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Joomladay Brazil 2011 -  The Future of Joomla
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Joomladay Brazil 2011 - The Future of Joomla


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Keynote given at the Joomladay Brazil 2011 about past successes, present state and future challenges of Joomla.

Keynote given at the Joomladay Brazil 2011 about past successes, present state and future challenges of Joomla.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. The Future of Joomla A story about collaborative innovation. Johan Janssens, Co-Founder JoomlaJoomladay Brazil 2011 - Florianopolis @johanjanssens
  • 2. Past Present Future
  • 3. The story of Joomla 1.5
  • 4. Compare 100’s of CMS systems
  • 5. The top 3 1.8% 3% 15%
  • 6. Why these ?
  • 7. Survival of the fittest It’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin
  • 8. Joomla 1.0 Joomla! CMS “A black box”
  • 9. Joomla 1.5 Joomla ! CMS Components Modules Extensions Templates Languages Administrator Site Application Installation XML-RPC “A Modularized architecture.” Joomla! CMF Libraries Framework Plugins
  • 10. Contributors Joomla has +/- 50 code contributors who contributed code directly to the SVN.
  • 11. Joomla contributions 1.5
  • 12. Joomla contributors 1.5
  • 13. Explosion of change Today Joomla has more then 8000 extensions.
  • 14. Users Today the official forums alone count a total of no less then 500.000 users and estimated total of 25 million downloads.
  • 15. Google trends, Joomla interest
  • 16. Job trends, Joomla use
  • 17. 3% of 8000 internet extensions
  • 18. The state of Joomla 1.6+
  • 19. Joomla is no longer a CMS A CMS is a so3ware product for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching, and publishing data on the web. Version control is one of the primary advantages of a CMS.
  • 20. Joomla is a platform ! A computing platform includes a so(ware framework that allows allows so(ware to run. A platform might be simply defined as a place to launch so3ware.
  • 21. Platform A thing that helps you use something Framework A thing that helps you make products Product A thing that helps you do something
  • 22. Joomla is our platform ! We build products on it for ourselves, for our clients, and our peers The “framework” is out shared toolkit: we improve it so products can thrive
  • 23. The Joomla platform + Joomla extensions
  • 24. The Joomla Dilemma
  • 25. Joomla contributions 1.5 1.6
  • 26. Joomla contributors 1.5 1.6
  • 27. Google trends, Joomla interest
  • 28. Job trends, Joomla use
  • 29. Users vs Contributors For every contributor there are 10.000 forum users or 0,0001% contributes code directly to Joomla.
  • 30. The Joomla Dillema “The Joomla Project is our tree of live. We feed of it’s fruits. In order to allow it to produce and grow it requires our continuous nurturing.”
  • 31. The future of Joomla
  • 32. Ask me how I became a pirate ?
  • 33. Innovate the platform “Treat our framework, our extensions and other related products as a web platform.”
  • 34. Architecture before features “Translate user needs in platform flexibility and extendibility”
  • 35. Define a technology vision “Define a technology vision to bring focus, drive innovation and accelerate growth.” HTML5 CSS3 Mobile
  • 36. Don’t compete, collaborate ! “Free so3ware doesn’t improve by use, advocacy, mindshare, by having 10 million users. It improves by the participation and contribution from it’s community.”
  • 37. The Free So3ware Definition 1. The freedom to run the program, for any purpose 2. The freedom to study the program 3. The freedom to distribute copies to your neighbor 4. The freedom to change the program.
  • 38.
  • 39. Are you a Joomleiro ? Joomleiros are driven by altruism, reputation and experience. No boundaries, rules nor regulations can stop them. Joomleiros created the web, it will be Joomleiros who continue to shape it’s future wherever that might be.
  • 40. Questions ? http://johan.janssens.me