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Gui automation

  1. 1. Confidential GUI Automation When it adds value Rev PA1 2011-12-07 1
  2. 2. Introduction  GUI automation can be difficult to achieve success with for many reasons; difficult test design being one of those reasons [1][3]  GUI can bring value, but it is easy to get wrong and the value it brings is often overrated [3]  It can often be replaced by more effective API testing [5]  Is there a niche for UI automation?
  3. 3. Record & Play  With a Record-and-Play framework the Tester can execute a test cases and record it using an automation tool  The script created can then be used to rerun the test case automatically  This type of automation tool generates test cases with very bad design that have high maintenance cost and low re- usebility  However if the tool is used in the right way, it can be a powerful complement to a tester’s arsenal
  4. 4. Key Factors to Success  Understand that this is not the way to create a large test suit used for regression testing  This is a complement to the tester during manual testing – see it more as tool-supported testing, than automated testing  It must be extremely easy to use – this is more important than any other functionality of the tool – if it is not easy, then it will only be a burden and the tester will not use it  It should be as integrated as possible in the product – Google has integrated record-and-play in Chrome [2]
  5. 5. Empower the Tester with Tool Support  By giving the tester this tool it enables a whole new range of manual tests that would have been tedious or impossible to execute otherwise  Stress testing  Duration testing  Aging tests  But it cannot be stated enough that the key success factor here is ease of use of the GUI automation tool
  6. 6. When to use GUI vs. API automation?  If the test cases are going to live on and be re-used and maintained, GUI automation is often not the best solution  If the test is not going to be re-used or maintained, and the GUI automation tool lets the tester create automated test cases at very low cost, then GUI automation is an option  Always think about if it is actually cheaper to just do it manually – for example low priority test cases that will only be executed once in a small project that will not be re-used in the future
  7. 7. Conclusion  There is value in GUI automation – just not in how it has often been used in the past  Don’t think of it as test automation, think of it as tool support for empowering the manual tester  Ease-of-use; don’t underestimate the value of an easy to use and well integrated GUI automation tool  Re-use and Maintenance are the biggest problems with GUI automation – GUI automation is valuable these pitfalls can be avoided  Don’t use GUI automation for creating large regression suites
  8. 8. Reference[1] GUI Schmooey[2] RPF – Google’s Record and Playback Framework[3] It’s (probably) a Design Problem[4] Design for GUI Automation[5] API Testing – How can it help