The Lighthouse - What's On Guide April-September 2007


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Guide printed with thermo-chromatic ink and spot UV finishing.

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The Lighthouse - What's On Guide April-September 2007

  1. 1. April / September
  2. 2. Make it as a Maverick5 Apr 07, 9:30am – 12:30pmLevel 2 Education WorkshopPaul Pinson and Cath King fromBrightspace ( our next workshop for creativebusinesses and CEC members who needto run a business whilst staying creative,scale up whilst keeping a creative edgeand stay true to a vision without sellingout. Event includes lunch and informalnetworkingFor more information or to book a placecontact Kucha Vol 1 Edinburgh23 May 07, 6pm – 11pmWee Red ClubEdinburgh College of ArtThe capital’s first Pecha Kucha inassociation with Six Cities Design Festival.This spring we will have another fourteenparticipants showing 20 slides for 20seconds each. At Pecha Kucha nights theaudience experiences an exhilarating rangeof speakers and images over the course ofthe evening. There’s also music, drinkingand the inevitable exchange of ideas.This event is free but ticketed.Booking info fromwww.six-cities.comPecha Kucha Vol 3 Glasgow1 Jun 07, 6.30pm – 10pmLevel 5 Gallery 5Pecha Kucha is back at TheLighthouse in conjunction with Six CitiesDesign Festival. This event is free butticketed. Booking info fromwww.six-cities.comwww.creativeentrepreneurs.comTrend Presentation EventAutumn/Winter 2008/200930 May 07, 2.30pm – 5.30pmDCA DundeeTextiles trend presentation with afocus on fashion and interiors to be heldin conjunction with the Six Cities DesignFestival’s International Design Conference.Speakers are Ella Doran and Anne Ritchie.For more information or to book aplace 225 8424After this event delegates are invited toattend a talk by Martin Lambie Nairn &Hector Pottie which is part of the SixCities Design Festival.This event is free but ticketed.Booking info fromwww.six-cities.comwww.creativeentrepreneurs.comWelcome toThe Lighthouse,Scotland’s Centrefor Architecture,Design and the City������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������In this edition we bring younews of the inaugural Six CitiesDesign Festival; The ScottishShow 07, a highlight exhibitionof the Festival featuring the mostprominent Scottish design talent;news of our newly refurbishedShop including Vitra, Marimekko,RIAS Bookshop, and of coursenew exhibitions and events.Spanning six floors, The Lighthouse provides an unrivalled opportunity toexperience architecture and design through a changing programme of world-classexhibitions, award-winning education and lifelong learning projects, broad rangingevents programme and networking opportunities. Climb the Mackintosh Tower forstunning views across the city, indulge yourself in the latest designer products inThe Lighthouse Shop, or simply relax in the doocot, our rooftop café/
  3. 3. MAY – 3 JUNE 07The six cities of Scotland—Aberdeen, Dundee,Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling—will hostthe country’s first nationwide international designfestival, promoting and celebrating Scottish design.The Lighthouse will be the Six Cities Design FestivalInformation Point for the City of Glasgow.The Festival presents an imaginative programmeof exhibitions, events, keynote speakers, talks, toursand more, taking place alongside two major continuingprogrammes—Design into Businessand Learning.The Festival’s national exhibition —The Scottish Show07—is the most important expo of Scottish design ever,opening at The Lighthouse on 17 May.Design into Business is a programme for the businesscommunity and designers alike. The programme willdemonstrate how good design is good business andwill include master classes, online resources, casestudies and international initiatives, culminating ina major design conference.The Learning programme focuses on education anddesign communities, to encourage innovation, businessknowledge, creative entrepreneurship,talent incubation and talent retention. It will playa major role in connecting educational bodieswith the design industry.www.six-cities.comglasgow is made by us17 May – 27 June 07Level 5 Long GalleryHow would you re-design your city?Six Cities Design Festival asked EveningTimes’ readers what were the major issuesaffecting Glasgow’s city centre and whatthey would like to see redesigned. Issuesincluded litter, traffic congestion, pedestrianfacilities, public spaces and the river. Themost pressing suggestions were givento four top designers, who have createddesigns to respond to these issues. Thisexhibition showcases their responses anddemonstrates how improved design canimpact on our cities and our lives. Look outfor our designers creating new spaces invarious locations across the city during theSix Cities Design Festival.www.six-cities.comSagmeister in Scotland18 May, 5pmLevel 5 Gallery 5Admission: FreeStephan Sagmeister was bornin Austria, and studied in Vienna beforereceiving a scholarship to New York. Heset up Sagmeister Inc. after working forLeo Burnett and Tibor Kalman’s M&Co. Hehas designed album covers for luminariessuch as Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones,and has won numerous awards including aGrammy for art direction.Called both ‘an exhibitionist...adding to thedepravity of society,’ and a creator of trulybeautiful design, his work is never less thanabsorbing and Sagmeister himself is aninspiration.Designer Double BillHella Jongerius and Peter Inglis22 May 07, 6:30pm–8pmLevel 5 Gallery 5Admission: FreeJongerius is arguably one of themost exciting female designers in theworld. Based in Rotterdam, she blurs theboundaries between art, craft and designand her clients include Vitra and IKEA,who commissioned her first major mass-production. Her designs have been exhibitedin the Design Museum, MoMA and CooperHewitt Museum. Glasgow-based Inglis isa graduate from Glasgow School of Artand Glasgow University where he studieda Masters in Engineering. In 2002, heco-founded 4C Design, a proactive forcein new product development andengineering design and a multi-awardwinning company.These events are free but ticketed,booking info fromwww.six-cities.comStephan SagmeisterKieran Dodds
  4. 4. May 07, 4pm – 6:30pmLevel 3 Vitra Conference SuiteAdmission: FreeThis Six Cities Design Festivalinternational symposium, in co-operationwith Europäisches Haus der Stadtkulture.V., Gelsenkirchen, NAI, Rotterdam andThe Lighthouse, explores how city spacesaffect our communication, mood, thoughts,and feelings. Sometimes confusing, oftenenlightening, city spaces are alive withsensations. Speakers from three countries,Germany, The Netherlands and Scotland,will examine how designed and undesignedspaces in their cities affect peopleon a personal level.Part of the ACCESS to Architecture:The Lighthouse campaign on architecturesupported by The Scottish Executive.Catriona Duffy 0141 225 Kucha Glasgow Vol 31 June 07, 6:30pm – 10pmLevel 5 Gallery 5Admission: FreePecha Kucha returns to Glasgowfor the Six Cities Design Festival! TheJapanese term ‘Pecha Kucha’ roughlytranslates as ‘chit-chat’. Up to fourteendesigners will show 20 slides for 20seconds each, allowing the audienceto experience an exhilarating range ofspeakers and images over the course of theevening. There’s also music, drinking andthe inevitable exchange of ideas that occurswhen you get so many architects, designers,artists and enthusiasts together in the sameroom. Pecha Kucha is held in associationwith the Creative Entrepreneurs Club:the network for the creative industriesin Scotland.This event is free but ticketed,booking info fromwww.six-cities.comDesign intoBusinessPassport for Business GrowthSir George Cox14 May 07, 6pm – 8pmLevel 3 Vitra Conference SuiteAdmission: FreeIn the foreword to his 2005 reviewinto creativity in the British economy, SirGeorge Cox wrote, ‘greater creativity is akey to greater productivity, whether by wayof higher value products and services, betterprocesses, more effective marketing, simplerstructures or better use of people’s skills.’Commissioned by the Chancellor, The CoxReview was triggered by concerns abouthow UK businesses can face up to globalcompetition and it is central to the Designinto Business programme. By invitation only,this event will offer a business audience theopportunity to gain valuable insight fromthe man himself!’ Helpdesk29 May 07, 6pmLevel 5 Gallery 5Admission: FreeHosted by the Six Cities DesignFestival and the Creative EntrepreneursClub, this Design into Business networkingevent offers an opportunity to hear what thevarious design support agencies have tooffer all those currently working or wishingto work in the creative the wide range ofpractical workshops, masterclasses,seminars and public events within the SixCities Learning Programme, The Lighthousewill host the following workshops:Global GlasgowParticipants will design exhibition structuresto illustrate what qualities they would likeGlasgow to have and how their city couldbetter respond to its international citizens.Glasgow in MotionParticipants will document city journeysusing various recording techniques andwill be assisted to create a mini dramaor documentary audio programme.My Glasgow, Your Glasgow,Our GlasgowIntroducing how and why individuals andcommunities take ownership of spaceswhilst encouraging participants to inventways to find more confident, inclusive usesof public realms.Invisible GlasgowParticipants will follow the trail of ‘lovelynew products’ to ‘litter and landfill’, collectinginterviews, photography and moving imagesfor an outdoor environmental designexhibition.For further information or to book a placecontact: Tassy find out about other Six Cities DesignFestival learning projects log on KuchaIdearightKlein Dytham Architecture
  5. 5. Learning SpaceInnovation: A Personal Viewwith Dr Chris Yapp (Microsoft)26 Apr 07, 9.30am-1.30pmLevel 2, Education WorkshopAs a much abused term, DrYapp’s seminar will help attendeesunderstand and measure how innovativethey are, whether they would recogniseinnovation and what part technology playsin innovation.Designing the Learning Experience,with Sean McDougall(Stakeholder Design)24 May 07, 10am-12.30pmLevel 2, Education WorkshopThis seminar focuses on theimportance of designing a physicallearning environment around the personand freeing learning from the confines ofits rigid structures. These important issuesalso have implications for the design anddelivery of adult and workplace learning.Digital Diversity, with Jemima Gibbons(iKnowHow)21 June, 10am-12.30pmLevel 2, Education WorkshopSince 2005, Jemima has runWomen in Film and Television’s TechnicalChange mentoring scheme and thisevent is based around the findings andconclusions from her work.Seminar places are free of charge, limitedand are allocated on a first come first servedbasis. For more information or to book a placecontact:Yvonne Kincaid0141 225 0103yvonne.kincaid@urbanlearningspace.comwww.urbanlearningspace.comConferenceAs if the stunning backdrop ofThe Lighthouse building wasn’t impressiveand unique enough as a location for yournext corporate hospitality event. Now,The Lighthouse offers you the exclusiveopportunity to treat your guests to astylish private preview of some of the bestexhibitions of Architecture and Design inScotland, whilst sampling mouthwateringcanapés and sparkling drinks served byour in-house caterers.Prices from £245+VATTo find out more about our tailoredhospitality at The Lighthouse or toget discount through our corporatemembership scheme, contact ourexperienced conference team now on0141 225 0113/225 Scrapyard ChallengeULS
  6. 6. Scottish Show 07 bringstogether 34 of Scotland’s mostexciting designers in an exhibitionat The Lighthouse, with associatedprojects including a six citywidebillboard project, publication andspecially commissioned souvenirs.Building on the success of TheScottish Show in 2004/05, theexhibition will celebrate thevibrancy and vitality of Scotland’sdesign industry with work andinstallations by the designersinhabiting the galleries, corridors,stairwells and Shop.21 May - 3 June 07During the Six Cities DesignFestival billboard designs by selectedparticipants in The Scottish Show 07will be exhibited in train stations ofthe 6 Cities.Designers:After the NewsAnnabel WrightLucy MacLeodNigel PeakeO StreetTimorous BeastiesAs well as a range of The ScottishShow 07 merchandise, a collection ofspecially commissioned limited editionsouvenirs will be available to buy in TheLighthouse Shop and online throughoutthe duration of the show. Designed byAlex Milton, Blue Marmalade, DonnaWilson, Mandy McIntosh, Nigel Peake andTimorous Beasties, the souvenirs will giveyou the opportunity to take home yourown piece of The Scottish Show.Buy The Scottish Show 07 souvenirsonline: part of Six Cities DesignFestival Learning a FREE familyeducation workshop programmewill accompany The Scottish Show07 exhibition.Workshop Plastic FantasticLevel 230 June and 1 July 07, 12noon – 4pmAmaze yourself at the things youcan make with recycled plastic!Workshop Project Scottish ShowLevel 2 Education WorkshopSat 7/14/21/28 July 07, 10am – 2pmBecome a jewellery designer anddesign your own catwalk collection!This Free workshop is ideal for groups,25 places max for each workshop. Placesfor this workshop have to be bookedin advance.Workshop Creature FeatureLevel 2Sun 8/15/22/29 July 07,12noon - 4pmDesign and make your own bizarrepet creature!All workshops are FREE.For booking information 225 8406
  7. 7. THE NEWS is a designcompany, working on graphic andcommunication projects. They alwayskeep one eye on an alternative tobrands and branding (tentativelyentitled Offbrand) - this thinking feedsinto some (but not all) of their otherstudio Milton is Head of Product,Furniture and Interior Design atEdinburgh College of Art. Through hisdesigning, teaching and writing, heaims to create a culture that thriveson new ideas, new ways of doing thingsand new areas of exploration. Recentprojects include My Design, a series ofplayful participatory design installationsexhibited at the London Design Festival,National Museum of Scotland and theSalone del Mobile, Wright is a Glasgowbased Illustrator whose clients includemagazines, publishers, bands, designcompanies and advertising agencies.As an ex-band member of The Pastels,Annabel has designed record sleeves,posters and flyers, for The Pastels,Teenage Fanclub, Sleater-Kinney, BillWells Trio, International Airport andYo La Lipscombe is a printmakerand designer. Her collection ofhandmade/printed clothes is producedbi-annually under her own label. Theready-to-wear garments are limited inquantity and are manufactured solelyin Scotland using local suppliers andlabour.www.becalipscombe.comTrent Jennings and Tom Marshare Blue Marmalade, an Edinburghbased company which createsenvironmentally sound contemporaryfurniture and products. With animaginative use of materials and cleverconstruction techniques they create lowwaste products that are simple to useand Welsh is a designer/maker who specialises in themanufacture of bespoke furniture forcontract and domestic clients. Handfinished and produced in a variety ofmaterials, including solid wood, woodveneer, laminate and perspex, his oneoff pieces, limited edition and smallbatch collections combine traditionalskill with the use of LipscombeSome Like it JockBlue MarmaladeStealth Light
  8. 8. Leishman is theProgramme Leader in Illustrationat Dundee’s Duncan of JordanstoneCollege of Art and principal Her imaginative,screen-based worlds explore newnarrative artforms using image,animation, audio and interactivity,informing a research–based practicethat has produced the widely acclaimedLittle Red Ridinghood (2000), TheBloody Chamber (2003) and Deviant:The Posession of Christian Shaw(2004).www.6amhoover.comDonna Wilson makes knittedcreatures that are inspired by theeveryday oddities and deformities of life.She likes to think of each of them as acharacter in her very own wonderland,where scale and perception are turnedon their head. Donna creates otherproducts including brightly colouredfelt rugs, doily placemats and coastersand patterned cushions and blankets.www.donnawilson.comGraphical House solvecommunication problems across variedmedia with an eclectic mix of creativeskills and thinking. Established in2001, Graphical House have workedwith a range of clients on identity, printand motion graphics, the internet, 3Ddesign, art direction, type design andillustration. Based in Glasgow, theirwork remains in Scotland but much ofit spreads further afield, across the UK,into Europe and the rest of the world.www.graphicalhouse.comFounded by Glasgow School ofArt graduates Ross Hunter and JaniceKirkpatrick in 1986, Graven Images area successful, multi disciplinary designstudio specialising in graphic, interiorand exhibition design. They have adiverse range of clients and projectsranging from the Radisson SAS hotelsto the Jephson Robb bringstogether art and design to createsculptures and spaces which invitephysical interaction and engage visuallyand emotionally. The concepts in hiswork come from a curiosity in thehuman condition and a commitmentfor the work to be inclusive.www.hjrstudio.comISO are a design studiospecialising in motion graphics andinteractivity, with much of their workmade for use on screen by the TV, filmand advertising sectors. ISO also createinteractive environments for culturaland corporate ImagesTinderbox Ingram StreetRenzo Mazzolini PhotographyISOOn location - E4 Music shootGraphical HouseStill from T In The Park BBC TV TitlesHill Jephson RobA Temple for All
  9. 9.’s handprinted wallpapers andinterior accessories are all designedand printed from a studio in Dundee.Her designs feature tangles of imaginedbotanicals, butterflies and birds whichare incorporated into wallpapers,fabrics, and soft furnishings. TheResponse collection of wallpapersrespond to their surroundings, withflowers that blossom in the heat,butterflies that come alive in sunlightand sinister undertones that emergeafter West is a freelanceceramic designer, who works onlimited edition studio ceramics andprototypes for factory production. Herpractice is concerned with the re-contextualisation of existing genericobjects, reinterpreting their form, andreinventing their function. As well asworking with porcelain and bone china,she is interested in the status of othermaterials such as earthenware, factoryclays and Stewart is an Orkney-based designer who produces graphictextile prints and embroideries forclothing and accessories. Her unusualpieces attempt to brighten up theeveryday.www.kirsteenstewart.comLaura Murray is a jewellerydesigner who creates distinctivecollections of bags, sporrans andlockets from mixed materials such assilver, feathers and felt tip Ferguson has worked inthe hair industry for 32 years designinghairstyles in collaboration with otherindividuals or teams of people. She hasworked for private clients and has beeninvolved in creative projects such asfilm, stage and fashion shoots. Leighworks from her studio in Glasgow andon location in the UK and abroad.www.leighferguson.comLiquid Amber was set upin 2001 by Edinburgh Universityarchitecture graduate Paul Kerr.Paul specialises in the design andmanufacture of freestanding furniture,exploring the structural and decorativeproperties of Birch FergusonStill from InflorescenceA Film by Sarah Tripp
  10. 10. MacLeod is an illustratorwho creates unique and striking visualsfor magazines, websites, fashion andhaircare companies, record labels,advertising agencies, television andradio stations, newspapers, theatreand comedy. Lucy was recentlycommissioned by British Airways viaadvertising agency BBH to createartwork for a national newspaper andposter/billboard campaign to promotetheir London- New York ’11Flights a Day’.www.lucymacleod.comMandy McIntosh worked withKENZO in Paris for two years beforeleaving to pursue a career makingexperimental films. Mandy makes non-fiction animation works, examiningthe use of aesthetics in the syntheticrepresentation of true events. She alsodesigns knitting patterns in response tocities, which are freely available on-line.www.hamandenos.comMarianne Anderson’s jewelleryfocuses on patterns and theories ofornament. Her designs present aconsidered exploration of traditionalornamental forms and a refreshinglyoriginal interpretation of thedecorative. Marianne pierces silhouettesof oxidised silver and systematicallyarranges and intersects grids ofgemstones, pearls and 18ct gold,to deconstruct controlled patterns,creating bold fragmented imageson an intricate by Richard Brownin 2000, Mimetics specialises ininteractive projects and experiences.Recent developments include theProximity Lighting Controller, aninteractive emotive lighting system,able to reflect moods and invokeatmospheres through gesture andexpression.www.mimetics.comArchitect and designer NigelPeake creates drawings and illustrationsfrom his studio in Edinburgh. As wellas working as a design tutor at theSchool of Architecture at EdinburghUniversity, recent commissions haveincluded designs for Ninjatunes,Habitat, Eastpak, Antiz Skateboardsand Automaton based architecturalpractice NORD (Northern Office forResearch and Design) was foundedby Robin Lee and Alan Pert in July2002. NORD work on projects across arange of sectors, including residential,commercial, domestic, retail and leisureas well as interior design and exhibitiondesign. NORD won Young Architectof the Year award in
  11. 11. based fashiondesigner Niki Taylor established Olanicin 2002 with a customised t-shirtrange. Inspired by streetwear, hercollections are driven by the idea ofheightening everyday, practical styleswith a glamorous, tailored edge. Recentcommissions include the design ofa range of shoes for footwear label‘Schuh’. In 2006 she was shortlisted forthe Young Designer of the Year at the2006 Scottish Fashion in 1995 by KattyBarac, One Foot Taller is a product,furniture and interior design companyspecialising in the design andsupply of furniture and lighting. UKmanufacturers are used where possibleand materials used are a combinationof the new, old and the recycled.www.onefoottaller.comO Street is a new designstudio based in Glasgow. Betweenthem creative directors David and Neilhave a vast range of experience onblue chip accounts gained from theirwork with top agencies and designgroups in the UK, Japan and the US.They have worked on advertisingcampaigns, textile design, guerrillamarketing, motion graphics, branding,photography, typography, illustration,and animation for clients includingNike, Microsoft and Jamie by Phil Lynch in2005, Outgang is an innovativeand unconventional product designand development company thatmanufactures designs and then takesthem to market. Outgang recentlyworked with Graeme Massie Architectson the Series X range, an innovativecollection of multi use furniture.www.outgang.comPavillion is a design consultancyspecialising in graphic, product,environmental and audio design acrossthe commercial, cultural and civicsectors in the UK & abroad. Theirclients include Italian sportswearproducer Dirk Bikkemberg and theScottish based Williams BrothersBrewing graduated from theGlasgow School of Art in 2006 with adegree in Textiles. Her work is inspiredby those parts of the human bodythat are not traditionally consideredbeautiful like hair, scars and marks,which she uses to create drawings andembroidery that inform her designsfor fashion.One Foot TallerDawn LightPavillionFC Fossombrone
  12. 12. Tripp is a Glasgowbased designer and film-maker whoworks with a range of individuals,companies and cultural organisations.In 2006, Sarah was commissioned bythe UK Film Council, Scottish Screenand Glasgow Media Access Centre toproduce her short film Me and Her.www.sarahtripp.comA graduate in Social Sciencesand Product Design, Emma Hendersonset up Showpony in 2006. Showponyproduces printed products for the homeand accessories market that seek toengage emotionally as wellas based designerSusan Kerr creates jewellery that isunashamedly decorative, taking itsinfluences from floral imagery andpatterns found in the styles and motifsof Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Herrecent work combines precious metalwith leather and semi-precious beadsin designs for brooches, necklacesand earrings.www.susan-kerr.comTimorous Beasties design andmanufacture fabrics, wallpapers andother products for interiors. Mostof their work is produced from theirstudio in Glasgow for private clients andcompanies at home and abroad. Recentprojects include the opening of theirshop in 2004, a window display for theWellcome Trust in London in 2005 andthe release of their first collection ofwallpapers through Holland & Sherryacross America in 2006. They werenominated for Designer of the Year bythe London Design Museum in 2005.www.timorousbeasties.comSarah TrippStill from Me & HerSeen it in the exhibition and want to buy it?The Lighthouse Shop is delighted to presentThe Scottish Show for Sale, a selection of productsby some of the designers. Featured designers includeBlue Marmalade, Donna Wilson, Johanna Basford,Kirsteen Stewart, Laura Murray, Liquid Amber,Lucy MacLeod, Marianne Anderson, One Foot Taller,Showpony, Susan Kerr and Timorous
  13. 13. Hussey ArchitectsMicrostructures - “Small is Beautiful”1 Sept – 25 Nov 07Level 1 Review GallerySutherland Hussey Architectswas established in 1996. The practicecombines part-time teaching at theMackintosh School of Architecturewith the design of a diverse range ofbuildings, all of which reflect their openand intelligent approach to architecture.For this exhibition, Sutherland Hussey willminiaturize a selection of their buildingsfrom the past 10 Student Awards18 Aug – 4 Nov 07Level 2 Gallery 2A showcase of young talent, SIXfeatures work from the future stars ofScottish architecture submitted for fivestudent awards – the RIAS Silver Medalfor best 5th year student, The LighthouseAward for best 3rd year student, theUrban Design Award, the RIAS Awardfor drawing and the Sust. Award forsustainable design. The exhibition offers arare opportunity to see the work from allsix of Scotland’s Schools of Architecturetogether.Part of ACCESS to Architecture CampaignContact and Gladness12 March -7 May 2007Level 4 Gallery 4Between 1920 and 1978 GlasgowCorporation sponsored over 50 films. Fromthe earliest, Glasgow’s Housing Problemand its Solution, commissioned from Pathéin 1920 to the last Glasgow’s Progress,whose final images were taken by OgamFilms in 1978, they provide a remarkableview of the life, times and people of anever-changing city. Now The Lighthouseoffers a rare chance to see some of theseseminal works documenting 50 years ofGlasgow, its people, industries, power,decline, demolition and re-building,including Sadness and Gladness (1928)Glasgow 1980 (1971) and If Only we hadthe Space (1974).And the Oscar for best documentarygoes your school or community group fullof potential film making talent? TheLighthouse, in collaboration with GlasgowCity Council and Scottish Screen areoffering a series of film workshops forall ages. Capture your 2007 Glasgowfor the archive!Workshops are FREE. For bookinginformation contact:Tassy 225 0100ImageSutherland Hussey Architects
  14. 14. July – 15 Aug 07Level 5 Long GalleryThe Golden Age of lidos acrossthe UK was in the 1930s, when swimmingbecame a very popular pastime. Manyof Scotland’s lidos are now in a stateof disrepair. This photographic essaywill illustrate Scotland’s remaining lidos.The Burrell Company –The First 25 Years24 Aug – 7 Oct 07Level 4 Alcove & CirculationThe Burrell Company is aninnovative property development companydedicated to the regeneration of urbanareas. The objective of The BurrellCompany is to employ excellence in designwithin the wider concept of sustainabledevelopment. The Burrell Company hasset new standards of design in urbanregeneration in Scotland by commissioningsome of the most interesting projectsin our cities. This exhibition charts theirremarkable portfolio of built and un-builtprojects over the quarter SoonGillespie, Kidd & Coia:Architecture 1956-873 Nov 07 – 10 Feb 08Levels 4 & 5 Galleries 4 & 5The Lighthouse is working inpartnership with The Glasgow Schoolof Art and Royal Commission for Ancientand Historical Monuments Scotland tocreate a programme that celebrates thework of Gillespie, Kidd & Coia from 1956– 1987. The programme will compriseof a major exhibition and book, a website,an education and outreach programmeand the cataloguing and conservingof the Gillespie, Kidd & Coia archiveheld at The Glasgow School of Art.www.gillespiekiddandcoia.comGlasgow 1999 Design Medal 200710 Nov 07 – 13 Jan 08Level 2 Gallery 2An opportunity to see work bya new generation of design talent, theannual Glasgow 1999 Design Medalis a platform for designers studying atGlasgow’s Higher and Further Educationinstitutions. Designs on show in theaccompanying exhibition include jewellery,textile design, graphics, product designand engineering. The fourth Glasgow1999 Design Medal will be presentedto a student whose work consistentlyshows a high level of creativity,imagination and originality.SUST:The Lighthouse on SustainabilityPlay My SUST HousePlay the Bafta Award winning MySust House. The interactive game exploreswhat sustainability means and howit relates to our homes.To play the game or to find outmore about Sust: The Lighthouseon Sustainability visitwww.sust.orgSHIFT18 Aug –0 14 Oct 07Level 4 Gallery 4The focus of the exhibition ison the zone that stretches between andconnects Scotland’s two expandingmajor cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh.It examines the potential for futuredevelopment, specifically the aspectsof sustainable movements between thetwo cities; ranging from transportationand commerce, demographics andmigration, settlements and built structures.Explorations by national and internationalarchitects and key decision makers will beshown, projecting future propositions forfurther discussion.Part of the ACCESS to Architecture: The Lighthousecampaign on architecture supported by The ScottishExecutive. The exhibition is developed in collaborationwith Sust. - The Lighthouse on Sustainability.Foreign Bodies28 Mar – 7 May 07Level 4 CirculationForeign Bodies tells a storythrough text and photography aboutthe history of two cities - Marseille andGlasgow. There is much that they sharein common, not least a passion for politics,football, alcohol, the weather and verbaltrickery. Moreover they are connectedhistorically in their roles as imperial andindustrial cities. Imagined as an illustrateddialogue, the two cities reminisce abouttheir rise and subsequent decline,reflecting on the contemporary attemptsto restructure their economies and givethem a face-lift.This project was originally commissioned by TheLighthouse as part of Made in Scotland: A seriesof events across Marseille celebrating Scotland’sArchitecture in October 2004.Gillespie Kidd & CoiaSt Paul’s RC ChurchGlenrothes 1956SHIFTImage Florian KossakForeign BodiesImage Jonathan Charley
  15. 15. over two floors,The Lighthouse Shop offers an unrivalledopportunity to purchase the best in classicand contemporary design.On the ground floor are contemporaryproducts by leading UK and internationaldesigners and throughout The ScottishShow 07 these will include a widerange of products by featured designers.On the first floor are designclassics in the only Vitra retail spaceoutside London; the first Scottishoutlet for Marimekko fabrics and vasesby Alvar Aalto and the RIAS Bookshopstocking specialist magazines andpublications including architectureand design books published byThe Lighthouse.0141 225 Squirrel FoxDonna Wilson£40RightDirty Harry BagEarthby Mat and Nat£85RightMarimekko FokusApron£25RightMonkey T-Shirtby NameClothing£15RightWaste PaperBasketBlue Marmalade£18.50RightLarge PlyChopping Boardby Liquid Amber£48LeftSe7en VintageHandbagby Mat and Nat£60RightFabric Clockby SuckUK£100LeftTimezoneWall Clockby SuckUK£37AboveShed Hookby Domesticity£14.50AboveLondonUndergroundleather walletby SuckUK£37LeftMarimekkoPoimulehti FabricFrom a Selectionincluding oven mitts,aprons and trays.
  16. 16. against the backdrop of the city’s skyline, The Doocot is the idealenvironment to enjoy a three course meal, an appetising snack, a quickdrink or a cappuccino well away from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow’sbusy shopping 0141 221 1821The Lighthouse Level 5For regular Lighthouse news and updatesLog Lighthouse11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NUTravel DirectionsSituated in the heart of the city centre, TheLighthouse is a 5 minute walk from bothCentral and Queen Street train stations, StEnoch and Buchanan St Subway stationsand a 10 minute walk from Buchanan St busterminal. An NCP car park is located onMitchell Street adjacent to The Lighthouse.Tickets and Information0141 221 £3.00 Child £1.00 Concession £1.50Be a Gift Aid visitor, please ask at receptionfor more information.Join UsAsk at reception about our membership scheme.Or visit TimesMon, Wed – Sat: 10.30am – 5.00pmTue from: 11.00am – 5.00pmSun from 12 noon – 5.00pmAccessThe Lighthouse is fully accessible via liftexcept the Mackintosh Tower on Level 3,which can only be accessed by climbingthe stairs.An induction loop can be found in thereception area on ground level.There are public toilets, accessible toiletsand baby changing facilities available.Guide hearing dogs are welcome within thebuilding. Please call or speak to a memberof staff about access enquiries.Exhibition Diary����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
  17. 17. PaperfortheguidehasbeenkindlysuppliedbyRobertHorne:ReviveSpecialSilk150gsmandReviveOffset10080gsmCoverimage:LucyMacleodAsfeaturedinTheScottishShow07