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social media for social change

social media for social change



Social Media Training

Social Media Training



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  • A blog is a website with regular entries of commentary, description of events, and other material of personal interest to the creator. Easy to use – no experience necessary Ability for readers to leave comments Ability to create articles or postings from anywhere there is a connection to the Internet
  • Podcasts and vodcasts are audio and video broadcasts - digital media files distributed over the Internet and listed to, or viewed on, a portable music player or personal computer. Users can “subscribe” to content and have it delivered automatically.
  • Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, "What are you doing?" by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called "tweets", to your friends, or "followers."
  • On sites like YouTube, viewers can rate, share, and comment on videos. They can also place the video on their own blog or website. Can also create lists of other useful videos, favorite stuff. More than just videos of cats flushing the toilet.
  • A social networking service uses software to build online communities for people who share interests and activities or are interested in exploring the activities of others. Easy to use – no experience necessary Used both professionally and personally Focus on connecting individuals, causes, etc.
  • Method for users to store, organize, and share bookmarks of web pages on the Internet, as opposed to on an individual computer. Usually public, but can be kept private Examples of social bookmarking sites: Digg, Del.icio.us.
  • 1. What was the LOLseals Photo Caption Contest? It was a photo caption contest based on the popular LOLcats site where users share photos of Cute Cats with funny captions. The Humane Society's LOLseals Photo Caption Contest offered cut photos of little baby harp seals and asked people to come up with cute, endearing, and funny captions that celebrated the cuteness of seals. The campaign also urged people to learn more about how to protect these adorable creatures and get engaged with the campaign. 2. What was your strategy for getting people to participate? We learned from a previous photo contest that flopped that if you make it hard for people to figure out how to participate and time consuming, they won't. We provided the photos and an easy way to caption them - so it didn't take a lot of time to participate and it was fun. We also spread the word via social networks and blogger outreach. We have a significant presence built up over the last 18-24 months on major sites like Facebook and Myspace. 3. What were some of the interesting responses? What were some of the challenges? Some people didn’t “get” the LOLspeak… and they wrote serious captions! The biggest challenge was making it as easy as possible for people to participate. We learned with the Wendy’s campaign that you’ve GOT to make it easy. Before, we asked people to upload their photo and tag it themselves, which meant they had to create a flickr account and know what “tagging” was. In using the API, everything was automatic, tagged, and uploaded without the user having to even touch flickr. We were also able to capture email addresses directly to our CRM this way. 4. What you would say made the campaign particularly innovative? One – that everything was in one step and two – that we were able to pull off showcasing the “celebrating animals” part of our mission on a very serious issue and three – that we played off a pop culture / internet phenomenon (lolcats) 5. What were some top line results? We had about 3,000 submissions and it helped get about 2,000 new email addresses.
  • The cards are divided into: Social Network, Collaboration, Media Content/Networking; Communication Tools, and Online Broadcast.

social media for social change social media for social change Presentation Transcript