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Talk given at the IoF Convention in London on fundraising through social networks.

Talk given at the IoF Convention in London on fundraising through social networks.

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  • Slides on www.internationalfundraisingconsultancy.com
  • Between the recession sea and the budget cuts...
  • This simple symbol is revolutionary...
  • Bill Gates and Warren Buffet has just called on all US billionaires to give away half their wealth = $600bnwww.givingpledge.org
  • We can and should be using all aspects of the plethera of internet functions and activities to enhance our fundraising capacity.
  • And where you should therefore go...
  • And where you should also follow... Passion, excitement, stories...
  • Amada Wilkie – 26 mile walk for Breast Cancer – blogging and phlogging on the moonwalk.
  • Catherine and her friends organised a ball to raise money for Walk the Walk and their local hospice:"Thank you so much for your support last night and for opening our Summer Solstice Ball.  You really got our event off to a great start and we all very much appreciate that. The ball was a huge success and we are all literally basking in the glory and the warm sunshine today feeling both relieved and delighted that our 300+ friends and family had such a great time. Their support has been immense and while we don’t know the exact total for last night’s fundraising as yet we do know it is more than £20,000 which is great news for Walk the Walk and our local hospice, Sam Beare!  So now we may all look forward to the real challenge – completing the Summer Solstice Marathon around Lake Myvatn! The training programme is back in full swing tomorrow after last week’s busy week of logistics and planning for the ball. Kind regards and sincere thanks on behalf of the whole team,Catherine"
  • "Here’s how it happened. One day, back in August, Carolee was in line at Trader Joe’s. The woman in front of her had lost her wallet and was a bit panicked. Carolee generously—though not without wondering if she’d made the right move—paid the $207 tab and gave the woman her address so she could repay her. Later, on Facebook, Carolee posted that she was “vacillating between feeling really good and very, very stupid”. Friends reassured her that she had done the right thing and good karma was sure to follow. They were right.It turned out the woman, Jenni Ware, was not only thankful, but generous in return. She promptly sent Carolee a $300 check and told her to put the extra $93 towards a massage. Instead, Carolee turned to her Facebook friends again to ask what they would do with the money. Many suggestions later, Carolee decided to donate the $93—and match the donation—to Second Harvest Food Bank since the chance meeting took place in a grocery store.Friends, inspired by the idea, started matching the $93 donation as well. Then Jenni heard and her friends started donating too. Before they knew it, donations had reached over $2000. Kids were donating 93 cents from their allowances. Those with tighter wallets were donating $9.30. The press picked up on the story and it became the random act of kindness heard around the world. And now, months later, the 93 Dollar Club—with a lot of love from Carolee and Jenni—has raised almost $83,000 for Second Harvest Food Bank. And that doesn’t include all the people around the country who heard the story and contributed to their local food banks instead.I made my donation and joined the 93 Dollar Club on Facebook a few months ago. But somehow it felt bigger than $93 (and technically it was, thanks to Yahoo!’s donation matching program). Taking part in this group and spreading the word about it has made me feel like part of a movement. A movement that is reminding people of the power of a random act of kindness. And that a little good can lead to a lot of hope.It’s a lesson I’ve taken to heart—and am doing my best to teach my children each and every day.To follow the 93 Dollar Club’s story as they work toward their goal of raising $93,000 or find links to donate to your local food bank, check out their Facebook page here.To learn more about childhood hunger and how others are making a difference, read about Yahoo! Mother Board member Jessica Rosenberg’s efforts here.” from Jenni Ware’s website.
  • Familiar – links with Obama campaign etc...
  • The 7 principles in practice – 7 Action Points.Find on Justgiving etcOrganise as leaders....
  • Survey followers re being fundraiserpreneurs... Survey membership re media they use... Who they follow etc.Build online communities thru twitter etc pace Lance Armstrong.Slacktivists...
  • Who? Why!
  • Who? Why!


  • 1. The Rise of the Fundraiserpreneur:Finding and Empowering Individual Fundraisers
    John Baguley
    International Fundraising Consultancy . Com
    Carla Cornwell
    Events Team Manager
    Medical Foundation for Care of Victims of Torture
  • 2. Fundraising today...
  • 3. And then...
  • 4.
    Email appeals / newsletters
    Facebook, Flikr, Youtube, Google
    Mobile bar-codes
    i-pods, i-pads etc
    Is where your friends are...
  • 7. And your friends friends...
  • 8. The rise of the ‘fundraiserpreneur’
  • 9. Summer Solstice Ball
  • 10. A Pay-It-Forward Movement...
    Analyse power.
    Develop leadership & influencers.
    Build a movement.
    Maintain momentum.
    Communicate where supporters are...
    Be accountable.
    Exercise stewardship.
    1. Find online leaders (top donors).
    2. Inspire leaders - link activity to goals.
    3. Market events where donors are.
    4. Fuel online discussion.
    5. Build momentum through frequent reports on appeal site and soc media.
    6. Use stars to attract and build campaign.
    7. Reward and retain leaders.
    Seniors born: 1901-1924
    Silent born: 1925-1945
    Baby Boomers Born: 1946-1964
    Gen X Born: 1965-1977
    Gen Y Born: 1978-1994
  • 15. Gen X Born: 1965-1977
    No experience of poverty.
    Have material possessions.
    Comfortable with technology.
    Expect good design.
    Won’t read heavy text.
    Need convincing of problem.
  • 16.
  • 17. Gen Y Born: 1978-1994
    Gen C = Community.
    100 mobile txts a day
    Hive mind.
    Facebook YouTube etc.
    Gap year third world experience.
    Comfortable with debt.
    Give on line / face-to-face in street / QR codes
    Celebrity – created not earned.
  • 18.
  • 19. Gen – Media
  • 20. So old people don’t use the internet?
  • 21. Future
  • 22. QR CODESwww.mobile-barcodes.com
  • 23. Japan today – UK ?
  • 24. Social Networks – Mobiles - Celebs
  • 25. No track record doesn’t mean scary
    Try, test, play, learn, change, try...
    “As well as” not “instead of”
    Risk of not being accessible...
    But there are some good examples ;-)
  • 26. Big Ideas cross barriers
  • 27. THANK YOU
    Don’t forget the evaluation forms…