How to Build a Million Dollar Business - John Di Lemme


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As John Di Lemme breaks down the word "business", you will discover hidden secrets behind building your own million dollar business. For more of John Di Lemme's Closing and Marketing strategies, go to

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How to Build a Million Dollar Business - John Di Lemme

  1. 1. You will Discover the Secrets to Build a Million Dollar Business as I Break Down the Word *BUSINESS* in the Following Slides…
  2. 2. B: Become a Small Business Expert. Build Belief - People don’t know who they can trust. Every day, you must build trust. Testimonials build trust.  1. Bond (a tie or connection) - You must create a bond with your clients so that they can depend on you.  2. Bonus - Anticipate your client’s problem and sow into that area.
  3. 3. U: Unforgettable Relationship Builders What can you do to make your client’s experience unforgettable? Undertake – It’s a serious undertaking when someone comes into your business, and you offer your services. For example, the way you treat them as a real estate agent could change their views about real estate agents negatively or positively. This applies to every profession and business.
  4. 4. Underlying Core of Your Business - To solve your client’s problems systematically.  1. What problem does your business solve?  2. You must use word “SOLVE” in your marketing pieces to speak directly to the problem. Look for dissatisfied clients with the problems you can solve.  3. You are not in the business of convincing anyone to do business with you.
  5. 5.  Underestimate - Never underestimate the power of consistency in marketing.  Up-Closing - Open up long-term relationships with your clients.  Understand - What do your clients want?  1. Follow through on what you say you are going to do & try to WOW your clients.  2. Trust me - If you cannot trust yourself to eliminate the nonsense, nothing will change. Example: Is your client worried about you running late?
  6. 6.  3. Add Value to their lives by building belief and giving surprise bonuses. You must create value that exceeds price.
  7. 7. S: Systems - The systems in your business build stability.  1. Testimonials - This is the number one system you must have in place.  2. Develop an off-line mailing program. Mail reports at least every 30 days. Sanity - To run a sane business, you must have systems in place. The average business is struggling, because they lack systems.
  8. 8. I:  Instant Impression  1. Dress for success including your car.  2. Use your client’s name at least 4 to 7 times during your conversation.  3. Have fresh breathe.  4. Listen to what is coming out of your mouth.  5. Always go the extra mile.
  9. 9.  6. Put yourself in the client’s shoes.  7. Wear a name tag. It removes the stress of them trying to remember your name.  8. Study your clients and add value.
  10. 10. Integrity – Be trustworthy. How do you build integrity?  1. Shut up and actively listen to clients or prospects. Example - Based on what I heard you say, this is what I can do for you.  2. Use your client’s name. It’s more personal and respectful.  3. Tell your clients the truth. Included - What would your clients say is included in your business? Do they really know?
  11. 11. N: Non-negotiable - What is without debate and not up for discussion in your business?  1. Apply the *17* marketing strategies.  2. Wear a name tag.  3. Dress for success.  4. Always have fresh breath.  5. Show up on time…early is better.  6. Give Past Customer Bonus - Penny pinching will put you out of business.
  12. 12. E: Environment - You create your environment with your words.  1. What is the energy in your environment?  2. Create a friendly environment. When clients believe in you and your business, they will refer you.
  13. 13. Enjoy Your Clients – Have fun & change lives! Early  1. Drive the speed limit and be early so you can prepare.  2. Don’t look at your watch or text when speaking with your client.
  14. 14. Extra - What little bit of extra can you do in your business today?  1. Look client in the eye.  2. Use words like extraordinary and absolutely. Experience - What type of experience do clients have with your business?
  15. 15.  Emotional – You are in the emotional business. When your clients are connected to you, they will do business with you.  Equity Value - Your client’s experience is your equity value in your business.  1. Communication with your past clients is your equity.
  16. 16. S:  Simple - Don’t overcomplicate success.  Seamless – Closing and marketing teachings apply to any business.  Skill Sets – Build trust and follow-up long-term.
  17. 17. S: Survival Mode to Supernatural Mode  1. In survival mode, you speak your problems out loud to people that have no idea how to solve them. In supernatural mode, you get realistic about issues in your business, evaluate the best solution, and move forward.  In survival mode, you go for one time sale because you are desperate. In supernatural mode, you follow-up and build long-term client relationships.
  18. 18.  Standard – What are the standards in your business?  1. What do you stand for?  2. What does your business stand for?  3. Your business will speak for you – good or bad.
  19. 19. Special Millionaire Business Building *BONUS* from John Di Lemme… Call (561) 847-3467 or Email to Grab a Hold of a FREE Closing & Marketing CD that has Exploded Businesses Worldwide