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  • 1. Digitization and Digital Preservation Activities and Initiatives at the Addis Ababa University Teklemichael T. Wordofa Teferat@gmail.com Addis Ababa UniversityInternational Conference on African Digital Libraries and Archives 17-18 Nov. 2011, Johannesburg, SA 0
  • 2. Outline• Current Major Practices – Building Electronic Theses and Dissertations Repository (AAU-ETD) – Digitization of Museum Collections – Mass Digitization of Library Collections – Digitization of Locally Published Journals – Digitization of Ancient Monastery Manuscripts• Challenges of Current Practices• Initiation of a Digital Projects Centre (DPC) 1
  • 3. Building Electronic Theses and Dissertations Repository (AAU-ETDR)• Initiation & Management• Collection Development & workflow• Future Plans – Direct submission by the students – Scaling up into national ETDR http://etd.aau.edu.et/dspace 2
  • 4. 3
  • 5. Digitization of Museum Collection QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture. Quic kTime™ and a dec ompr es sor are needed to s ee this pic ture. 4
  • 6. Mass Digitization of Library CollectionsOrder of Priority 1. Endanger publications due to physical wear and tear 2. Theses and dissertations QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. 3. High on demand publications 4. Indigenous and unique publications 5. Copyright free publications from the general collection 5
  • 7. Digitization of Locally Published Journals 6
  • 8. Digitization of Ancient Monastery Manuscripts 7
  • 9. Challenges of Current Practices• Increase in disparate digitization practices• No standards for metadata and digital images• No system for storage and maintenance of digital images• Lacks University-wide policy governing issues of preservation, access & services• Scarcity of resources for digitization 8
  • 10. Initiation of a Digital Projects Centre (DPC)• The DPC is a joint initiative of the: – University Library – School of Information Sciences – Academy of Ethiopian Languages and Cultures – School of Graduate Studies and Research• Supported by the AAU strategic plan (2008- 2013) 9
  • 11. Objectives of DPC• Conduct a broad range of digital projects, including the digitization of library and museum collections and archives• Facilitate research in information retrieval technologies for indigenous digital collections, and digital library projects• Develop instructional resources and experiment with the application of digital content in teaching and learning 10
  • 12. Objectives of DPC (Cont..)• Provide digital services and guidance including imaging, archival storage of electronic files and metadata development standards and formats• Implement a digital repository management system throughout the AAU• Define mechanisms for the production, storage, and access management of digital library content 11
  • 13. Objectives of DPC (Cont..)• Investigate architecture, services, userrequirements, and policies that facilitate thecreation, management, accessibility, andlongevity of digital information 12
  • 14. Thank you! 13