A new HND in Financial and Business Management


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Opus Learning and International Association of Book-keepers
announce a new SQA HND to be delivered via the IAB network of centres.

This new HND will introduce another level of professional study to Accounting Professionals.

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  • Opus Learning Ltd.Approved SQA centre in 2010Wholly owned educative delivery subsidiary of CAPDMCAPDM: has two core areas of expertise -online distance education programme production and XML single-source publishingCAPDM has designed, developed and delivered many successful online and distance learning programmes, including the largest non-tutored MBA programme in the World, produced for Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Napier’s global online MBAOpus: delivery of high-quality, commercially sustainable HNC and HND programmes 100% online to a global student audienceStaff have been recruited from the Education Sector in Scotland, based on their academic and sector expertise
  • Key point. What’s new is the business model for education being called into question by external macro-economic factors, collectively combining and creating a sense of urgency to re-think how we deliver and manage education programmes. Competition from private colleges such as Pearson and overseas institutions- cutbacks in funding- demands and needs of employers- student expectations-Emergence of MOOCs
  • Learning materialExpertise in producing actual learning materialsExpertise in up to date curriculum planning, learning and teachingmaintenance of learning content – single sourceMaterial delivery as online supported materials, PDF documents for downloading, or for computer devices such as phones, tablets, or eReaders – or a combination – blended learning focus on learning and teaching, rather than material upgrading
  • A new HND in Financial and Business Management

    1. 1. International Association ofBookkeepers40th Anniversary – London, June2013
    2. 2. A New Learning ProgramNew TechnologyNew Opportunity
    3. 3. Opus Learning Ltd.• Approved SQA Centre• Developers of high-quality, sustainable HNC and HNDprogrammes online or blended.SQA – Scottish Qualifications Authority• National awarding body
    4. 4. Building on IAB/IAAP qualifications a route maptowards full graduate status:Stage 1 – IAB/IAAP ProgrammesStage 2 – HND Financial and BusinessManagementStage 3 – Articulation to degreeprogrammes
    5. 5. The HND – Financial and BusinessManagement• Ready made SQA HNC / HND• Hosted learning environment in YOURlivery – on the Cloud• No development costs
    6. 6. • Interactive content with everything inline• Provision of constantlymaintained learning material• Material delivery:online, classroom, mobiledevices, phones, tablets, eReaders
    7. 7. Minimal risk and implementation costs Learning Environment in Your Liveryhosted on the Cloud The IAB/SQA HND Interoperation with student recordsand payments systems All training and implementation Assistance with IAB/SQA Approval
    8. 8. 21st Century PedagogyEmbedded in Learners Digital LifeExploiting new mediaManaging expectationKeeping the students engaged
    9. 9. Standardise and simplifyInvest and continually improveFocus on support for learningImprove retentionManage learning and learners
    10. 10.  To prepare candidates for employment in an accounting relatedpost at assistant level such as accounts technician, assistantaccountant and accounts supervisor and for further careerprogression into a senior management or business leadershiprole. To prepare candidates for progression to further study inaccounting and finance or business management discipline. To prepare candidates for progression to professionalaccounting bodies’ qualifications.
    11. 11. Unit name CreditYEAR 1Unit 1: Recording Financial Information 1Unit 2: Preparing Final Accounts 2Unit 3: Using Financial Accounting Software 1Unit 4: Cost Accounting 2Unit 5: Management Accounting Using InformationTechnology2Unit 6: Marketing: An Introduction 1Unit 7: Personal Development Planning 1Unit 8: Economic Issues: An Introduction 1Unit 9: Communication: Analysing and PresentingComplex Communications1Unit 10: Managing People and Organisations 2Unit 11: Graded Unit 1 1
    12. 12. YEAR 2Unit 12: Financial Reporting and Analysis 2Unit 13: Accounting for Specialised Transactions 1Unit 14: Management Accounting for Planning andControl1Unit 15: Management Accounting for DecisionMaking2Unit 16: Business Taxation 2Unit 17: IT in Business: Spreadsheet 1Unit 18: Business Culture and Strategy 2Unit 19: Statistics for Business 1Unit 20: Research Skills 1Unit 21: Graded Unit 2 1Unit 22 Graded Unit 3 1
    13. 13. Graded Unit 1 – First Year ExamGraded Unit 2 – Final projectGraded Unit 3 – Final year exam
    14. 14. Contact Malcolm to indicate interestDraw up project planAchieve approval to offer IAAP/SQAHND Financial and Business ManagementRecruit candidates
    15. 15. IAB/SQA and Opus are in negotiation witha range of universities for articulation• Online• In country (UK/USA/Australia/Canada)Contact:Malcolm Trotter – IABGraham Divers – Opus Learninggd@opuslearning.com