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Sometime we need to step back and think about how far we have come and why. This can put our present choices into a better perspective.

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    1. 1. Remember? John Droz, jr: 3/10/10
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    4. 4. After I began giving detailed energy talks to community groups (NY, PA, MD, VA, WV, NC, etc.), I started getting requests to put on briefer presentations. That’s what this is about. The full version is also on Slideshare, with URL: EnergyPresentation.Info. After you go through these, I will be glad to personally respond to any emails you send me. Please see my brief “resume,” the copyright notice, disclaimer, and contact information on the full version. If you like what you see, please pass it on to other open-minded people, and your federal, state and local representatives. — ENJOY! john droz, jr. physicist & environmental advocate
    5. 5. Sometimes we need to step back and reflect on how we got where we are today. Seeing things in perspective can help us make better decisions today. Alternatively, those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.
    6. 6. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words: so few words here. These photos will remind us that we’ve made large advances from the past. Progress is about moving forward.
    7. 7. Pre-modern Clothes
    8. 8. Pre-modern Food Preparation
    9. 9. Pre-modern Plumbing
    10. 10. Pre-modern Entertainment
    11. 11. Pre-modern Medicine
    12. 12. Pre-modern Dentistry
    13. 13. Pre-modern Tools
    14. 14. Pre-modern Farming
    15. 15. Pre-modern Transportation
    16. 16. Pre-modern Roads
    17. 17. Pre-modern Special Delivery
    18. 18. Pre-modern Communication
    19. 19. Pre-modern Army
    20. 20. Pre-modern Electrical Power
    21. 21. Is there any sound reason that we would want to revert to any of these? For instance...
    22. 22. Does refinishing the exterior make this any less primitive?
    23. 23. Does “modernizing” make this any less primitive?
    24. 24. Does adding design enhancements make this any less primitive?
    25. 25. Does souping it up make this any less primitive?
    26. 26. Does making it bigger make this any less primitive?
    27. 27. Likewise...
    28. 28. Progress is about genuinely moving forward — not whitewashing a failed idea.
    29. 29. Wind Energy: — Very High Costs — Miniscule Benefits
    30. 30. What about those who say something like: “We need to do whatever we can, no matter what the cost”?
    31. 31. One thing we HAVE learned from the past is: Talk Is Cheap. Such people will be believable when they publicly endorse other comparable CO2 saving ideas, like the government mandating that:
    32. 32. 1) 20%± of our commercial ships revert to sailing vessels, and
    33. 33. 2) 20%± of our cars become horse-drawn vehicles.
    34. 34. As silly as they seem, the interesting thing is that these mandates would actually save a lot of fossil fuel! So, does that make them a good idea?
    35. 35. These parallel what is happening in electric energy, where our government is (or is planning on) mandating that utilities use 20%± wind power.
    36. 36. In these modern times, with all our modern technology, and with all we’ve learned from the past... We Can Do a LOT Better!
    37. 37. For More Information See EnergyPresentation.Info