Beginners' Mini Guide to Confidence Part2


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Part 2 of the Beginners' guide to Confidence. Does a lack of Confidence hold you back in your work, home and social Life? If so you'll love this free guide on Confidence and the really good news is that you're actually more Confident than you think you are. This practical mini guide to Confidence will help you realise this and begin to change how you think about your Confidence and how simple ways how you can develop and begin to build your Confidence.

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Beginners' Mini Guide to Confidence Part2

  1. 1. Confidence – What is it and how do you get it?Part 2: Practical and easy ways to build your confidence in 3 stepsIf you want real, lasting confidence in any situation it’s going to take alittle time to develop. So in the meantime, here are 3 practical ways tobegin building your confidence.Step1: Dress to ImpressHow you dress has a great affect on how you feel about yourself. Youare your own strongest critic because there is no one else who is moreconscious of your physical appearance than you are. When you wearthe wrong clothes and your hair isn’t done properly, you don’t look good.When you don’t look good, it totally changes the way you carry yourselfand socialise with other people.The good news is that you can easily turn all this around so that it worksfor you and develops confidence in yourself. All you need to do is takecare of your personal appearance. Major improvements can be made bydoing simple things like wearing aftershave or perfume, being aware of
  2. 2. clothing styles that suit your body shape and age. You don’t need to goout and spend a fortune on clothes and shoes, you just need to buy thevery best you can afford. A good, high quality pair of shoes may costdouble what you’d normally pay but they’ll last a lot longer and still lookgood.So take a look at your wardrobe today and see what you can change.Step 2: Walk at least 10% Faster. People who walk fast convey energy,purpose and confidence. How do you walk? How you walk tells otherpeople how you feel about yourself. If you walk slowly it gives theimpression you’ve nowhere to go and it’s not important when you getthere.Confident people walk quickly and with purpose as though they havesomewhere important to go to, even if it’s just going to the coffeemachine. So even if you haven’t got anywhere important to go, begin towalk quicker than you normally do. Keep it natural without looking as ifyou’re rushing for the train. Just notice the normal pace of your walk andjust increase it.
  3. 3. Step 3: Good Posture. Just like walking 10% faster, the way youactually convey yourself, that is “carry” yourself, gives a message to theworld around you.When you see someone who slowly shuffles along, with roundedshoulders and their head lowered – what do you think? Do you thinkthey exude confidence? Probably not.Your physiology is connected to your emotional state, there is amind/body connection. So posture and how you convey yourselfgenerally will build confidence and this will be demonstrated to everyonearound you. You’ll feel more alert and empowered. So from today beaware of your posture. When you stand and walk, keep your backstraight and lift your chin up slightly and fix your gaze forward and aheadof you – but in a natural way, you don’t want to look like a soldier! Thennotice how confident you feel and practice it until it becomes a habit.
  4. 4. If you have any issues regarding confidence that you’d like me to helpyou with, then please contact me for a free initial phone consultation.You can do so in complete confidence and I can work with you on a 1 to1 basis or come along to one of my workshopsJohn Blair – Confidence & Stress Management CoachTo find out more about John Blair, see his profile here: