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Carrera Iron Doors: From conception to completion.
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Carrera Iron Doors: From conception to completion.


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Carrera Iron Doors was a company started in a 250/SF room and expanded to a 25,000/SF factory in less than 3 years. I designed and built some of the finest examples of iron doors,rails and gates ever …

Carrera Iron Doors was a company started in a 250/SF room and expanded to a 25,000/SF factory in less than 3 years. I designed and built some of the finest examples of iron doors,rails and gates ever created. We dominated an industry that was flooded with international competition offering cheaper, lower quality products. We educated our customers why the added expense of a Carrera product made absolute sense.

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  • 1. CARRERA IRON DOORS, LLC A company built from the ground-up and forged into the 2nd largest custom iron door company in the USA.
  • 2. BUSINESS MODEL I created Carrera Iron Doors to be the premiere luxury manufacturer of iron doors, gates and rails. I knew my business model had to be built on local manufacturing, creative design and the highest grade materials available. I positioned Carrera from the very beginning to be the highest level of iron design in the USA. We went after a very exclusive market, by being exclusive ourselves.
  • 3. MARKETING/BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT My marketing strategy was based on the high-end feel I gave to the company from the very beginning. Every detail of Carrera was designed to reflect quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity. From the logo, to the Egyptian linen for business cards and high quality photography for product shots.
  • 4. MARKETING MEDIUMS • Trade Shows – Carrera would do at least 4-5 shows a year. The trade shows would produce orders written, brand recognition, and partnership opportunities. • Radio Advertising – Radio host Bill Handel of KFI, Los Angeles was the spokesman for Carrera Iron Doors. We ran :30 second spots and in show placement. • Magazine Advertising – Los Angeles magazine, Robb report, Real Estate publications and ProAthlete magazines. • Channel Partnerships – Carrera had 26 dealers across the USA.
  • 5. FACTORY AND MANUFACTURING • 25,000/SF Los Angeles factory • Full design studio with full-time CAD artist • Minority ownership in iron factory in New Delhi, India. This partnership cut rail product cost by 60%. • Exclusive vendor contracts to supply top quality steel and iron.
  • 7. DESIGN 20 foot custom front entrance
  • 8. Our top-of-the-line design called the Faustina.
  • 9. COMMERCIAL DIVISION • The Montage Hotel – Beverly Hills, CA – Designed and built interior doors and roof top rails. This was a 1.5 million dollar contract. • Hyatt Hotels – open ended contract for iron work at hotel projects • Shopping centers, large condo projects, hotels, and resorts
  • 10. NEW REVENUE STREAM While dealing with interior designers on some of our door and rail projects I found a need for custom high-end furniture. By re-organizing my factory floor I was able to add several stations dedicated to furniture production. This revenue stream proved lucrative and I planned to branch it off as a separate division of Carrera to meet the demand.
  • 11. The furniture division logo
  • 12. CONCLUSION I entered the iron manufacturing and design industry with no prior experience. I identified a need in the market and using my skills and experience went about capturing it. My most valuable skill is that I can absorb large volumes of information in a very short amount of time. Carrera Iron Doors was started in the back room of some dingy factory in Los Angeles. The success I created in less than 3 years makes me proud to this day. The high-end construction industry collapsed at the end of 2008 and into 2009. Carrera was hit very hard and had to close its doors. As I drive through neighborhoods in Los Angeles I still see my designs being used on new home construction. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.