Sport Marketing-Final presentation-German University in Cairo-MBA-Mar2013

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Sport Marketing presentation …

Sport Marketing presentation
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German University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.

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  • 1. Marketing Seminar Sport Marketing GUC, MBA 17 March 2013 Youssef Alaadin
  • 2. Road Map Sport Marketing Definition. Sport Marketing; The Concept. Readings in the literature. Sport Marketing in Egypt. Sport Marketing Worldwide. Popular careers in Sports Marketing. Sports Marketing Plan Framework. Research Paper. Benefits of Sport Marketing. Discussion.
  • 3. Sport Marketing DefinitionSport marketing is the process of planning how asport brand is positioned and how the delivery of its products or services are to be implemented in order to establish a relationship between a sport brand and its consumers. (L.Kesler).
  • 4. Sport Marketing Definition Sport Marketing products through thesponsorship of sporting events or the sponsorship of teams or equipment for sporting events. (B.John, 2006; The marketing of Sport).
  • 5. Sport Marketing; The Concept. Sport Marketing is divided into THREE main sectors:1- Marketing of a Sport.  Advertising of a sport and sports associations such as the Egyptian Football league, the Olympics and the Tour de France. (F.Sam et G. Russell, 2008; The Four Domains of Sports Marketing: A Conceptual Framework)
  • 6. Marketing of a Sport:UEFA League, Football. (2m 30sec)
  • 7. Sport Marketing; The Concept. Sport Marketing is divided into THREE main sectors:2- Marketing Products & Services through Sports:  The use of sporting events, sporting teams and individual athletes to promote various products. (whether they are sports related products or non-sports related products). (F.Sam et G. Russell, 2008; The Four Domains of Sports Marketing: A Conceptual Framework)
  • 8. Marketing of a Product through sports:Adidas trailer– (Related). (1min)
  • 9. Sport Marketing; The Concept. Sport Marketing is divided into THREE main sectors:3- Promotion of a Sport to public:  The promotion of sport to the public in order to increase participation. (F.Sam et G. Russell, 2008; The Four Domains of Sports Marketing: A Conceptual Framework)
  • 10. Marketing a sport to the public:Vodafone football trailer. (1min)
  • 11. Reading in literature The philosophy of sport marketing is to satisfy the needs of sport consumers, and the trend goes beyond that. Countless companies and/or brands have used sports marketing to build positive brand awareness, support retail and sales promotions and gain an overall advantage in their market.
  • 12. Reading from the literature Marketing through sport is a concept that that has been used since the 1980s but that also has increased in importance in the last two decades due to the growth and expansion that the different types of sports have enjoyed since then.
  • 13. Reading from the literature The peculiarity of sports is the issue that “sport is the only entertainment where, no matter how many times you go back, you never know the ending. (Last year an average of 70,000 spectator in the stadium)
  • 14. Sports Marketing in Egypt Egyptian sport organizations have traditionally depended on government funding with little or no support from private sector (Fekry, Zaki, 2006). Recent years, the difficult economic conditions have led to a decrease in financial support from the government and left many Egyptian sport federations with little choice than to look for alternate sources of funding.(Sport Marketing in Egypt: Prospective Challenges)
  • 15. Sports Marketing in Egypt Shalaby (2004) examined the funding sources of professional Egyptian Football Clubs and the marketing of their commercial rights. He found that within the sport clubs, the majority of companies (68 %) preferred to sponsor football events. However, the lack of scientific research and the need for market research in sports have prevented Egyptian sport federations from taking advantage of marketing opportunities (Fekry, Zaki, 2006).
  • 16. Sports Marketing in Egypt This singular fact is used by marketing companies as an advantage 240 football match is being commercial for. because in this way every time the audience attempts to an event several times it will perceived the advertisements again and again.
  • 17. Sports Marketing Worldwide Sports Marketing 360Sports Marketing 360 is established as the must-attend event for sports marketing professionalsfrom around the world.This conference is designed to deliver significantvalue to those who work in sports, marketing,media, brands and related areas.
  • 18. Sports Marketing Worldwide DME StudiosDME Studios is an integrated marketing agency,specializing in innovative forms ofcommunication.
  • 19. Marketing Agency:DME studios trailer. (2 mins.)
  • 20. Sports Marketing Worldwide King of the Mountain (KOM) Sports Marketing is an agency with many specialization (Sports Marketing, Event Activation, Brand Development, Sponsorship Sales, Property development, Athlete Representation, Communications and Strategic Planning.
  • 21. Sports Marketing Worldwide Cycling is now the biggest sporting goods market in the world in terms of revenue, according to a survey by multinational market research company NPD Group.  Global sales totaled nearly (US $ 46bn) an increase of four percent on 2011.  137 million bicycles (including electric bikes). Cycling accounted for 15 percent of all sporting goods revenue.
  • 22. Marketing the event:Tour de France event trailer. (1min 30 sec)
  • 23. Popular careers in SportsMarketing Events Management. Public Relations. Licensing & Contracting. Media Management.  Social Media – Public Media. Marketing & Marketing Research.  Advertisement – Promotions. Membership Management. Sales. Sport Agents. Recreation.
  • 24. Sports Marketing PlanFramework: •Analyze •Develop •Product. •Implementati Plan the Sports Marketing Mix. Develop a Sport Marketing Strategy Implement and Control.Identify Sport Marketing Opportunities internal and Strategic on Strategies. external Marketing •Price. environment Direction. •Control •Promotion. Process. •Analyze •Policies. organization. •Sport •Place. •Programs. Marketing •Analyze Ethics. market and •Sponsorship. •Budget. consumers. •Analyze competitors.
  • 25. Research Paper Sport Marketing in Egypt: Prospective Challenges. Ahmed Alafandi, University of Benha, Egypt, Benoit Séguin, University of Ottawa, Canada This study utilized a modified Delphi technique to determine the various challenges of marketing sports in the future. An open-ended questionnaire was mailed to 179 experts. These experts were randomly selected among 500 experts with at least 10 years of experience in sports media, sports administration, government and/or academics. A total of 144 persons completed the questionnaire.
  • 26. Research Paper Sport Marketing in Egypt: Prospective Challenges. Ahmed Alafandi, University of Benha, Egypt, Benoit Séguin, University of Ottawa, Canada The questionnaire asked about the probability of some events happening in each of the environments described above and the respondent’s judgment as to the impact of the proposed challenge. Using a Likert Scale measurement, the respondents were then asked to qualify the kinds of impact (very positive to very negative) and their importance on sport marketing (very significant to not significant).
  • 27. Research Paper Results / Discussions / Implications Our analysis led to 24 possible events that best capture the future challenges facing the Egyptian sports industry. One of the most important issues identified was:  The need to modify general association laws in sports and youth field. (For example, the law provides no protection for sponsor rights).  They also refer to the positive and significant impact that modifying taxes and customs laws would have in the field of sport.  The cultural environment was another factor identified as important by the participating experts. (sports events were free).
  • 28. Research Paper  It is projected that government funding will eventually ceased.  The biggest challenge identified by the respondents was the lack of expertise in this field. Hence, the development of sport management/marketing curriculum in Egyptian Universities may contribute to the development of sport marketing.
  • 29. Why Sports Marketing? Sports marketing impulses memberships, sales, and recognition. These factors represent the biggest benefits for the companies, the athletes, the associations, the leagues, and sport event managers. sport is considered a profitable and sustainable marketing source (NSW Government. "Marketing - Sports Clubs", September 2011).
  • 30. Marketing the Egyptian Football League:Official Trailer
  • 31. Questions?