Paradigm shift - Recruitment industry - by Joep Maussen - Founder Fruit Recruit


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We did not want to change the recruitment process, we HAD TO re-design the entire process because that´s what the Paradigm Shift was telling us to do.

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Paradigm shift - Recruitment industry - by Joep Maussen - Founder Fruit Recruit

  1. 1. By Joep MaussenFounder – fruitrecruit.comMay 29, 2013
  2. 2. Now ask Yourself: What could theNext Paradigm Shiftlook like in the Recruitment industry?
  3. 3. 2. Massively Less Passive Candidates …3. Massively reduced time to createValuable Shortlists …
  4. 4. Wikipedia:A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helpscreate a new market and value network,and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing marketand value network (over a few years or decades),displacing an earlier technology.
  5. 5.  “Being a recruiter, when you think about your recruitmentprogram it is probably the program you use most in yourlife while being at work. And because you have thisunique relationship with your recruitment program wetake changing it very seriously.”
  6. 6.  “We´ve never been to a recruitment training coursesimply because we believe matching people with jobsshould always feel like 2nd nature ...”
  7. 7.  “All recruitment programs we´ve seen add costs toexisting business models. We´ve build a program thatdoes the opposite: our program take out costs of theexisting recruitment business model. That´s quite achange.”
  8. 8.  “At Fruit Recruit we really care about People and it showsin everything we do and everything we build. We believecandidates need to be nurtured once they enter theselection process. The new recruitment features we areintroducing simply breath genuine interest in people &transparency at every stage of the selection process.”
  9. 9.  “We didn´t want to build just another recruitmentsoftware package. We took risks and invested lots ofmoney re-designing & building an entire new way ofrecruitment. Fruit Recruit stands for DisruptiveTechnology that will change the way people engage in therecruitment industry ...”
  10. 10.  “But first of all, we did not want to change therecruitment process: we HAD TO re-design the entireprocess because that´s what the Paradigm Shift wastelling us to do.”
  11. 11.  For more information about Fruit Recruit please contactus here or call Joep Maussen at +34 648 087 809