Drupal Community Involvement – Drupal 社区参与

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  • 1. Drupal Community Involvement Drupal社区参与 Johanna Lindh weibo.com/nanaruidian 加⼊入"福建Drupal⽤用户"新浪微博群
  • 2. Contents 内容 Meet Drupal 认识Drupal Meet the community 认识社区 Join the community 加⼊入社区
  • 3. I 我 am a web developer. ⺴⽹网站开发者。 discovered Drupal in 2009. 在2009年发现 Drupal。 work at NodeOne. 在NodeOne⼯工作。 am from Sweden. 来⾃自瑞典。
  • 4. Meet Drupal 认识Drupal
  • 5. Drupal was released in 2001. 发布于2001年。 was created by Dries Buytaert from Belgium. 由来⾃自⽐比利时的Dries Buytaert发 布。 is written in PHP. ⽤用PHP编写的。
  • 6. Drupal is open source. 开源的。 is flexible thanks to its modular design. 模块化设计让其更灵活。 is powering about 2% of all sites on the Internet. 2%左右的⺴⽹网站已创建使⽤用。
  • 7. Modules 模块 are plugins that add functionality to Drupal Core. 插件使 Drupal核⼼心增加了功能。
  • 8. The most popular user contributed module 最受欢迎⽤用户贡献的模块 Views A visual query builder used for presenting content in various ways. 视觉的查询⽣生成器以不同的⽅方式呈现 其内容. There are more than 15,000 other Drupal modules on drupal.org. 在drupal.org中有超过15,000个不同 的Drupal模块. Photo by Jack Marquez (Flickr user “Ewok in disguise”).
  • 9. Meet the community 认识社区
  • 10. “It’s really the Drupal community and not so much the software that makes the Drupal project what it is.” Dries Buytaert, original creator and project lead of Drupal Photo by Bhagesh Sachania (http://www.bhagesh.com/).
  • 11. DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world 世界各地的DrupalCamp和DrupalCon 2005年
  • 12. DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world 世界各地的DrupalCamp和DrupalCon 2006年
  • 13. DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world 世界各地的DrupalCamp和DrupalCon 2007年
  • 14. DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world 世界各地的DrupalCamp和DrupalCon 2008年
  • 15. DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world 世界各地的DrupalCamp和DrupalCon 2009年
  • 16. DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world 世界各地的DrupalCamp和DrupalCon 2010年
  • 17. DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world 世界各地的DrupalCamp和DrupalCon 2011年
  • 18. 第1DrupalCon ⽐比利时布鲁塞尔 100多位出席者 2006年
  • 19. 第8DrupalCon 丹⻨麦哥本哈根 970多位出席者 2010年
  • 20. 第?DrupalCon 中国北京 ?多位出席者 ?年
  • 21. Join the community 加⼊入社区
  • 22. There are many ways to get involved Forums(论坛) Ask and answer questions about Drupal! http://drupal.org/forum IRC chat(IRC聊天) A lot of Drupal discussion takes place on IRC. The essential channels to join are #drupal, #drupal-contribute, #drupal-support, and #drupal-china All channels are on irc.freenode.net. http://drupal.org/irc
  • 23. There are many ways to get involved Community Initiatives Long-term projects focusing on different areas like documentation and internationalization. http://drupal.org/community- initiatives Modules(模块) Write a module in PHP! http://drupal.org/project/modules http://drupal.org/developing/modules
  • 24. There are many ways to get involved Themes(主题) Drupal needs more pretty themes! The quickest way to build a robust theme is to base it on an already existing base theme. Omega and AdaptiveTheme are two base themes that are currently rising in popularity. http://drupal.org/project/themes http://drupal.org/theme-guide/6-7 Translations(翻译) Translate the Drupal interface into your language!
  • 25. Groups(群组) Join a group to get to know other people in the community who share your interest or location. http://groups.drupal.org/ http://groups.drupal.org/china Documentation(⽂文档) Write instructions on how to use Drupal and its modules. http://drupal.org/contribute/ documentation There are many ways to get involved
  • 26. There are currently about 324000 text strings in Drupal and its modules that have not yet been translated into Mandarin Chinese. Some examples of already translated strings: "User interface" "⽤用户界⾯面" "Next" "下⼀一个" "Save configuration" "保存设置" "delete" "删除" "Create a new user account." "创建新⽤用户帐号" "Request new password via e-mail." "通过电⼦子邮件重设密码。" Before you can start translating for Drupal, you need to 1. Join a translation team on localize.drupal.org 2. Install the Localized Drupal distribution with your API key
  • 27. How to join the Chinese translation team 如何加⼊入中⽂文的翻译团队 localize.drupal.org
  • 28. How to install Acquia Drupal Dev Desktop and Localized Drupal 如何安装Acquia Drupal Dev Desktop和Localized Drupal acquia.com drupal.org/project/l10n_install
  • 29. How to create a Drupal site on Drupal Gardens 如何在Drupal Gardens建⽴立个Drupal⺴⽹网站 drupalgardens.com
  • 30. Please fill in this survey to let us know when and where you would like the next Xiamen Drupal meetup to take place. 请填写⼀一份调查问卷,让我们了解您的想 法。下次厦⻔门Drupal会议,你想什么时候 和在哪⾥里进⾏行。 http://t.cn/zOJPTzJ
  • 31. For information about future Drupal events in Fujian, join the Weibo group “福建Drupal⽤用户”! 加⼊入"福建Drupal⽤用户"新浪微博群! http://q.weibo.com/847828
  • 32. These slides can be downloaded at http://www.nodeworthy.com/slides 这些幻灯⽚片可以在 http://www.nodeworthy.com/slides 下载。 Thank you all for listening! 感谢⼤大家的聆听!