The Healthcare Threat


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A concise analysis of the US healthcare system, its problems and the threats that rising costs, a lack of universal coverage and bad performance pose to the future of the country

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  • Ok, ok, I have been watching this conversation and so now I have decided to weigh in. I take exception to the statement made that folks are dying in the Emergency rooms due deaths in emergency rooms due to lack of attention and long waiting times. Let me tell you that is not happening. Each patient is treated on a triage basis. In other words if you come in with a dang cold and someone with chest pain or broken bone, guess who gets seen first? In case you don't know the answer it's not the person with the cold.

    Further more the so called rationing of health care now done by insurance company executives and administrators who have the final say on what treatments, care, and medical equipment patients can receive?. That is a joke. Private insurance companies set their plan according to Medicare and Medicade, which by the way are run by the dang crooked government. This all started in a plan called DRG's. Trust when I tell you that because of DRG's many healtcare workers lost their jobs.

    Further more anyone that lives in THE USA can go to any hospital and get treatment. If they go to a for profit (private) then they are stablized and sent to another hospital (not for profit). ONLY if they are stable for transport.

    Folks treat the Emergency Roomlike a dang clinic. Heaven forbid there is a holiday as they flood the ED after hours either the day before or the holiday night so they can get extra time off. Trust that happens all the dang time.

    In California the illgeals have caused many hospitals to close or reduce thier services. See we take care of all folks. Our healthcare was in bad shape before we started letting everyone stay here that did not belong now it's worse. We have seen and increase of certain diseases because of this that once was either eradicated or alomost eradicated. Hospitals all over have closed or reduced services because of this. California has been the most affected. No I do NOT live in California but have many friends who do and they work in healthcare as well.

    Do we need a universal healthcare, hell no. We need true reform, like TORT, prescription meds, education, and the list goes on.

    How do I know this? I work work in healtcare.
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  • Congratulations, excelent and informative slideshow. My vote up. Greetings from Carmen María.
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  • Thoughtful and informative. While a lot of cost issues are obvious, the outcomes from spending twice as much are even worse. Waiting in line for a late stage diognostic MRI in Canada and comparing it to the timely scheduling of late stage diognostics that we enjoy, at twice the price is also a bit misleading in one of the comments about the slide. Thanks for the work of putting some things in perspective.
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    GOOD LUCK :))
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  • The Healthcare Threat

    1. 1. The Healthcare Threat by Johannes Bhakdi – 1 Healthcare Reform
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    3. 3. 1. the problem Healthcare is the utlimate threat to the US
    4. 4. The largest cost in the US GDP 17% of GDP in 2008 $12,000 / year per family
    5. 5. Cost explosion Source: Health Affairs , 28, no. 2 (2009): w346-w357 $20,600 / year 20,3% of GDP
    6. 6. The ultimate threat $42,500 / year
    7. 7. The end: 2030 > 25% of GDP USA 1776 – 2030 The greatest nation of earth, died of terminal cost cancer
    8. 8. 2. the others Canada & Europe are failures, too.
    9. 9. USA: spending (much!) more...
    10. 10. ...and getting less. Doctors per 1000 citizens Life expectancy at birth
    11. 11. Everyone is moving in the wrong direction WRONG RIGHT Average Annual Growth Rates in Total Health Expenditures Per Capita, adjusted for inflation
    12. 12. 3. two objectives We need lower costs and universal coverage.
    13. 13. Healthcare is the pillar of social peace and economic stability Objective 1 Affordable Healthcare Find a way to bring down healthcare costs while improving performance Objective 2 Universal healthcare Make sure everyone gets basic healthcare coverage
    14. 14. Affordable Healthcare NEXT: Part 2 – how to achieve August 13 th , 2009 Healthcare Reform
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