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Imagine prep at_surprise_powerpoint[1]

  1. 1. Imagine Prep at SurpriseJoy at School
  2. 2. Shared ValuesWhat are the shared educationalvalues of Imagine Prep?
  3. 3. Shared ValuesAuthentic Assessment tools should be as authentic asAssessment possible. Students will be given real-world assignments and asked how their work rates in comparison to professional expectations. Examples:  Essays written for a national contest or literary magazine.  Student lab work designed to participate in the Mars Project.  Art projects presented at a public library gallery.  Documentary radio programs broadcast on KPRP.
  4. 4. Shared ValuesAuthentic Guiding QuestionsAssessment  Does this assignment teach skills and habits necessary in the professional world?  Are students utilizing the tools and technology that a professional would use to complete this assignment?  What professional individuals or organizations will evaluate this assignment?
  5. 5. Shared ValuesVaried and The school experience for students atDifferentiated Imagine Prep should include a variety ofTeaching activities and the opportunity for students to succeed at their current level of ability.
  6. 6. Shared ValuesVaried and Guiding QuestionsDifferentiated  Do the activities in this unit incorporateTeaching and respect different learning styles?  Do the activities in this unit incorporate and respect multiple intelligences?  Are the activities in this unit accessible for all students in the class?  Can assignments and activities be modified to take into account learning differences?
  7. 7. Shared ValuesCommunity Community connections are the lifeblood ofConnections the school and the source of authentic assessment opportunities. In order to create a professional environment, we must work in coordination with professionals, and understand the work that they do and the environments they work in.
  8. 8. Shared ValuesCommunity Guiding QuestionsConnections  Does this assignment or activity utilize the talents and knowledge of individuals and organizations outside of our school?  How are parents included in and connected to this assignment or activity that their students are working on?  What other classes, activities, or individuals within our school would be benefitted by this assignment, and what benefits could this assignment gain through connections to other classes, activities, or individuals?
  9. 9. ExpectationsStandards All student work at Imagine Prep must meet national and state standards. If these standards are in conflict, we choose to align with national standards. Ultimately we hope that students will become familiar with standards, and learn to incorporate them into their projects and assignments themselves.
  10. 10. ExpectationsEconomic All units and assignments must be createdSustainability with an eye to economic sustainability.  Is the unit economical and does it utilize resources the school already has?  How could this unit help the school to be more economically sustainable?  How can I make thriftiness a virtue for this assignment, and not a detriment?
  11. 11. ExpectationsEnvironment All units and assignments must be designed to best utilize our current school environment.  How will the Core Lab be used for this unit and how can it be maximized?  How will classroom space be used for this unit, and can it be minimized?  What other spaces in the school are appropriate or useful for this unit?  How can this unit or assignment improve or beautify the environment of the school?
  12. 12. ExpectationsTechnology All units and assignments must be designed to best utilize school technology.  What software applications will be used in the course of this unit?  Are software applications used compatible with use of the Core Lab as a quiet work space?  What technologies available within the school could be used to enhance or improve this unit?  How can technology be used in an economically sustainable fashion?