node.js 적용 사례 및 전망
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node.js 적용 사례 및 전망



nodesummit2013 에서 있었던 내용 중 일부 review.

nodesummit2013 에서 있었던 내용 중 일부 review.



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node.js 적용 사례 및 전망 node.js 적용 사례 및 전망 Presentation Transcript

  • A two-day conference in San Francisco bringing together some of the leading Node.js experts and speakers. - nodesummit 2013! ! from !
  • eBay Groupon PayPal ! Linkedin Walmart . . . . .
  • PayPal wrote the same app twice in Node and Java - ! Node was 2x requests/sec, 33% less code,
 35% less response time. PayPal is concentrating on training for their developers to help understand functional and asynchronous coding.
  • 2014, eBay will be using node for the front end, ! and Scala / Java for the services.
  • Both LinkedIn and Groupon ! moved from a Rails stack to Node.js
  • Groupon's node Layout Service returns a "partial rendered" mustache template which the client node app can fish the rendering "We moved from serving static files on a CDN to generated templates on Node and it was twice as fast.” 
  • Biggest mind switch ! in deploying node is . . . . .
  • Ruby on Rails is like a minivan. It has all the features. Node is like a Ferrari.! ! Developers go at 200mph but then they crash.
  • The harder transition was not from Ruby and Java to node, it was from OO to functional programming.
  • The 250-500 ms node process start / stop time has been a huge benefit at LinkedIn and Groupon. Fast deployment is a huge advantage for node. ! Hard to deploy multiple times a day when it takes 2 hours each time. Node restarts so quickly crashed aren't a big deal.
  • If you want to transition to node.js! Take it slow try it out with a few apps.
  • Framework . . . . .
  • Why there are so many Java frameworks ? Programmers are lazy and don't want to reinvent the wheel.
  • Node is not Java.
  • using Node . . . . .
  • If your business is changing, if you want to try new things and stay agile, node is ideal. Small, reusable modules, unix philosophy, and not investing too much in frameworks.
  • Join an opensource project - stalk server or yours! with Node again.
  • mac! tmux! vim
  • bottoms up !