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TCAM Company presentation

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TCAM Company presentation

  1. 1. Optimise your business potential ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Company Presentation Q1, 2010
  2. 2. Human Capital, Technology and Market Data are the most essential assets of trading and asset management firms in Financial and Energy markets. At TCAM, we concentrate on all aspects of Trading Technology and Market Data. Our customers are professionals in the financial and energy markets space.
  3. 3. Trading Apart from being expensive, trading Technology technology environ- and ments are also Market Data complex are strategic assets from a technological, of professional cost and legal Financial and perspective. Energy Trading firms. Its management re- quires To stay competitive, user firms are forced professionals to who combine busi- ness knowledge with continuously technology, monitor accounting, legal and respond to the and procurement rapid developments skills. in these fields.
  4. 4. Market data is the fuel of the trading process Mission We therefore dedicate our business to the improvement of the perfor- mance and competitiveness of our customers by optimising their trading technology and market data environments.
  6. 6. Cases Fortis Investments is the autonomous global asset management arm within Fortis Bank, which is ultimately owned by BNP Paribas group. Fortis Investments, offers a full range of investment management services to institutional and retail clients around the world. Roughly 500 investment professionals work across a network of some 40 investment centres, each of which is fully accountable for the research and management of a single asset/ product class. As of December 31 2009, Fortis Investments had EUR 160 billion assets under management. Fortis Investments, which had just integrated its business with that of ABN AMRO Asset Management, was in need of an experienced market data manager who could bear responsibility for a EUR 20 mln. data budget. TCAM provided the interim candidate who managed to co-ordinate the daily business of the market data desk in parallel with a savings program. The successful program managed to realize savings worth 10% within 2 months. “TCAM provided an interim manager to manage the Data Vendor Management team. He has shown a high degree of flexibility, demonstrated a great talent as a team leader and was able to get a firm grip on things. But above all, his knowledge of the business and his capability to handle issues/solve problems have been of great value. I would recommend hiring TCAM without hesitation.” – Mr. Etienne Beckers, Business Director
  7. 7. Cases Delta is a Dutch energy provider and one of the biggest employers in the Southwest of the Netherlands. Despite a takeover wave in the Dutch energy industry, Delta still proudly operates as an independent enterprise. Its trading unit trades energy commodities including Gas, Coal, Oil and Fuels, Electricity and CO2 certificates. For its trading business, Delta uses a mixture of various static market data feeds. TCAM provided advice on streamlining and re-shaping the static market data management infrastructure, i.e. a feasibility study including re-design of its processes with respect to the collection, validation, storage and internal distribution of static data. “TCAM has a very good knowledge of the market data industry. With TCAM’s services we succeeded in reducing the yearly market data costs significantly.” – Mr. Jan Willem Zwang, Manager Trade a.i.
  8. 8. Cases APG Asset Management manages the investment funds of various pension funds and insurance companies including ABP, Cordarus and Loyalis. Headquartered in the Netherlands, it also runs operations in New York and Hong Kong. At the beginning of 2010 it had EUR 220 billion assets under management. APG AM’s Information Services group is responsible for reporting to internal and external stakeholders. The external stakeholders include the Dutch Central Bank and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). To facilitate this, APG AM deploys a data warehouse which stores data such as Net Asset Values, Security Master Files, prices and benchmarks. As part of a SAS70 certification programme, TCAM took care of negotiating service level agreements with some 20 internal and external data sources, including JP Morgan, BNY Mellon and State Street.
  9. 9. Other customers include
  10. 10. Today’s business issues At TCAM we recognize that businesses face countless issues with respect to trading technology and market data. Here you’ll find links to more information that addresses many of the complexities that organizations encounter today. Feel free to navigate through the topics. Market data Trading technology Inventory and Cost transparency Financial trading technology Compliance Data quality Energy trading technology Latency – the need for speed Data management Trade floor technology and trader facilities
  11. 11. Contact ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TCAM Zandbergstraat 35 5555 LA Valkenswaard The Netherlands Phone +31 844305605 +31 610251309 E-mail URL © 2010 TCAM. All Rights Reserved. THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. IT MAY NOT BE CITED, REPRODUCED OR DISTRIBUTED WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION BY TCAM.