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Workers as Revolutionaries - Reflections on the Digital Agenda and Workforce Transformation
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Workers as Revolutionaries - Reflections on the Digital Agenda and Workforce Transformation


A short presentation on digital strategy, revolutionary changes happening in the workforce and reflections on how to CIO's and IT organisations can rise to the challenge

A short presentation on digital strategy, revolutionary changes happening in the workforce and reflections on how to CIO's and IT organisations can rise to the challenge

Published in Technology
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  • 2. Camden Local Authority in the Centre of London £1Bn Plus Turnover £350 M Plus Operating Costs £400 M Plus Per Annum Spend on Goods and Services Estimated 25,500 Businesses 220,000 Residents
  • 4. DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES Efficiency by Default 1.8 Bn Savings Innovation by Necessity £63 Bn additional money into economy
  • 5. Digital Agenda Cross Cutting and integral to all government activity – not just about channel shift or digital exclusion but also about economic growth, democratic leadership Integrated into the way the organisation does business – not a “bolt-on” Active strategy - day the Digital Strategy is published its out of date
  • 6. Digital Strategy Democratic & Strategic Leadership • Citizen and Business Focused Council - Use modern business intelligence / customer analytics (e.g. via Google) to develop policy & direct resources to maximum effect • Customer 360 - Deliver the joined-up , 360 degree internal and external view of our citizens and businesses so we do things once • Civic dashboards – enable citizens to discover / explore decision making, use of resources for themselves using Council supplied Business Intelligence Dashboards and Open Data • Inside-out and outside in engagement – use social media for crowdsourcing / crowd funding / Ideation / Hackathons to drive new ways of engaging the community and our partners in helping the Council ; • Deliver Open Data about the Council that can be consumed by the myriad of free & commercial applications that are being developed to support us in nearly every aspect of our lives Hanessing Economic Growth • Digital skills – nurture & develop digital skills at school , and in adults; coding course for children ; connect business , HE / FE institutions with schools to share good practice ; • Digital Business – helping businesses to get on line , support them become digital, foster innovation incubation, attract inward investment , driving transactions through an integrated Business Account • Extend high capacity digital connectivity (including 4G) into CIP, business parks and new developments; • Open Spaces Wireless – free access to the internet in designated areas around the Borough • Apprenticeships and digital job creation – What more can be done through Camden sponsored initiatives to tackle worklessness and generate growth (eg Camden’s “Into Enterprise” initiative); • Location services– maximizing Camden’s on line profile to attract visitors and consumer spending into Camden Right first Time Service (Value for Money) • One Camden Account joining up citizen and business data to simplify and streamline processes • Digital Public Realm – Harness the potential of digital assets and smart devices to transform public services • Channel shift to be more efficient, joined-up and slicker when delivering local services • Agile workforce – mobile , collaborative and digital by default • Maximise Income from Digital - explore opportunities from e-advertising, , single view of debt and digital philanthropy Sustainable Neighbourhoods – Making Sure Non One Left Behind • Assisted access – Promote new approaches to the use of digital resources in libraries, resource centres, schools, post office ; Where appropriate invest in IT that helps vulnerable groups including elderly and disabled residents (particularly at risk of isolation) benefit from advances in technology • Maximize community access -, Libraries, Resource Centres, City Learning Centre provide high quality access o individuals and groups at risk of digital exclusion / poverty through new offer • Effectively signpost resources – so those who don’t know what’s digital actually do and use it • Open up new channels (eg Digital Television & Mobile) to encourage wider take-up & tackle exclusion Tackling Inequality through new solutions • Joined up data - across services and organizational boundaries • Predictive analytics - to aid in risk assessment and decision making • Integrated infrastructures - to enable access and data sharing • Camden Explorer – make Camden’s data searchable irrespective of where the data is stored
  • 7. Workers as Revolutionaries The next generation of workers are used to working without conventional hierarchies and using social and digital platforms to get things done
  • 8. Workers as Revolutionaries Social networks & community collaboration platforms outside the organisation potentially add more value than networks within.
  • 9. Workers as Revolutionaries Cloud products and services provide scalable, easy to set-up solutions for collaboration, access to aggregated data portals and personalised services
  • 10. Workers as Revolutionaries Consumer technology moving faster – and much easier to use - than most corporate technology making it very attractive to use
  • 11. Workers as Revolutionaries New digital marketplaces and people on demand mean there are innovative and radically different ways of getting things done
  • 12. Workers as Revolutionaries People want to use their own devices for work , work differently and Councils want to capitalise on the productivity and wider workforce benefits that flexible working brings
  • 13. Making it Happen…Not like this… Or thinking it will all go away
  • 14. So Less of This • Zero tolerance for non conformists • Make fundamental changes without engaging the stakeholders • Lock technology down …. because users are stupid right? • Make it difficult to do anything or use systems without multiple logins, proofs of identity and additional key facets • Dictate that its virtually impossible to use personal devices, even when secure
  • 15. Marble Digital Into Government Build Digital Centres of Excellence Strengthen organisational capabilities in business intelligence, agile working, seamless government Nurture Digitally Savvy Employees Develop our leadership teams and staff so they understand the opportunities offered by a digital future and can effectively use this knowledge to deliver new business models Deliver Open Systems platform for Government Accelerate drive Open Applications, Open API’s, Open Data delivered to any mobile devices to enable information sharing and service integration across different systems and organizations Design Software from the Customers Perspective Design and build from the Customer journeys and apply Agile Methods Ensure “Digital Friendly” Policies Build digital thinking into key policies and processes (particularly procurement, service commissioning, planning and economic regeneration) Keep Information Safe Build robust identity management and security systems to keep the public’s data safe Protect Privacy Get data sharing and knowledge management right Incubate Open Systems Alliance for government Building an eco system between like minded authorities to accelarate innovation and reduce costs Information as an Asset Critical to manage information as an asset ; ensure its properly owned
  • 16. And . Break Medieval Software Markets
  • 17. Build Open Systems or Public Sector App Stores for Sharing
  • 18. Workforce Revolution - Tech Strategy Digital by Default Unified Communications Camden Explorer Federation Mobile by Default Anytime, Anywhere access Any Device, Any Platform access Camden Collaborate Agile Working Multiple technologies being applied concurrently rather than individually to enable workplace transformation
  • 19. Workforce Mobile Flexible Secure Workforce 2FA Data ClassificationEgress Gateway O365 User Experience Improved User Experience PSN IGSoC N3 Security Regulations Mature ISMS ISMSPolicy Hub DR BCPCI DSS Remote Access Structured Data Secure Email Joined-up Services Defined Datasets Secure Anywhere Anytime AnyDevice Starters Leavers & Movers SharePoint Federation BPSS Protective Marking DRMS DLP Work Flows
  • 20. Themes Epics User Story Task A Theme is a top-level objective that may span projects and products. Themes may be broken down into sub- themes, which are more likely to be product-specific. At its most granular form, a Theme may be an Epic An Epic is a group of related User Stories, representing a feature. You would be unlikely to introduce an Epic into a sprint without first breaking it down into it’s component User Stories so as to reduce uncertainty A User Story is a description of desired functionality told from the perspective of the user Tasks are individual activities that are required for a User Story to be “done” Adopt Agile in Spirit / if not in Practice within the IT function
  • 21. Digital Centres of Excellence Traditionally designed IT Departments cannot respond to the challenge. In Camden we’ve created new cross cutting Digital Centres of Excellence to deliver transformational change
  • 22. To Deliver This … Integrated and Multi Agency Working – organisations focused on working together rather than in silo’s is smarter and cheaper but impossible unless the technology supports it Workforce – Improving the organisational climate – things such as morale, travelling time, reducing duplication, finding things quicker etc. - can boost productivity with increases of 20 % or more Customer Service Transformation – spending more time in the front line and less time processing paper Accommodation –rationalisation of buildings, maximising use of space, rationalising business support and printing costs
  • 23. Pinch Points 4. Middle management can be very effective blockers 2. Innovation & experimentation can be potrayed as wasteful 3. Undercooked the communications 5. Limited prioritisation of projects 1. Interdependencies very challenging and difficult 6. Scope creep & requirements shift 7. Weak eco system surrounding Open Systems in Local Govt
  • 24. Key Lessons Innovation and risk taking are essential because traditional approaches aren’t sustainable and won’t deliver the efficiencies we need Traditional IT approaches won’t deliver the step change required Redesign IT delivery and IT product packaging so its cross cutting and thematic rather than silo based Don’t underestimate the effort required to achieve the step change in behaviours to become digital by default
  • 25. Key Lessons • We can’t stop the march of consumer technology & social platforms into the workplace. We need to manage and harness the opportunity it brings ; • Badly designed security controls / one size fits all security models should concern all of us because they add cost, make flexible working impossible and stand in the way of efficient service delivery … and lets be honest our staff will circumvent the controls if it doesn’t work PS Along the way there are bound to be a few clangers …
  • 26. …if we are to harness the power of technology to drive up productivity and deliver innovation – It has to be an integrated , cross cutting approach to make digital a part of what Camden does everyday
  • 27. If you need help getting to sleep • I tweet at Johnjackson1066 • Copies of the Digital Strategy available at www.wearecamden.org/digitalstrategy • You Tube video of Digital Strategy at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIbgYg-FzKo • My views of PSN expressed in Computer Weekly http://www.computerweekly.com/opinion/Cmon-guys-dont-bottle-up-the- Public-Services-Network-release-it • On disrupting the medieval software market http://www.computerweekly.com/opinion/Breaking-the-medieval- software-market-in-local-government • Copies of the IT Strategy available at http://camden.gov.uk/ccm/content/council-and-democracy/plans-and- policies/london-borough-of-camden-ict-strategy-2012- .en;jsessionid=BEE9AFA945DE90D7A076C3758F83948C
  • 28. JOHN JACKSON 11TH MARCH 2014