Munro Jr., 1954 John H. Rath Jr., 1973 Michael S. Hudspeth, 1982 J. Frederick Coon, 1973Kenneth R. Johnson, 1960 Larry L. Mathis, 1965 Charles T. Vincent, 1964 Benjamin G. Harris, 2004David J. Tangvald, 1987 Joseph L. McSpadden, 1982 Circle of Honor William R. Zern Jr., 1939 Circle of HonorFrederic S. Young, 1950 Thomas M. Mobley, 1973 Elmer P. Armstrong, 1956 Zachary A. Peterson, 2007 Sustaining Members Founders Society David Lawrence Cera, 1994 Crest Club Sustaining Members Sustaining Members Richard E. Anthony, 1970 Myron A. Frank, 1951Oregon State/Beta Pi William T. Gardiner, 1956 Scott A. Holmberg, 1995 Robert C. Bulloch, 1991 Noah J. Glazov, 1996 Michael J. Maroon Jr., 1973 Keith M. Olivia, 1990 Brent E. Lister, 1990 Chadd S. Montgomery, 2006 H. Lloyd Kelley III, 1962 Mark L. Melillo, 1990White Cross Trust David L. Shields, 1967 Robert T. Reynolds, 1980 Andrew J. Parker, 2008 James B. McNeely, 1964 W. James Plews, 1960 Benson L. Swift, 1973 Martin E. Rolleg, 1969 John C. Stone, 1978 2012 Annual Report · 45Richard J. Campo, 1976 Richard C. Weiss, 1960 Circle of Honor Circle of HonorWhite Cross Trust Associates Robert J. Belus, 1960 Robert P. Sawyer II, 1984 Purdue/Delta DeltaRobert J. Gallo, 1956 David J. Gordon, 1991 Merle Dean Steele, 1970Ken J. Griggs, 1984 Radford/Kappa Zeta Gregory P. Heffner, 1970 Norman Shield SocietyPaul W. Romppanen, 1950Thomas V. Scoggins II, 1970 Keith J. Krach, 1979 Sustaining Members Kenneth H. Kraft Jr., 1956 Crest ClubThomas J. Sinnard, 1958 Pittsburgh/Beta Theta Michael J. Kemerer, 1974 Tim R. Palmer, 1980 Marc C. Foster, 1990Tracy W. Smith, 1965 White Cross Trust Governor’s Round Table Circle of Honor Michael Allan Bryson, 1968 Keith H. Holcomb, 1979 Todd Jackson Harkrader, 2003 David C. Green, 1954 Steven M. Schmidt, 1976 Tom W. Olofson, 1963
  • 45. Annual Fund (Continued) Saint Louis/Theta Iota Crest Club Crest Club Crest Club William L. Fortner, 1967 Jeremy B. Cushing, 1996 Gilbert Michael Juenger, 1972 Crest Club James B. Kuhn, 1952 Max H. Hale, 1990 Bruce H. Klaus, 1971 Barry L. Miller, 1984 Douglas K. Martinet, 1977 Mark E. Riordan, 1982 John S. Ross, 1948 Founders Society Rodney F. Villhard, 1995 Circle of Honor J. Steven Stroud, 1979 Michael G. Armstrong, 1974 Charles K. Wright, 1963 Christopher J. Noonan, 1986 Royce A. Gregory, 1972 Founders Society Founders Society Sustaining Members Jeffrey S. Green, 1989 Sustaining Members Dewey K. Carlstrom III, 1972 Andrew C. Tebbe, 2003 Alan S. Hamilton, 1980 Michael J. Dingler, 1997 David Haag, 1969 Richmond/Epsilon Rho Crest Club Loren K. Runner, 1964 William T. Lohmar Jr., 1968 Robert Riggs Thornhill Sr., 2010 William Homer McNeill II, 2000 Charles M. Prunkl, 1970 Gregory S. Walker, 1995 Larry J. Michaud, 1965 White Cross Trust Associates Circle of Honor David F. Newell, 1981 William S. Custis, 1971 Circle of Honor Richard M. Cline, 1949 James C. Peters, 1974 John S. Keller, 1972 George Howard, 1967 Sam Houston/Epsilon Psi Frank P. Hurst, 1975 James W. Marilla Jr., 1967 David C. Irvin, 1989 South Carolina/Gamma Nu Circle of Honor Carl H. Pearson II, 1979 Sustaining Members White Cross Trust V. Bryan Jacobs, 1987 Jimmy D. Bowen, 1982 Walter S. Barton, 1955 Stanley W. Johnson Jr., 1969 Thomas P. Lang Jr., 1965 White Cross Trust Associates William J. Corbett, 1981 Crest Club David Phair, 1943 Charles J. French, 1979 Stephen G. Hopkins Jr., 1972 John C. Land III, 1966 Daniel A. Caldwell, 1987 Joseph L. Stephens, 1949 White Cross Trust Associates Steve M. Shirley, 1992 Keven F. Lewis, 2001 Irvin J. Lychner, 1980 H. David Ingram, 1966 Robert R. Villatoro, 1983 Peter G. Manos, 1949 Steve C. Rombach, 1980 James H. Orr, 1960 Julian A. Reynolds Jr., 1967 Founders Society Sustaining Members William A. Robinson Jr., 1952 Sustaining Members Crest Club Peter N. Schiffer Jr., 2001 Rochester/Gamma Pi Don Burnette, 1963 Charles John Buss, 2005 W. Gregg Hill, 1971 Jesse R. Greer, 1958 Crest Club Mark S. Kaiser, 1979 Circle of Honor White Cross Trust Karl D. Hicks, 1989 John Rand Guida, 1977 Stephen R. Lloyd, 1983 Richard H. Matthews, 1974 Edward F.D. Spencer, 1967 Eric S. Spilberg, 1994 Marshall S. Hobson, 1974 Michael F. Mundwiller, 1986 Keith L. Tinkham, 1967 Zeb M. Thomas Jr., 1966 Jeffrey T. Rehr, 1984 Samford/Pi White Cross Trust Associates Keith A. Wunderlich, 1990 Sustaining Members N. Howard Jorgensen, 1949 Crest Club Founders Society San Jose State/Epsilon Theta Winfield A. Allaband, 1956 Frederick J. Klauser, 1975 Jerry W. Glass, 1986 James D. Barber Jr., 1948 Mark T. Apostolou, 2003 George G. Landberg, 1961 Gregory H. Brown, 1979 Governor’s Round Table Southern California/ Douglas H. Lindquist, 1988 Karl R. Thielking, 1977 Founders Society Stephen A. Guida, 1972 Alan J. Kessler, 1979 Alpha Upsilon Claude P. Valliere, 1980 Peter T. Milliones, 1952 K. Michael Kopecky, 1996 Thomas F. Mullan Jr., 1953 Charles T. Willis, 1951 White Cross Trust Circle of Honor Sustaining Members White Cross Trust Associates James A. Burk, 1974 Ripon/Epsilon Lambda Crest Club Paul D. Gill III, 1974 Ryan David Thompson, 2005 James R. Beach, 1958 Allen L. Cashion, 1985 William J. McDonald, 1969 White Cross Trust Associates Ronald C. Carrie, 1964 Robert C. Dolley, 1958 Robert E. Stone, 1969 Sustaining Members Larry V. Genzel, 1960 Donald K. Farrar, 1960 James R. Clark, 1968 Todd A. Whitestone, 1976 Charlie O. Jones Jr., 1951 John W. Nelson, 1961 Jeffrey T. Gill, 1978 Richard L. Schulze, 1958 Robert E. Lofgren, 1961 Craig G. Johnson, 1991 San Diego/Theta Lambda Gary L. Olimpia, 1963 Founders Society Fred Vincent Keenan Sr., 1937 Founders Society Alvin E. Hebert III, 1964 D. Kerry McCluggage, 1976 Crest Club Crest Club Daniel W. Behring, 1962 Donald L. Winkley, 1959 Frederick N. Nason Jr., 1952 Aaron B. Milam, 2003 William D. Klink, 1971 South Florida/Theta Beta Thomas P. Pecht, 1974 Circle of Honor Circle of Honor Douglas M. Lowe, 1962 Thomas E. Smith, 1956 Circle of Honor Donald K. Quayle Jr., 1959 Walter S. Hofman, 1954 W. Andrew Dalton, 1992 Crest Club Justin C. Smith, 1992 Daniel K. Russo, 1981 Andrew C. Last, 2003 Donald Brooks Davis, 1989 White Cross Trust Associates John R. Violet, 1969 Robert D. Schmitt, 1979 Sustaining Members Anthony R. Washmera, 1999 James K. Hoffman, 1951 Sustaining Members Andrew Sok, 2007 John H. Manhold Jr., 1941 Founders Society Richard H. Johnson, 1952 Christopher Louis Penna, 2005 Richard M. Miailovich, 1962 Founders Society Daniel A. Johnson, 1984 Michael B. Rover, 1987 Manuel L. Real, 1948 Edward A. Davis, 1985 John S. Watson, 1953 Roanoke/Tau James R. Engel, 1974 Rutgers/Iota Psi Gustav A. Gulmert, 1952 Southeast Missouri/Epsilon Phi Crest Club White Cross Trust San Diego State/Delta Xi White Cross Trust Associates Michael F. Austin, 1985 Thomas S. Gordon, 1978 White Cross Trust46 · Sigma Chi Foundation Paul S. Brown, 1997 White Cross Trust Roger C. Hooks, 1955 Roy M. Henwood Jr., 1969 Santa Clara/Lambda Gamma Richard L. Anello, 1971 Anthony D. Kavorinos, 1974 Andrew K. Teeter, 1971 Jack A. Binns Jr., 1959 Patrick C. Ross, 1951 Crest Club Dean E. Cowan, 1992 Edward W. Blessing, 1960 Alfred J. Spaeter Jr., 1945 Christian C. Reimer, 1995 Circle of Honor Charles R. Heyl, 1970 White Cross Trust Associates Brian C. Kramer, 1991 William T. Kane, 1974 Leon W. Parma, 1951 Winston Yu, 2011 Robert H. Birdsall Jr., 1972 Charles R. Stamp Jr., 1971 Founders Society Founders Society Robert S. White, 1965 William N. Clements III, 1975 W. Russell Withers Jr., 1958 John A. Baran, 1947 Daniel L. Armas, 2002 Carter S. Dubois, 1999 J. Douglas Gilmour, 1951 Jeffrey A. Palma, 1996 White Cross Trust Associates Norbert W. Melnick, 1955 South Alabama/Eta Epsilon White Cross Trust Associates William A. Rakow, 1968 George Mikitzki, 1973 Eugene M. Chubb, 1953 Michael G. Intagliata, 1971 Max Mittendorff, 1966 Ben G. Clay, 1967 White Cross Trust Richard W. McAdoo, 1964 Circle of Honor Gregory R. Surabian, 1976 Gerald S. Davee, 1958 Gary Lee Nesslein, 1982 Scott A. Allen, 1982 Larry G. Tilley, 1957 Bert E. Grigsby, 1955 Roddy Lee McKinney II, 1994 John L. Sheets, 1972 Gerald E. Boden, 1975 William H. Mayfield, 1954 Robert H. Odle, 1964 William W. Brown, 1968 Frank M. Console, 1948
  • 46. Sustaining Members Sustaining Members White Cross Trust Associates Circle of Honor Crest Club Circle of HonorA. Bradner Canfield, 1940 Harry Cahn, 1954 Gregory Gordon, 1968 G. Andrew A. Bender, 1978 Brett E. Richards, 1995 John Scott Nichols, 1989William R. Miller, 1949 Peter D. Sanders, 1980 David R. Poole, 1969 James F. Dorris Jr., 1949Branden Alexander Moll, 2007 Ernest A. Schwab, 1954 William C. Norman, 1952 Circle of Honor Sustaining MembersChristopher Robert Sayer, 2006 Charles R. Stinnett, 1987 Michael J. McQueeney, 2004Nicolas Monsour Scurfield, 2007 Crest ClubEdward L. Stanton, 1990 St. Thomas/Iota Tau William E. Larson, 1952 Sustaining MembersSteven E. Voskanian, 1994 Robert F. McMeekin, 1956 Tennessee-Knoxville/Beta Sigma Ray B. Mott, 1977 Circle of Honor J. Philip Oldham, 1966 Texas State/Theta Tau Denis Oxford, 1980 Blake L. Stranz, 1993 Franklin A. Skofstad, 1946 White Cross Trust Kem G. Hinton, 1977 Founders SocietySouthern Methodist/Delta Mu Sustaining Members Founders Society Scott A. Hanshaw, 1990 James D. Peters, 2000 John D. Cotnam, 1957 White Cross Trust Associates Texas A&M-Commerce/Zeta EtaWhite Cross Trust Thomas W. Richardson, 2001 Frank M. Addicks, 1962 Circle of HonorKenneth M. Hamlett, 1970 Daniel J. Strojny, 2010 Circle of Honor James C. Benton, 1956 White Cross Trust Anthony F. Sullivan, 1994Glenn A. Sollberger, 1960 J. Mark Buck AIA, 1982 Neil A. Roth, 1982 Richard A. Bills, 1967David M. Underwood Jr., 1988 Ivie P. Burns II, 1991 Edward R. Stanley, 1966 Sustaining MembersNathan E. White Jr., 1964 Steven R. Forshay, 1964 Brian M. Psencik, 1999 Stanford/Alpha Omega Posey G. Hedges, 1944 White Cross Trust AssociatesWhite Cross Trust Associates John B. Morgan Jr., 1963 Tarleton State/Kappa Xi Chester O. McCrary, 1965Robert L. Cabes Jr., 1991 White Cross Trust Associates John G. Sample, 1950 Michael G. Smythe, 1994James W. Carlin, 1973 Logan J. Scroggy, 1951 Sustaining Members Texas Tech/Epsilon Nu Crest Club Joseph J. Griltz, 2013 Crest ClubCrest Club Crest Club Owen T. Allen Jr., 1961 David A. Beall, 1984 White Cross TrustJohn G. Gibbs III, 1989 Gregory J. Hall, 1975 George R. Baddour, 1975 Michael S. Bell, 1992 Larry M. Glover, 1973Steven M. Harrington, 1979 Richard E. Kendrick, 1942 Dean D. Barger Jr., 1963 Jim D. Fraley, 1969 Randall C. Roberts, 1976 Robert P. Mann, 1948 Tennessee Tech/Eta Delta Gerald L. Bell Jr., 1953 Robert L. Whitener III, 1964 Robert E. Sikes, 1960Founders Society Burt L. Talcott, 1942 A. Peter Bukeavich Jr., 1980Noah A. Buck, 2011 White Cross Trust James H. Culp Sr., 1955 Founders Society White Cross Trust AssociatesLance S. Etcheverry, 1990 Circle of Honor George F. Goosmann III, 1957 James Donald Gilbert, 1963 J. Frank Knight, 1965 C. David Cobb, 1958Walter H. Goodman, 1975 Samuel L. Steele, 1961 Brian R. Potts, 1998 Thomas R. Rogers, 1970Robert K. Haderlein, 1989 White Cross Trust Associates Founders Society Circle of Honor Glen R. Sirles, 1972J. Randall Routsong, 1970 Sustaining Members Jonathan S. Hoag, 1988 Charles V. Goodman, 1985Thomas E. Stambaugh, 1965 Otis D. Cagle Jr., 1948 Wesley R. Pullen, 1984 Crest Club James A. Hall, 1963 Paul C. Schirmer, 1958 Crest Club David B. Cravens Jr., 1974 David F. Leake, 1966 John C. Silliman, 1935 Mark E. Self, 1979 Gene A. Maness, 1958Southern Mississippi/Theta Delta Kevin L. Skold, 1990 J. Gregory Robinson, 1970 Texas A&M-Kingsville/Zeta Pi Founders Society Robert R. VanCleave, 1980 John J. Waskom, 1979 Bill L. Hoffpauir, 1997White Cross Trust Associates Crest Club William R. Word, 1980 Stephen F. Austin/Eta Tau Founders SocietyMark C. Wilkinson, 1982 Circle of Honor George R. Wilkinson, 1973 Arthur H. Blanchford, 1994 Robert L. Couch Jr., 1949 Circle of Honor White Cross Trust AssociatesCrest Club Herman W. Roberson Jr., 1971 Orlanda R. Lowry III, 1961 Circle of Honor Steven T. Manchester, 1980 J. Keith Belk, 1982Robert D. Pierce II, 1991 Robert F. Ogdin, 1966 Rex Paul Ashby, 2001 Benjamin L. Odom, 2009 Judd S. Fruia, 1989 Circle of Honor Charles B. Quinn Jr., 1970 James D. Schueneman, 1971 Patrick W. Svrcek, 1978Circle of Honor David A. Johnson, 1993 Robert P. Rentenbach, 1969 Crest Club Mark J. Stallworth, 1984 Sustaining Members Sustaining MembersJeffrey P. Harbison, 2005 Christopher H. Goeters, 1989 Sustaining Members Tommy D. Davis, 1986 Russell H. Aldrich, 1987 Sam R. Brown II, 1988 Sustaining Members Colin R. McCleskey, 2012 Founders Society Michael D. Randles, 1988 Peter J. Garland III, 1986 David R. Schmidth, 2008 Ian Joseph Gilpatrick, 2004 Robert P. Saliba, 1970Southern Utah/Kappa Iota Texas Christian/Epsilon Mu Circle of HonorCrest Club James M. Eldridge, 1983 Tennessee-Chattanooga/ White Cross Trust Texas-Arlington/Theta KappaBrandon R. Allen, 1997 Delta Theta Texas A&M-College Station/ John V. Roach II, 1961 Sustaining Members Eta Upsilon Founders Society Sam T. Cimino, 2003 White Cross Trust White Cross Trust Associates Chad R. Ward, 1989 Steven E. White, 2002 Langdon T. Christian IV, 1971 Governor’s Round Table Anthony B. Wonderly, 1999St. Lawrence/Epsilon Iota George N. Armstrong Jr., 1963 2012 Annual Report · 47 Joel L. Cunningham, 1965 Alan B. Mitchell, 1985 Martin Edwards, 1962White Cross Trust Associates Malone J. Everett Jr., 1950 Steven D. Keator, 1977 Scott E. Hendrix, 1985 White Cross Trust Larry W. Spradley, 1967Michael W. Hatch, 1971 Syracuse/Psi Psi Lee A. Beauchamp, 1975 Dwight Thompson, 1974 Texas-Austin/Alpha NuRichard B. Sauers, 1970 White Cross Trust Associates John W. Cox, 1981 Benjamin F. Trcalek Jr., 1968 Governor’s Round Table Jason Erik Gray, 1996 Monty L. Davis, 1977 N. Glenn Whittington, 1965 White Cross TrustCrest Club Joseph J. Durzo, 1967 Stuart Alan Walters, 1991 Gary D. Roden, 1983 John C. Bibo, 1974Clayton P. Brubaker III, 1979 Crest Club Robert M. Howe, 1962Alexander L. Rosten, 1975 White Cross Trust Founders Society White Cross Trust Associates Patrick S. Flynn, 2007 David F. Martineau, 1960 George H. Babikian, 1953 Carl M. Standifer USAF, 1986 Howard W. Acton, 1977 D. Dudley Oldham, 1964Founders Society Harold B. Gilbert USAF(Ret), 1977 Thomas E. Wood, 1956 Robert Mark Chris, 1985 Founders Society Linden R. Welsch, 1969David L. Flansburg, 1967 Robert E. Hillman, 1955 William W. Powell III, 1978 W. Alan Winter, 1961Anthony G. Loucas, 1968 Bryan N. Leather, 1966 Bruce H. Scott, 1980 Donald H. Schefmeyer, 1969
  • 47. Annual Fund (Continued) Founders Society Utah State/Gamma Kappa Crest Club Wake Forest/Delta Nu Daniel M. Bisett, 1960 Raphael M. O’Malley, 1968 John C. Lastrapes, 2003 White Cross Trust William E. Pinner Jr., 1949 White Cross Trust Associates Richard N. Marple, 1967 Michael H. Dunn, 1976 William O. Reeside Jr., 1977 Joseph M. Neal, 1973 Loran R. Smith, 1960 Circle of Honor Crest Club Crest Club Stephen R. Colyer, 1987 Jarrett S. Anderson, 1958 Founders Society Marvin K. Gray Sr., 1958 Timothy F. Dumler, 1984 Robert M. Lamkin Jr., 1961 Barry M. Glenn, 1971 Robert N. Satterfield, 1989 Roger N. Gray, 1971 Paul E. Stover Jr., 1969 Franklin H. Wood III, 1983 Dennis Vandever Hughes, 1963 Sustaining Members White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust Associates Founders Society Founders Society Gregory J. Duffy, 1981 Charles M. Eldridge, 1950 Nollie C. Felts, 1948 Sustaining Members Don W. Crockett, 1960 Mark W. Ogren, 1971 O. H. Frazier Jr., 1963 William B. Klein, 1982 Keith A. Bartling, 1970 Collin A. Wailes, 1986 R. Mark Smith, 1963 Robert Norvell Graham Jr., 1946 David G. Perlis, 1964 Richard Duncan, 1959 Stephen P. Keiser, 1958 Jack W. Thomson JD, 1943 Patrick B. Pfeifer, 1986 Circle of Honor Virginia Tech/Eta Lambda Circle of Honor Watts Wacker Jr., 1975 Edward S. Scott Jr., 1968 Joseph S. Tovar Jr., 1975 William T. Campbell III, 2000 Crest Club Hunter O. Wagner Jr., 1952 White Cross Trust Associates John W. Rusher, 1980 Bill O. Brink, 1940 Harald T. Werner Jr., 1959 Sustaining Members Michael S. Eaton, 1987 C. Lee Easter Jr., 1972 Jeffrey H. Francis, 1978 Warren E. Sloan, 1994 Crest Club Union/Gamma Zeta Ronald S. Hanson, 1955 Christopher M. Neilson, 1999 John J. Hynes, 1978 Robert K. Steer, 1953 John F. Pearce III, 1970 Phillip M. Millett, 1988 Washington & Lee/Zeta Timothy M. Peglow, 1977 Crest Club Andrew T. Spurlock, 2003 Douglas B. Pulsifer, 1983 Founders Society John W. Charlton, 1962 Mark J. Shuart, 1976 White Cross Trust Associates William Howe Shoemaker, 1960 Founders Society Robert E. Edwards, 1944 Myron J. McKee Jr., 1945 Nathan P. Stricklen, 1999 Thomas S. Bowman, 1950 Thomas N. Heyer, 1978 Valparaiso/Iota Sigma Crest Club Malcolm S. Weaver, 1942 Herbert E. Williams III, 1955 Mark C. Regester, 1989 Founders Society Circle of Honor Sustaining Members J. Pegram Johnson III, 1966 Circle of Honor Jeffrey S. Moore, 1988 Founders Society Founders Society Daniel J. Trapp, 2001 Norman W. Johnston, 1950 Thomas A. Cutter, 1984 Joseph A. Marraccini, 1990 Circle of Honor Paul D. Mallory, 1970 Sustaining Members Gary M. Wenner, 1984 Robert G. Armstrong, 1969 Drewry H. Morris, 1961 Avery G. Marcus, 2012 Circle of Honor James M. Brown, 1958 Laried S. Oates Jr., 1954 Circle of Honor Vanderbilt/Alpha Psi Bruce E. Tria Jr., 1996 Christopher W. Riedel DDS, 1997 Barton P. Mercer, 1976 Sustaining Members Derek James Shannon, 2005 Rodger R. Moxham, 1954 White Cross Trust Associates Sustaining Members Robert K. Lyford, 1977 Robert N. Tracy, 1964 Tulsa/Delta Omega F. Carlton Siegel, 1955 George H. Cate Jr., 1949 Matthew W. Dobbins, 2009 David L. Walton, 1979 William H. Goodwin Jr., 1991 Lucien M. Warner Jr, 1956 White Cross Trust Sustaining Members Lambert G. Lamberson, 1956 P. Mitchell Adwon, 1979 Nicholas J. Salvatoriello, 2007 Gary W. Parkes, 1983 Washington (Seattle)/Upsilon Sustaining Members Charles F. Bisett III, 1955 Joseph E. Patrick Jr., 1967 Wabash/Delta Chi Upsilon Reed C. Ramlow, 1979 Thomas A. Bloomfield, 1983 Andrew E. Price, 1948 Wilburn C. Wall, 1967 Albert F. Cuite, 1966 Walter J. Rasmussen, 1960 White Cross Trust White Cross Trust Richard R. Frazier, 1969 Utah/Beta Epsilon William D. Stone, 1977 Charles J. Beckman, 1942 Roger D. Flodin, 1952 Donald H. Gallemore, 1960 Harsh Singh, 2001 Thomas M. Lindquist, 1982 Sanjay D. Meshri, 1992 White Cross Trust Crest Club Troy/Eta Phi Bradley M. Nysether, 1982 Joseph W. Moeller, 1966 Sterling D. Colton, 1951 John T. Harris, 1960 White Cross Trust Associates James L. Pool, 1968 L. Reid Ivins JD, 1952 John R. Kuhn, 1984 White Cross Trust Associates Eldon K. Andrews, 1952 White Cross Trust Associates D. Ronald Reneker, 1968 J. Willard Marriott Jr., 1954 Richard W. Reeves, 1952 Jeffrey S. Moon, 1989 Roy Melvin Teel Jr., 1966 H. David Parkhill, 1969 Larry S. Chestler, 1984 George B. Woodring Jr., 1964 Neal P. Nash, 1990 Michael A. Katsaros, 1959 White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust Associates Crest Club Paul G. Rosenblatt, 1950 Robert K. Dellenbach, 1959 Founders Society Crest Club Timothy D. Kathman, 1977 William H. Stewart, 1946 David M. Allen, 1988 Jesse K. Ellertson, 1946 Richard H. Cowan, 1968 Gregory W. Shaull, 1981 Ray B. Baumgarten II, 1974 Dale C. Turner, 2003 William D. Folland, 1962 Jonathan S. Stover, 1997 Crest Club Doy F. Cole, 1962 Ansley R. Valentine, 1990 Francis A. Madsen Jr., 1952 Steven K. Stuehrk, 1980 Robert A. Fredrickson, 1968 David A. Whaley, 1965 Robert B. Betcone, 1955 David A. Malmquist, 1961 Brian R. Gelner, 1994 Douglas E. Haas, 1975 Alan A. Matheson, 1953 Circle of Honor Tulane/Alpha Omicron Clyde D. Graeber, 1954 Founders Society John C. Richards, 1943 James Scott Richardson, 1998 Scott L. Johnson, 1982 Roger D. Hanas, 2003 Founders Society Ronald F. Simmons, 195348 · Sigma Chi Foundation White Cross Trust Jon R. Nelson, 1955 Scott W. Hoyer, 2002 Milton H. Bohart, 1954 Sustaining Members Steven L. Dehmlow, 1978 Crest Club Clinton L. Funkhouser, 1971 Crest Club Wayne L. Palmore, 1973 Circle of Honor Alan J. Rowan, 1962 Frank Hildebrand, 1950 Danny K. Hawes, 1964 John Patrick Michaels Jr., 1966 Michael L. Axton, 1983 C. Lynn Dick, 1966 Eugene N. Soper, 1951 Phil G. D. Schaefer, 1980 Raymond E. Batchelor Jr., 1955 Kurt M. Eisgruber, 1987 Louis C. Sutherland, 1946 Circle of Honor Jeffrey P. Taft, 1989 Bradley M. Berkson, 1985 Steven C. Pettinga, 1979 Michael Andrew Wyszkowski, 1985 Ellis R. Ivory, 1962 Virginia/Psi Mark W. Tipton, 1978 Geoffrey W. Clary, 1991 Philip L. Sidebottom, 1970 Rich R. Lacher, 1964 Sustaining Members Steven B. Ganzkow, 1969 Michael T. Leininger, 1973 White Cross Trust Associates Jerry L. Goodman, 1961 Sustaining Members Jeffrey A. Neste, 2006 Rex R. Zierott, 1952 Robert R. Fair, 1950 Ted M. Riseling Jr., 1964 Seamus P. Boyce, 2003 James A. Warsinske, 1954 James K. Turner, 1979 Sustaining Members Brian D. Anderson, 1986 Robert B. Dellenbach, 1986 Hugh S. West Jr., 1978
  • 48. Washington (St. Louis)/Tau Tau West Virginia/Mu Mu Western Kentucky/Zeta Mu White Cross Trust Associates William & Mary/Zeta Upsilon Yale/Theta Upsilon Bruce A. Banta, 1971White Cross Trust White Cross Trust Associates White Cross Trust Robert M. Jarrett, 1964 White Cross Trust Associates White Cross TrustJohn N. Chapin Jr., 1955 Nicholas J. Cook, 1974 Rick K. Guillaume, 1965 Ronald J. Kostich, 1963 James P. Schwarz, 1979 Jason P. Lujan, 1989Harry V. Cheshire Jr., 1947 J. H. Landes II, 1963 Bruce C. Merrick, 1975 Sam W. McKinstry PhD, 1962 William J. Tropf III, 1968Donald R. Frahm, 1953 Dean F. Somerville, 1976 Mark B. Ruhe, 1976 White Cross Trust AssociatesWilliam A. Robinson, 1959 White Cross Trust Associates Richard W. Schafer, 1965 Crest Club Edward T. Veal, 1969Russell J. Shaw, 1985 Crest Club Wallace E. Poe Jr., 1978 Donald D. Wood III, 2000 Edward P. Decker, 1985 Thomas C. Bernhardt, 1971 Ian M. Hall, 1986 Crest ClubWhite Cross Trust Associates Gary C. Brison, 1972 Crest Club Founders Society Richard M. Segal, 1988Charles D. Briner, 1952 William Rader Dod, 1957 W. Robert Mayhugh Jr., 1969 Gordon J. Anderson, 1962 Founders SocietyJames H. Howe III, 1943 David F. Mount, 1970 Ronald K. Voll, 1971 Ted B. Evans Sr., 1956 Paul M. Dainer, 1968 Circle of HonorRichard F. Muth, 1949 Bradley W. Riley, 1987 Richard O. Garber, 1963 William E. Pommerening, 1980 James M.J. Dunn, 1994Donald T. Storck, 1958 E. Steven White, 1976 Founders SocietyWilliam J. Strubinger, 1949 Gary S. Winters, 1971 Circle of Honor Circle of Honor John D. Peterson III, 1980 Sustaining Members Rick Walters, 1978 Miles G. Rattet, 2009 Bruce S. DePaola, 1988Crest Club Founders Society Brian S. Goldsmith, 2009 William B. Dunn, 1976 Donald F. Leatherwood, 2013Alexander V. Fausek Jr., 1949 Ioannis G. Chryssomitis, 1997 Circle of Honor Sustaining Members Antoine R. Munfa, 2002Joseph E. Hunt, 1944 Robert W. Full, 1971 John P. Denby II, 1984 Sustaining Members William L. Hamilton, 1977William H. Kretz Jr., 1946 Robert E. Hogue Jr., 1980 David J. Ashinoff, 2003John D. Lively, 1944 Latelle McKee LaFollette III, 1954J. Scott McDonald, 1963 Harrison M. Markley Jr., 1953 Youngstown/Eta ChiJ. Hugh Rogers, 1958 Brian S. Smith, 2001 Whitman/Gamma Epsilon Western Michigan/Zeta Nu Wisconsin-Madison/Alpha Lambda White Cross TrustCircle of Honor Circle of Honor Crest Club White Cross Trust Associates Larry A. Hinks, 1978Harold B. Davies, 1951 Edward H. Andre, 1950 William F. Orland, 1950 White Cross Trust George A. Iler, 1966Anthony M. Mustoe, 2009 Andrew T. Moore, 2002 Donald L. Sprenkel, 1952 Paul M. Berge, 1960 Founders SocietyNed L. Snider, 1958 Todd W. Ware, 1971 Crest Club Charles D. Gelatt, 1939 Donald H. Mathews Jr., John G. Will, 1966 Circle of Honor David S. VanderMolen, 1986 Albert O. Nicholas, 1952Sustaining Members Eric B. Walton, 1973 Ralph M. Hildreth, 1955 Sustaining MembersJoseph A. Frimel III, 1961 James M. Holderby, 1952 White Cross Trust AssociatesJohn E. Hoffman, 1949 Steven M. Tripepi, 2010 Western Carolina/Kappa Gamma Founders Society Warren S. Foy, 1961William B. Perkins, 1992 John F. Kelly, 1985 Thomas G. Ragatz, 1956Richard J. Ruane, 2002 White Cross Trust Anthony M. Rood Jr., 1951David C. Taylor, 1962 Wilfrid Laurier/Iota Mu Benjamin J. Pendry, 2006 Circle of Honor Alexander F. Crenshaw, 1995 Crest Club Chad E. Babcock, 1995 Circle of Honor Jerry J. Schadt, 1974 George E. Heck Jr., 1965 Jeffrey Chong Hing Lee, 2003 Thomas L. Yaudes, 1965Washington State/Beta Upsilon Crest Club John Andrew Martin, 2004 Sustaining Members Sustaining MembersWhite Cross Trust Associates Founders Society Bradley J. Laurain, 2000 Imran Ali, 2005Randall T. Borden, 1976 Founders Society Adam Nicola-Iott, 2010 Robert S. Kallestad, 1952 Sameer Mawani, 2005 James P. Stouffer, 1966John S. Coulthard, 1966 Mark A. Ellison, 1992 Dennis S. Zukowski, 1982Leonard N. Purdy, 1938 Riccardo S. McClendon, 2005Delroy H. Schwisow, 1961 Circle of HonorJohn G. Severson Jr., 1963 Sustaining Members Bruce B. McLay, 1971 Willamette/Delta Zeta Western Ontario/Epsilon Omicron Andrew S. Morton, 2009Crest Club Sustaining Members Anthony M. Rendon, 2010 White Cross Trust AssociatesJames A. Baker, 1960 White Cross Trust John H. Lysaker, 1966 Sergio Serrano, 2001 Robert E. Joseph, 1957Roger D. Edwards, 1978 Nathaniel T. Williams, 1997 Edward J. Pitt, 1971William C. Ukropina, 1978 Donald Timothy Sanderson, 1985 Crest ClubCircle of Honor Robert L. Hellenthal, 1961 Wyoming/Gamma Xi Tomm H. Pickles, 1953John W. Algeo, 1948 Western Connecticut/Iota EtaMerle M. Baldwin, 1949 Western Reserve/Beta Alpha Norman Shield Society Founders SocietyNicholas C. Julich, 1971 White Cross Trust Associates David L. True, 1973 White Cross Trust James B. Minturn, 1951 Mark S. Riccio, 1991Sustaining Members Robert N. Rapp, 1969 Robert Nickoloff, 1949 White Cross Trust 2012 Annual Report · 49David Allen, 1952 Sustaining Members Dennis R. Santoli, 1967 Roy L. Cline, 1960 Sustaining MembersKeith A. Robinson, 1990 Kevin E. Goldstein, 1999 Jeffrey H. Steinhour, 1988Stephen B. Smolinske, 1983 Grant E. Denney, 1965 Robert M. Makowski, 1998 White Cross Trust Associates Westminster/Delta Tau Robert S. Fiero, 1960 Robert L. McFarlane, 1950Wesleyan/Gamma Mu White Cross Trust John F. Mueller, 1963 Western Illinois/Iota Omicron James H. Hance Jr., 1966 Mark Quiner, 1978Founders Society Sustaining Members James A. Ingham, 1969 Crest ClubJohn C. Perkins, 1948 Andrew S. Kassel, 1995 Curtis W. Elwood, 1971Robert L. Wuertz, 1946 Andrew R. Mueller, 2012 Lynn E. Samford, 1950
  • 49. Special Funds Gifts Stephanie A. Gentner Joseph B. Cremer, Indiana 1981 Webb Hoskins Glover Thompson Jack R. Darr, Indiana 1955 Brian P. Halloran, Eastern Kentucky 1990 * John W. Demaree, Indiana 1985 ** Joe G. Hartman, Central Florida 1972 William F. Dopp, Indiana 1964 Cameron Michael Howard, Furman 2004 James W. Dye Jr., Indiana 1953 ** Christopher E. Hunt John C. Eckhart, Indiana 1985 Greg & Janie Hunter Robert L. Fesler, Indiana 1959 Michael B. Jones David M. Flaherty, Indiana 1981 Greggory & Teena Kite John F. Frisinger Jr., Indiana 1952 Marty Layman Jack Hagberg Jones-Grimes Long Snider Inc. Thomas J. Hall, Purdue 1952 Special Funds Gifts are restricted to certain uses, Gamma Theta Leadership Clinton G. Long, Eastern Kentucky 1999 David & Bettina Hansford such as memorials, scholarships and special Robert H. Stine, Florida 1955 ** Michael & Sara Lynch Scott E. Herbst, Indiana 1989 initiatives. Note that gifts to chapter scholarship Robert J. Lynch II, Eastern Kentucky 1999 G. Frank Holland II, Indiana 1953 Omega Omega Leadership funds are recognized by individual chapters. Jerome B. Marks, Eastern Kentucky 2000 * L. Scott Horrall, Indiana 1982 Gregory C. Nabholz, Arkansas 1988 ** Brian McCarty George M. Hoster Jr., Indiana 1955 John M. Mcdonald IV Scott D. Kiley, Indiana 1984 Beta Rho Leadership Fund Ione Pinkston Robert & Marlene Koeller Beta Iota Leadership Fund William H. Erwin Jr., Montana State 1963 David or Susan Reese James W. Lively, Florida State 1984 Kirk Johansen, Oregon 1971 * John Calvin Waggoner, Montana State 1965 ** Ramsey Rentals James R. MacDonald, Indiana 1946 Jerry A. Rensch, Oregon 1964 * Kate M. Riley Edwin C. McDaniel, Indiana 1954 Beta Theta Leadership Jess P. Shepherd Douglas C. Morrow, Indiana 1974 Capital Campaign Wanda B. Shepherd Benjamin J. Pendry, Western Carolina 2006 John R. Bender Jr., Pittsburgh 1960 ** Norman & Judith Spain John D. Peterson, Indiana 1955 ** William P. Campbell III, Idaho 1961 * Alfred O. Boutros, Pittsburgh 1994 * Richard & Kenya Stump Frank P. Popoff, Indiana 1957 Chad J. Clay, Oklahoma State 1989 ** Walter P. Deforest, Pittsburgh 1966 ** Barney H. Sutley, Georgia Southern 1998 Kevin C. Potter, Indiana 1983 Don J. DeCesare, Union 1974 J. Roger Glunt, Pittsburgh 1960 ** Eastern Kentucky Univ. Foundation * John & Sara Ramming William F. Dopp, Indiana 1964 Joseph M. James, Pittsburgh 1970 ** Douglas L. Vowels, Eastern Kentucky 2001 * Donald B. Reibel, Indiana 1954 David C. Godwin, Florida Southern 1969 * Joel B. McNeil, Pittsburgh 2007 Steve E. Weisbrodt Jerel G. Reynolds, Indiana 1980 George E. Greene III, Florida 1957 ** Mark C. Nagy, Pittsburgh 1954 ** Paula M. Wester Robert L. Rock, Indiana 1950 James A. Haslam II, Tennessee-Knoxville 1952 ** Wesley C. Pickard, Pittsburgh 1961 ** Steven R. Wilson, Eastern Kentucky 2003 Robert D. Rowe, Indiana 1953 Gary W. Morgan, Florida Southern 1969 Brian Michael Schopfer, Pittsburgh 2006 Raymond & Melissa Wright Peter L. Schaefer, Indiana 1956 Larry M. Oman, Bowling Green 1963 ** Daniel G. Stratton, Pittsburgh 2007 Marvin G. Schmidt Michael P. Opalinski, Florida Southern 1970 ** James Matthew Wantuck, Pittsburgh 2006 Epsilon Omega Endowment Fund Stephen B. Sexson, Indiana 1979 P. William Smart, Cincinnati 1952 Scott D. Cotherman, Ball State 1980 ** Thompson A. Sexson, Indiana 1982 J. Daniel Speight Jr., Georgia Southern 1979 ** V. William Hunt Horizons Endowment Fund Donald D. Dumoulin II, Ball State 1982 ** Ward E. Sexson, Indiana 1955 Nicholas S. Stepan, Eastern Illinois 1999 V. William Hunt, Indiana 1966 ** R. Neal Sinclair III, Indiana 1978 Thomas N. Trotter, Purdue 1981 ** Reifschneider Leadership Fund Andra E. Smith Richard Mark Whiting, West Virginia 1976 ** Order of Constantine Leadership Fund Mollie B. Smith ** Thomas H. Wimberly, Georgia Southern 1978 ** Chuck L. Watson, Oklahoma State 1972 ** Donald H. Haddox Jr., Embry-Riddle Robert W. Sterrett Jr., Georgia 1966 Carlos A. Xiques, Florida State 2003 * J. Dietrich Memorial Fund (Daytona Beach) 1976 John D. Strickland, Indiana 2011 John Augustus Ziegler Jr., Michigan 1955 ** Kurt B. Gerstner, Rochester 1979 * David E. Mihalek, Alma 2004 Harry V. Wade Jr., Cornell 1953 Alex F. Tanguay, Boston 2002 ** Sigma Chi Medical Scholarship Endowment Fund Theta Epsilon Leadership Fund Horizons Leadership Fund Cameron Michael Howard, Furman 2004 * Term Restricted Frank M. Moore Memorial Leadership Roman G. Gaddis, North Georgia 1997 Endowment Fund Max J. Anderson, Washington (Seattle) 2013 Daniel P. Walsh, Southeast Missouri 1971 ** Thad B. Rudd, Indiana 1961 David P. Beaubien, Georgia Southern 1996 * Martin J. Moore, DePauw 1957 ** Sean M. Ryan, North Georgia 1991 Alexander M. Beaulieu, Clarkson 2013 Adams Museum Piece George C. Trogden Jr., North Georgia 1992 Thomas S. Blair Jr., Roanoke 1985 Gregory J. Harbaugh, Purdue 1978 Glen O Kirsch Scholarship Endowment Fund Anthony M. Bocage, Texas-Austin 2013 Alpha Upsilon Leadership Fund George A. Shal, Penn State 1970 ** Scott W. Bondy, Windsor 1997 Prichard Archives Preservation Fund Jacob L. Broido, Arizona 2014 Eugene R. Erbstoesser, Southern California 1970 ** Merrill E. Prichard, Illinois 1948 John H. Scudder, Southern California 1968 ** Meier Operating Fund Nicholas R. Budd, Fort Hays 2013 Donald T. Meier, Nebraska 1941 ** Alexander N. Bulgin, Jacksonville 2013 Strong Arms Scholarship - Emergency Relief Fund Zeta Psi Leadership Fund Garrett D. Buratto, New Haven 2014 Theodore F. Kearley, Spring Hill 1984 John M. Sepherd Term-Endowed Academic Scholarship Thomas C. Burlas, West Virginia 1981 William E. Johnson, Cincinnati 1958 ** Darron M. Burnette, Georgia Southern 1988 Lincoln W. Pavey, Cincinnati 1948 ** John M. Shepherd, Ohio State 1958 ** Joseph Nate Archiving William E. Bussey Sr., Texas-Austin 1965 Stephen S. Strickland, Cincinnati 1954 ** Joshua E. Callahan, Fort Hays 2003 Douglas R. Carlson, Minnesota 1973 * Seth J. Vensil, Cincinnati 2009 Wm Vititoe Endowed Academic Scholarship Michael A. Cameron, Minnesota 2013 Michael A. Codina, California-San Diego 1993 **50 · Sigma Chi Foundation William P. Vititoe, Indiana 1960 ** Colin J. Carr, Albion 2009 Kenneth Kendal King Foundation ** C. Todd Riley Memorial Scholarship Fund Mark A. Cecchini, Virginia Tech 2013 Donald L. Adkins Mark A. Kocent Scholarship Fund Thomas C. Chase, Florida 1976 * Grand Trustee Anonymous ** Gerald D. Knorr, Pennsylvania 1982 ** William Chen, Ottawa 2013 Richard L. Thompson, Montana 1973 * Gary D. Barnes, Eastern Kentucky 1997 Christopher Choi, Cal. Poly.-Pomona 2002 Richard & Sheila Beaven James L. Beattey III Academic Endowment Fund Chad J. Clay, Oklahoma State 1989 ** Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation Educational Fund Jonathan S. Beery, Kentucky 1997 Ross J. Cobb, Montana 2013 Steven R. Barth, Indiana 1981 Chris A. Alkier, Western Ontario 2000 ** Robert J. Bueter Brett Joshua Collins, Memphis 2004 Jeffery N. Beattey IV, Indiana 1984 ** William G. Cobbett, Western Ontario 2000 Bradford A. Casanova, Furman 2003 Brian H. Craig, Purdue 1998 * Jack G. Brown, Indiana 1950 Marc L. Schaffer, Western Ontario 2000 ** Kevin A. Cruce, Eastern Kentucky 2001 Travis John DeMar, Iowa 2005 Thomas Bunger, Indiana 1973 Thomas J. Crume, Eastern Kentucky 1996 Christopher L. Eastman, North Florida 2013 Joseph A. Caito, Indiana 1983 Peter Edward Dahlhauser, Eastern Kentucky 2003 Martin P. Erbele, North Georgia 2011 Lawrence N. Carter, Indiana 1956 Kris K. Diehlman, Eastern Kentucky 1999 Alexander M. Farman-Farmaian, California-San Diego 2013 Phillip E. Chambers, Indiana 1980 Joshua T. Duckworth, Eastern Kentucky 2000 Curtis D. Franke, Butler 1988 Robert W. Comer, Indiana 1954 Eta Alpha, Eastern Kentucky
  • 50. Balfour Trust Fund Memorial DonorsWilliam J. Frentz, Centre 2013David C. Godwin, Florida Southern 1969 * Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation **Wesley R. Green, Idaho 2014 William P. Booth, Roanoke 1964Anthony B. Gushiken, Rutgers 2013 Herbert Lionel Cares Jr., Maryland 1995David Hackworthy, St. Thomas 2012 Jon L. Greenawalt Sr., Pennsylvania 1961 **Douglas P. Harden, Georgia 2005 Charles M. Shanberg, South Florida 1997 *Frederick A. Hartman, Florida 1996Richard E. Hester, Ball State 1977 ** McNair Center for Leadership DevelopmentScott E. Hoffman, Kettering 2014 Robert C. McNair, South Carolina 1958 **H. Frank Hook III, Georgia Southern 1971Cameron Michael Howard, Furman 2004 Krach Sophomore Leadership Institute Gifts made to honor J. Robert Droege - Cincinnati 1947Damon J. Hudson, New Mexico 2013Thomas J. Hutton, Virginia Tech 1983 ** Keith J. Krach, Purdue 1979 ** a deceased individual. Richard G. Hunsinger, Miami (Ohio) 1947Patrick S. James, Tennessee-Martin 2013 General Academic Scholarship Fund James B. Hipple - Louisiana State 1957Christopher T. Kozlowski, Eastern Illinois 2014Josef D. Lange, Puget Sound 2013 Fordyce R. Lozier, Brown 1924 ** Patrick H. Scanlon, Louisiana State 1957 James M. Landis, Roanoke 1978David B. Lawton, Central Florida 1989 J. Willard Marriott Jr., Utah 1954 ** Thomas S. Gordon, Roanoke 1978 James M. Sink - Southern California 1953Thomas W. Lewis Sr., Kentucky 1971 ** Robert L. Zorich, California-Santa Barbara 1971 **Brett D. Linse, Ohio State 1983 ** Susan W. Sink R. Douglas Wright, Arkansas 1951Max G. Manack, Georgia Southern 1983 James & Connie Bash Rho Memorial Quasi-Endowment FundKevin C. McDonel, Middle Tennessee 2013 William B. Hurt II, Arkansas 2009 Joanne Wolf James F. Bash, Indiana 1946 **Dane E. McGraw III, North Florida 2002 ** Barbara E. BarabasJohn B. McKenzie, Hampden-Sydney 2013 John R. Puterbaugh, Purdue 1980 James & Connie Bash Lambda Memorial Charles B. Brown, Arkansas 1986Paul F. Meredith, East Tennessee 1973 Corby D. Thompson, Purdue 1981 Quasi-Endowment Fund Diana L. BuffamRobert J. Morrison, Wisconsin-Madison 1960 James F. Bash, Indiana 1946 ** C. Loren Butler, Idaho 1963Jock L. Murray, Kentucky 1982 Alfred F. Krumholz, Jr. - Purdue 1943 Eugene “Buddy” D. CoteKeith S. Osentoski, George Washington 2013 June Krumholz Cornerstone-General Dean E. Cowan, Southeast Missouri 1992Terry E. Perucca, Arizona State 1966 ** Martin W. Dana, Oregon 1988Jordan D. Poeschel, Western Illinois 2013 C. Loren Butler, Idaho 1963 * Alfred W. Platte, Jr., CPA - Louisiana State 1945 Keith A. Dobrolinsky, Bradley 1985Stephen C. Pracht, Penn State 1976 ** Peter N. Butler, Florida State 1986 ** William C. Graves III, Louisiana State 1946 John B. Gest Jr., Bowling Green 2000Zachary Nichols Rhodes, Minnesota 2008 Thomas C. Chase, Florida 1976 * B. Kembrel Jones, North Alabama 1982Brandon A. Rivera, Clarkson 2013 Mark A. Emkes, DePauw 1975 * Andrew W. Cain, III - Emory 1975 Michael A. King, Bradley 1990Gloren W. Roper, Wake Forest 2013 James K. Sorenson, Utah State 1970 ** Keith J. Krach, Purdue 1979Andrew W. Roser, Minnesota 2013 Thomas N. Trotter, Purdue 1981 ** Virginia H. Smith S. Jack McDuff, Arizona 1951William Beau Ryan, Minnesota 1983 Chadd S. Montgomery, Puget Sound 2006Mark E. Sand, Purdue 1973 ** CornerStone - California Bruce D. Allman - Ball State 1969 Douglas C. MorrisTylor C. Schlink, Kettering 2014 Wallace M. Schultz, Colorado College 1964 Constantine Capital Inc. Herbert & Gertrud OsterNathan A. Schreier, North Dakota State 2010 Jeffrey T. Patterson, Iowa State 1989James R. Schwyn, Cincinnati 2013 CornersStone - South East Region Byron C. Barber - Southern Methodist 1988 John D. Peterson, Indiana 1955Shawn L. Senescall, North Dakota State 2013 J. Daniel Speight Jr., Georgia Southern 1979 ** David M. Underwood Jr., Southern Methodist 1988 Robert D. Pierce II, Southern Mississippi 1991Faris R. Sha’ban, McGill 2013 Carlos A. Xiques, Florida State 2003 * Stephen C. Pracht, Penn State 1976Charles M. Shanberg, South Florida 1997 * Christopher Todd Riley - Eastern Kentucky 1998 Merrill E. Prichard, Illinois 1948Daniel A. Shaver, Texas Tech 1993 ** The Marshall D. Johnson and Marvin D. “Swede” Johnson Bradford A. Casanova, Furman 2003 William A. Robinson, Washington (St. Louis) 1959Thomas J. Simpson, Clemson 2013 Endowed Scholarship by Stella Johnson for Beta Sigma Ryan W. Roseleip, Montana State 1997J. Daniel Speight Jr., Georgia Southern 1979 ** Jeffrey Rothenberg, American 2004Chris S. Stearry, Windsor 2013 Stella Johnson, ** Claude D. Temple, Iota Lambda ‘89 Peter J. SchintgenJesse H. Swedlund, Northwestern 2013 The Marvin D. “Swede” Johnson Endowed Scholarship William H. Haden Jr., Kentucky 1969 Raymind & Helen SescoImran P. Tyab, British Columbia-Simon Fraser 2014 by Stella Johnson, Karen Johnson Riebe and Ken Riebe Andrew Wells Shelp, Butler 2005Michael C. Upperman III, Southeast Missouri 2015 for Beta Phi David C. Goss - Ohio State 1959 Bruce E. Tria Jr., Virginia Tech 1996David Thomas Vanderpool, Minnesota 2007 Stella Johnson, ** Alan E. Zink, Ohio State 1960 Joseph G. Wolf, Northwestern 1974Ryan J. Wakefield, Montana 2000 The Marvin D. “Swede” Johnson Endowed Scholarship Donald D. Wood III, Westminster 2000Christopher M. Walters, Roanoke 2000 * by Stella Johnson, Lynn Johnson Engel and Jim Engel Donald A. White – Illinois 1950 James Ashley Woods, East Tennessee 2000Jared B. Williams, Tulsa 2013 for Epsilon ThetaAndrew J. Willis, Florida Gulf Coast 2013 Dorothy B. White Stella Johnson, ** John A. Bogen - Ohio State 1954Carlos A. Xiques, Florida State 2003 *L. Bruce Yawn, Virginia Military 1969 Dr. Emil E. Vavrik - Bowling Green 1954 Carolyn Ledman Diane Dagley Restricted Scholarship Endowment FundThomas S. Zumot, Texas-Austin 2015 Mary L. Vavrik Dale C. Turner, Wabash 2003 John L. Heflin - Butler 1943 Earl T. Bonham - Butler 1947 Marjorie L. Heflin Earl T. Bonham 2012 Annual Report · 51 * $500-$999 John M. Gibbs - San Diego State 1965 ** $1,000 or more Edgar R. Kemp, Jr. - Arkansas 1946 V. Bryan Jacobs, San Diego State 1987 Daniel B. Kemp, Arkansas 1977 John M. Leslie - Purdue 1937 Edward M. Boyer, II - Ball State 1981 Harold F. Force, Purdue 1973 Randall L. Pickell, Ball State 1979 Kenneth R. Lloyd - Cincinnati 1961 Gary D. Miller - Kansas 1957 Stephen M. McNamee, Cincinnati 1964 Don J. Kallos, Kansas 1959 Leon Martin, Father of Joe W. Martin Gus H. Mautz, Jr. - Case Western 1958 James R. Engel, San Jose State 1974 Vivian Mautz
  • 51. Memorial Donors Richard V. Oelerich, Jr. - Purdue 1957 James F. Bash, Indiana, 1946 Bernard F. Sergesketter, Purdue 1958 Carl P. Clare, Idaho, 1927 (Continued) John W. Graham, Ryerson, 1933 Richard W. Gumz - St. Lawrence 1968 James Gross, Butler 1981 Anthony G. Loucas, St. Lawrence 1968 Fredrick F. Yoder, Ohio 1957 Robert John Karczewski - Arizona 1995 Richard E. Hester, Ball State 1977 Brian G. Nagel, Arizona 1992 James F. Bash, Indiana, 1946 Robert L. Owen - Ohio 1950 Michael R. Miller, Illinois, 1961 Lloyd E. White - Southern Methodist 1952 Janet P. Owen Carl P. Clare, Idaho, 1927 Margaret P. White John W. Graham, Ryerson, 1933 Roger B. Sebek - Colorado State 1966 Fredrick F. Yoder, Ohio 1957 Louis Zarosinski - Oregon State 1959 John V. Parker Jr., Colorado State 1968 B. Kenneth West, University of Illinois, 1955 Mac E. Heitzhausen, Oregon State 1959 Dr. Henri Stegemeier, Butler, 1932 Ronald W. Stepanek - North Dakota State 1963 Mitchell B. Sink - Clemson 2011 Tom L. Bottone, University of Denver, 1955 Kay Stepanek Carolina Occupational Health & Wellness, Inc. William L. Denton, San Diego State, 1963 Teri L. Ackerman Roy E. Cole - Oklahoma 1925 Mark V. Anderson, Illinois 1977 Mitchell Alga Mitchell J. Alga Sr. Doy F. Cole, Tulsa 1962 William B. Ricks, North Carolina 1894 Arnold & Smith, PLLC Jerome Ayaay Rufus K. Green - Georgia 1949 George H. Cate Jr., Vanderbilt 1949 Carole & Stephen Bale Mrs. Rufus K. Green Cary S. Butler, North Carolina 1977 Henry S. Greenawalt, Sr., Pennsylvania 1961 Fred & Debra Dearth Russell W. Steger - Illinois 1950 Jon L. Greenawalt Sr., Pennsylvania 1961 Benjamin & Elizabeth Eldridge Merrill E. Prichard, Illinois 1948 Springfield Elementary School Ron & Ann Faircloth Sheldon L. Hill - Illinois 1951 Sally & Ronald Green P W. Hall Merrill E. Prichard, Illinois 1948 Henry & Sue Higgins Willard & Katherine James Thomas S. Whitelock - San Diego State 1982 Melissa Johnson Virginia E. Whitelock Steven & Phyllis Justus David & Dawn Lopez Thomas W. Reilly, II - Northwestern 1948 Gary & Faye Martin Josephine H. Reilly Mary & Jack Pemberton Stephen & Shawn Perkins William Bishop McIntosh - Pennsylvania 1916 Johin & Karen Pickitt Barbara M. Latchic Charles & Dalinda Randolph Frank & Elizabeth Riley William C. Jacobs - Miami (Florida) 1950 Julie A. Shaw Linda Shaw Barbara Jacobs Bryan & Mary Ann Siink K. J. Swiger William C. Schwingen - Lafayette 1954 Jane S. Walters Richard L. Kunkle, Lafayette 1953 Kathryn Whitten Richard T. Widman William E. Mallory - Southern Methodist 1988 John & Brenda Woodcock Robert K. Haderlein, Southern Methodist 1989 Michael & Iona Yanutola David & Jennifer Yates William J. Baker - Purdue 1976 Ralf R. Seiffe, CMDSM - Wisconsin-Madison 1975 Mary A. Peterson Cathleen & Carl F. Albrecht Willis Pratt, Theta, 1954 Mark & Kim Androw Shirley L. Pratt Richard A. Ault - Miami (Ohio) 194552 · Sigma Chi Foundation Marshall J. Beebe, Georgia Tech 1966 Richard G. Hunsinger, Miami (Ohio) 1947 Edward M. Boyer II, Ball State 1982 Richard B. Ryan - Utah State 1941 David B. Cleveland, Kansas 1956 James R. Engel, San Jose State 1974 Clements L. Gremel, Butler 1962 Carroll A. “Butch” Hernley, Ball State 1972 Richard H. Proetz - Washington (St. Louis) 1946 John K. Keach, Butler 1950 Alexander V. Fausek Jr., Washington (St. Louis) 1949 John M. “Jack” Leslie, Purdue 1937 Richard R. Gary - Ohio State 1969 David R. Queisser, Miami Ohio 1955 Reginald S. Jackson Jr., Ohio State 1968 Dan Shaver Howard R. Waits, Butler 1960 Joanne Wolf Gardner B. Allen, Emory 1928
  • 52. Company Matching Gifts Honor TributeMany companies encourage their employees GE Gift made to honor a living individual. Jordan C. Sheets - Missouri-Columbia 2013to contribute to worthy charities by matching Anthony M. Agnone, Penn State, 1958 John L. Sheets, Southeast Missouri 1972 A. Merle Bonthuis, Iowa State, 1950their donations—doubling the employee’s giving H. Blair Daugherty Jr., Lafayette, 1960 Kenneth H. Kraft, Jr. - Purdue 1956power. If your company has a matching gift Hon. Stephen M. McNamee, Cincinnati 1964 Richard D. Faytinger, Nebraska, 1941 Mark E. Sand, Purdue 1973program, you can participate by completing G. Scott Henninger, Kent State, 1967 Michael K. Kennedy, Duke 1972the form provided by your human resources or Robert W. Lehmkuhl, Maryland, 1974 L. Wayne Tucker, Jr. - Baylor 1985 Brett D. Linse ,Ohio State, 1983 William I. Rainwater, Sr.- Arkansas 1949payroll office. All matched gifts are credited Ray M. Osborne, Purdue, 1967 Sam A. Pittman III, Arkansas 1982 Michael J. Mrasek, Tulsa 1983to your individual gift record and count toward Lawrence W. Snively Jr., Duke, 1951 Lee S. Anderson - Tennessee-Chattanooga 1948membership in one of our donor clubs. Denis G Simon, Ohio State ‘69 Gen Re (General Reinsurance Corporation) Jason Erik Gray, Tennessee-Chattanooga 1996 Denis G. Simon, Ohio State 1969 J. Frederick Coon, Purdue, 1973 Mark B. Ruhe - Westminster 1976Abbott Dennis R. Santoli - Western Reserve 1967 Hanover Insurance Group Foundation James R. Engel, San Jose State 1974Neal P. Nash, Troy, 1990 Robert J. Baror, Harvard 2001 Michael S. Tarka, Rhode Island, 1995 Ms. Georgia Floor Herron -Amerprise Financial Douglas W. Cowan - Western Ontario 1972 Home Depot Eugene C. Stack, Denver 1969Daniel Sterling Tarbell, Florida Southern, 2005 Douglas P. Harden, Georgia 2005Michael J. DiCarlo, A College in Bridgewater, Mass., 1997 Edward R. Decker, Georgia Tech, 1969 Richard E. Hester - Ball State 1977 George Mikitzki, Roanoke, 1973 Eric A. Khan - Houston 1985AON Douglas P. Harden, Georgia 2005 Karen C. HerreraBrian G. Bergman, Iowa State, 1998 JPMorgan Chase Robert W. Helmholz - Miami (Ohio) 1949Christopher Choi, Cal. Poly.-Pomona, 2002 Alan E. Roller, Eastern Illinois, 1985 Graham C. Garland - Marquette 2013Todd H. Halsted, Michigan, 1984 Michael & Libby Jones Jeffery & Cynthia Garland Kraft FoodsApache Corporation Ryan Steele - Purdue Dane C. Workman, Arkansas, 1984 In honor of Duke Sigma Chi 100th AnniversaryWilliam R. Word, Texas Tech, 1980 Philip R. Steele, Purdue 1977 Creighton B. Wright Sr., Duke 1961 MassMutual Financial GroupAT & T Sigma Chi Foundation Staff Ronald I. Woodmansee, Pennsylvania, 1982 Jay RuckelshausStuart Alan Walters, Tennessee-Chattanooga, 1991 Donald D. Wood III, Westminster 2000 James D. Foulke, Indiana 1954 MicrosoftBank of America David M. Ciuba, Washington (Seattle), 1985 Jeremy Larry Shover - Iowa 2004Andrew J. Rathbun, Fairleigh Dickinson, 1996 Stephen F. Jenkins, Oregon State, 1986 Travis John DeMar, Iowa 2005Bridgepoint Education Northrop Grumman Joe G. Hartman - Central Florida 1972Sheldon W. Watson, Boston, 2000 Claude P. Valliere, Rochester, 1980 Dane E. McGraw III, North Florida 2002Coca-Cola RightNow TechnologiesBruce A. Banta, Westminster, 1971 Duane C. Ray, Montana State, 2000Curtis A. Ferguson, Indiana, 1980 T. Rowe PriceComcast Mark B. Ruhe, Westminster, 1976John E. Demming, Pittsburgh, 1992 The Washington PostDell Dean M. Rohrbaugh, Gettysburg, 1974Michael T. Kreager, Florida State, 1983Michael G. Smythe, Texas A&M-Commerce, 1994 Tiffany & Com 2012 Annual Report · 53Michael Andrew Wyszkowski, Washington (Seattle), 1985 Marc S. Bridgeman, American, 2005Enterprise-Rent-a-Car TXI: Texas IndustriesJustin Scott Johnson, Cal. State-Fresno, 2007 Kirk William Starks, Kansas, 1976ExxonMobil UNUMN. Howard Jorgensen, Rochester, 1949 Jason Erik Gray, Tennessee-Chattanooga, 1996Keith F. Moody, Connecticut, 1990 VerizonFreeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation Charles C. Tope, Michigan, 1979Phillip D. Mollere, Louisiana State, 1967 VMWare Daniel B. Mikusa, Kent State, 2004
  • 53. Planned Giving: Col. Paul S. Denison James Donald Gilbert, Ph.D. Richard B. Heroman Auburn, 1947 Tennessee Tech, 1963 Louisiana State, 1976 James Parks Caldwell Society William Lewis Denton* San Diego State, 1957 Stephen W. Goodroe Georgia, 1971 Richard E. Hester Ball State, 1977 James P. Dougherty Verne D. Gooley* Frank Hildebrand Washington (Seattle), 1960 Oregon State, 1929 Tulane, 1950 C. Robert Drake Mrs. Rufus K. Green* David M. Hill The James Parks Caldwell Charles E. Baertl Richard A. Burns Miami (Florida), 1972 Illinois Wesleyan, 1975 Society recognizes brothers Texas-Austin, 1959 Miami (Florida), 1969 H. Samuel Greenawalt and friends who have named John M. Drew Pennsylvania, 1951 William W. Hinton James F. Bash* Curtis L. Butikofer the Sigma Chi Foundation as a Jacksonville, 1996 Washington (St. Louis), 1949 Indiana, 1946 Iowa, 1973 Michael A. Greenberg beneficiary of a planned gift—a Robert L. Drollinger* Illinois Wesleyan, 1982 Gilbert A. Hirschy will, trust, retirement plan, life Robert K. Battaglia C. Loren Butler Southern California, 1949 Ball State, 1977 insurance policy or life income Bowling Green,1960 Idaho, 1963 Jeffery D. Greene gift. The society’s namesake, Tom P. Duffy Wyoming, 1975 E. Stanley Hobbs, Jr. Lee A. Beauchamp Wade E. Butler Sigma Chi Founder James Ball State, 2003 Ohio Wesleyan, 1959 Texas A&M-College Station, 1975 Illinois Wesleyan, 1978 James A. Greenwald, III* Parks Caldwell, was known for being true to principle. Donald D. Dumoulin, II Florida, 1955 Jonathan E. Hogge Mrs. David N. Beauchamp Thomas N. Canfield The society honors not only Ball State, 1982 Indiana State, 1991 Purdue, 1966 Henry W. Haeseker Rev. Michael S. Bell Founder Caldwell, but all who Henry Durham Florida, 1963 Robert P. Howell Texas A&M-Commerce, 1992 Craig E. Capehart share a lifelong commitment Kentucky, 1953 San Jose State, 1978 George Washington, 1973 to advancing the vision and Paul M. Berge Robert E. Hall interests of the Fraternity. Wisconsin-Madison, 1960 Douglas R. Carlson Joseph J. Durzo PhD Purdue, 1949 Graig A. Huber Syracuse, 1967 Hanover, 2000 Minnesota, 1973 Dr. Chester M. Hamilton* Norman Glen Berree John Patrick Ellis* Colorado State, 1926 James O. Huber Dr. Robert W. Adami* Florida Southern, 1969 Kevin P. Cook Indiana, 1954 Wisconsin-Madison, 1960 Colorado State, 1942 Connecticut, 1974 Retha K. Hamilton* Leo A. Bidez J. Carson Evans, Jr. Gordon M. Jackson Kenneth S. Adams, Jr. Auburn, 1940 Robert G. Cook* Harold P. Hanson* Miami (Ohio), 1973 Montana, 1964 Kansas, 1944 San Diego State, 1949 Montana, 1959 Dr. Charles A. Binford MD Benjamin C. Fisher Erik S. Johnson Robert W. Ageton* Tulane, 1968 Robert G. Cook Charles H. Harrington, Jr. Illinois, 1948 Denver, 2004 Arizona, 1942 Northwestern, 1970 Rhode Island, 1973 Edward W. Blessing George R. Fletcher* Curtis T. Jones Richard E. Alderson San Diego State, 1960 Robert M. Coyner* Dr. Daniel S. Harrop III Oklahoma State, 1949 Florida, 1969 San Jose State, 1962 Butler, 1948 Brown, 1976 William E. Board Roger D. Flodin Dr. George H. Jones, MD Barry G. Allen Ohio, 1973 Steven F. Crucq Joe G. Hartman Washington (Seattle), 1952 Louisiana State, 1942 Mississippi, 1970 Louisiana State, 1975 Central Florida, 1972 Harney S. “Beau” Bogan, Jr. William D. Folland Robert H.W. Jones, III Bruce D. Allman* Louisiana State, 1947 Larry F. Cukjati Garnett W. Haubelt Utah, 1962 Rensselaer, 1973 Ball State, 1969 Pittsburg State, 1975 Oklahoma, 1969 James M. Bollinger John K. Forst, Esq. Don J. Kallos Mark V. Anderson Louisiana State, 1967 David M. Cunningham Winchell Thrall Hayward* George Washington, 1984 Kansas, 1959 Illinois 1977 Maine, 1954 MIT, 1946 Earl T. Bonham* Floyd W. Foster* Donald L. Kelm LTC Douglas C. Andrews USA(Ret.)* Butler, 1947 William H. Curtis R. Stephen Heinrichs Penn State, 1948 San Diego State, 1961 Westminster, 1973 Missouri-Columbia, 1958 Cal. State-Fresno, 1968 William T. Bringham, Sr.54 · Sigma Chi Foundation Galan W. “Dutch” Freise Kenneth Kendal King Foundation David J. Ashinoff Illinois Wesleyan, 1946 Jeremy B. Cushing Robert W. Helmholz* Wabash, 1948 William & Mary, 2003 South Alabama, 1996 Miami (Ohio), 1949 William D. Klink, CLU William T. Bringham, Jr. Robert G. Fry, Jr. San Jose State, 1971 Jay Klinedinst Ashmore Albion, 1975 Scott F. Daugherty Thomas M. Hemstreet* Tulsa, 1967 Cincinnati, 2003 San Jose State, 1979 Illinois, 1949 Ronald J. Kostich Christopher Emel Brooks W. Thomas Geddings, Jr. Westminster, 1963 Scott A. Atkins College of Idaho, 2006 Danny M. Dawidowski Louis S. Hensley, Jr. South Carolina, 1985 Southern California, 1990 Western Michigan, 1974 Indiana, 1950 Keith J. Krach J. Chris Brown Harold B. “Butch” Gilbert, USAF(Ret) Purdue, 1979 David E. Baer* Furman, 1989 Lawrence E. Dawson DVM Louis S. Hensley III Syracuse, 1977 Georgia, 1962 Middle Tennessee, 1975 DePauw, 1977 Richard P. Kuntz Richard H. Brown Purdue, 1973 Ohio, 1969
  • 54. Kenneth C. Kvalheim Bryden E. Moon Jr. Randall A. Pratt Philip M. Smart Steven J. Wannemacher Stewards ofSouth Alabama, 1981 Arkansas, 1971 Minnesota, 1968 Washington (Seattle), 1942 Illinois Wesleyan, 1973 Your InvestmentRobert C. Laumann John H. Morrison Merrill E. Prichard* James P. Smiley, Jr. Thomas W. Wasson III*Cincinnati, 1954 New Mexico, 1955 Illinois, 1948 Ohio State, 1976 Virginia, 1964Gaylord E. Leslie* Robert J. Morrison Paul J. Quiner Goff Smith* Chuck L. Watson The Sigma Chi FoundationDartmouth, 1928 Wisconsin-Madison, 1960 Wyoming, 1981 Michigan, 1938 Oklahoma State, 1972 promotes excellence in the programs we fund.David J. Long Dr. E. Wayne Mosley, MD John D. “Jack” Raithel R. Mark Smith Dr. James R. Watson, PhDMiami (Ohio), 1975 Austin Peay, 1983 Texas Christian, 1964 DePauw, 1985 Texas-Austin, 1972 Our grant review process ensures accountabilityStephen C. Loudin Elliott R. Mott Edward C. Rammrath Thomas E. Smith Sheldon W. WatsonIowa State, 1980 Utah, 1972 Indiana (Pennsylvania), 1979 Southern California, 1956 Boston, 2000 and clear linkage from the donor’s expectationsFowler H. Low Patrick J. Naessens Robert N. Rapp Tom Roger Smith* Larry R. Webb to the program’sGeorgia Tech, 1954 Central Michigan, 1983 Western Reserve, 1969 Kentucky, 1945 Ohio, 1977 delivery. Our grantWilliam Lyon E. Virgil Norton* Duane C. Ray Mrs. Virginia H. Smith Donald W. White* process requires grantSouthern California, 1945 Utah State, 1926 Montana State, 2000 Illinois, 1950 Virginia Lee Smith applications to clearlyMrs. Neil D. MacKay Mrs. Phyllis Norton* Ronald E. Reehling, Sr. Mrs. Dorothy B. White state program objectives, Gordon Lennox Snider* Butler, 1957Michael F. Mandulay, USAF* Christopher L. Nyers Colorado College, 1940 Robert S. White list expectations withCalifornia-Los Angeles, 1951 Western Michigan, 1989 Robert E. Reifschneider Donald M. Spindler* San Diego State, 1965 delineated metrics, San Diego State, 1957Joseph F. Manuszak Phillip V. Olsen Ohio Wesleyan, 1934 Edward J. Winkler name responsible partiesMemphis, 1983 Utah State, 1970 Dennis Scott Reis Missouri S & T, 1987 and provide detailed Mrs. Dorthea H. Spindler* Kent State, 1970Roy M. Martin Dr. Brian V. Ortman DVM Hon. William H. Winston, Jr.* budgets. Our Grant Clarence R. StarkCentre, 1979 Purdue, 1977 Col. Harold D. Rhynedance, Jr.* Southern California, 1949 Committee reviews each Idaho, 1974David O. Matthews, Ph.D. Charles Frederick Overby Cornell, 1944 W. Alan Winter application, interviewsMichigan, 1943 Georgia Southwestern, 1981 Gordon W. Robbins William L. Steele Texas Christian, 1961 program stakeholders, Western Illinois, 2011 Syracuse, 1964 negotiates enhancementsGeorge E. Mayer John R. Overchuck William H. WisbrockCincinnati, 1939 Florida State, 1965 William A. Robinson Stephen S. Strickland* Washington (St. Louis), 1964 to expectations and tracks Cincinnati, 1954 Washington (St. Louis), 1959 progress throughout theWilliam H. Mayfield Elaine Palladino William Glenn Yarborough, Jr.San Diego State, 1954 Ryan T. Rogers Brice L. Sumrall Charleston, 1961 grant-funding year. Leon W. Parma Houston, 1981 Cal. Poly.-Pomona, 1987Stephen E. McCarthy San Diego State, 1951 Alan E. ZinkAlbion, 1974 Charles M. Thatcher, Ph.D. Charles D. Roscopf Ohio State, 1960 Benjamin J. Pendry Michigan, 1943 Arkansas, 1979James A. McClure Western Carolina, 2006 W. Tom ZurSchmiede Jr.William & Mary, 1975 Frank Thayer* Vincent Sardi, Jr.* Michigan, 1948 John D. Peterson Iowa, 1912Murray K. McComas Columbia, 1937 Indiana, 1955Pennsylvania, 1958 Corby D. Thompson Gregg P. Schiffbauer *Chapter Eternal Randall L. Pickell Purdue, 1981P. Brandt McCool Illinois Wesleyan, 1968Kentucky, 1969 Ball State, 1979 Paul V. Troup, Jr. Bernard F. SergesketterChester O. McCrary W. Luther Pierce Northwestern, 1933 Purdue, 1958Texas A&M-Commerce, 1965 North Carolina, 1977 L. Wayne Tucker, Jr. Edward A. Setzler*S. Jack McDuff Edwin O. Pohle Baylor, 1985 JD, Kansas, 1955Arizona, 1951 San Jose State, 1955 Jeffrey K. Tuckey Warren J. SeubelArthur H. ” Buddy” Metcalf II William G. Pomeroy, Jr. Gettysburg, 1971 Roanoke, 1967Auburn, 1969 Rensselaer, 1966 Albert C. Wagner Daniel A. ShaverPatrick S. Meyers George H.L. Porter Ohio, 1954 Texas Tech, 1993Cal. State-Long Beach, 1971 Miami (Ohio), 1969 Dr. Daniel P. Walsh DO Richard L. SimsGary L. Miller* Stephen C. Pracht Southeast Missouri, 1971 Ohio State, 1951Hobart, 1962 Penn State, 1976 Editor: Bree Barry Designed by: TaylorBruce.com
  • 55. Non Profit Organization US Postage Paid Champaign, IL Permit #4531714 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201Mission VisionThe Sigma Chi Foundation solicits financial The Sigma Chi Foundation is respected for the manner inresources, provides faithful stewardship, and which we establish expectations, and build and administer anengages in exemplary ethical practices in support endowment that supports leadership and scholarship programsof Sigma Chi and leadership development. that reach beyond Sigma Chi’s borders, in perpetuity.Sigma Chi Foundation Phone (847) 869-3655 www.SigmaChi.org/Foundation