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DVD Menus
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DVD Menus


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  • 1. DVD MENUS Joel Vilone
  • 2. • DVD menus is where you get to choose to play the film, select scenes, languages and some films have extra features such as games, deleted scenes, the making of the film etc. This entertains the audience, let people see behind the scenes and change the language for people who speak a different language.• I consider DVD menus to be important because they prepare you for the film. The DVD menu warms up the viewer, so the viewer is not bored.• It also gives the viewer an idea of the film, it shows preview of theme of the film. Suspense is built because is getting the audience pumped up to watch the film. Why are DVD menus important?
  • 3. How are they enhanced by motion graphics/compositing• DVD menus are enhanced through motion graphics because it entertains the viewer and attracts them into the movie more. If the DVD menu just has the buttons and title it bores its audience and they would want to get on with the movie.• Compositing enhances DVD menus by adding a more professional high quality touch to it. Having a lot of multimedia into DVD menu has a neat look.
  • 4. What design choices must be considered ?• Depending on the genre and the theme of the film the design choices for the every film would be different, ones within the same genre’s would have similar design techniques.• Pictures, shapes etc. would have to suit the theme of the film. They would have give the audience an idea of the film. Any item used must have a purpose to the story.
  • 5. Colour and Typography• The colours on the DVD menu would suit the theme of the film, if the film was a horror it would include a dark, bloody colour with flashy images. But if the film were a romantic one, it would include cheerful and flower related colours.• The typography would have to give it away to audience. The choice of font, shape and size would have to link with pictures and colour around it.
  • 6. Motion and Visual Effects• The crew have to use suitable motion for the films style and genre. Since action is fast paced, quick motion would be suitable, and as for visual effects, hard-core, violent, effects relating to the movie would be added.
  • 7. An Overview of DVD menus
  • 8. Critical Evaluation