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  1. 1. A quick guide to The Hobbit and the dwarves mostly dwarves
  2. 2. these are all the dwarvesthere are 13then theres also Bilbo and Gandalfand another cool wizard but he doesnt get much screentime
  3. 3. the left one is Gandalf we all know him hes badassthe right one is Radagast the brown hes REAL high for realhe likes animals and saves a hedgehog named
  4. 4. Martin Freeman plays Bilbo Bagginshes a hobbitand hes a badass whos kind of out of place but hes a badass I promishes also a real cutieMartin Freeman is
  5. 5. this is Thorinson of someonewho was the son of some king who loved goldhes kinda angsty but also kinda hothes a badasshes also a prince
  6. 6. this is Kili, his mom was Thorins sister or somethinghes badass and he has a bowhe makes all the ladies swoon I mean look at that smoulder facehim and Fili are the new Merry and Pippin
  7. 7. this is Kilis brother Filihes also a badass but hes mostly like "mhMM gurl" as you can see on this picas hes related to Kili and Thorin, hes a hottie by associationyup
  8. 8. this is Gloin but maybe its spelled Gloínhes Gimlis dadlook at him can you see hes a badass???
  9. 9. this is Óin I thinkI dont think hes feeling wellif you look at his face you can see thatbut yeah I guess hes also badassmight be Glóins bother?
  10. 10. Dwalin is a badasswhich you can see by his head- tattooshe meets Bilbo first and eats his dinnerand bites the head of Bilbos dinner- fish
  11. 11. This is BalinDwalin is his brotherhes a wise old dwarfhes got everything under control "chill out bitches I got this"
  12. 12. This is Bomburand hes kinda fatand eats a lotbut he has a cool beard so its okhis brother is Bofur and his cousin is Bifur
  13. 13. this is Bifuris that an axe in his head???someone told me it was an axe but really???his cousins are Bombur and Bofur
  14. 14. This is Bofuras you can see by his pic hes kinda creep??? no I think hes probably nicehe thinks the dragon is a furnace with wingsand he gets real sad when Bilbo yells at him
  15. 15. This heres Dorihes the older brother of Nori and Orihe looks kinda smug doesnt he???I dont know man I wouldnt trust him
  16. 16. this is Norihes got his hair and beard split up in threehes the older brother of Ori and the younger brother of Dorihe must be really high I mean look at him does he look high or what
  17. 17. and the last of the dwarves is Oriin the movie they say hes the youngest but technically Kili is the youngest???look at this dudehis eyes are staring into your soul
  18. 18. intoo your souuuuuuullll.......
  19. 19. that is all now you know all the namesgo watch the movieif you already have, WATCH AGAInits an excellent moviethank you