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  • 1. High School Task Force Imagine Schools
  • 2. New Tech High SchoolVision  A school for average students.  Project-based learning  Trust  21st Century Skills
  • 3. New Tech High SchoolClassroom Classes of 50 students Each class team taught by two teachers Teams of two teachers in combined subjects such as English /Drama, English /History, Math/Science, Math/Digital Arts Block scheduling – two hour classes
  • 4. New Tech High SchoolTechnology Computer for each student in each classroom Smart Boards / Projectors Software - mostly free software, no large licensing or purchases Students have access to copiers and printers
  • 5. New Tech High SchoolCurriculum Unit long projects– similar to WebQuests or other directed projects All projects begin with a launch All projects end with some kind of presentation All presentations are evaluated by panels of experts and parents
  • 6. New Tech High SchoolInstruction Teachers work with students based on what they know, and what they need to know. Every project begins with a delination of what students need to know in order to satisfactorily complete the project Teachers assist students in learning what they need to know by working one-on-one, as well as by providing workshops on specific skills or content areas Students often have group meetings to work on projects
  • 7. New Tech High SchoolCulture Removal of ‘factory’ elements – bells, hall passes Goal is to create the atmosphere of a small start-up company Small size, close relationships between teacher and student – tutorial /coaching relationship
  • 8. 20th Century Classroom & 21st Century ClassromOld Classroom New Classroom Teacher centered  Student centered Working alone  Working in teams Short, simple tasks  Long, Complex tasks Irrelevant to learner  Relevent to learner Accountable to teacher  Accountable to peers Passive Learning  Active learning
  • 9. New Tech High SchoolAssessment Skills based – one overall grade is given, but is also broken down into subtopics such as ○ work ethic ○ literary content ○ collaboration ○ oral communication ○ written communication ○ historical content ○ critical thinking ○ reading skills You get what you assess – general grades are unclear and unmotivating to students because they don’t know what to be working towards.